A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 36

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[This story features significant disciplining and involves bodily functions. If you find this bothers you, please read no further. All characters are over 18. My thanks to Susan Greenway for her kind permission to use some of the characters from her stories.]

Linda had enjoyed her short-term assignment to a Re-Education Center in the Women’s Republic’s second-largest city. In addition to the usual Corrections Service function of retraining delinquent men who had been referred to the center by their wives, mothers, sisters, or girlfriends, she had provided training in disciplining to women who were assuming the role of “responsible woman” in their households or families.

The “responsible woman” had both the authority to discipline the members of the household or family at her discretion and to delegate this authority as she deemed appropriate to other women in her unit. Linda, who had been promoted to Sergeant First Class back at the headquarters retraining unit where she dealt with Correctional Officers who had gotten into trouble in their units, found herself gratified to see how she could show these women outside the Corrections Service how to exercise their new authority effectively.

This training was severe as it was truly the last chance for the officers sent there by their local unit commanders. But at the Center, Linda had had the easier task at times of training the newly empowered “responsible women.” One of her favorite proteges was an attractive 19-year-old named Kate who had been sent for training in disciplining by her stepmother Jan.

Kate had stayed in touch with SFC Linda, who was both slightly surprised and very pleased to hear that Jan had not only delegated disciplinary authority in the family to Kate but had actually transferred her own role as responsible woman to her stepdaughter. Kate had a natural bent toward dominance which she managed to exercise quite effectively, according to what Jan had written to Linda.

Jan’s last message to Linda had contained a request. She said that Kate, although enrolled in a local college, struck her as a young woman with good prospects in the field of discipline. Jan said she was aware of a program that the Service had initiated to recruit college women that featured eventual entry into the Corrections Service through direct commission as a commissioned officer. She asked Linda whether she thought Kate might qualify for consideration for this program.

Linda recalled that she had found both Jan and Kate readily accepting the training Linda provided. She sent Jan a return message asking her to send Kate to see her at the headquarters unit where Linda would arrange for her to undergo the rigorous interviewing and testing process for admission to the program.

Jan then spoke with her stepdaughter to let her know about Linda’s willingness to sponsor her for direct commission into the Corrections Service.

“This is a great career opportunity if you find it something congenial for you,” Jan suggested. “I’m not pressuring you at all, because I know you have your own outlook but just hope you will consider it.”

Kate smiled and agreed that they both had benefited from Linda’s excellent training. Since Linda had extended the offer, Kate said she would make the trip to the capital to see if this turned out to be something she wanted and if she could make the grade.

“Sweetie,” Jan responded, “Linda wouldn’t have made the offer of she didn’t think you could make the grade. I’m pleased you’re willing to give it a try. Once you get there, of course, she will put you through the wringer so be prepared to submit to being initiated with some, yes, ferocity is the word. But the goal is worth it.”

Kate got in touch with Linda and her appointment at Corrections Headquarters was arranged. She packed a small case and dressed up in that she wore a nice cream blouse and pencil skirt. Her figure was good, and she wore clothes well. Jan had advised her not to overdo either her clothes or her makeup because she would likely be wearing a set of fatigues soon after she began the testing and training.

The flight to the capital was on time and Linda had sent an escort to the airport to meet Kate and drive her to the prominent headquarters building. Kate was impressed with the impressive reception area and the attractive uniformed women who were in charge of orienting women like Kate to the facility.

Her first interviewer was CPT Muriel, a 30-ish friendly but clearly focused officer with flaming red hair. She told Kate that her invitation to apply was an indication that she was recognized as a young woman with promise, but Muriel proceeded to interrogate her about the particulars of her experience in disciplining her family members.

“Your stepmother apparently felt you had the determination to take charge,” she asked her, “but how did it feel to discipline your father for the first time?”

“I love my father,” Kate answered directly, “and I felt that it was my responsibility to present him directly with canlı bahis the fact of his misbehavior and to spank and cane him accordingly.”

She went on to describe how she had to deal with her brother’s strong resentment when Kate decided that he had not behaved well enough for her to approve his college return form without his undergoing some discipline.

“He really did seem put out when I rejected the form and made him submit to my cane and then to go through the rigmarole of obtaining a new form for him to present to me for signature,” Kate observed. “It did make me recognize the level of responsibility I had assumed and felt I needed to exercise capably.”

CPT Muriel took all of this information down and after some more questions, sent her to 1SG Wendy, who was the top noncommissioned officer in Linda’s retraining unit. Linda had let Kate know that she would likely be interviewed by Wendy who had been responsible for helping Linda salvage her own career after she had been sent to the unit for retraining.

Wendy, who was in her late 30s, and had the gruff exterior of a senior noncom, did allow to Kate that Linda’s recommendation went a long way to assuring Wendy of her bonafides. Wendy, however, warned her that the training to win the direct commission was severe.

“You will be very embarrassed,” Wendy informed her, “and I mean very. Have you ever been subjected to intimate inspections and bathroom supervision?”

Kate did blush but responded that she had enforced a rule in her own disciplining of her family members that denied requests for bathroom breaks or even permission to use the bathroom prior to the imposition of discipline.

“Very good,” Wendy smiled. “I think you understand that as much as you may love and respect your family, when you have been designated as the ‘responsible woman’ and especially in your case, at what I must note is an early age, you need to be able to impose discipline strictly yet still retain the respect of the member who is being disciplined. Effective discipline aimed at true correction need not involve physical punishment. Making someone in need of correction wait to use the toilet can produce good results too.”

“You’ll now be going to see my superior, LTC Rachel,” Wendy said, “and this will be a major step in this interviewing process. I’ve seen your written examinations and you look like a strong candidate. LTC Rachel will ask you some probing questions and I would advise you to answer her directly. You may resent my telling you this, but I want you to show your best self. Don’t be flustered by the embarrassing nature of any of her questions. At some point, too, she will likely send you for a very intimate examination, so be prepared to be very embarrassed. It’s worth it to you.”

She smiled and accompanied Kate to the retraining unit, where Wendy escorted her into LTC Rachel’s large office. Kate was clearly impressed by the size and décor of the office as well as by the impression made by LTC Rachel, who was seated behind her massive wooden desk and looked all of her 40+ years. She was attractive in a military sort of way, with a tight sandy blondish ponytail atop her immaculate field officer’s uniform.

Rachel did not rise to greet her. She motioned to Kate to sit in one of the chairs in front of her desk.

“Are you ready, at your age, to learn how to make women who have misbehaved in society and in this Service accept strong discipline and reform their behavior?” she asked. “You do come well recommended but this training is going to test your mettle, Missy.”

Rachel proceeded to question Kate about her disciplinary background.

Answered. growing up?” she asked.

“Yes, Ma’am, my mother believed in spanking us on our bare bottoms when we were naughty,” Kate answered.

“You said ‘us. Were you ever spanked in the presence of others in your family or was it done privately by your mother or father?”

“My mother was the dominant person in our family,” Kate explained. “She spanked all of us, including my father, and she would discipline when she felt it was needed, no matter who else might be present.

“So, your father or brother might have seen her spank you?” Rachel continued.

“Yes, and I was used to seeing them spanked at a relatively early age,” Kate said.

“Would you say that your mother engaged in disciplinary behavior that seemed sexual in some ways?” Rachel probed.

“Honestly, yes,” Kate admitted. “She would make us stand in the corner with our skirts up or pants down, and our bottoms bared, before she called us over to be spanked over her lap or ordered to bend across the table to be caned. And from the time she put us in the corner, we were not excused to use the bathroom.”

“Did you ever lose control in that situation?” Rachel inquired.

“I tried very hard to do exercises to strengthen my bladder control,” Kate said without hesitating. “I think she knew how embarrassing it was for us because we usually would need to relieve ourselves during these punishments. bahis siteleri And yes, on more than one occasion, I did leak pee. I should add that she would feel between my legs to see if I had become aroused.”

“Did the spanking and embarrassment excite you?” Rachel responded with more questioning.

“Yes, I was ashamed when she felt me down there and told me I was a naughty girl for getting wet,” Kate said. “My sister and brother also were subjected, as was I, to be being put into diapers if we did lose control,” she added.

“This was when you were in your teens?” Rachel followed up.

“Yes, I already had my period, so it was terribly embarrassing to be diapered,” Kate observed. “It was definitely not a turn-on but I was afraid that I would get accustomed to peeing in my diaper so I tried very hard to hold off until I couldn’t anymore.”

“You’re probably aware that we do use embarrassment as part of our disciplinary regimens in the Corrections Service,” LTC Rachel stated.

“Yes,” Kate replied. “I know that men are sometimes made to wear panties and have their toilet use supervised by female officers.”

“We do empower our officers to use these techniques without ever inflicting any physical injury on anyone,” Rachel acknowledged. “Therefore, although those sent to our centers or camps may be made to fear that they could be disciplined in intimate areas, no one is permitted to strike the genitals, for example.”

She then asked Kate if she were ready to be inspected and proceed through the selection process for officer candidates.

Kate smiled and said she was highly motivated to do whatever she was able to earn officer candidacy.” She said coolly that she was excited by the program and was ready to be put through the challenging program.

LTC Rachel then summoned SFC Denise, a gorgeous, uniformed blonde who was SFC Linda’s partner, both in the unit and in her private life.

SFC Denise entered, saluted LTC Rachel, and upon receiving her return salute, was ordered rather curtly by Rachel to take Kate for a personal inspection.

“You’ll be back here before this process finishes today,” LTC Rachel ended the interview.

Denise escorted Kate to a small training room and without any preliminaries, told her to unzip and remove her skirt. Kate was ready to be put through this kind of scrutiny, and she forthwith unzipped her stylish skirt and placed it on the adjoining table. Denise stepped behind her, put her thumbs in the waistband of Kate’s very skimpy panties, and pulled them down to her knees.

While Kate had expected this kind of treatment, the speed with which Denise had exposed her most private places still was a surprise to her.

“Turn round and face me,” Denise barked in her best sergeant’s style.

Kate turned and looked at Denise while presenting her shaved pubis. Denise now proceeded with the humiliating inspection.

“Hold your labia apart,” she ordered, and Kate did what she was told, not focusing on the fact that she had never before in her life received such an order.

Denise looked down and ran her finger right through Kate’s open vulva and pressed her forefinger into Kate’s vaginal opening.

“Are you a virgin?” she asked.

“No,” Kate replied calmly.

“So, you’ve fucked?” Denise went on. “How many times, or can’t you remember?” she asked with a touch of disdain.

“I’ve had two boyfriends,” Kate said very plainly, “and yes, I’ve fucked both of them, fairly often over the past year.”

“Anyone else?” Denise persisted.

“Yes,” Kate replied. “I know some still regard it as over the line, but my family has open sexual relations, so I have done it with my father and brother.”

“It’s permitted now,” Denise observed. “You needn’t be defensive, and you actually are commendably open about it. What about your sister and stepmother, and before that, your mother, for that matter?”

“I was under age when my mother was alive,” Kate said with a tinge of sadness. “I have been in bed with both my stepmother and sister.”

“Were you the proactive one in those situations?” Denise continued.

“Yes, usually,” Kate said, “but I was not always either the responsible woman or in a dominant role. My stepmother placed me in that position more recently.”

“Do you need to use the toilet?” Denise asked.

“Yes,” Kate answered, because she was feeling an imminent need for bladder relief.

“You may squat over there,” Denise said coldly, pointing to a mat in the corner, “but you need to wait until I give you permission to piss and shit.” Denise watched as the now nervous Kate struggled to retain both her urine and feces that were pressing to be released. Finally, Denise, still watching as the squatting Kate seemed close to losing control, which both knew would be extremely humiliating for her, gave her permission to urinate and defecate. “If you need to. I’d advise you to take advantage of this chance,” she said, “because you won’t be given the opportunity again for some time.”

Linda bahis şirketleri had let Kate know ahead of time that she might well be put through this personal humiliation, so Kate made certain to relax her muscles which had been so focused on preventing her from shaming herself and now released her pee stream which hit the mat and made a loud sound. She then slightly strained and excreted a long dark sausage from her cute little anus.

When she had finished, Denise handed her a toilet roll. Kate used it without looking up at Denise and then at Denise’s instruction wrapped up the mat with the used toilet paper and deposited it into the container placed there for it.

Denise made some entries on her inspection form as to the size, color, and texture of Kate’s bowel movement.

“Now bend over the table,” Denise ordered. “We need to take your temperature.” The blonde sergeant then inserted a large thermometer into Kate’s rectum. Kate by now was not upset by the large instrument sticking obscenely out of her bottom-hole.

After Denise removed the thermometer and showed the reading to Kate, the younger woman cringed as she noticed the brown smudges on the thermometer. But Kate felt that the caning she knew was now coming would be the hardest test for her. She expected to be caned and hoped she could take it without breaking sown.

Denise picked up her duty cane and lay it across the middle of Kate’s pretty bottom cheeks. She drew it back and quickly applied four strong cuts across the middle of Kate’s bottom. Kate couldn’t resist screaming out.

“That’s ok,” Denise said. “The walls are thick and well-padded, and I know that hurt, but this is part of the process. If you are selected to enter the Service, you will receive specific instruction on the proper use of all correctional implements.”

She then drew back the cane and fired four more strokes lower on Kate’s bottom, almost at the crease between bottom and thigh, eliciting more and louder screams.

Finally, she told Kate to stand, turn toward her, spread her legs, and hold her lips apart again. Kate was now in a state of terror because she knew what was coming.

Denise also knew that Kate was prepared so she placed the cane down below Kate’s split, then softly flicked it up, only grazing the exposed vaginal opening.

Kate screeched, as much from her fear as from the pain, which was intense but not as awful as Kate, who had never been struck in her quim, had expected. Denise had made a show of striking hard but had only tapped the cane lightly into Kate’s cleft.

“Now take your panties all the way off,” Denise said, “and then remove your blouse and your bra.”

Kate did what she was ordered but was surprised that the inspection continued in this direction.

Denise looked at Kate’s nice perky 34B breasts and snapped her finger on the light brown nipples. Kate winced but did not break position and merely moaned.

The blonde sergeant seated herself on a chair and motioned to Kate to get across her lap in the classic spanking position. She proceeded to spank Kate firmly over the cane marks. Kate groaned each time Denise’s spanks hit her marked bottom but persevered.

Lastly, Denise stopped spanking when Kate’s bottom was rosy and ran her finger through Kate’s legs.

“You’re wet,” Denise announced, “does this turn you on?”

“I guess it does,” Kate replied, “but I also think I get wet out of fear as well.”

“Good answer,” Denise smiled, as she noted this on her inspection form and then told Kate she could get up and put her clothing back on.

“Now we go back to the Colonel,” Denise said with a grin. “You’re good, kid, and I think you have the stuff.”

Kate let herself relax for a second but in her joy kept her cool in preparation for another session with LTC Rachel.

Denise went in first and reported that Kate had performed very well. She described the inspection to LTC Rachel, who merely nodded. Rachel then told her she could go and to send Kate in.

Kate walked in and Rachel motioned to her to sit down.

“All the reports I’ve already received on you today have been excellent,” LTC Rachel stated. “I know you won’t get a big head, so be prepared to be put through more training, some of which will seem oppressive and humiliating. It is all intended to prepare you, even at your young age, to be able to take charge of women who have been doing this work for years and may be twice your age.”

Kate realized that LTC Rachel was indeed twice her age but decided that the head of the retraining unit looked amazingly fit and in charge.

Rachel saw Kate visually assessing the senior officer’s appearance and mien.

“You’re wondering whether I’m still in shape,” LTC Rachel said with a thin smile. “If I needed to, my dear, I could give you the most severe caning you have ever experienced and then more. But I like your attitude and I also trust the recommendations of very competent people who have found you a good candidate.”

“You are now officially accepted into the officer candidate program,” she informed Kate. “This is not an easy barrier to surmount. You will continue to be put through different kinds of both instruction and challenges, physical and mental.”