A Weekend Away

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A Weekend AwayWe go away for the weekend to a local resort. It is late in the season, but the afternoon has turned warm. We go for a walk on the grounds. The path leads away from the main building towards the golf course. An old split-rail fence separates the lawn from the farmer’s field next door. We turn the corner and can no longer see the resort. On the other side of the path is a grove of cedars.Romaine turns quickly to me. “Let’s do it,” she says eagerly. “I’ve never done it outdoors.”I’m not so sure about this. It is not that warm in November. We are wearing heavy sweaters and wool trousers. I’m worried about penis shrinkage. Maybe it will be OK in a warm pussy.She faces the fence and unbuttons her trousers. She pulls down her slacks and panties together. They bunch at her knees. She bends forward to grasp a cedar fence rail for support. Her pussy lips with their exciting fringe of dark hair speak istanbul escort to me from between her bum cheeks.I unfasten my belt and trouser button. I wiggle as I push down my trousers and shorts to my knees. Yes, as I feared, my cock is shrunken with the cold. My glans peeks fearfully from the envelope of what little foreskin was left to me at birth. But I am game if she is.Manfully, I approach her bum, stroking my reluctant penis with my hand. It is responding, but only a little. If I can only get it inside her warm vagina, we have a chance at intercourse. I rub the cold head of my cock up and down her sex slit. The heat of her cunt lips has the desired effect, and I can feel my penis rousing itself.It is finally stiff enough to penetrate her, and I push forward. The slimy warmth of her pussy finishes the erection, and I thrust vigorously into avcılar escort her vagina. We both look about warily. This is the low season, but some guests are still about. I fuck her harder and faster. Romaine groans as she clutches the cedar rail. It is over quickly as my balls contract and sperm gushes from my cock. She stands up and pulls up her panties and trousers. It takes me longer to adjust my clothing just as a pair of golfers emerges on the path down from the cedar grove.They nod as they pass. We look mischievously at each other. We think they were too involved in their own conversation to notice our flushed cheeks, our half-tucked shirts, or the odor of sex.Later that night, after supper, we are naked in bed. She is propped on the pillows at her back and her legs are spread wide. She has that mischievous look on her face, like a little girl doing something naughty. şirinevler escort I am still amazed at the sight of the vermillion lips of her pussy surrounded by her black pussy hair. It delights me with anticipation. I decide to spread my legs and push closer to her, just to see whether my erect cock can get close enough to penetrate her cunt.It can. Delightful. I look down at the long, thick shaft of my penis, gloriously erect and burning for insertion. My coral glans penis is vibrating with desire for enclosure in her pouting vaginal lips just an inch away. I push closer and rub my cock against her cunt lips. I push again and my cock disappears into her vaginal slit. I rock my hips. My penis surges in and out of her vagina like a piston. I watch fascinated as I see for the first time my own penis sexing a woman’s cunt, her vulva lips opening and enclosing my cock shaft in rhythm with my thrusts.It’s too gentle. My lust is up. I move over her body and begin to hammer cock into cunt. I clutch her naked body. My mouth devours her lips. My tongue explores her mouth as my penis fucks hard into her vagina. She gasps for breath at the fury of my assault. I drive hard into the bowl of her hips. I fuck her for a long time.