A Weekend of Teasing 02: Saturday

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The moment we woke up on Saturday, Beth jumped up and headed for the shower. Moments later she called me to come and join her. When I stepped into the shower I couldn’t help but stop and admire her body. She looked amazing as the hot water sprayed over her body. My eyes followed the streams of water that dripped from her nipples, ran over her tummy and ass and down her legs.

“Stop staring and help me”, Beth giggled. She handed me the washcloth and soap and I began to bathe her body. Taking my time and touching each little spot on her body was incredible. Slowly soaping each area, washing it, making sure it was rinsed. I couldn’t help but appreciate what a sexy body she had.

I also couldn’t help having a painful erection by the time I was finished.

Beth noticed my cock poking straight up and giggled again.

“Here, let me wash this over-eager cock you’ve got here”, she said, as she took the washcloth and soap from me.

She lathered up the washcloth and began to slowly wash my cock. Sliding the cloth up and down the top of my cock. Then the underside. Slathering soap all over as she worked the cloth all around, up and down. I could feel an orgasm building pretty quickly. My body was still pretty charged up from the night before and from all the time spent washing her body.

“That feels amazing, Beth. Just…amazing.” I gasped a bit as she slipped the cloth underneath and fondled my balls with the soapy cloth.

“I’m glad, sweetie. You do seem pretty happy about this shower.”

“God, yes. I’m loving it.”

And then she stopped. She took the showerhead and sprayed my groin to rinse off the soap.

“You finish up. I’ll go ahead and get ready for the day.” And she quickly stepped out of the shower before I could even say a word.

Damn! Once again I found myself left with a cock that was straining and aching with no relief.

I finished up my shower, got dressed and began our day.

Our plan for the day was a visit to a local museum, some lunch, and then back to the hotel for an afternoon by the pool.

For our morning out, Beth was wearing a sexy pair of shorts that showed off her long legs and a low cut top that continually gave me glimpses of her breasts. I found myself walking through the museum with a hard-on that was constantly throbbing with need. And it didn’t help matters that Beth took every opportunity to brush up against me – rubbing against my ass, pressing her tits against my arm, and backing up against me so her ass was pressed right against my raging erection.

After the museum and lunch, I was eager to get back to our hotel. I was hoping she would forego an afternoon by the pool for an afternoon in bed.

When we got to our room I grabbed Beth’s hand and pulled her toward the bed.

“Come on, let’s get naked and play for a while.”

Beth fell on the bed and pulled me down with her. We started making out and fondling each other through our clothes.

“How about a quickie before we head to the pool. I need you!”

“That sounds good”, she said. “But it will be even better if we wait till tonight and we can take our time and really enjoy each other. Besides, I can’t wait for you to see me in the new swimsuit I bought just for today.”

She beşiktaş escort bayan winked and jumped up from the bed. “I’ll go put it on right now. I think you’re gonna like it!”

I groaned as she left the room. I reached down and grabbed my cock through my jeans. I was so horny. She had never left me hanging like this before. Just touching myself through my jeans felt so good that I couldn’t resist rubbing a bit and softly moaning.

“Get your suit on and get ready!”, she called from the bathroom. “I’ll be ready in just a few minutes.”

I sighed and let go of my cock. I got up, pulled off my clothes and slipped on my swim trunks. I had to spend a few minutes thinking about work so my cock would relax and stop making a tent in my suit!

Just as things relaxed, Beth came out and was ready to go. She was wearing a coverup so I couldn’t see her swimsuit but I could tell from the look on her face she was eager for me to see. We left the room and headed to the pool.

When we arrived we found two lounge chairs in a corner of the pool area. We tossed our towels on the chair, kicked our flip flops off, and I offered to head to the bar and grab us a couple of drinks.

“Sure, that would be great. But hurry back.”, said Beth. And as she said that, she unfastened her pool coverup and let it drop off.

My mouth fell open. She was wearing the tiniest swimsuit I had ever seen! The top was two tiny triangles, just barely covering half of her tits. The fabric was thin and her hard nipples were obvious to everyone. The bottom wasn’t much larger with just one triangle of fabric in the front and little strings wrapping around the sides.

I stood there speechless. She smiled and turned to sit on her chair. That’s when I realized there was no back! Her suit had just a tiny thong up the crack of her ass. Other than that, her ass was completely bare. She had never worn anything so revealing!

She looked up at me and giggled. “You might want to sit and wait a few minutes before getting those drinks or the bartender is going to think you really like him.”

I looked down and realized my cock was pushing the front of my trunks straight out in front of me. I quickly dropped onto my chair and grabbed a towel to cover up.

Beth was beside herself with laughter.

I blushed and made sure the towel was hiding my predicament.

“Damn, Beth, you’ve never worn anything like that. For that matter, you’ve been showing off more this weekend than ever before.”

“I know. I love it. I know this whole fantasy of being teased was your fantasy. And I was happy to go along. But I never realized how much fun it would be to do the teasing! I love thinking of ways to drive you crazy. Every time I think I’m making you more horny it just makes me more horny! The crotch of my bikini is already soaked. And I can’t wait to have you eating my pussy again tonight. You were amazing last night. I want more of that!”

My brain was reeling. Between being so aroused and now knowing how aroused she was, I realized my fantasy was turning into something very powerful for both of us.

“I gotta calm down a bit. I’m gonna take a dive in the pool and see if the cool water can help things out.”

I beşiktaş escort got up and dashed for the pool, hoping to get in before anyone saw just how hard my cock was. Once I was in the water, I swam a couple of laps back and forth just to burn off some energy and let things relax. Then I got back out and quickly wrapped a towel around me. Between the cool water and the thick towel, my still partially engorged cock was mostly hidden from view.

“I’ll go get those drinks now.”

Once I got our drinks, we just sat and relaxed and talked. But I couldn’t stop staring at her body. She was amazing. And to think she was showing off this much just for me. I wanted to let her know how much I appreciated it. So made sure to keep her drink full and get some snacks for us while we were there.

I also couldn’t help noticing all the looks she got from others around the pool. When she stood up to drive into the pool to cool off it seemed like every man out there was staring at her. I felt proud to be with her.

When we finally left the pool to head back to our room I had to walk the entire way with the towel wrapped around me. Following her and watching her naked ass gave me a constant boner. The towel was the only hope of hiding it.

When we got to the room, Beth wanted to shower again before dressing for dinner. This time I volunteered to join her and promised it was just to bathe her again so she could just relax and enjoy the shower. She quickly agreed and we both dropped our swimsuits and stepped into the hot spray. I took my time, lingering over each spot. Soaping it, washing it, rinsing it. I felt like I was learning her body in an intimate way that I had never known before. I don’t think I had ever spent so much time paying special attention to all the parts of her body other than her tits, ass and pussy. But now I was enjoying all of it. The smoothness of her skin. The cuteness of each little freckle. And my cock was aching. But I didn’t try to hump against her or get her to touch it. This was all about pampering her.

After she was done, she stepped out and I finished my own shower. By the time I got to the bedroom she had chosen my clothes for me. As I saw the pants, white oxford and sports coat, I knew we were dressing up for our last dinner. She had forgotten underwear so I went to grab some from the suitcase.

“You won’t need those”, Beth said. “Neither of us will be wearing underwear tonight. That just seems like more fun for both of us.”

I loved the thought of her without underwear. But it could be an issue for me.

“Have you noticed the effect you’ve been having on my dick, babe? I just keep getting boners every time I look at you! I don’t want to be poking out in front in the restaurant.”

“Then you better try to control yourself because you will not be wearing underwear unless you want me to grab a pair of granny panties and an old bra for the evening. Is that how you want to see me?”

Her smile was devious. She knew just how to weaken my resolve.

“Okay. You win. But take it easy on me, okay?”

“Of course! Why would I do anything else?”

I dressed, feeling a sense of impending embarrassment.

And when Beth came out of the bathroom, I knew my fate was sealed. Not only was her dress short and low cut, there was no back. It scooped so low her ass was almost visible. And of course my cock displayed my appreciation as it popped a tent in the front of my pants.

“Glad you like my dress,” giggled Beth. “Let’s go eat. I’m starved.”

Dinner was perfect. Great food. Great service. A great bottle of wine. And Beth was on her best behavior with no teasing at all while we ate. But she didn’t need to do anything. Just looking at her across the table kept me on edge the entire evening. She was stunning. And I realized just how lucky I was to be with her. I had taken her for granted too long and I needed to be much more attentive and affectionate. She deserved to be pampered.

When we got into the elevator to head up to your room she grabbed my cock through my pants.

“I can’t wait to get your cock inside me. I’m so horny, babe.”

She was rubbing my cock hard through my pants and I could feel an orgasm building way too quickly.

“Slow down, Beth,” I gasped. “Give me a chance here. We don’t want it to be over before we even get to the room.”

“You can hold it, can’t you? I need you inside me. Be my little stud tonight.”

Her words were making me crazy. Her hand was pushing me to the edge. And I was so relieved when we reached our floor and the door opened.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall.

The minute we were in the room, she dropped her dress to the floor and jumped on the bed.

“Hurry, sweetie, I need you!”

I got undressed and joined her on the bed. I wanted to pamper her. I wanted her to know how much I appreciated her. So before I moved on top of her to fuck her, I moved right down to spread her legs and eat her pussy.

“Oh god! Oh…fuck. That’s so good!” she moaned. Her soft thighs grabbed my head as I licked and kissed her pussy. I dipped my fingers into her pussy and she was so wet that I had three fingers inside her thrusting in and out with ease.

It didn’t take long till her orgasm hit. She cried out, squeezing my head with her legs as she twisted and moaned. When it finally subsided she grabbed my hair with her hand to hold me in place.

“Please don’t stop. I need more. Please!”

I continued. Eating her pussy. Fingering her pussy. Even slipping a finger back and finger fucking her asshole. And she quickly had a second orgasm. And then a third.

She finally pushed me away, smiling. “That was perfect. You took such good care of me. But now I really do want to fuck that hard cock you got there.”

“Thank god! I’ve been needing it for so long!”

She pushed me on my back and climbed on top, sliding her wet pussy right down on my hard cock. And she fucked me like she hadn’t cum in weeks. She rode me hard and fast, pounding my cock with her pussy. In only a couple of minutes I was gasping and grabbing at her.

“I’m gonna cum already, babe! Fuck! I’m sorry it’s so fast. But…oh my god!”

And just as I was on the brink, she rolled off.

“What the fuck!?!” I shouted. I tried to roll toward her and get my cock back inside that hot pussy.

“I can’t, babe. I’m spent.”

“But Beth! I haven’t cum at all yet! Come on!”

“I know, babe. But I didn’t say you would cum. I said I wanted to fuck you. And I did. And now it’s time for sleep.”

She rolled and looked directly into my eyes.

“Isn’t this teasing game fun!”