A Year Ago (chapter 2)

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Luca no sooner got out from between Cory and Julia and the two were on each other. Cory was so fast and smart. She grabbed Julia’s corset and threw her to the mat. Julia landed on her back – Cory on top with her crotch in Julia’s face. Julia raised up in an effort to turn away from Cory, but Cory wrapped her right leg around Julia’s neck and tucked it behind her left knee – a figure 4 hold with her crotch in Julia’s face. She could potentially choke Julia out with that hold.Julia writhed and squirmed while pushing against Cory to get free. Seeing Julia’s face turning red in Cory’s crotch, breasts jiggling, body flexing and squirming, and legs thrashing as she tried to get free created an incredibly erotic vision.Everyone gathered around the mat, surprised to see Julia getting her ass handed to her. I knew it would end as quickly as it started.With all of her squirming, Julia finally popped her head out, and after some back-and-forth grappling, she ended up on Cory’s back. The crowd began cheering and clapping. I watched in awe. Surely, Cory would turn things around.Julia clasped her legs around Cory’s waist from behind with that same kind of figure 4 hold and wrapped an arm around Cory’s throat. Cory tried turning quickly toward the top position, but Julia got her fingers into Cory’s mesh dress and yanked her back, tearing the front of the dress in the process and exposing one of Cory’s breasts. Cory continued trying—turning one way, then the other and was finally able to roll to gain top position.On top and straddling Julia, Cory grabbed Julia by the hair and began slamming her head against the mat. “You tore my fucking dress you cunt!”Not deterred, Julia grabbed Cory by the hair and pulled her off to the side. They quickly got back to their feet.With both arms extended, Julia charged Cory, hitting Cory in the chest and causing her to fall backward. As Cory was falling, Julia grabbed Cory’s dress by the hole she’d just put in it and stopped to brace herself, then yanked in the opposite direction of Cory’s fall. Cory’s dress ripped all the way across the front, leaving only a small section attached at the back. Below the shoulders, the dress no longer existed in front except for the lower part that was badly stretched and hanging below Cory’s knees.“Awww, you don’t like having your dress torn?” Julia taunted.Cory looked amazing, tits exposed through her leather crisscross teddy, and lying on her back. Julia was quick to get on top, pinning Cory’s shoulders to the mat with her knees and shoving her crotch in Cory’s face. Julia grabbed Cory’s wrists and held them to the mat above Cory’s head. Cory was showing signs of fatigue but she was squirming from one side to the other and found the strength to buck Julia off.Again, they were on their feet. The front of Cory’s dress was a tattered rag. Her hair was a mess and her lipstick smeared. I still thought of her as a goddess, but she no longer looked the part. Julia on the other hand didn’t look much different from when they started.I began to worry Cory might lose. Still, I watched in wonder at the erotic, semi-nude fight. Some people were fondling themselves and each other while watching, and with no one to hold my leash, I was kaçak iddaa now free to touch myself.Julia and Cory circled the mat. They grabbed each other’s arms, pushing forward and back, side to side. Cory’s torn dress was hampering her ability to move as it hung down below her knees in front. Still, Cory had enough strength to shove Julia to her right. When Julia stiffened to defend, Cory quickly used Julia’s reverse momentum to throw her to the left and down to the mat. Unfortunately, Julia was able to keep the momentum rolling and ended up on top. Cory was definitely tiring as once again, she found herself under Julia’s weight.The fight wasn’t going at all as I expected. Julia was every bit as skilled a grappler as Cory. As hot as it was to watch, the fact was, Cory might lose. What would be in store for Cory and me if we had to be Julia’s slaves? Again, I wondered how much I’d be paid? What will I have to do? I was apprehensive about my fate – about Cory’s fate.Julia yelled out, “God, this is hot!” and grabbed Cory’s tits. Cory quickly slapped Julia’s hands away, but Julia was quick to get a hold of Cory’s wrists. As Cory squirmed to get her wrists free, Julia slid her legs off to the side, laying perpendicular to Cory with her weight on top of Cory’s chest. She clasped one of Cory’s arms between her legs while holding Cory’s other arm out to the other side.Cory was twisting and turning in a futile attempt to free herself.Julia grabbed Cory’s tits and squeezed her nipples. Cory clenched her teeth, growling in pain.Struggling to free her hand that was trapped between Julia’s legs, Cory was able to slide it toward Julia’s crotch. Julia flexed her legs to prevent it and continued squeezing Cory’s tits. Cory didn’t seem to have an answer to Julia’s control. Her breathing was labored and her struggles were becoming noticeably weaker.Cory and Julia had become the evening’s entertainment and nearly everyone there watched with enthusiasm. They were cheering, clapping, kissing, fondling, stroking themselves and each other. The scent of an outright orgy began to permeate the room.Cory worked her trapped hand away from Julia’s crotch with her fingers wrapped around Julia’s G-string. Once she had it pulled down to about mid-thigh, she started working her hand back up toward Julia’s crotch again.Julia gasped and spread her legs slightly. She moaned, then tightened her legs again. Cory clearly had a hold of Julia’s pussy, but it wasn’t clear if Julia’s moan was from pleasure or pain.Julia slid her hand down toward Cory’s crotch and began caressing her, causing Cory to twitch. One snap at a time, Julia opened the crotch of Cory’s teddy, revealing Cory’s excitement as her hairless pussy glistened from wetness. Cory was no longer struggling.Julia relaxed her legs and spread them apart. Cory’s thumb was in Julia’s pussy and her fingers were gently feeling Julia’s ass.With an erotic, breathy moan in her voice, Julia said, “You’re mine now Cory.”A bartender was next to a gang of switches behind the bar. Spotlights slowly brightened, illuminating the racks at the far end of the mat. The music gradually faded out. The room took on a much more serious ambiance. This was a show for Julia’s guests, kaçak bahis as if it had been choreographed it in advance, yet the sequence of events was real. My emotions were all over the place as things changed. It was a strange and bizarre event where everyone played an essential role. I wondered what role I’d ultimately have to play.I think there wasn’t a soul there who had any inhibitions whatsoever. I would have to become whatever my role called for, and I’d have to find a way to let go and enjoy it in front of everyone.Watching Cory and Julia pleasuring each other made it tough for me not to jerk off, but this was just the beginning. The fight ended somewhat abruptly. Maybe Cory got tired. Maybe she thought her efforts were futile. She went from tiger to pussycat once she got her hand into Julia’s pussy. Maybe lust overwhelmed her. Regardless, she suddenly got into Julia big time, and Julia got into her.“You can’t resist me, Cory.”Julia slid down and began licking Cory’s tits as she stroked Cory’s clit. Cory began to squirm in submissive pleasure when Julia took control. Julia looked around at people priming themselves and each other as they watched. Cory closed her eyes, disappearing into her vulnerability, and becoming frantically turned on by it in front of everyone.I related to Cory as she gave it all up, powerless under Julia’s control. It stirred fear in me, but it was exciting.“Oh my god! This is too easy!” Julia exclaimed loudly. She leaned next to Cory’s ear and said, “I own you now Cory.” The room was quiet enough to hear every word. “You’re going to be tonight’s entertainment. From now on, you will address me as Mistress. You’re my toy, and I’m going to toy with you.” Her voice never wavered. In a superior, snotty way she said, “I meannn…Slave Cory.” Julia laughed. “You’re about to be the life of the party.”Julia motioned to Luca. Luca turned and headed toward a cabinet in the corner of the room. He returned with a tote bag full of sex toys and set it on the mat next to Julia.With a gratified, mischievous look on her face, Julia grabbed a vibrating dong out of the tote bag and began stroking Cory’s clit. Cory caught me inadvertently stroking myself, but it didn’t matter. She was lost in the moment, superbly uninhibited, giving it up to Julia while everyone watched. I was elated to see her squirm, anticipating when she would no longer be able to restrain her orgasm.Realizing that Cory was approaching climax, Julia stopped stroking. Cory let out a whimper.“Not yet slave,” Julia said. “I like the sound of that… “Slave Cory. No, you can’t cum yet. I have more in store for you…and for your slave. Well…I guess he’s not really your slave anymore is he?”I looked back and forth at the two of them as they looked at me.Julia looked me squarely in the eye and said, “He’s my slave now. I told you Stevie. Tonight, I own you,” then she tilted her head back and yelled, “This is so hot! I love this game!”The bartenders brought in smaller, rectangular mats and scattered them around the main mat. The guests settled in.Cory laid flat on her back, waiting in vain for more. Julia reached into the tote and pulled out a collar and leash. She stood up, put the collar around Cory’s illegal bahis neck, and commanded, ”Get on your hands and knees so I can show off the new slave to my guests.” Cory did as she was told. Julia began leading Cory around the mat. At one point Julia stopped and ripped the rest of Cory’s dress off, yanking Cory around in the process. Cory’s face expressed humiliation, but her soaking wet pussy revealed her love of it. Julia continued parading Cory in front of everyone and dangled what was left of the dress in Cory’s ass crack. It must’ve felt amazing to Cory. She had involuntary spasms as she crawled. Cory had become Julia’s slave alright—turned on and willing to do whatever Julia wanted.“Get on your knees and masturbate for everyone, but don’t cum,” Julia commanded. “Don’t you dare cum.”Cory sat back on her heels, spread her knees apart, scanned the faces of onlookers, and began stroking herself.Seeing Cory in that role was something I hadn’t imagined before. Seeing her vulnerability in what appeared to come naturally, might have been the sexiest thing I’ve ever watched.Cory was getting herself pretty worked up when Julia sauntered in my direction. She bent down and picked up my leash. “On your hands and knees,” she commanded.I did as I was told. She tugged on the leash and paraded me around the mat just as she had done to Cory. Cory watched as she continued her sexy, self-stimulation.“This is Stevie, my other new slave,” Julia said in a commanding voice. “I think he should have to do some…uh…stuff. What do you think?”There were random cheers of, “Yes!” escalated until all yesses were in rhythmic unison.“Thank you!” Julia yelled.The room silenced. After Julia paraded me around the mat, she led me behind Cory.“Take over masturbating her,” Julia commanded.Julia pushed the back of Cory’s head, bullying her forward to her hands and knees again. I pressed my cock against Cory’s ass and reached around her. She felt magnificent. I loved Cory’s petite frame exposed in front of me, fondling her tits with one hand, and stroking her with the other.I was apprehensive at first. Cory had always been my dom in the past, but she was no longer my dom. We were both slaves on equal footing.Cory writhed with pleasure. She was the center of attention. Her eyes scanned the room and took in everyone who was watching as she wallowed in her submissiveness. I’d feel her tensing up. I’d slow down. Then I’d increase the intensity again until she started to moan and grunt. Then I’d take her back down again. I thought, Mistress Julia said she shouldn’t cum.Julia praised me, “That’s it, Stevie. You know what to do.”I was enjoying every minute of it. Teasing and tormenting Cory turned me on as much as it did her. My hard-on never wilted.Julia called out, “Luca, wouldn’t you like to be doing that to Cory instead of Stevie?”“If you would like me to, mistress,” Luca replied.That was the first I’d really noticed—Luca was, of course, Julia’s slave too.She said, “Luca, I don’t think he’ll give her up easily.”I knew things were about to change so I tried to intensify Cory’s sensations. I reached in between her legs from behind, put my thumb on her ass, and caressed her clit with my middle finger. My other three fingers ticked her around the edges. I was still fondling her tits with my other hand. Cory moaned and I felt her tense up.Julia yelled, “Don’t make her cum yet. She can’t cum unless I say she can cum.”