Abby’s Loving Family Ch. 02

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** This is a continuation of “Abby’s Loving Family”, please read the first story to better understand this story **

I slowly opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was the grass from my backyard. I looked down and saw my naked body. It took me a few seconds to remember what happened last night. How my daughter Emily and I were violated by the men of our family. I quickly jolted up and scanned my yard for my princess. I saw her near the patio door laying on the grass with her back towards me, like me still completely nude.

I ran towards her but slowed down my pace as I approached her since I didn’t want to startle her since she must feel disgusted with herself. When I got to her I slowly knelt down and placed my hand on her shoulder and whispered “princess…”. She took one quick glance at me and looked back in anger. I couldn’t blame her, as her mother it was my job to protect her and I failed miserably. She and her brothers were all college students yet instead of being successful adults, they had been degraded into these degenerates.

I shook her shoulder gently and told her that we needed to get out of here. She looked at me slowly, glared, and got up. As she stood up I saw dried cum stained all over her legs and stomach. She gently opened the patio door and slowly walked towards the restroom. I was going to go in with her but I figured it might be best to give her some space. I then made my way upstairs to my bedroom to put on a fresh set of clothes.

When I opened my closet door I gasped in horror. All of my clothes were gone. I bolted to the bathroom near my bedroom and nothing was there, not even a towel. I ran towards Emily’s room and again, all of her clothes were gone. I couldn’t believe this, did Derek and my boys take all of our clothes? If so where did they put them, and more importantly is he still in the house?

Just then I heard a car pull into onwin giriş my driveway. I ran down to the living room and looked out the window. It was the family car! And from the driver’s seat, out emerged Derek, followed by my two sons. “Fuck…”, I said under my lip. I had to go get Emily. I ran down to the downstairs bathroom and started banging on the bathroom door.

“Emily! We have to go now!”

Silence… I looked over to the living room and saw the door handle start to turn. I tried again

“Emily! Your father and brothers are here! We have to leave now!”

Then I heard the gentle sound of the door unlocking. I opened it to see Emily sitting on the toilet in tears with the bathroom floor covered in dirty tissues and q-tips. I kneeled down beside her and hugged her. Through her muffled tears she said

“Mom… they… they… came inside of me…”

I looked her in the eyes in horror. Just then the bathroom door opened. I turned around and saw Derek and the boys standing there completely nude. I looked down and saw that they all had throbbing erections. I knew what was going to happen next. My sons grabbed me by the arms and dragged me up to my bedroom. My husband Derek picked Emily up and carried her on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

I wanted to try and make a run for it but I know it’d be better if I didn’t resist and I couldn’t just leave my daughter alone with these monsters. At least with me here I could keep them entertained with my body. If I left Emily would have to deal with all three of them.

They threw us onto the bed. I looked over and saw Emily curled up into a ball. I wanted to crawl towards her and comfort her. As I got on all fours and started crawling towards her, something pulled my legs and I fell onto the mattress. I looked behind and saw my sons Zack and Chris each holding one of my legs. I looked over at Emily and saw onwin yeni giriş my husband laying her on her back, I had to protect my princess.

I tried reaching for her from across the bed but my sons flipped me over on my back. Just then Chris lunged at me and landed on my face like a face-hugger from Alien. I looked down and saw Chris’s dick pressed against my lips. I knew what he wanted. I opened my mouth and not even a split second later he thrust his cock into my mouth. He grabbed my head with both of his hands and began thrusting into my mouth like a machine gun.

I then felt something grab my legs. It was Zack, he raised my legs up and positioned his dick against my pussy. I couldn’t believe that the beautiful boys I gave birth to were now violating me again. Before I knew it I felt Zack’s throbbing cock enter my pussy. Even though I was still loose from last night, it still hurt as he began thrusting into me. I could feel his sweaty balls slap against my pussy. I grabbed onto Chris’s ass cheeks to hold my body still.

I looked over at Emily and saw that my husband was fucking her on her back but they weren’t in a missionary position. Instead, Derek had her on her back but grabbed her by the waist and moved her up and down his dick like she was a human fleshlight.


Chris slapped me across the face and grabbed me by the neck. I gagged and opened my mouth for air, he pulled his dick out, spat in my mouth, and shoved his dick back into my mouth. I had to use my nose to breathe since I couldn’t catch any air in the split second he pulled his dick out. Just then Zack used his fingers to rub my clit very quickly. I couldn’t take it anymore, I started kicking my legs and trashing. I was in ecstasy and getting ready to cum.

That’s when I started to hear Emily moaning. I looked over and saw that she had a very tight grip on the bedsheets. She onwin güvenilirmi was getting ready to cum, I knew it. I looked over at my husband and he started panting. I could tell he was ready to blow his load. Just then something warm and sticky started filling up my mouth. I looked back at Chris and he just shot his load into my mouth. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and drooled cum all over my chin and tits.

Chris got off of my body, grabbed his dick, and started rubbing it all over my stomach to clean the cum off his dick. He used my body as a cum rag. Chris then sat beside me on the bed as I now could clearly see Zack pounding away at my pussy. That’s when I noticed the look in Zack’s eyes. He was getting ready to cum. I couldn’t let my son cum inside of me so I tried to use my legs to kick him off of me, but Chris quickly ran behind his brother and held my legs in place.

I tried to reach for a pillow or something I could throw at them but I felt something grab both of my arms. It was Derek. My husband grabbed both of my arms and gave me a menacing look. I looked over at Emily and saw that she was completely passed out in a pool of what I assumed to be my husband’s cum.

Just then I felt Zack erupt his load deep inside of my pussy. My legs and body were shaking as I felt his residual spurts of cum shoot into my body. Finally, Zack pulled out and let my body fall flat onto the bed. With each breath I took, I saw more and more cum ooze out of my pussy. I couldn’t believe it, the most sacred part of my body was filled to brim with my son’s cum.

I was nothing more than a cock sleeve for the men of my family. What if I got pregnant? What if Emily got pregnant?! What would my family, friends, and neighbors think? The anxiety was making my head throb, I wanted to dig my nails into my pussy and scrape out all of my son’s seed. But I knew my better, the moment I’d try to do anything my fami-… these three men… will attack me again. My head was throbbing and I couldn’t think straight. I wanted to close my eyes and make it all go away. Maybe it’s best if I pretend to fall asleep. I just want to leave this place.