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“Oh my God! I am so sorry,” Mel shouted.

Adam’s groin was still burning but he smiled, “It’s fine, sweetheart.”

He regretted using the term as soon as it came out of his mouth. It was kind of inappropriate since the brunette little woman was his step-sister, not his stepdaughter. Would have been nice since her mother was only four years older than himself and a bombshell of a woman.

Adam grabbed some napkins from the table but Mel was already squatting down brushing a few across his crotch, dotting harshly at the coffee stains. It added to the tenderness of his once scolding member. Her submissive pose, her face holding a naive bothered expression sent his cock throbbing in need.

Fuck, not again

Adam was naturally pale and the feeling of her hands fondling around his stiff junk suddenly caused his face to turn red.

“Uh, You don’t have to um-“

He gave her small hand a slight shove but she brought it back to his thigh to dab at the stained cloth.

He wanted to say, “Hey little girl, can you not make my dick hard.” But that would be too explicit and by the look of her clueless face, it wasn’t her intention to do so.

“I’m so sorry,” she repeated.

He was going to clean it himself, he just needed time to process the burning of his once soft dick.

“I got it,” Adam groaned.

“He can clean himself up, honey,” her mother chastised.

Mel suddenly realized how inappropriate she was being, “Oh shit. I’m so sorry,” she confessed, feeling his cock jump between his pants and the now brown napkin.

“I am sorry,” he laughed off the awkwardness.

Mel gave a nervous chuckle and shook her head at her stupidity.

“No, I’m really sorry, Mr. Adam.”

“I’m your brother, so Adam is fine, no need to be formal.”

He couldn’t believe the young woman gave him yet another rise. He had held out, trying to avoid staring at the deep curve of his stepmother’s cleavage at the table. He had gotten a bit turned on and had managed to stay focused when he had a nice gaze at her curvy hips and plump ass when she answered the door. He had held his composure at the table, which he thought he might not be able to do.

His father was a lucky bastard, always had been. His real mother had been a beauty queen when she was a teen. His father wasn’t an ugly man, he had a hard face and thick pockets. That was enough power to pull in a beautiful woman. And just like his father, he loved a beautiful woman.

His stepsister was just as gorgeous as her mother, only she donned two deep dimples around her jaws. He had yet to see an expression that didn’t leave the dent in her cheek. She was missing those two giant titties bought by his father he assumed. Her tits were not big but not small, they sat up on their own. He determined she had tan nipples. She was also well endowed with a round ass and wide hips and he believed she had a pretty pussy but he was certain she didn’t know how to use either one.

“Melony has always wanted a brother.”

Katalina gave Adam a nurturing smile as if she had been a motherly figure in his life for years. The look made his stomach turn, only a few moments ago she had called herself trying to squeeze by him and caused a similar effect that her daughter was now creating.

“You get a lot of hefty traits from your father,” Kat giggled.

Adam cringed and gave her an annoying glance, wanting to say something smart but he had been holding his tongue today in respect for his father. The man’s sixth wife seemed just as unruly as the other four. He thought it was karma for the unpleasant way he treated his mother when she was alive. He didn’t have to be mad at his father, the cheating man left a good woman for four other cheaters. His mother had eyes for only him, the rest had eyes for his wallet and now his son.

His father had legally married Katalina last year but this weekend they would be having a real wedding. It was his only reason for being here, he would have bailed out if it was any other event.

Kat smiled and openly gazed at her stepson’s erection as he cleaned up the rest of the spill. It laid at his thigh threatening to unleash from the fitted tan pants he wore. Kat averted her eyes up to his handsome face. A neat full blonde beard and warm gray eyes sent her cookie to twitch. She needed milk, some of his creamy nut, if it was as sweet as his father’s she had hit the jackpot.

“We have been so excited for you two kids to meet, me and Charles…,” she glanced at Charles who looked to be napping.

Adam glared at her for the use of the word, he wasn’t a fucking child, and this marriage he thought wouldn’t last a year. He brought his attention to his father and noticed his slumped position, was he dead?

“Dad?” Adam questioned, trying to get his attention.

He hadn’t seen his father in over 10 years and had missed the last two marriages. Surely the man wouldn’t die today of all days.

“Yeah, I’m listening,” his deep voice rasped.

“How’s retirement been so far? I know you’ve been camping out at the porno golf course,” he inquired.

Before his dad could answer Mel interrupted, “Why didn’t you come for Christmas?

Adam gave a slight scowl at her rudeness, he was here to see his father after all. The other two were houseguests that would be gone by next Christmas

“You said you were coming but you didn’t show up. We cooked a lot of food because we thought you would be coming. What did you do?” Mel asked, annoyed.

Adam chuckled before answering and his devoted stepmother scolded her daughter.

“Watch your tone Mel and don’t be so intrusive.”

“No, it’s fine. It’s what we are here for. I went on a cruise to the Bahamas, a little gift for myself. I apologize for that.” Adam smiled.

“It’s okay. That sounds fun, did you swim with dolphins?”

“No, I saw some from my cabin though. They would come up quickly and go back down.”

“We could all go one day, wouldn’t that be a fun family trip Charles?” Kat asked.

Charles was now snoring and Kat smiled and brought her attention back to her children.

“I want to go somewhere, like anywhere,” Mel sighed.

She reached over to grab the jelly and spilled the container of juice on Adam’s lap.

“Mel!” Kat shouted.

Fuck, not again.

Mel was 18 and she had just graduated two weeks ago. The anxiety about what to do next caused these fits of clumsiness. The worst thing that could happen when you’re meeting your 30-year-old stepbrother would be to keep spilling liquids on his lap. She decided to only apologize this time and spare herself the embarrassment of immediately touching his dick. Since that was only what they did on pornhub.

“I’m sorry.” Her tan complexion became a bit blushed and she focused on the task of eating her eggs. She didn’t even want to refill her cup, lest it also spills over onto his lap.

After breakfast, the small family gathered around the television for a movie that no one but Charles seemed interested in. The World War I film was in black and white and Mel didn’t want to doze off but she did and was quickly nudged by her mother.

“You’re snoring,” she whispered.

She apologized and stood up to walk off her drowsiness.

Adam was in the kitchen, his tan pants were in the wash and had been traded for a pair of athletic shorts. She gave him a sweet smile and Adam nodded in greeting.

“You better get back in there you’re going to miss the action,” Mel warned.

“I hate that fucking movie,” he sighed.

“But it’s his favorite,” Mel chuckled and grabbed a water bottle from the fridge.”It’s not too bad bro.”

Adam cringed at the title, he was too old to be adding any additional siblings. He had made it so far the last 30 years being an only child.

Mel turned around and noticed a cloud of smoke that danced around his head, covering his dirty blonde hair.

“What’s in the vape?”

“THC,” he said.

“You don’t look like a pothead.”

“Recreationally, I have a job,” he assured and handed it to her. “Smoke a bit, the movie will get better,” he urged.

She took a puff and immediately started coughing.

“You’ve smoked before right?

She shook her head and took another quick puff coughing up the smoke.

He smiled and walked over to pat her back a few times as Kat’s nagging voice rang out from the living room.

“Your mom is a little hard on you,” he noted.

Mel caught her breath and shook her head, “It’s an act she does around your dad, she wants to seem more motherly I guess. We have a good relationship. We talk about Everything,” she rolled her eyes.

Adam didn’t want to ask since it hinted she may know the dirty details of his 70-year-old father’s sex life. He could go another 30 years without hearing those facts.

“Are you married?”


“Do you have children?”

He shook his head, “Do you?”

Mel looked around and giggled, “No.”

“Where are you staying, here or at a hotel?”

Adam took a puff and blew it out before answering, “You ask a lot of questions, but I’ll probably stay here in one of the guest rooms.”

“My mom says I’m nosey,” Mel smiled.

Adam nodded his head in agreement, “Do you want some more?”

Mel looked at him and thought about it but her thoughts were now a bit hazy and she blurted out, “I think I’m high now.”

Adam chuckled, “Your mom is going to flip. Might as well hit it one more time before we go back.”

He took a look at her in the short shorts, a cameltoe showed off a plump pussy. The shorts were lodged in her slit so well he wondered if she was trying to tell him something.

“Are you sure this is your first time smoking?” He asked.

“Yeah, where would I get weed?”

“Oh yeah, it’s not legal here in North Carolina.”

Adam took a deep puff blowing the smoke out slowly around the bar area. He held the device to her lips, giving her a sneaky smile. Before she could put it to her lips, he paused.

“Take your time, don’t suck it so hard. Take a small puff and hold it in your porno mouth for a while,” he explained, his voice was deeper and held a sensual tone.

Mel burst into laughter and Adam chuckled nervously. He wasn’t sure what was funny but as she said, she was high. She finished laughing and wrapped her lips around the vape pen, looking up at him to see if she was doing it correctly. Adam’s view was sexy and he nodded as she held it in her mouth, he seized the opportunity to brush his hand across her dimpled cheek. He gave her the look that let her know, his door was always open if ever wanted to suck his vape or his cock. When he ventured across her neckline, his eyes were hooded and his dick jumped. Yet she only exhaled and giggled.

“Come on, silly girl,” he rolled his eyes forfeiting what he thought was sexual tension.

Adam figured she was being a tease, she knew exactly what she was doing, just like her mother. Kat had made herself more comfortable snuggling up with her hubby, who was now fully asleep.

Adam went to the love seat and a giggling Mel followed his lead as she plopped beside him on the intimate furniture. He would rather have stretched his long legs but settled on keeping a good posture beside his new step-sister.

Adam was right the substance helped her keep her focus on the boring film. She was truly entertained, then she noticed a snore coming from beside her. Adam’s head was leaned back, his long legs spread out in front of him in slumber. Mel decided to give him his space and moved to the carpeted floor and stretched out.

Adam wasn’t sure how long he had been asleep when he felt a hand on his crotch, he kept his eyes closed. He wanted to smile, the girl had copped a feel at breakfast and was now wanting to touch the real thing. When her hands tugged expertly at his cock, he peeked his eyes open.

“What the fuck?” He whispered to Kat, her hands kneading faster now that she had his attention.

“Shh,” she placed her finger on his lips.

His father wasn’t around, he figured he had retired to bed. But her daughter lay on the floor on her stomach, her hands under her chin as she was fully concentrating on yet another movie. Let it happen, he thought, why argue with mommy, he had known from the longing gazes that she wanted his slightly hooked cock.

As Kat’s long fingers and almost equally long nails fondled up and down his shaft, he bit his lip. It was a dry handy but she produced a bit of spit on her palm and went back to the job. He tried looking at her beautifully large breasts but every time he looked at his stepmother he thought of her doing this to his father. Instead, he focused his vision on his step-sister, she moved her body slightly, giving her round ass an innocent jiggle.

Kat’s eyes stayed on the television as she stroked faster, the cock was thicker than she thought and jumped in her hand.

He was close and wanted to groan. What if Mel turned around and saw the movements underneath this thin blanket? The thought of her joining in sent a surge of adrenaline to his loins. His heart pounded and he released the pressure of the day inside Kat’s palm even though he wished it was Mel’s left dimple he could spill his seed on.

Kat continued massaging in the milk her stepson had produced. Taking in his pained face, he finally gave a slight groan of disapproval.

“Ugh, fuck.” His dick instantly became far too sensitive.

Adam slumped his torso for her to stop; he stared at her in panic, thankfully she had not noticed his point of view.

“Good boy,” Kat whispered.

He took in her glamorous frame as she got up to go clean the mess on her hand.

Adam sighed relief and rubbed his bearded jaw at whatever kind of sick game the woman was playing. It was a nut busted nonetheless. He peeked toward Mel again and before he could say something her voice rang out.

“Did she just jerk you off?”

She kept her eyes on the TV screen but he still felt embarrassed by the facts of what just happened.

“Your mom is right, you are nosey as hell. What are you watching now?”

“Some World War 2 movie.”

“My dad may end up liking you more than me,” he laughed.

“No, I don’t think he likes me,” she smiled.

“You’re a woman, he loves women.”

“I’m not in love with your dad,” she scowled.

“I’d hope not.”

“Do you like my mom?”

Adam didn’t answer, he just closed his eyes for another nap.

“You do!” Mel giggled.

“Watch the movie,” he smiled.

“Can I hit the vape again?”

He reached into his pocket and slowly handed her the device, his body was so weak from the expert hand job. It made him wonder what mommy’s pussy and mouth had to offer.

“Are you coming to the wedding?”

“That’s what I’m here for,” he muttered, keeping his eyes closed to avoid another erection.

Mel turned toward him as he lay back in relaxation, “How long are you staying?”

“Why?” He asked, opening his eyes.

Mel was laying on her side, his viewpoint staring down at her sent his cock to grow back.

“Just türk porno wondering.”

“I’m going to go lay down. Get some silence,” he chuckled.

He wanted to get out if she asked him one more question, he was going to ask her to bend over.

“What are you doing tonight?” She asked.

He chuckled, “Sleeping, do you want to sleep with me?”

“No, I have my own room,” she said, simply turning her attention back to the television.

He shook his head, she wasn’t as seductive as her mother, just a nosey little girl.


Adam thought about picking her up, her small stature and tan skin with curves that melted down to her soft thighs. Fucking her up against the wall and trusting slowly, he was sure the young girl couldn’t take all of his cock. He would dominate her, and Mel would probably start calling him daddy rather than his father. He could have her begging big brother to stay in her room instead of the decorative guest room. He would come home for Christmas then, gifted with a pretty step-sister to fuck. She was legal and he wanted a taste of her before he left.

These were the thoughts that currently drove his passion as his cock stroked inside of his stepmother’s surprisingly comfortable cunt. She let her ass do a wiggle and her hips roam around.

“Fuck,” he muttered.

He held onto her wide hips and gave her a few continuous strokes that she took with stride. Her hands gripped the back of the washing machine as he ventured a bit deeper.

“Ooh. yes, right there, son,” she moaned.

“Don’t. Call. Me that,” he ordered, speeding up as the machine spun in sync.

“You. Are my son,” she giggled.

She stopped as his hand grasped her brown hair, bringing her head back to stare at the ceiling.

“Mmm. fuck,” she gasped.

“Keep yours. Mouth. Closed, and take this dick,” he requested.

Kat stayed still as Adam fucked her harder, each inch delivered, causing her cream to gush. She silenced her moans inside her palm, the pain of her hair being tugged added to the pleasure of his long cock. She couldn’t take it anymore, she drooped over the washing machine as an orgasm washed over her.

A few more pumps and he was spent spilling his seed inside of the condom that he prayed had not ripped. Kat sprang up and adjusted her dress.

“Daddy lasts longer,” she teased.

“Daddy’s on Viagra,” he laughed.

He zipped up his tan pants and adjusted them, tucking the collared shirt back into his pants. Kat had made her exit out of the roomy laundry room and Adam was on his way out when his step sister walked in.

“Fuck!” Mel shouted in alarm, not expecting to see him and more so without her shirt.

“Sorry,” Adam blushed.

He was thankful he had just emptied his balls and wouldn’t be able to get back hard so soon.

Mel concealed her perky breasts and moved around him to grab her dress for the dinner party.

“What were you and my mama doing? “Give me a few minutes and I will show you,” he smiled.

“What?” She gave an uncertain expression.


She closed the door behind her to slip into her dress. It fit like a glove and she hated it, it was a struggle to get it on and she needed help zipping it.

“Adam!” Mel called out.

He backed up and his heart was racing out of his chest sort of wondering if she was also needing a dose of her mother’s medicine. He looked back at the kitchen entrance and knocked on the door before entering.

“What’s up?” He whispered.

“Can you zip me up?”

“Oh. Yeah sure,” he frowned.

Adam decided to take his time pretending to be confused by the zipper. The dress was tight and short and was already riding up her soft thighs. He took his time altering it up around her shapely hips.

“Bend over a little,” he ordered.

Mel obeyed and the dress inched up, she pulled it down.

“Don’t move, it’s a little tricky, and it’s dark in here,”

“The light is over there,” she advised.

“Don’t move.”

He exploited the fabric until it came back up rounding her hips. He wanted a glimpse of her cheeks while he had the opportunity to see them. He zipped it a quarter of the way and paused letting his thick finger brush the skin on her bare back.

He concealed a laugh, “Stand up straight. It might be too tight.”

“It is too tight! She’s got me wearing this hooker shit,” she groaned. “I’m sorry, just zip it as much as you can, please.”

Mel shook her head in disappointment at her mother’s choice of clothing.

“I’m trying,” he smirked.

He was now standing closer behind her and hugged her waist, pushing in her flat stomach. He ground his hips into her ass.

“Does it feel good?” He taunted.

“No, I hate this dress.”

She didn’t seem to realize what he was doing, thinking he was only being the helpful older brother. His hand roamed up and down her stomach, his fingers teasing her crotch.

“I’m sucking it in,” she explained in frustration.

He wanted to laugh but he kept going and pulled her closer, his head hanging around her neck.

“I’m trying,” he whispered in her ear.

“Sorry, I know. I just… I don’t like this dress,” she mumbled.