Adventures of My Ex-Wife: Working in the Garden.

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Adventures of My Ex-Wife: Working in the Garden.It was between our first and second c***d. The baby was six or eight weeks old and my wife had just been released for sexual activity by her doctors. She was horny as hell and I was getting an unusual amount of pussy from her. We lived on some acreage that had a small amount of bottom land for a garden and my sister’s husband and I were growing one there. The garden was about 150 yards from the house.On this particular day my wife was very horny and she let me fuck her that morning before I went to work. I left her at home and went to work. I got lunch in town and work on till about five o’clock before coming home. I wanted to get down to the garden and help my brother in law do some things. As I walked into the house from the truck my wife Joy came walking up from the garden to join me while I changed clothes. She got very playful with me which was slightly unusual only because it was just in the last week or so she had gotten so horny.As I removed my pants she started brushing my cock through my briefs and then laid on the bed with her legs open allowing me to see the silky black panties she was wearing through the leg holes of the very short very thin light pink cotton material of her shorts. The red top she was wearing was a tank style on her shoulders with laces from bottom to top. When she wore the top the laces would be dangling from about the fourth or fifth eyelet down, never tied. The valley between her modest (small but very pretty) breast was visible and inviting.I reached down and began stroking the inside of her thigh up to her panties while telling her I needed to get down to the garden with Joe. As my fingers reached the crotch of her silky panties without her stopping me or even flinching I added “But not until I fuck your brains out!” She just stretched out and said “What makes you think I’m going let you.” “This” I said as I slid my fingers under the crotch of her panties and caressed her already wet pussy. I started sliding my finger into her, she moaned, I quickly removed the panties and started to go down to devour that pussy. “Stop, don’t do that!” “You always say that and you always love it when I do it anyway.” I said. “Not this time. Please, I’m serious; besides, I’m ready for Willy right now!”I got between her legs and started to paint her gash with my cockhead, it didn’t need any work. She said “Push.” I slid in balls deep without any effort. “God anadolu yakası escort you were ready weren’t you” “How come you are so horny?” “I just am PUSH!” I didn’t need any more information. I started stroking that tight creamy cunt with a steady rhythm. “Fuck me hard and faster…ungh…faster…push..Just like that please don’t stop!” “I love getting a piece of your sweet ass” I said. “I want to fuck you all night!”“Just don’t stop, keep fucking me just like that…its so gooood!” She was so slippery and hot I couldn’t hold my load much longer. “Don’t stop. Just like that, just like that. Keep going, keep fucking me.” “Oooooo…I’m cumming…soooo…good…don’t stop…o god.” Then I only hear low moaning as her body begins to relax. “Squeeze my ass while you finish fucking me now.” She said. I obliged quickly, feeling her soft beautiful ass in my hands while I pound my cock into her tight pussy always made me cum so hard and today was no exception. I blasted my load into her and collapsed. After a few moments of heavy breathing, she got up and headed for the shower and I put my shorts and T-shirt on and left for the garden.A few days later I realized what had happened and it all made since. You see when I got down to the garden that day I told my brother in law “Sorry I’m late I had to fuck my wife before I could come to the garden”. The look on his face started with confusion then turned shit eating as he slowly said “Is that right?”My wife had been down to garden in those short cotton shorts, you know the material, the kind they make T-Shirts from. She has several pair of them and they are well worn. She wears them all the time around all members of my family and I don’t think anything of it, but they have gotten thin enough that knowing exactly what her panties look like under them just takes a glance. Plus just a slight bend at the waist allows them the start to slide right up the silky panties she always wears allowing anyone around to enjoy the view. It is quite a nice view. She has a very soft shapely ass the round lobes are full and stop just short of creating cleavage that has to rest on the back of her legs. Starting at the small of her back it is shaped like an inverted valentine heart. Men have enjoyed watching her ass since she was twelve years old. The panties she was wearing that day were black and very shiny satin. The elastic around the leg holes is stitched in a ataşehir escort quilted pattern that makes it look very soft and sexy. My brother in law, Joe, must have really enjoyed the view that day as she helped him pull weeds in the garden. Her legs are very shapely and her skin is very soft, she has never been athletic so she doesn’t have a lot of hard muscle in her legs or arms, just luxurious softness. Her breasts are perfect for the size of her body and if she wanted to she could go without a bra all the time.She had quit smoking when she got pregnant, but had started sneaking cigarettes behind my back lately which was the main reason she was spending so much time with my brother in law in the garden.“Want a cigarette?” says Joe. “Sure, maybe a couple before Bill gets home”. She walks over to Joe’s truck He opens the door so she can sit on the seat and rest her feet on the running board. “Help your self they’re on the dash”. She fires one up and watches Joe step to the front of the truck. “Whatcha doing?” “Taking a leak”. He says. Joe slowly walks back to where she is sitting and as he comes around the door of the truck he hears “JOE! Put that thing away!” “What are you doing with that thing out? “I told you I had to pee.” “You’re through peeing; now put it back where it belongs”. She looks down and admires Joe’s dick as it grows in front of her eyes, it’s about six or seven inches long and seems very thick.“I am hoping to put it right where it belongs” he says. By now Joe is standing between her legs caressing her thigh just above the knee with the head of his cock. He can see a lot of the crotch of her silky black panties and the sensation of rubbing his cock on her thigh along with seeing her panties is making his cock ache with pleasure. “Stop rubbing it on me” she says as she spreads her legs further apart to get her thigh away from his dick. Joe steps in closer as the view of her panties gets even better with her legs wider apart. Now his dick is rubbing her thigh about six inches below her panties. She reaches down and grabs his dick and says “Put it back in your pants”. “It won’t fit in my pants like this”. She feels the throb in her hand and releases his dick, “You can’t do this.” “Why not?”He asks as he leans in closer allowing his dick to slide up the leg hole of her shorts. “You have been teasing me all day with your fine ass hanging out of your shorts, showing me ümraniye escort those sexy panties.” By now his cock is pressing against the satin material covering her warm moist pussy, he pushes gently in and out slightly. “I haven’t been teasing you, I promise.” “It doesn’t matter, its obvious that you need some dick” “NO, I don’t” she says as she squirms a little on the truck seat enjoying the feel of his cock more than she thought she ever would. Her panties are starting to really get moist. Joe pushes firmer, making half the head of his cock disappear into the softness of her panties. “You’re pushing my panties into my crack.” “Umm…I’m sorry” he pushes more. “Joe, stop doing that and get my panties out of my crack.” Joe reaches down and with out moving his cock at all, slides his fingers under the crotch of her panties and pulls them to the side. Now his cock is pressed firmly against her moist snatch, the pleasure is very intense. “Thank you that was very uncomfortable” she says as she squirms a little bit on the truck seat. The slight movement makes the moistness increase and Joe applies a little more pressure. “Now zip your pants up, Bill will be home soon and he wouldn’t understand at all if he catches you with your dick out standing here talking to me.” “Fuck Bill!” he says. “OK, that’s it” she says as she begins to slide forward in a feigned attempt to leave. The move forward literally slides the head of his cock into her. “Stop that” she says. “I didn’t do it, you did” as he grabs her waist with both hands and begins to penetrate deeper into her creamy warmth. She knows that the condition of her pussy will not allow her to lie about her willingness to have him inside her but she persists anyway. “Put that thing away, you can’t be fucking me, you’re my brother in law!” “You say that but it feels so good, I promise I want tell” Joe now has his cock in balls deep and is massaging the back wall of her pussy with a good firm steady rhythm. “We shouldn’t be doing this Joe, you should stop right now” “I know I should but, I can’t believe I am actually fucking you. You are so pretty and soft, god your pussy feels so good and tight.” Joe starts taking longer strokes, watching the rim of his cock head appear and disappear into her pussy. “Not too far. Don’t let it come out” she says as she begins to buck against his thrust. That’s all it took for Joe to start blasting away deep inside her pussy. Joe moans loudly as he cums. “Not yet Joe, I’m not ready! “I can’t help it…its too good…I’m sorry.” Joe pulls out and steps around the truck door to get himself arranged, feeling a little guilty he turns to speak to her but she is gone. He hears my truck coming through the long wooded driveway to the house and Joy is half way up the hill to meet me.