Adventures of Working Wife-2

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Adventures of Working Wife-2deleteddeletedNext two days we had pretty much the same schedule. On Thursday morning when I was managing my morning chores my phone rang I saw it so it was my husband’s call, I received it.Husband: Hello darling what are doing?Amruta: Hi baby just finishing my morning chores.H: Darling listen I called you to inform that we are soon getting a big order.A: Oh wow baby that’s really great.To be honest I was little happy thinking that if business goes well may be he will give me more time. I thought we will have some nice time this weekend.H: Ya. I am going to take that order so I will be travelling out of city tonight and shall come to home on Saturday evening so that we can have nice weekend.A: Oh great I am so happy. Finally we will be spending some quality time together after so long time. Darling please come soon.H: yes dear just a day time n then all yours. I need to go now. Bye love you.A: Love you too.I completed my chores, went to sleep for some time as I have to leave for office by evening. I was getting ready for office I thought to wear something interesting as I was not worried about the return timing. I wore black push up bra and same color panty, then I put tight black leggings and red tight deep neck kurti. Just I couldn’t reveal my cleavage in office to put black duppatta to cover my front and kept my hairs loose with clip in top to cover my back, put light make up n light pink lipstick, after getting ready I saw myself in mirror n smiled looking at myself, thinking my deep kurti is going to arouse someone a lot. I went to office and started working, my mind was constantly thinking about the driving classes, what will happen today. It’s been 2 weeks I started learning and now I was quite comfortable behind the wheels and moreover comfortable with Javed’s cock. It was getting more and more out of hand as I was able to control myself in front of him, he was getting more abusive n I was getting more dominated. Yesterday he asked me lick his fat belly n I obeyed him, infact his hairy n sweaty body was making me more aroused as I never had such experience, my hubby has habit of shower before we have sex. I was lost in these thoughts n suddenly I had tap pat my shoulder, I looked up it was my colleague Priya standing behind me. Priya: what happened Amruta? What are you thinking? I was calling you.Amruta: Oh dear I am sorry just some personal stuff.P: Is everything alright?A: Ya ya no problem.P: There is some problem with server, manager said that it will be resolved in morning only so they have arranged our transport and asked us to go home.A: oh that’s good, alteast we can good sleep at night after long time.I saw timing it was 12.30 am, my mind was happy stating that I have more than 4 hours to spend with my Javed, I got excited by it. Before leaving I went to washroom made my hairs, applied little make n put little dark lipstick and left to cab. My mind was racing while I entered the cab, as usual he was behaving very professionally in company. As soon as we left the company premises and came on road, he gave me wicked smileJaved: So madam we have more time today, you want to take me to ground or should I drop you at home.Amruta: Javed ji nobody is at home today so problem, we can practice more.And give him seductive smile, I saw his face in mirror he got excited and we went to the ground. But to add disappointment there were couple of cars n few cheap people were drinking there, he immediately took car out of ground n saidJ: Slut I think we cannot use this ground now, as we come here late nobody is there. A: Javed ji now what to do? I want to stay. I said in seductive tone like a slut. He then thought for a while.J: We have one option, but I am not sure whether you will like it or not?A: just tell me.J: if we go few more KM outskirts there is one lodge we can stay there but in that case we might get late to your home.A: No javed ji, lodge is too cheap place. Can we go to some hotel?J: I don’t have problem in hotel but it will be problem as no hotel give room without id and then you might be revealing your identity.A: ya that’s also true. So what can we do?J: As you said nobody is at your home we can go there.A: No no that’s not possible out security people will come to know and it will spoil my reputation as they will what are you doing in my house for long time at night? Can we go to your place?J: Amruta one on my friend stay with güvenilir bahis me so again problem for you.A: Oh god we got more time n this problem.J: Darling lets go to lodge, its outskirt on city where no one knows you also we don’t have to give id so no problem.I thought for a while n understood that’s the only option.A: But is it safe? I heard there are raids on lodges.J: Its totally safe I went there earlier as well so don’t worry. Trust me.A: ok will go there.He was happy n so was I, he drove for almost 30 min, being late night there was any traffic. We had come out of city and after sometime he turned on small road from highway. After half km I saw lodge, it was too cheap kind of lodge and there was only small pan shop besides this shady lodge. I was sure this is used only for shady business, we stopped car sideways to road n my heart was beating like hell. First time in my life I was going to enter such a cheap place with cheap driver.Javed: Amruta are you sure that you have no problem? Once we are out of car you remember my terms.I curiously looked the lodge once again, it was old kind of building not completely shady with not much lights around. Some old two wheelers and one rusty auto standing there, in corner there was old rusty board with small bulb on it with the name “Relax Lodge”, then I saw one couple coming out of the main door, both were young the girl was dusky with obsence clothes worn by her n then he handed over money to her n left on his bike. The girl went to that auto and they both went off. Oh my god this area is used by cheap prostitutes as well? Thought came in my mind. My thoughts were broken with javed’s voice J: Amruta what are you thinking, don’t delay now we don’t have all the time.A: ok Javed ji I am ok with this for today.J: Then listen slut you have to obey each and everything of me, you know that.He went to his role of dominator n I stupidly obeying the same.J: Now listen you are not any working woman, you have to behave as my keep. So remove your duppatta now.A: Why? We will do it inside.J: Randi jyada dimag na laga warna tereko tere ghar chhod deta hu. Already late hua hai bahut. (Slut don’t question me else I will drop you home now. It’s already late.)A: Ok sorry. I said this n removed my duppatta completely.J: That like good slut. Now apply dark red lipstick and cover you face with duppatta and keep your neck n boobs open.I obeyed him. I adjusted my duppatta such that my face was covered with eyes open and entire neck was open, it was showing good amount of cleavage. The idea of exposing to some cheap crowd at place was turning me on. I saw javed has went out, I also came out immediately. I saw the timing it was 1.30 am. We started walking towards the entrance, with every step my heart beats were increasing. As we reached the entrance I saw there was a small counter like arrangement basically big table and behind that a guy was standing. He seemed to be around 35 yrs old with good physic but dark as hell, as I enter I saw his eyes were fixed on my cleavage, my mangalsutra being short it was visible to him in open neck. I was having mixed emotions of shyness and arousal, I lowered my eyes n looked towards javed, it seems he was enjoying this.Counter Guy: Javed bhai bahut dino baad aaye. (Javed you came after long time)J: Ha bhai aj kal busy ho gaya hu. (ya got little busy)CG: Aur ye maal kaha mila tumko? Pehle kabhi dekha nahi? (Where did you get this chick, never seen her before?)J: Are ye apni personal setting hai randi nahi. (This is my personal setting not whore)CG: Jabardast maal pataya bhai tune. (You got hot chick this time)J: Ha chal jaldi room de timepass mat kar. (Give me room keys don’t waste time)He gave the keys to Javed CG: Bhai second floor 203 numberWe started walking towards stairs there wasn’t proper lighting so I was walking carefully. Suddenly Javed grabbed my ass n saidA: Randi chal jaldi yahi raat gujarni hai kya? (Slut walk fast, you wanna spend night in stairs or what?)I paced up my walk n looking at stairs, people have spited there a lot of pan and tobacco. The walls were colored red with their stains, I saw few condoms dropped here n there in stairs. Finally we reached to our room, I was pretty excited n hugged him as soon as we entered the room.J: Sali Amruta tuze dekh k lagta nahi k teri chut me itni aag lag rehti hai. (Amruta you doesn’t look like so much horny woman)A: aapne meri aag bhadka türkçe bahis di hai javed ji, jaldi se ise buza do. (You had made my so much horny now quench my thirst fast)But it seems that he was in no hurry, he pushed me aside n said J: Don’t worry today we have ample of time n I shall make sure of fucking the hell out of you. But we are in no hurry, I don’t wanna rush today as we have good place and time so let’s relax.A: ya that’s true we will have some quality time in “Relax Lodge”.I winked saying this, he too smiled back siting on the bed. I went near him n put my hands around him, he pulled me in embrace we went kissing like long lost lovers. He removed my duppatta completely while kissing my lips n his mouth then slid to my neck the sensitive area, this was enough for my pussy to start leaking. My one hand went to his shirt n started opening the buttons, while his hands were busy with my boobs he was softly handling them. This experience was new for me as till date we never had time and space to enjoy the luxury of the foreplay.He pushed his one hand inside of my kurti n was caressing my belly, I was feeling ticklish. He came back to my lips n I pushed my tongue in his s mouth our tongues played for some time.Heat was building inside me, as his another hand went to my as on my leggings he started kneading them like manic.J: Amruta you have very sexy ass. A: It’s your dear javed ji, now please take me.J: Are itni kya jaldi hai Sali ruk to aj jam k maje luga tere aur batauga k Javed ki randi itna aasan nahi hai. (Why so much hurry slut today I am going to use full n let u know that being my slut isn’t easy)He then pushed me aside n called someone, I later realized he called up the counter guy. J: Bhai Javed bol raha hu mere room me mast beer bhej aur gold flake ka packet. (This is javed, send chilled beer n pack of cigarette to my room)Then he turned to me n saidJ: Randi paise layi hai na? Wo waiter ko dede jab wo aayega tab tak mai mut k aata hu. (Slut have you bought the money? Give it to waiter when he will come till then I will be back from bathroom)I went to my purse pulled the money n lifted my duppatta to cover myself then I heard his rough voice.J: A randi tuze bola kya mai pehene k liye? (Hey slut did I asked you to wear that?)A: Lekin javed ji uske samne kaise jau waise mai? (But how can I go in front of him like this)J: Sali jyada jaban na chala jitna bola hai utna kar. Tu meri randi hai mai jo bolu wo karegi agar bahut sharam aa rahi to yaha se jake apne pati se chudwa aur dubara mere pass nahi aana. (Slut you are talking too much, you are my slut just do as I say. If you are feeling so shy go get fucked by your husband n don’t ever come to me)I felt like crying, I have never been insulted like this before by anyone. In normal circumstances I would never had tolerated this but here I don’t know why, I was getting dominated by just a cab driver. I felt like shouting on him but my body was betraying my mind. I slowly put down my duppatta back on table near my purse n stood there like dumb statue while I saw him entering and locking the bathroom. Suddenly I heard knock on the door, I wasn’t expecting the waiter to come so early. I feeling so shy to open the door so I didn’t moved inch he knocked the door few times. Javed shouted from batroomJ: Abe behri ho gayi kya Sali, darwaza khol aur saman leke bhej usko wapis. (Hey bitch have you gone deaf, go n open the door)I went to door with heavy heart I opened it, I saw a waiter standing at door smile lecherously to me Waiter: Madam wo aapka saman jo aapne mangaya tha. (Madam this is stuff you ordered)I just opened the door, let him inside n closed it as I didn’t wanted anybody else to see me like this.The waiter came n put the stuff on table n was looking at my boobs, then I realized javed’s fondling had my kurti go down n massive cleavage was exposed to this low class bugger. I said angrily to himAmruta: Rakh diya na ab niklo yaha se. (You have kept it now get lost)Waiter: madam paise to do.Then I realized so took purse n handed over the money to him, he brushed my hands while doing so, I immediately pulled my hands back, still he was looking at me.A: Mila na paisa ab jao (You got money now leave)W: Madam waise aapko dekha nahi yaha kabhi pehle, aap dusre lodge me kaam karti ho kya? (madam haven’t seen you before here, are you working in some other lodge?)I was pissed off by his question n replied angrilyA: güvenilir bahis siteleri Mai waisi aurat nahi hu, achi ghar ki shadidhuda aurat hu. (I am not that kind of woman, I am married form good family)W: to yaha iske sath kya kar rahi ho? Ye to sala humesha yaha aata hai randiya chodne. (What are doing here then? This bugger always come here to fuck whores)A: Tumse uska koi matlab nahi hai, tum niklo yaha se wo aajayege bahar abhi. (That’s none of your business, you leave now he will come out)He then went to door, as I was going to close it he came closer n said W: waise madam is lodge me aane wali aap sabse sexy maal ho, Javed bhai ki to aj aish hai. (Btw madam you are the sexiest bitch came to this lodge till now. Javed is going to have great time.)I surprisingly smiled to his comment n closed the door, went back to bed n sat down. Javed came out of bathroom in just in his undies, I was surprised n aroused to see him like that.J: aagaya kya apan maal janeman. (Darling have our order come?)I nodded my head in yes n saidA: javed ji aap aise muze kisi k samne jane mat bolo, wo waiter bahut gandi tarike se dekh raha tha n bol raha tha. (javed please don’t ask me to do this again, the waiter was looking n talking dirty with me)J: Sali jyada ud mat, ab tu muze batayegi k kya karna hai? Jyada nakhre kiye to bahar sabake samne nangi bhej duga tuze. (Slut you don’t order me, if you do tantrums I will pared you naked in front of all people)I was insulted again n tears came to my eyes. I think he saw that J: Sun amruta I have told you already about my conditions and you agreed so I am doing this to you. I never behave badly with you any other places and respected your life but when it comes to fucking I fuck only on my terms. It was you who asked me to fuck I never approached you.I was just listening to him with my head down n tears in my eyes.J: yaar please don’t spoil my mood now by doing all this non sense things, else we will leave from here.Saying this he just woke up n started packing the things, as I was aroused I immediately hold his hands n saidA: I am sorry Javed ji, I didn’t do it intentionally, but I have never done this before so I feel problem.J: Don’t do this emotional drama. You want to get fucked so be shameless while fucking, that’s the only way I enjoy the fuck. We are anyways far away from your life you have no problem even you get fucked here by entire men in lodge. No one will ever know.A: I am so sorry I wont repeat this again, trust me.I said this while sobbing.J: Amruta listen this is last time I am saying this to you. If you want to continue it will be on my terms else we will leave n I will never bother you. I have many cunts to fuck even from the company you work, don’t think you are something great n I will never get another memsab’s cunt to fuck. But trust me you will never get a man like me to fucks and also respect your life.I kept sobbing while I was listening to his talks, but he was true he never troubled me or tried to blackmail me. But one thing was surprising when he said that he had sex with other women of my company, this made me jealous. So I decided to shed out shame n fuck him, I wanted to hear from him that I am the best woman he has ever fucked. Sense of jealousy can take a woman to anywhere, I was humiliated listening that other women in my company are better than me. I was angry, so I woke up n wiped my tears went to him n saidA: javed ji I am sorry for my behavior, I wont repeat it ever. You can use me as much as you want.J: I am not in mood now because I don’t trust you. Once your cunt itch is gone, you will do this drama again.A: No I will not do this ever. Please trust me. I will do anything and everything you says.J: Will you expose your body to other like waiter again?A: yes I will surly.J: will you fuck someone if I ask?This was tricky as I wasn’t sure whether he is really gonna ask me do the same so I was thinkingJ: See this is you, selfish bitch. Priya from your company is much better whore of mine. She will get fucked by even a dog if ask her.I looked at him surprisingly, he was smiling. I knew Priya, she used to behave like a slut but never thought she has been fucking like a whore to this watchman. Again jealously took over me n I saidA: Yes I will fuck anyone you say.J: No you wont. You just say.A: NO, I will fuck anyone you say, trust me last time.I never knew I was getting into a trap laid by him, but my burning cunt has taken over my brain so I was behaving like a shameless slut.J: You have to prove it then?A: now you want to fuck me now with someone else/J: not fuck darling but lets see, if you really going to obey my commands.To be continued…..