After Hours

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Our marriage had been pretty good so far, but we always seemed to be tight on money. After almost two years we had most of what we wanted for the apartment, but still wanted other things. Like a newer car for her, and to move to a bigger place. One with a second bedroom, so we could finally start the family Kelly had been hinting at more and more the last few months.I had a swing shift and did not have to be at work until noon, so we made good use of the morning making love. And it felt amazing as she clawed my back as her orgasm overtook her moments before my own. I watched her stand up a bit later and did that thigh-together walk that most women do on their way to the bathroom after an enjoyable and messy round of sex. And I smiled as I thought about what I should do for the rest of the morning before I had to get ready for work.Kelly came back out and gave me a kiss and a smile, and said she would start on an early lunch as I took my own shower and got dressed. I had just got back into the bedroom when I heard the house phone ring. I picked it up, but before I could say anything I heard my wife’s voice say “Hello?”.Obviously, she picked it up at the same time, and I was about to hang up when I heard a man’s voice softly say, “Kelly, are we still on for this afternoon?”“Yes, you want me there at two, right?” She said it in almost a whisper, and I wondered what this was all about.“Yes, we already have the script waiting for you. This time it is going to be two scenes. The first is with you and Veronica in your bedroom, then a second with the three of us together.”“Oh my, that sounds like fun. OK, I’ll be there, once my husband leaves for work.”“What, you still have not told him what you are doing?”Kelly gave a soft giggle, and then a negative sound. “Oh no, kaçak iddaa I think he would blow a fuse if he knew I worked for After Hours Video! He thinks I am doing freelance work as a graphics artist.” I looked at the phone, stunned. As she was right, that is what she had told me she was doing, and it was what she was doing before we got married. After Hours Video! That was one of the many porn companies that worked in the area.What the hell! My wife had been lying to me, and was doing porn? Well, she certainly had the body and looks for it. And while most guys loved big knockers, I absolutely adored her little champagne glass titties. And her slim ass, resting under an even slimmer waist gave her a perfect figure in my book.They talked for a few more moments, and I carefully put the phone down after she hung up and quickly got dressed. I got into the kitchen as Kelly was filling a bowl of tomato soup, and put it next to a plate with grilled cheese sandwiches waiting for me on the table. I sat down and she got her own food and joined me, and I softly thanked her for making us both lunch.I asked her what she was doing with the rest of the day, and she sighed. “I got a project at two, so will be leaving shortly after you do.”“Anything I know?”“Oh, it’s that video company I have been working off and on for the last six months. They want me to do some work on it for them, it might be two or three days of work if I’m lucky.”I told her that was good, and she promised it would go into the savings for a bigger place. We talked a bit longer, then I kissed her softly and headed to work. But in reality, I went down to my car and then drove to a friend’s place.Before I left my car I called into work and took a sick day. Then I went and asked my friend if I could borrow his kaçak bahis car for the day. Thankfully Frank said that was fine, as it was a nice day and he was planning on taking his bike to work. He gave me the keys, and after looking up the address for After Hours Video I parked on the main street between there and our apartment.And less than an hour later Kelly passed me, sure enough driving west. I carefully followed her, losing her at a red light a few blocks away. But I did not need to worry, as five minutes later I pulled in front of what looked like a large warehouse, and her car was one of a dozen in the parking lot in front.I went inside, and there was a really hot gal with obviously overinflated boobs at the reception desk. She asked if she could help me, and I said I was Kelly’s husband. She smiled at me and winked, and said she had arrived a few minutes earlier.“We normally don’t allow visitors, and I think she’s in the back studio today. But if you want, you can head on back. But if the red light is on, just wait quietly outside. I bet she will be surprised to see you.”Oh, she had no idea!I went inside, and sure enough, the warehouse looked to be their production facility. Fake walls, furniture, and several different patterns on the floor so it could be changed to make countless different settings. And trusses filled with lights that were all turned off. It looked almost like something out of Hollywood, but some of the stuff was obviously sex furniture.I went to the back, and sure enough, there was a double door there, with a red light above it. The light was turned on, so I leaned against the wall to wait. I could hear voices inside and tried to make out what they were saying.Finally, after about ten minutes, I heard from behind the door “No, Stacy! illegal bahis You know I have a boyfriend now!”“But Kim, it’s been so long, I really need you baby.” My wife did sound almost angry, and the other girl sounded almost whining. Then I heard the male voice from the phone again.“Veronica, that sounded good, but try it again, less whining and more seductive.”And fuck me if she did not do that, it was so soft and breathy I had to listen carefully. Then Kelly told her alright, but this would be the last time as she did not want to cheat on her boyfriend.And I listened as it became obvious that this Veronica girl was making love to my wife! I was very familiar with her moans by this time, and when she groaned how good her mouth felt on her pussy, I wondered what Veronica was thinking of it. And if she realized she was eating my cum out of my soon-to-be ex-wife’s snatch.After about twenty minutes and several calls from the guy to redo some things, Kelly went into an obvious to me fake orgasm. I had brought her to countless real ones in the past three years, so I knew exactly how she sounded when she was overcome in pleasure. And that was not it.They spent about ten minutes and I heard them all softly talking, then the guy told them to take their places again. “OK, this will take place right after. I am playing your boyfriend, and You are just getting out of bed while Stacy is laying on it when I come in. I smell the sex, and jump to the conclusion you both had been fucking, rather than just her doing you. And you are upset, and tell me that I can have sex with Stacy and that will make us even.”The girls both laughed, and soon they were at it again! The guy that she called “Mark” was grunting as well as the girl playing Stacy, and I heard my Kelly whimper that he looked good fucking her friend. “But I did not fuck her, Mark. She only ate me, so I know she needed it bad. Go ahead, fuck her Mark, fuck her hard! Then when you are done I need you to fuck me too!”