After my son’s birthday

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After my son’s birthdayMy son is 17 years old. For his birthday he organized near Warsaw on the Zegrze reservoir. We rented lagoon villas for the whole weekend and the k**s had fun alone all night. The next day, the son returned home very sad. I saw that he had some stress and something bothers him. I asked several times what happened, but he would dispose of me and answer some nonsense. The next day was school and work day. That day, my husband went to Brussels for a few days, and I had an evening meeting with several of the company’s clients. As usual at such dinners there was a lot of good food and some alcohol. Full and after a few glasses of dry red wine I came back home. The son was in his room. I looked at him, how are you, son? He answered everything right without looking at me. Would you like some coffee with me? I asked, No, I still have to prepare school assignments for tomorrow. I shrugged, closed the door and went into the living room. I crouched on the couch with another glass of wine. I took a book and relaxed after a day’s reading. After about an hour, the son looked to me. I’m going to sleep, mum, good night, I answered and he came to me and kissed my cheek. I hugged his head and also kissed his hair. Reading, I heard the shower in the bathroom, then the bathroom door and son’s room slammed. I sighed deeply and decided to get ready to sleep too.I don’t like showering. As usual, I poured hot water into the bathtub, added dior bath oils and dipped in the steaming water.I lay there enjoying the bath for a moment. My body relaxed, soft skin became more sensitive. After the evening with a few men who still showered me with compliments and in their eyes I saw that they would like to tear the dress off me, strip their breasts and knead them with their hands, I was very excited.I tried to satisfy myself by letting a sharp shower flow down there between my thighs, but I only got into anadolu yakası escort a state of greater burning. Neither caressing the finger of my sensitive button or putting a tube of cream in my pussy helped. I sighed resignedly, got up and finished the toilet. Caressing, I felt my hair grow out of the belt a bit so before leaving the bathroom I took the razor out of habit and drove it several times around the labia so that they were perfectly smoothWhen I lay down to bed I fell asleep immediately. I don’t know how long I felt someone touch me and knock me lightly. I opened my eyes and sleepy, I saw my son in pajamas next to me. Mommy, I can’t sleep, can I lie next to you? I stepped back a bit and said hop on, son.Sleepy and warm from sleep, I felt my son lie down next to me and feeling his tall slim body next to me, I realized that he was no longer a c***d who used to always cuddle in my mother’s chest when she had a bad sleep.After a while, the son started a conversation, Mommy, can I ask you something? Of course dear I answered. You know, Mummy, we drank a little over the lagoon, and Zbyszek began to tell you that he fucked you and that you were his bitch at every call. I felt red. Immediately Zbyszek’s bare shoulders stood before my eyes as he pushed me naked on my knees so that I would blow this youthful cock carefully. I remembered how excited his telephones were – Paula come to me today because I want to fuck youAs I canceled all meetings because the most important thing for me was to feel his youthful hands rip off my clothes looking for my nipples and pussy ao] then as I was kneeling down I enjoyed how his cock grew in my mouth before the big and hot dips sink in my hips .I felt a wave of desire but I knew I had to say: son, this is nonsense. You know I love you dad, I work hard and I don’t even have time for too much. The son turned to me pendik escort and said excitedly? It was so awful. I felt shaken with sobbing. I rose slightly above him and began kissing his eyes, calming gently. But when I was doing it, I didn’t think that my bare breasts under his shirt were touching his arm, that he felt them sliding over him. That’s why I was surprised when I suddenly felt that he was gently touching my breast through my shirt. I wanted to step back but he held me down and whispered to mommy let me pause you for a momentI didn’t protest, I didn’t push him away. I slumped on my back. My son slowly unbuttoned the button on the button of the pajama shirt and exposed my breasts. Ashamed, excited and overwhelmed I didn’t know what to do. I lay still and he stroked my both breasts, grabbed my nipples and kissed. I felt his hand move lower and lower. His fingers wandered over my stomach. With a soft moan, I arched like a cat. In the end I could not bear it. I tried to control the situation with the rest of reason. I got up and “Leave my son”The story continues with my sonThen he grabbed my bare shoulders and looking straight into the eyes said: you know how Zbyszek told you how I was thinking I thought that I want to fuck you. I want you to be my bitch! ” These words excited me even more. I realized that I was wet. My son sensed that I was ready for anything. He put my hand between my legs and took my crotch. I didn’t protest when he pushed me down on my back.He put his fingers under his panties without undue delay. The delicate lace let go, revealing my hot crotch. I couldn’t hide my body’s desire for further development. My son bowed his head over my breast and stuck his lips to my nipple. He brutally put his fingers in my vagina. When he began to move them rhythmically, I reflexively pressed his head to his chest. He bit me hard in response. I screamed in tuzla escort pain, but he didn’t care. He bit me, deeply sinking his long fingers into my burning vagina. I felt pain and pleasure. My hips began to move orgasmic contractions. I’m lost.This time he started. In the darkness lit only by lamps from the property, he undressed me slowly. I smelled of Dior, one of my favorite perfumes. He kissed my whole body. I felt like starting to tremble under his lips. He tasted my body. I felt her covering the breasts that fit all under his young hand, how she stroked my stomach and pubic mound. Then he moved down and took care of my pussy and clitoris. For 15 minutes he licked my crotch, penetrating the narrow pussy with his fingers. Once I was extremely excited, he suddenly straightened up and covered me, going deep into my wet pussy! I felt my muscles part under pressure from the head of his member and penetrate deep into my hips. I started screaming spasmodically. I didn’t expect it! My son pushed me with long strong thrusts, digging into the bottom of the womb. I felt my cunt shrinking in a series of orgasms on his cock. I put my arms around his hips, lifting my own hips, and pressed his hands against his bare breasts with all my strength. After a few minutes of riding like that, it exploded, flooding my interior with thick hot sperm.We fell asleep for a while after this sex. I woke up while he was still asleep. But I saw that his prick was flexing. I touched him gently and then I started to suck his sleeping dick. First I licked him from the base to the tip and then I took him in the mouth. Then he woke up. I took care of him tenderly but he couldn’t control himself and stuffed a member deep into my mouth. He tried to put on me so brutally that I choked and had to stop. Then he owned me again and I screamed again to the rhythm of his thrusts. This time he moved me longer. After the shot, we both fell asleep again. We got up in the morning around seven o’clock. Son went to shower. After a while I followed him. I washed his back and satisfied my son with my hand again. Then I stayed in the bathroom and when I left my son was in the door: I run to school! See you mommy! He