After the Coffee Morning

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Bright sun shone over the fields that mellow spring Saturday morning. Anne felt a quiet sense of satisfaction as she drove homewards. She’d busily spent the morning helping her best friend Wendy host a coffee morning and had poured countless cups of coffee. The purpose of the coffee morning had been to raise funds for new loos for the community hall in Wendy’s village. It had to be said that the old ones had become rather grotty and badly needed replacement. The sooner funds could be raised, the sooner work could begin on replacing them. Anne only ever remembered using them once — during the interval of a concert — and on that occasion she’d needed to do more than pee. Had she only needed to pee she’d have made herself hold it in until she got home. At least the coffee morning with its raffle, cake stall and tombola had resulted in the fundraisers being a few hundred pounds closer to reaching their target — and new loos!

As well as being a fundraising event it had also been very much a social one and in between serving the endless cups of coffee Anne had drunk no fewer than four herself. It was hardly surprising therefore that she needed to pee. It would have been prudent to use Wendy’s loo before setting out on her homeward journey and she knew a wiser person would almost certainly have done so. Pride had prevented her from doing so though. It was a point of honour never to use Wendy’s loo. Despite being one of Anne’s closest friends, Wendy had a directness about her, which sometimes bordered on the downright blunt. Throughout their long friendship which extended back a good twenty years, Wendy kaçak iddaa had never made any secret of her belief that Anne didn’t go to the toilet as often as she probably should. Typically Anne’s reaction had been to deny that was the case whilst firmly declining to use a toilet when in Wendy’s company unless it was absolutely unavoidable. That very morning, just as she’d been about to drive off, unable to stop herself asking, Wendy had pointedly said,

“Would you like to use the bathroom before you leave?”

Honour demanded that there was only one answer she could give so Anne replied,

“No thanks, Wendy. It’s very kind of you but I really must be getting off.”

Although she needed to go, she wasn’t desperate she thought she’d easily make it home.

Driving past the fields and through the villages, Anne was increasingly conscious of her steadily filling bladder and the need to empty it. However it hadn’t developed into a desperate need and she imagined she would alright so long as she went for a good pee as soon as she got home.

Approaching town she suddenly remembered that she needed to call in at the supermarket and get a few provisions. She fancied salad for lunch and would have to pick up a lettuce, some tomatoes, a loaf of bread and some olive oil. There was cheese and pickle back home in the fridge. Pulling into the carpark, Anne grabbed a trolley and rushed into the supermarket. It was busy as might be expected at lunchtime on a Saturday. Despite the number of shoppers she managed to get her provisions without too much trouble but her now very full bladder was beginning kaçak bahis to ache and nag her.

On her way to the checkout she bumped into Claire, an old friend she’d not seen for ages and, unluckily for her, Claire wanted to talk.

“Hi Anne! It’s a long time since we last met. How are you?”

Biting her lip whilst attempting to look pleased at seeing Claire, Anne realised that she wasn’t going to get away in a hurry. Claire was one of the loveliest people she knew but she could talk for England and didn’t know the meaning of brevity when it came to conversations.

“I’m fine, Claire. Just getting a few bits and pieces in for lunch. I’m afraid the cupboard’s rather bare at the minute. Hubby’s working away at the minute so I’m tending to get just what I need when I need it rather than stock up in a big way.”

Claire smiled and gave a nod.

“I see. Look why don’t you come round to mine for a bite? I could use the company.”

Anne didn’t particularly want to disappoint her friend but she had other more pressing matters on her mind.

“I’m sorry Claire, but I really have to get home. Things to do — you know.”

Claire was a little crestfallen but undaunted by the refusal.

“Well at least you’ll let me tell you all about my nephew’s wedding last month.

It was an occasion I’ll never forget.”

Resigned to her fate, and trying hard to conceal her increasingly desperate need for the loo, Anne listened patiently and kept her own words as brief as possible. Claire babbled on endlessly. Her nephew’s wedding had indeed been memorable — amongst other things illegal bahis Claire had been taken short during the longer than usual ceremony in a small country church that had no loos! It was the last thing Anne needed to hear about at that moment in time in view of her own needs which were becoming increasingly urgent with every passing second. Twenty minutes later Claire decided to say her goodbyes and she was finally free. It had seemed like an eternity.

Making a dash for it, Anne rushed to the checkout, clutching herself and barely able to control her need. To her dismay the line for the checkout was longer than she’d hoped and a woman with a credit card was taking longer to get served than the contents of her grocery basket really merited. Eventually she was served but, by the time she reached the cashier, was becoming absolutely frantic. Luckily she had cash and the transaction when it happened didn’t take too long.

Glancing in the direction of the toilets she noted to her dismay that the ladies was out of order and there was a long line for the disabled toilet which was being temporarily used as an alternative. There was absolutely no way she could wait.

Fleeing the checkout with her carrier full of goodies, Anne finally lost control and began to wet herself. At first it was only just spurts in her knickers but by the time she reached the carpark she was in full flow and had totally soaked her jeans. Unable to stop herself there was nothing she could do to stop herself and just had to let it flow. Deciding to make sure she’d finished before getting into the car, Anne realised that there were a couple of old newspapers in the back. Grabbing them she put them on the driver’s seat and drove home. Lunch could wait awhile. A quick shower and a change of clothes could come first.