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Subject: After Turning Sixteen Part 11 After Turning Sixteen 11 Please donate to Nifty to keep this site going! Huge thanks to my readers who have contacted me. Since I’m writing as a “public service” for no money, my readers are all who keep me writing. I got a couple of repeat emails about Part 10 and six new reader emails included two from international readers. I am a prolific writer at Nifty, btw. Here is a link to my Dave Ledge Nifty prolific author page if you would like to read more of my fty//authors.htmldaveledge I can recommend stories and series based on your interests. And if for some reason your email doesn’t come through, send me another one. I pride myself on answering all emails at hoo And that’s zero one. I couldn’t believe I had had my last session with Gio, unless my Dad arranged some kind of “practice” with him to make me even readier for “The Business”. I also had to get my mind wrapped around my sexual and love interests and figure out the morality of all of that. The easiest thing to start with was Phil. I loved him and was in love with him. I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with the big lug with the great body, tight ass, handsome face, warm brown eyes, shy smile, and wicked sense of humor? I mean, seriously? But I had decided it was time to get fucked, too, and had promised Phil he could fuck me so that we would be equals in making love. I wanted that. I wanted him to be on top at times and I planned on being what was called a “power bottom” in the porn I still read and watched, and make him work for my ass. Of course that would make me even more of a power top, too, in response, and I doubted he would mind that in the slightest! I had also decided Dad would take my cherry, deflower me, fuck me for the first time. So, I had to get out the dildos from the bag Gio had given me and the lube and work on opening up my hole. My Dad’s cock is as big as mine and I wanted the least amount of pain possible and no blood. I wanted to enjoy it, too. I knew he would hit my prostate repeatedly and Gio had shown me how sensitive mine was with a single finger. A huge naked cock hitting it? I was trying to imagine. And I did want to do something with a woman. Heather? Maybe. The Nerds Club went through the channels in record time. I attended the first meeting and just sat in the back and was quiet. I did have to get permission from the coaches (including my Dad) to attend after school since its meetings had to be at the same time as basketball practice. Heather did a great job as President, chairing the meeting. Most of the business at the meeting was routine, organizing the group (as much as nerds could be organized!), discussing activities and events, and just letting people be together and social in ways the introvert nerds/Nerds weren’t used to. I was oddly quite content just to be there and be a silent part of what I had created. It was also oddly refreshing to be able to retreat to the life I had had before turning sixteen. I must have had a self-satisfied smile on my face. Heather noticed of course and called on me and reminded me of what I had said at lunch. Yeah, Hunter John Luke, what you say gets remembered. “Hunter Jean-Luc, you said you wanted to unite the school and especially us and the athletes. How do you plan on doing that?” Well, that was a challenge and, foolishly or not, I never step down from a challenge. “To be honest Madame la Pr�sidente, I don’t know. But having this club established and off to a great start” (and I nodded at her, flirting a bit, getting a bit of a nod back) is the start. And me being allowed to be here instead of basketball practice and trying to be in the Nerds as well as basketball is a second step. There may not be a third step. But what I would hope it would be is for all of you to work with the athletes on developing your bodies and you helping develop their minds. I know this is tried and trite, but `corpus sana, mens sana’.” I didn’t bother to translate the Latin for “healthy body, healthy mind” which was an ideal of the Romans via the Greeks. “And I know this is pie in the sky, but I’d like to work on a program to pair up one Nerd with one athlete for each to help the other. I’d need to know what each Nerd is best at and might be able to tutor. I’d have to find out what each athlete is weakest at at school. I’d also have to find out what each Nerd would like to do to develop their bodies and find which athlete could help with that and try to find a pairing where each person could help the other in a dual mentoring kind of thing.” I ran down then. I had not meant to talk so much and been so idealistic. Hunter John Luke, I told myself, get a grip on yourself! I put my head down on the desk in the after-school classroom where we were meeting. I was a bit ashamed of myself for speaking out in front of the Nerds. I had not meant to. To my shock I heard some clapping that got louder. I raised my head to see smiles from everybody in the room and tears came to my eyes. I was speechless then. Heather took back the floor and said, “Hunter Jean-Luc, work to make this happen. I charge you with this as a member of the Nerds Club!” I quickly found out how difficult it was to do surveys of so many people. There must have been fifty people in the Nerds Club and close to seventy-five athletes if you lumped all the teams together. And to design a survey I could analyze efficiently and was good enough to match people up? This will take some time and effort! Of course, the survey and the matching up would have to be voluntary. You can lead horses to water, but you can’t make them drink. I knew some nerds and some athletes were perfectly happy as they were. On the basketball side I was making progress with the second and third teams. There were four taller guys, both around 6’7, who were getting more coordinated and figuring out what I needed them to do. There were four medium sized guys around 6’5 who şişli travesti were getting faster and better at moving the ball. And the guards, like me, ranging from 5’10 to my height of 6’2 were getting faster and better at passing, too. I took the teams to the weight room and showed them my routines to work on getting them stronger and more muscular and told them this would help with getting dates, too. That did make them laugh. But I started to see some improvement in their bodies pretty quickly. Jack and I had put off the big scrimmage between the high school guys and the gym team for a couple of weeks. I had also put off the tryout for second team. All ten of the guys were getting so much better that I didn’t want to deflate anybody’s hopes yet and I didn’t know who would finally shine yet either. I also remembered that we’d graduate James and Josh and they’d have to be replaced next year in my seventeenth year. And did some of the guys start to flirt with me a bit or at least rub their naked chests and nearly naked bodies against mine when tightly guarding me? Yeah. Inevitable. All of us were sixteen and seventeen. Did I get partially hard at times? Yeah. Did they? Yeah. They were all getting stronger and more muscular and were they getting hornier? Not sure, but wouldn’t doubt it. Well, the next conversation was with my Dad. It was clear that Gio had told him about my conversation with Gio about wanting to get fucked by him when I was fucked for the first time, instead of Gio. I figured Gio had also told him why. Dad looked quite concerned when we talked. He knew how big he was and how he could hurt guys. Well, guess what? I knew how I could hurt guys, too, and had only been inside of Phil. Even that had taken a couple of quick spanks to Phil’s ass to shock him, surprise him, and make his ass open up after we both tried for a few minutes and couldn’t connect. And this was after he had spent a lot of time preparing for me. Well, I was going to be even more prepared for my Dad. Nobody else was going to be first in me! Dad saw my determination. He said, “Let me get you the full 10-inch dildo to practice with before we do this.” It arrived late the next day and I started working with it and a huge amount of lube! Damn it hurt! I don’t have a very big ass and it certainly looked quite obscene when I got a bit of it in me, looking at my reflection in the full-length mirror in my bedroom. But I was determined and I would succeed! I eventually got the whole thing in me and fucked myself with it. Was it pleasurable? I decided it was. Dad and I made a date for my deflowering for Sunday afternoon. I figured that this experience would be necessary for “The Business”, even if I wasn’t sure about that. And Jack and I decided we had to go through with the scrimmage for our basketball teams Saturday late morning. Our teams’ seasons were starting soon and we had to be ready for our first games. It was really time to sort out our rosters before then. And I was I being presumptive in figuring I’d need to do the roster for the basketball teams? Yeah, I was. But did I expect to be overruled? No. The next three days were again uneventful. Phil and I snuck as much time together as we could, but it wasn’t enough for either of us. I enjoyed having lunch on alternating days with the Nerds and the athletes, pretty much confusing both groups. I continued to work on my survey to connect the groups together in a way that would benefit them both. My psychology teacher got wind of this and said this could be my senior project for psych. I reminded her that I was just a sophomore. She lowered her reading glasses and just looked at me. OK. Got it. Obviously, this was going to be a three-year (or continuing) project. I would have to refine the survey and interview participants to figure out what was and wasn’t working in the mentoring for those involved and see if I could refine my instructions to the participants after matching them up. I had had no idea of what to major in at the University. But it seemed psychology might be my thing, along with French? Well, there was certainly a way to combine those two majors. Finally the weekend came. I had been waiting for it for too long and wasn’t sleeping as well as I normally do, despite all of the mental work at school and physical work at practice. I was also afraid to jerk off, since I wanted to be as hot as possible for Dad. All but one of my guys were there. He had a last-minute thing come up with his parents, he said. I think all of Jack’s guys were there. So, between twenty-five to thirty guys. We all sort of circled and did some small talk. It was awkward though with teenagers and twenty to thirty somethings. Enough talk! Jack and I yelled, “Shirts off”! Everybody stripped to workout shorts of one kind or another. OK. Talk about male pulchritude! As long as you weren’t into daddies, mature guys, or heavy bears, there was somebody for everybody in this group of fucking hot male beauty! And I noticed Devont� give a small smile as he saw more than one guy interested in his very tall, thin, and aristocratic dark beauty. Yeah, he would join James and Josh and Phil and me with a lover soon. I had a regret about Devont� and me not being lovers. But Phil was it for me. That’s how it was. The scrimmage started soon. Jack and I had agreed that our first teams would scrimmage for thirty minutes to get the feel of the other team. Both first teams were pretty cautious at first since we were so different in age. But my team was a lot taller and we had practiced a lot more as a team. The gym team knew what I could do and focused on me. Not a good plan. I just passed the ball to James without looking at him, instinctively feeling where he would be, and he set up one of the big guys for an easy shot. My team was soon ahead comfortably. The gym team was getting very frustrated. They didn’t lose to teenagers! beylikdüzü travesti I could see the dirty tricks coming and their physicality coming out. Barking up the wrong tree though. My team was in great shape in every way and quite physical as well. The physicality didn’t work for the gym team. At the thirty-minute mark when the big scoreboard clock buzzed, I knew my team was still comfortably ahead. Jack and I had agreed we wouldn’t keep score in the scrimmages. A very good idea I had thought. And I realized that my team playing against these older guys had been a great idea. We had more confidence now and playing shirtless against them had allowed us to be physical in a way we hadn’t been, to respond to their physicalness. I also decided this was good for the gym team to learn more about how to be a team. I looked at Jack and mouthed, “Win Win?” He nodded. He was nothing if not stupid. So far, so good. And there would be repeat of shared practices as both first teams learned from today. Time for the second and third teams in a ten against ten. Both teams tried to emulate their first teams, but then one of the guys on one of the teams (I don’t know which) flagrantly fouled one of the other team. Before Jack and I could step in, a brawl ensued. It looked like a World Wrestling Entertainment Battle Royal! As Jack and I stepped in to separate the teams (and I was super glad for his muscles then) the cynical part of me hoped Jack’s cameras had captured the hot nearly naked guys rolling around in “combat”. That could make money! We finally separated our teams and Jack said looking at both teams, “If you guys want to wrestle, I have mats in an exercise room you can use.” He looked at the guys hard and then said, “Anytime you want to wrestle.” They all nodded, rather ashamed. He continued to talk. “Guys on both teams, I know you’re frustrated by not being on the first team. But both Hunter and I need all of you to help us both with winning state championships and you have to control your tempers and your frustration.” Wow, I was impressed with Jack then. He said exactly what needed to be said. I now got a glimpse of how he had won all of those body builder championships partially by psyching the other guys out. Jack went on, “Let’s call the scrimmage quits for today. Think about what happened and how we might try this again. I think both teams can learn from the other.” I was doubly impressed then. After everyone but Jack and I left, I gave him a very tight hug thanking him for rescuing the situation that had gone so wrong and have to admit to enjoying his super muscular body and got half hard. To my surprise he blushed a bit and said, “Hunter, don’t start something you can’t finish.” I was then incredulous and showed it. He looked at me carefully and said, “You don’t know how hot you are, do you?” I had to shake my head as a “no” and I was getting very tired of hearing this. “Your Dad has told me you are exclusive with Phil and that you’re in love with him. OK, I respect that. He is hot and even beautiful. But, if anything happens between you two, you know where to find me.” With that he waggled his amazing jock butt at me and left. To be honest I was blown away then. I was tempted to have Phil not come by Saturday night after this morning and early afternoon and preparing for my time with Dad Sunday afternoon. I really wanted Phil to make love to me, but had to be prepared for that and give my Dad first shot at my ass. I was surprised when my cell rang and it was Phil later on. He explained that he had a very minor ankle sprain after today’s practice and his parents had insisted he rest up for Monday’s school and couldn’t come over tonight. Well, how could you be so conflicted? I really hated not having prime time with Phil tonight, but I also wanted to prepare more for Dad to fuck me, preparing me for Phil to fuck me, and I was exhausted after the trauma of today’s practice and Jack practically ready to get rough fucked! And did I want to rough fuck Jack? Hell yeah, I had to admit! I finally got my shit together. “Phil”, I said. “I am so sorry and apologetic about not seeing your injury!” “it is OK Hunter. You were very absorbed with a lot of other things.” Well, major league ouch! I heard the hurt in his voice. Our first fight? I would have to make this up to him somehow. “Phil”, I started to say. “Hunter, don’t. When I fell in love with you, I knew what you were like and who you were. You are one of the most intense and serious guys I have ever met. Today was a good example of that. You were who you were and working as hard as you could to ensure success for everyone.” He stopped and then continued, “But you took me for granted. I was just a piece of your machine, of your State Championship.” He stopped again. “I know you love me though. We’ll work through everything I hope. Talk to you on Monday.” The phone went dead then. OK. I went totally dead to the world then. I crawled into bed and went into the fetus position. How could I have been so insensitive to the guy I loved? I really had a lot of growing up to do, didn’t I? After Dad fucked me tomorrow, I’d have to get his advice on Phil. I had so fucked up today, hadn’t I? Well, tomorrow was another day. The sun was out and it wasn’t too cool. I was determined to make it a good day. I went to the gym when it opened and did my regular workout. It felt good and the sauna and whirlpool felt great. And did I notice other guys in both. Of course. But that was not my focus for today. I went back over yesterday at length. I wasn’t sure I had done “wrong” with Phil after all. But I would have to get my Dad’s take on that. And Phil and I would have to talk. I had no desire to lose him, no matter of course! I loved him and couldn’t help that and knew he loved me. I went home after working out and showering and cleaned myself out, using Gio’s instructions. I was about as pristine istanbul travesti as I could be when Dad called for me around 2 PM. I stayed naked and just put a robe on and tied it as sexily as I could and went to his bedroom and huge bed. He admired my look and nakedness and proceeded to show me how to make love to a person and make them as hot as possible. I thought I was good after Gio’s teaching. He was better. He eventually had me panting. He had three big fingers in my butt before I even knew it, lubed up! And in the moment de r�sistance he soon had his huge cock and its huge mushroom head in me! How in the hell had he done that so well and so effortlessly? I had a bit of pain, but not much, and that turned to pleasure quickly when he fucked me so that he hit my prostate constantly! Way too soon I knew I was going to have a hands-free cum! He just felt too good in me! I delayed that as long as possible, but couldn’t help it finally and came and came and came all over me. He soon came out and jerked off all over me, too. We both then curled up in our cummy bodies. That all felt so good in all ways and I was super glad to have lost my virginity to my skilled Dad! Eventually we had to separate and washed each other off in the big rainfall shower, which I had come to love, too. We both started to get hard and I was wondering about a second round? Dad smiled and said, “No. Your next time is with Phil and I noticed, of course, that he didn’t come over last night.” I immediately got sad and reflective and tried to explain what happened yesterday and that I didn’t know if I had done wrong or not. Dad smiled very, very, slightly and said, “People think love is a many splendored thing. On the contrary. Love is the most difficult thing we as humans have to deal with.” He looked at me closely and said, “I won’t go into my own love life. You know about your mother. There have been others.” I looked at him closely. He gave nothing away. As for you and Phil, he is jealous of you and his parents are not helping. Phil thinks that you are likely doing something with other people, men or women. His parents don’t want him to be seeing a guy, of any age, or probably not a woman either. I think he is a fils � maman et papa. Is he an only child?” Frankly, I didn’t know. That would make a difference, wouldn’t it? I mean, I was an only child of course, but since I was a child raised by a single father, my whole life was so different anyway that I didn’t think about others’ lives the same way. I just figured all families and all lives were different one from another. I’d have to think about this. Dad then said, “You’ll have to make it up to Phil, one way or another, whether you feel you need to or not. You’ll have to take him out to dinner and then bring him back here to fuck you. And you’ll have to work over his body to get him hot enough to fuck you. To `forgive’ you he’s going to have to feel in control and believe you want him as well as love him.” I sort of stared at Dad’s wisdom and understood what he was saying very quickly. “Yeah, I know, Jean-Luc. I have been there more than once.” I suddenly went over and gave Dad a hug of support. He did have tears in his eyes for the first time I had ever seen. “Merci Jean-Luc. Ton appui m’apporte beaucoup de soulagement.” I was glad my support brought him some relief/support. But maybe I could help him find his person, too? He saw the sudden calculation in my eyes and laughed and said, “Non merci!” Monday was lunch with the athletes and I made sure to sit next to Phil. He was trying to be a bit cold with me. Yeah, right, and he was favoring his ankle when he knew I would be watching. But I could tell quite quickly that it was fine. I finally decided to up that ante and whispered to him, “I am ready for you”. “When?” he whispered back. “When you want me”, I answered and gave him a shy smile. I could tell he was going hard then. “Tonight”, he asked? “Of course. And tell your parents you have a study session you have to go to” He winked at me then. OK, I was going to get fucked for the second time tonight. Practice was fine that afternoon. Phil played as he normally did. Very competent. I had planned on having 6’7 Julian come up from the second team to replace Phil if he were really injured and Julian was disappointed not to play with us. But I told him he was a star candidate to replace Josh next year on the first team after Josh graduated. That made him happy. Finding the replacement for James would take more effort. Would we go with a tall guard or a small guard? Frankly, just happy to have choices. Well, I didn’t have to take Phil out to dinner. He was all over me the moment he came over to the house after practice! It didn’t take long until our clothes were gone and our naked bodies were entwined! Yeah, I was forgiven. I had prepared myself for him and worked him over so that he was super ready, using Gio’s and Dad’s lessons. Soon Phil was in me, with no pain, with lube, and pumping away. I knew this was his first time as a top and I tried to make it very special. I writhed and moaned and milked his cock with my ass. He was such a big guy that it made sense for him to top me and I enjoyed his big body and his pleasure at fucking me. We tried different positions. I think his favorite was doggy when he could really feel his cock inside me. Mine was missionary when he was crushing me with his big body and I could fell all of him against me while he was fucking me. Unlike Dad, with his huge cock like mine, Phil couldn’t make me cum hands-free by hitting my prostate with his normal cock. Butwhen it was time, and it was obvious when it was time, we both jacked off on each other, and we laid on each other, him on top of me for the first time and sort of half dozed for a few minutes. I did love this big lug. But I was understanding more and more about what Dad meant about how complicated love was. I was not sure I wanted to deal with Phil’s parents and their possible obsession with him and how that might interfere with him and me. But did I want back into his ass? Hell yeah! We had agreed to be exclusive and I wanted to rough fuck him big time now!