Afternoon Alone

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Afternoon AloneIt was a late Saturday morning. I had been out shopping with my sister rachel, or should I say “holding bags” for my sister as she went around shops. We got home just past 12 to find that the house was empty. WE both moved into the kitchen to see a note posted on the fridge door reading “Away to football, be back later”. It would be about 6pm before anyone got home leaving Rachel and myself to enjoy the house to ourselves for six whole hours. I looked over at my sister who was going through her bags however as I looked over at her, she looked back and I could tell by the look in her eyes that we were both thinking the same thing. Empty house and privacy… we could have some fun. Rachel moved over to me and got real up close and personal to me. She then flirted a little before asking if I would be up for a little fun. As a joke I agreed and said “your room or mine”. She answered by announcing it would be in her room and she led me up the stairs to her room.The moment we entered her room she turned and we locked lips, her tongue pushing into my mouth and taking me completely by surprise. With our bodys locked together she stopped kissing and began to unbutton her top revealing her ample breasts. I took off my shirt as she removed her bra and as I got my top off I was greeted by a face full of boobs and nipples, completely by accident but I loved it none the less. She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down, somehow managing to remove her panties in the same move. I took off my jeans and let them hit the floor however Rachel stopped me before I got to remove my boxer shorts and she decided she wanted to do that herself. Rachel got down on her knees and slowly slid my boxers down and off. Her hands were a little cold as she gripped the shaft of my cock isvecbahis yeni giriş and slowly stroked it up and down before moving it into her mouth. She let out moans as she slowly sucked and licked at my cock, pulsating the speed from really fast to really slow. The slurping sounds were out of this world however it soon ended and she moved back onto her bed with her legs wide open for me. I got down on my knees, I knew that she wanted me to bury my tongue deep inside her wet pussy, already glistening wet from a few minutes of playing with herself as she sucked at my cock. I moved my head closer to the lips of her pussy, already smelling the wonderfuly aroma of her juices as I gently licked around the area of her pussy, teasing her and finding a tickly spot that drove her mad. Eventually I had enough of teasing and plunged my tongue as deep as I could inside her pussy. I loved the feeling of being inside her with my tongue and I knew she liked it aswell. Slowly pulling it out I began to suck and lick at her pussy, making it really wet, bordering on creamy as I sucked hard and pulled my head back. Rachel would push my head down harder against her pussy, almost feeling as if she was going to break my nose she was pressing that hard. I must have been really hitting the spot for her.Eventually her pressing against my head turned into pulling as she drew me up her body. I kissed and licked my way up her body, stopping off at her lovely breasts and sucking with her nipples, playing and teasing them till they were nicely erect. She had the best nipples with everything in proportion to the rest of her chest. Almost a perfect pair. We ended up naked, lying on top of each other kissing passionately with her hands running down my back and onto my ass, isvecbahis giriş grabbing hold of each cheek. I could feel my cock brushing up against her pussy and almost sliding in however this made Rachel stop to head into her drawer to take out a condom and make me put it on. Little did she know that I had been having unprotected sex with our mother. I put the condom on and we got back to our kissing for a few moments with my cock once again rubbing against her pussy before I pushed in with a sharp thrust that made her gasp.As we lay face to face I slowly began to push in and out of her pussy. I knew that she loved it hard but I wanted this to last for a while as I loved having sex with Rachel. She didnt seem to mind me taking it slow however I did get quicker every minute or so with a burst of energy that she really loved going by the moans and groans she let out. After a few minutes I had a solid burst of really fucking her as hard as I could. She was almost screaming as I heard our skin slap together as my cock went in and out of her creamy pussy. Rachel then took me by surprise and quickly rolled us over and managed to keep my cock inside of her as she sat up allowing me to play with her breasts as she began to bounce up and down. I started pushing my hips up as she came down now and again to really force my cock deeper and deeper inside her that she loved as she let out high pitched yelps and moans.A good few minutes past of Rachel riding me hard before she lifted her leg off of me and said she wanted it doggy style. Rachel got down on all fours and presented her ass and pussy to me. I couldny resist having a quick lick of her pussy and hte lovely juices it was creating. I even had a sneaky lick of my asshole, knowing that Rachel was keen on isvecbahis güvenilirmi a bit of anal sex from our last session. Although I loved licking and pleasuring her I decided to waste no more time and pushed my cock back inside her. We started off in the traditional doggy style position with my banging up against her ass everytime I pushed deeper and deeper. My thrusts however were that forceful that it wasnt long before she was on her stomach with her ass a little in the air allowing me to keep driving my cock in and out of her wet creamy pussy. I really started to drill that pussy with quick, sharp thrusts and it wasnt long before I was nearing reaady to cum. Rachel was screaming and yelling “yes, yes, yes” as I kept on going before I let out the moan aI felt the cum explode out of my cock into the condom with a few bursts. I slowly kept thrusting allowing both of her bodys to come down from the extacy of the sexual session we had just had.I had pulled off and was about to remove the condom however curiously Rachel stopped me and said she wanted to do it. I didnt think anything of it and allowed her to take the condom off from my cock. I could see her looking at the contents and she commented that it was a fair amount, more than she was expecting. Expecting for what? I thought to myself however I didnt have to wait long for my answer. Rachel said “watch this”. I watched Rachel as she tipped the contents of the condom over to her mouth. It was so hot watching my cum, dribble out of the condom over her lips and into her mouth. She emptied the contents of the condom into her mouth and showed me it in her mouth, giggling and almost choking through laughing. I saw her make the swallowing motion with her head before she opened her mouth to see it empty. I thought this was hot watching her swallow me cum. Rachel even said my cum was better than she expected it to. I loved havign these sessions with her and she was literally up for anything. We looked at the clock to see we still had alot of time alone together… would there be another session?