Afternoon Delight

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Thesmile on Jake’s face was devious; his freckles were prominent. The whitening of his teeth shined. I was driving from class with Jake. I had offered to take him to the park and bus ride on the way home. “I would like that very much, Lyric. I have no payment though to reciprocate the gesture.” “I will think of something,” I uttered with my mischievous smile. Traffic was horrible on the highway, Jake was growing a bit fastidious, yet he was fumbling his fingers bursa escort while I caught him glancing down my cleavage. “I have decided how you can repay,” I had stated. “How can I?” Jake was salivating over my lips, my hips and my ample cleavage. I was being a cock tease. My pussy was quivering over the thought of having him fuck him or eat my asshole. I could not help but continue to contemplate the options rummaging through my head. I had a difficult bursa escort bayan time choosing what Jake can do for me. “I can’t take it anymore! Lyric! My cock is throbbing! I need to release!” I said nothing. When I arrived in a secluded parking garage, Jake was grabbing his bulge. He seemed anxious to wait what my actions were to bring in the situation. “Undo your belt slowly. Do not lose eye contact.” “But, Lyric—“ “Do not respond escort bursa to me. Do not utter a syllable,” I said softly. He gave a silent gesture indicating he was in agreement to what was mentioned. “Slowly remove your cock from your pants. Do not remove your pants.” Jake bit his lower lip. The long, golden brown, juicy, plump cock was at least 10 inches long. Hmmmm. I wanted to taste. Just one simple taste would suffice. “Spit in your hand. Get that cock nice and lubed up for me.” Jake groaned. The cars passing in the garage had not noticed I had the engine turned off. I was smoking a cigarette. “Do not moan loud. Do not utter a sound.” I removed my panties and began to straddle Jake reverse cowgirl.