Aged like fine wine part 2

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Group Sex

Aged like fine wine part 2Part 2We continued to moan and kiss while we were sweating profusely due to WARMTH in our bodies increasing. Some sweat from his BROW dripped down to our mouths and we could taste the salty flavor filled with pheromones. He slowly moved his hands from the back of my head and rubbed my back and tried to slowly shove them under my pants on the back. He couldn’t because I was wearing a belt and he had only taken my shirt off. He couldn’t wait and started squeezing my BUTT with his THICK SAUSAGE like fingers as if he was moulding dough. He kept trying to slip his hands under my belt intermittently. All this while he continued to SUCK on my tongue and lower lip. Our DROOL started to dribble on our CHESTS and BELLIES. Our tight EMBRACE did not let the DROOL escape and we collected our ORAL juices in the VALLEY between our bellies. With each squeeze of my ASS his COCK got harder and his BALLS seemed to tighten up. I couldn’t even see down there as I was caught in his LIP LOCKED PASSIONATE KISS. It was like he was sucking a COCK except it was my tongue. His DARK BROWN NIPPLES were ERECT and LARGE like that of a lactating mother. He had a large AREOLA around his NIPPLES and were drowned in sweat. His NIPPLES were pressed hard against my CHEST and they disappeared in my fat folds. He has a BROAD chest with PECS that were rather loose due to age giving him the canlı bahis appearance of MAN titties of a moderate size. My chest was similar although not as loose. I could feel his HARD nipples like rubber on my chest and they were warm slimy nubbins that were asking to be suckled. I was very turned on by them and eagerly waited for him to let go of my tongue so I could SUCK on his SMOKY TEAT. He badly wanted to fondle my BULGE and may be play with my belly but he couldn’t let himself have the distance between us and the more tightly he HUGGED me the HARDER his MANHOOD got. If it was any HARDER he could have penetrated my ZIPPER to enter my LOINS. He thrust his THICK FAT COCK towards my BULGE several times as he HUGGED me tight and I felt that his GREASY PRECUM was starting to make a mark on my pants. I c***dishly started to stroke his neck folds on the back of his neck as if to caress his neck fat . It was after all a glorious glistening olive toned meat that I felt like fondling. His thick neck folds were so deep it was almost like running my fingers through a wet pussy. He smelled of a deep musky odor mixed with the perfume that he wore. The longer we lip locked, I could feel the aroma of his horny scent fill my lungs. He smelled like anger, vigor and basic sexual desire rolled into one. His odor remains so memorable, one that can make a cock throb with yearning and burst bahis siteleri with joy juice. He moaned while he kissed gently as if to show that my tongue and body were quenching his thirst for some raw sexual fulfillment. His moans were brief and indicated a hunger for more. He let out a lot of mmmm’s and sssssssss and aaaaaaahh sounds. He sucked my tongue for several more minutes and then became more playful and he started to push my tongue around in my mouth vigorously. I had to no control of the tongue of this b**st as he knocked my tongue around and thrust his tongue into my cheeks. I gagged a few times but he didn’t care. His cock was rock hard by now and his grip on my ass was very tight. He had his fill playing with my tongue and then pulled my hair back as if to release his tongue from my mouth. Our saliva strings and drool leaked on our chests embrace. Before a few seconds could pass he lunged his mouth forward towards my nipples and started sucking them. As he bent forward to do this he bent his back a bit releasing his chest and nipples from the embrace. They dropped with sweat and oral juices while he sucked my nipple like a hungry lion cub. I held his bald head close to my tit and fed him some manly sweat and pheromones. I was finally able to reach his rubbery large nipples and reached out for them. I squeezed his tits hard as I felt two moist tits. His nipples bahis şirketleri were hard as rock and I flicked them hard and pinched them. He moaned deeply in pain but didn’t let go of my nipple. He enjoyed the sweet pain and gave me back some by gently biting my nipple. I continued to pinch his tits till he moaned and the pain made him very horny. He let go of my nipple and fed me his smoky teat finally. I had long been waiting for this and he had given me the wonderful gift. For the next several minutes I went to town on his nipples. I bit them, squeezed them hard, flicked them with my tongue and spat on them. I sucked as much tit as I could get in my mouth and let his tit go like ‘pop’ as it fell out of my mouth. This made him crazy. He wildly held on to my head and fondled my hair blissfully enjoying my nippy suck. He had hard on that could be felt through his pants and he kept pushing my head towards his crotch as if suggesting me to take it to the next level and glorify his manhood. His desire knew no bounds and he could not hide his stick anymore. He need someone to play his flute, to rub his cock with cheek flesh and he wanted me to taste his seed. I considered myself forewarned – this explosion would be messy. Bald daddy was stock full and loaded. He would probably fire his cannon way before the signal was given. My throat and cheeks were yearning for his meat and I drooled over his crotch. I wanted nothing more than to unzip his pants and swallow his cock flesh but I didn’t want it to end. I wanted more of him and my greed for more of his body kept my desire in check…..More in part 3