Alia bhatt ( indian actress ) Sex ( imagine )

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Alia bhatt ( indian actress ) Sex ( imagine )Alia Bhatt, now a known name in the whole industry was one of the new party members enjoying and socializing as a star does. The young starlet looked nothing like herself tonight as she was dressed in a black outfit with high make-up on her lovely face. A black jacket that covered her upper-body showed very little and left all to its imagination wheras her pants that hugged her long legs did compliment her beautiful behind, hugging her ass with displaying its perfect shape. “Oh yeah! That’s the whole story..” said Varun Dhawan, agreeing to what his friend standing on his right said. “Shit man!” replied the guy that just heard the story of the young cute bitch Alia Bhatt get fucked for the first time in her life by her two co stars. Siddharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan had many things common with their co-star Alia Bhatt. Not just they had their first break into the industry together but also they had lost their virginity together. It was during their movies shooting when Varun and Siddharth decided to end their embarassing truth if they planned on getting in the industry. Their target was practically and ideally a great one. Their co-star in the movie was also making her first appeareance in a mainstream film and was as new to the film industry as both of them. She was the daughter of one of the sleaziest and horniest guys in Bollywood. Alia Bhatt, the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt, was a hot looking girl who had just turned 19. Because her age she had a typical cuteness in her that made her look even more beautiful. This made her the perfect target for the young horny boys to feast on. Little did they know that she was as much as a virgin as they were and had never experienced the art of sex in her young life. They made a bet on the sexy little teenager’s virginity when Varun said to Sid, “I don’t think she’s a virgin”which wasn’t the same as what Sid thought. Sid suggested to have a bet about this. He suggested that they find out about her virginity and fethiye escort if she turned out to be a virgin then he would be the one to break her seal. Varun denied as he didn’t want to miss the chance to be the first one to have his cock inside Alia’s teen pussy. Sid told Varun that if she was a virgin then Sid will fuck Alia’s pussy first, as he thought she was a virgin, but Varun would be able to fuck her ass before Sid and same vice-versa, to which Varun happily accepted. Both the hunks decided to have a party the next night after they had shot for a song in the movie. Alia was drunk and in her most vulnerable state, Varun and Sid had made her drink like a fish so she could spill out her most intimate secrets easily. “So Alia, have you ever had a boyfriend to take care of you?” asked a carefull Varun, “No…”replied Alia who was really drunk. “I never had any guy to take care of me”, “And why is that”said Sid, joining the conversation”, “Well, guys have been avoiding me all my life only because of my surname…”said a sad Alia, stuck between the horny boys on the black leather sofa, not having a clue what they had planned to do to her. “…no one really get’s open with me…, every guy is scared to talk to me as he thinks he would be killed if he does something to me”, “What do you meanby do something to you?”asked Varun who knew what she talked about, “Well you know…..”, Alia realising she said something that she planned to keep to herself. “Do you mean SEX?”Sid asking blatantly, “Umm…..yeah” Alia replying to his question with a sly smile and a slutty look in her eyes as she heard the word come from his mouth. Seeing Alia’s attention to her right side towards Sid, Varun spoke, “So, you are a virgin, right?” asked Varun feeling bold, “……YES!” said Alia proudly after looking at him for a moment to assure her decision to tell him. She wasn’t feeling her own after the drinks she had with the boys but never for once she felt that she had lost control of herself. “Well you know Alia, escort fethiye I am too” said Varun to console her hidden embaressment, “Aww………and you Sid?”, “Well yes i’m a virgin too” said Sid “Aww…”spoke Alia feeling a little comfortable now. “Well here we are, three little virgins partying out and enjoying life” said Alia after putting one hand on each of the guys shoulders. “I wanna lose it”suddenly said Varun, “Me too”said Sid feeling the same way as Sid. “Well, you know you will someday”said Alia trying to console both her male friends. “How about you Alia?” Sid feeling little bold himself spoke for his cock. “Well……i don’t know”, sensing a little hesitation in her tone, Varun knew that this was the perfect moment to strike, “I would be great Alia think about it, we three know each other very well now, we trust each other too and we all are inexperienced in sex, so this would be perfect” said Varun trying to make Alia agree to have them fuck her tonight. “I think we should take advantage of this moment and not regret it when we lose it to someone else” now Sid trying his best to show her how perfect this would be.”Well…….” Alia certainly giving this a thought, looking into each of their faces one by one. “Okay” finally saying the words that the guys prayed for. After smiling and laughing on the decision they had just made, Varun slowly started to place his hands on Alia’s body and feel the wonderful body of the pure untouched teen stark**. His hands massaged her thighs while Sid grabbed her breasts from behind her. Slowly taking her coat off her shoulders, Sid continued to undress Alia while Varun now started to lean in for a kiss. Varun gave a hard french kiss to Alia, his lips touching the soft juicy lips of the virgin. It was Alia’s first ever kiss, not Varun’s who had kissed a woman before. While they were lost in each other, Sid was busy sucking an kissing Alia’s soft skin on her back which was exposed from the dress that she wore. He lifted her hair towards her left fethiye escort bayan side so that her right neck and shoulder were completely exposed to to his hungry mouth. Varun moved from her lips to her inviting neck and started to kiss it. It was an amazing view where the virgin Alia Bhatt had her head tilted upwards while she was being enjoyed by two very horny guys. Sid slowly pulled the strap of her top from her left shoulders and exposed her left breast, Varun did the same with her strap and now Alia was naked from the waist above. “Wow!…” Varun sighed, “Yeah!” Sid said in an agreeing tone to Varun, “You ready?” asked Varun to Sid looking straight in his eyes. “Yes!” replied Sid with a sly look, with this they both picked up the sexy young star Alia and then enjoyed one of the most amazing nights they ever had in their lives. Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra had taken Alia Bhatt’s virginy, while given their’s away too, and fucked her in every possible way that they knew from watching porn videos from the net. Sid fucked her first as part of the bet, breaking her precious hymen and making her a woman once and from all. It hurt even more for Alia when Varun took her from behind and took her anal virginity. They both switched positions many times and sometimes double penetrated her holes which was even more amazing for her. Alia enjoyed every sexual act that was did on her by the two boys as she had found a new sexual hunger which loved to take cocks in every one of her holes again and again. When both the guys were ready to cum, she made Alia sit on her knees, faced upwards and get ready for her reward. Both the first timers came on Alia’s beautifull face and covered her with their manly juices. White semen ran down her face from her eyes all the way to her chin. She slowly and teasingly sucked the juices and swallowed it making them watch. “Aah!” sighed Sid and Varun after their exhausting session with their co-star. “Huh!”said the guy who just heard the story of the fucking of the newest bitch in Bollywood from and by her only co-starts till now. “Well i think that was really amazing” referring to Sid and Varun’s story and thought to himself that if he ever gets the chance tonight then he would surely fuck her.