All’s well that ends well

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All’s well that ends wellNorman was unloading shopping from the boot of the car, his wife had gone ahead and opened the front door. He gave a sigh as he heaved the bags of shopping up the front steps to the house. his wife was in the kitchen waiting for him. “make sure that you put the shopping in the right place this time, I don’t want anything in the cupboards that shouldn’t be there, OK?”Norman just nodded, signifying that he understood. This was his life, she said, he did. Louise Carter knew that he would do whatever she told him to do. Over the many years that they had been together, he knew who had his best interests at heart.His wife returned to the kitchen. Turning on the faucet, she half filled a glass. Turning she hand Norman two tablets and the glass of water. “Take these, then go and have a lie-down. You need time to recover from carrying all that shopping, we don’t want you having a heart attack! Do we.”He took the tablets and washed them down. “off you go” he headed for the basement, that’s where he slept. “I’ll be home in a couple of hours, then I’ll cook dinner.” with that she picked up her keys, checked herself in the mirror, and headed out.From his basement window, Norman watched his wife walk towards their car. She wasn’t a small woman, at 40 D in the chest. And quite a large butt, not too big. But getting there. He watched as that ass wiggled towards the car, and he felt stirrings in his groin. Calm down he thought, don’t overexcite yourself. He laid down on his bed and drifted off to sleep.Life at home never changed, his wife would tell him something wanted to fix, and he would get the job done. On Monday, things changed. His wife had to go see her mother, apparently, she had been taken ill. That meant that Norman would be on his own, for as long as his wife was away. A week maybe longer, she told him. “I’ll call you when I get there.” with that she headed upstairs to pack.Driving back from the airport, Norman decided to take advantage of his new found freedom. Parking his car, he got out and walked towards the park. c***dren were running around shouting and laughing, parents shouted at their c***dren not to go too far. He found a bench and sat down, just to watch, it was nice to be able to just sit and watch for a while.As he sat there, watching life. A yellow tennis ball struck his leg, quickly followed by a large dog that barked at him. “He wants you to throw it” came a voice “He won’t bite!” Norman picked up the ball and watched as the dog jumped back, readying himself. He threw the ball high and far, the dog set off like a bullet from a gun. “Good throw, but he’ll be back for more,” the voice said laughing.Shielding his eyes against the sun, he turned towards the voice. It belonged to a woman, a good-looking woman he noticed. She had long black curly hair, a small nose and full lips. Her eyes were squinting after the dog, so it was hard to see what colour they were.Her t-shirt showed off her breasts, not overly large, but nice. Slim waist and long legs, but that could have been the shoes she was wearing. As she turned towards him, he thought that he recognized her. Then it hit him.“Hello doctor Webb, ” he said, “It’s been a while”“I didn’t recognize you at first” the woman replied “you look older somehow! Have you been ill?” she walked over and sat beside him. “I have a heart condition” he answered. “my wife looks after me now” looking around the park the woman asked if she was with him, he told her about her mother and how she would be gone for a while. “so your on your own until she returns?” the woman asked. “I know I was your doctor for only a short while, but would you be able to come to see me tomorrow?” slightly puzzled Norman said OK “what time doctor?” she told him nine thirty. “oh and bring those tablets that your wife gives you, OK”Norman was back in his car heading home at ten thirty the following morning. The doctor had given him a full work up. She took the tablets, and when she was done, told him she would contact him in a couple of days with the results.The journey home had his head spinning. Why had the doctor told him to stop taking those tablets, They helped him didn’t they?For the next few days Norman was restless, sleep became fitful, and he found himself sitting watching television late into the night.His appetite had returned so that when his wife rang later that morning he was feeling good.“How are things with your mom?” he asked. “there OK for the moment, we’re just waiting for some test results to come back, then we’ll have a better idea of what the problem is.” the conversation ended bursa escort when another female voice called his wife’s name.At one thirty that day the doctor phoned him, she asked if he could call in to see her later. Five thirty and he was sat in the doctors waiting room. Ten minutes later, the doctor came out for him. He sat opposite her, the desk was at an angle from where he sat. she was reading something on her computer, she printed something off, then turned to him.“First things first, all your test came back negative on any heart condition, your blood work is clear, and your blood pressure is fine.” she turned and picked up the sheet she had printed off earlier, she was looking down at it as she turned back to Norman. “This, on the other hand, is not good” handing Norman the sheet of paper, she leaned forward as she spoke again. “The blue tablets that you have been taking are a sedative, not a very strong one, but never the less they would slow you down” Norman was trying to make sense of the information on the sheet, and what the doctor was trying to tell him. “these are the sort of tablets that they give to people who have difficulty relaxing, they calm people when they get overexcited, so to speak” Norman just stared at this woman as she ran through everything. “would they use something like these in a rest home for the elderly?” he asked, he already knew the answer. “Sometimes” the doctor answered. “why do you ask?” “no particular reason” he replied.He folded the piece of paper up and placed it into his jacket pocket, standing he held his hand out to the doctor. “don’t take any more of those tablets, please” she added as they shook hands. “don’t worry about that doctor, I won’t”Norman walked out of the doctors a changed man, tomorrow he had quite a lot to do!The phone call only lasted about ten minutes. His wife was surprised at his call, he asked how her mother was doing, and when she would be coming home? Louise stared at the phone after Norman had hung up, strange, she thought. Not just the call but the time. It was only eight thirty! Shaking her head she headed back to her bed and the comfort that waited for her there.Hanging up the phone, Norman’s next step was to head to the hospital.Once he’d got everything he needed, Norman headed for home. Two hours later, he was in his kitchen, and his plan was formulated. Just one last visit to his new doctor and everything was set.Louise received a phone call at two pm, by three she was on her way home. The doctor had advised Louise to hurry home.Rushing through her front door, Louise called out her husband’s name as she dropped her bags and headed downstairs to the basement. “Norman! Where are you?” she repeated. His bed was made, and there was no sign of him anywhere? She started to panic… Hospital, she thought and raced upstairs to the phone. Norman walked past her in the kitchen, just as she was speaking to the hospital. “Norman, do you want to tell me what the fuck is going on?” Norman carried on making his coffee. When he’d finished, he sat at the table. Louise barked at him again, “What the fuck is going on? Answer me.” Norman watched as his wife closed in on a total meltdown. “I want you to sit down Louise, there have been a few developments” he sat back and watched her puzzled expression. Sitting opposite her husband, she asked him, “like what?. Both of her hands were on the table in front of her, Norman reached out with one hand and touched them. “You’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you!” with his other hand, he snapped the handcuffs on her wrists.Jumping back, Louise was too late to stop the cuff’s from snapping closed. “What the fuck is this?”Norman now had hold of the cuffs, standing he led his wife towards the basement. “Just be patient. my dear, all will be clear shortly.” Louise had no choice but to follow her husband, he leads her to his bedroom downstairs. As they entered the bedroom, Norman closed the door behind them. “now we are on our own” his smile worried Louise, she was wondering where all this was leading. Hanging behind the door was a hook on a long piece of rope. Norman took the hook and snapped it closed around the handcuffs, with the rope in his hand, he stood on the bed. That’s when Louise saw the hook in the ceiling. “Norman what are you doing?” her voice quivered slightly. “don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you,” he said passing the rope over the hook. Jumping down he pulled on the rope. Slowly Louise’s hands rose above her head, her blouse slid out from her skirt, showing her belly.Once he was satisfied that her arms were high enough, Norman tied the bursa escort bayan rope off on another hook in the floor, close to the window. Now Louise was really worried. Walking to the chest of drawers, Norman took out a large pair of scissors, Louise began to cry.“Don’t worry?” said Norman, as he wiped her tears away, “you may bet embarrassed by what I’m going to do, but it won’t hurt” he slowly began to cut his wife’s clothes off her body.He started with her blouse, it was a white silk one. The blouse had five buttons running down the front, he didn’t undo them, he snipped the buttons off, then he sliced down the arms. Louise was in shock, she stood helpless as her husband removed her blouse, it now lay on the floor.Next, he cut the straps on her bra, they pinged backwards, leaving her breasts partially exposed. Louise started to lick her lips, maybe he just wants to fuck me, she thought and her nipples started to rise at the thought.Next, he cut the rest of her bra off, Louise felt her breasts fall free, her nipples were now fully erect.He sliced straight up the middle of her skirt, making Louise breath in as he reached her waistband. Now she stood in just her panties, they were high waisted, black with a lace trim. Norman noticed that they were wet, he could see her juices had leaked onto her upper thighs.Louise twisted around, not wanting her husband to see how excited she was. But he had.Taking a step forward, Norman looked at Louise’s breasts, it had been some time since he’d seen them. He touched one of her nipples lightly, running his thumb across it, he felt it rise again, so he leaned forward and took it into his mouth. He felt a surge of excitement course through his body, he now cupped her other breast, feeling the soft skin bend to his will, thumb and forefinger rolled her nipple around, again feeling it stiffen.Norman had wanted this to last a long time, so when he explained what he had planned to a good friend of his, he supplied the Viagra willingly.Louise wanted Norman to cut her panties off, and open her legs wide and fuck her, fuck her hard, but Norman had other plans first.Before he cut her panties off, Norman wanted to fuck his wife, but not yet. He opened the bedroom door and left, returning with two dining chairs. He placed them in front of Louise. “kneel on them” he said. Louise placed one knee on a chair and he helped her with the other, then he lowered her arms. As they reached the back of the chairs, he placed another set of handcuffs on her right wrist, this he fastened to the right chair, undoing the other cuff he fastened her left wrist to the left chair.Her legs were slightly spread open, giving him enough room to slip between them. He stood behind her and softly ran his hand over her crotch, Louise moved her hips forward and moaned. Norman felt how wet she was and pressed his middle finger into her, taking the fabric with his finger, Louise now pushed back onto his hand. Taking the scissors Norman cut one side of her panties, then the other. Both sides fell away from her hips, but stayed in the middle, they hung from where he had pushed them inside her. He knelt behind her and pulled her panties away, her lips opened like a flower, glistening pink and dark purple. He spread her cheeks, Louise leaned forward, allowing him better access. His tongue ran a trail downwards to her pussy, he slipped his tongue inside her, tasting her deeply.For a few more minutes he licked and sucked her pussy, then he stood and moved around to face her. Standing in front of her he began to undress, Louise watched as his clothes disappeared. His cock sprang from his shorts, no more than six inches from Louise’s mouth. Louise watched as he released his cock, from memory she thought it looked bigger, but she didn’t suck cock. Until today that is.Norman took his wife’s head in his hands, holding her tightly as he moved forward. “If you put that near my mouth, I’ll bite the fucker off!” she yelled. Norman continued to move forward. She tried to move her head, but he held her in place. Now the head of his cock was touching her lips, she could feel the heat rising from it.Louise opened her mouth to warn him, and Norman slipped his cock inside her mouth. Her eyes bulged slightly as he pushed forwards, then he drew back slowly. Louise used her tongue to try and force his cock out of her mouth.Norman now let go of his wife’s head and settled into a slow rhythm, Louise was now sucking and rolling her tongue around his cock, he reached for her breasts, and tweaked her nipples, her moans made his cock twitch. Louise was enjoying herself, escort bursa this hot cock was only making her wetter, soon she was hoping he would be inside her with it.Norman pulled from Louise’s mouth, Louise dragged her teeth over the head as it left her mouth.She had wanted to taste his cum, hot and fast slipping down her throat. Norman moved behind her, his cock now sliding over the front of her pussy. He nudged her clit with the head, lifting it with his hand, feeling her shiver as he did. “Put it in… now” Norman eased the first inch or so inside her, then pulled back, she was so wet, her pussy felt like warm silk around his hard cock. Now he went deeper, then deeper still, until he was all the way in.Louise picked up his rhythm, they moved as one, his hands caressed her ass, he touched the entrance to her ass with his thumb, as he moved faster now, Louise was on the verge of cumming, she tensed as the first wave washed over her, Norman continued as she stiffened, his balls now slapping loudly against her body.Louise gasped as her orgasm hit, but she didn’t scream, inside yes, but not outwardly. Norman drove her to two more before he felt the tension in his balls. He gripped his cock at the base and moved around to the front of his wife, her mouth opened willingly for his cock.She drove his cock deep into her mouth, he hit the back of her mouth and that was enough, he began to ejaculate.Louise felt the hot splash in her mouth, but then Norman began to pull his cock from her mouth. Norman held his cock until it was free of her mouth, then he released everything, some flew back into Louise’s mouth, the rest splashed on her face and breasts.His cock was still hard after cumming, Louise took his cock back into her mouth and sucked all that remained both in his cock and on it, but still, it stayed hard.Norman sat on the bed, and watched as his wife licked his cum from her lips, he wanted to catch his breath for the last part.He moved behind his wife, who pushed her hips back towards him invitingly, Louise looked over her shoulder, watching as he rubbed his cock, “he was never this good” she thought.Norman rubbed the ky onto his cock and aimed at his wife’s ass.Louise tried to pull away as she felt her husband’s hard cock trying to get in her ass, but he grabbed her hips and pulled her back towards him. Slowly he entered her, he felt like she was going to cut his cock in two, it was that tight. A little more, then he was halfway in, he reached around to stroke her pussy, her clit stood proudly and as he used his other hand to enter her pussy, she gushed onto his hand.His fingers could feel his cock inside her ass, slowly he began to fuck her ass. And slowly Louise relaxed. He picked up a little more speed, with both his cock and fingers, he wanted to cum, but he fought it, not for long though, this time he wasn’t pulling out. He was now heading home on a fast train, none stop.With one last push, he climaxed, grunting as he let go. With his fingers inside her pussy, he felt his cock flex and release everything.Withdrawing his cock, he watched as his semen flowed from her, he was spent. Now was the time to talk…he released Louise and she fell onto his bed, sweat glistened on her breasts as she lay there, her legs lay one on top of the other, as she lay there recovering.Standing at the foot of the bed, Norman threw an empty tablet container onto the bed.“I’ve been back to the doctors, and she says that I don’t need to take these, there’s nothing wrong with my heart?” Louise was still trying to catch her breath as her husband spoke. “Also I visited your mother, and it wasn’t in the hospital?”he watched as her colour drained from her face, she sat up, covering her breasts as she did. “Just let me explain” she began, Norman cut her off. “Nothing to explain really, you used your mother as an excuse to spend time with your lover, and you had me believing, I was ill, and those tablets were helping me?” Norman started to dress as his wife swung her legs off the bed, she wanted to get dressed, but her clothes were lying on the floor, in tatters.“This” Norman began, waving his arm at the handcuffs and chairs, “is what we should have had.” Louise now just sat and listened as Norman continued. “but you decided to have an affair with Mike, and now it’s cost you everything.” a puzzled look flew across Louise’s face. “I filmed you and mike, coming from your hotel room, lunch in that Italian cafe, and lots more.” Norman stood at the bedroom door, he took a last look around his little bedroom, closed the door and headed upstairs.Louise followed Norman, she had grabbed a robe from his bathroom. Norman was outside by the time Louise got to the front door, he was getting into a red ford mustang. Behind the wheel was a woman, Louise stared at her… then it hit her Doctor Webb….