Almost got caught..

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Almost got caught..This is a true story that happened some years ago with my then girlfriend, now wife. My GF, Sandy, was living in a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 girlfriends. Sandy is about 5’6″ with brownsh blonde hair and 34c tits. She has a beautiful ass and pussy to go along with her beautiful smile. We started dating in late winter and by that summer we were together constantly. Sandy was generally conservative in public but she could be a real wild cat when we were alone. One summer weekend evening we watching tv in her apartment. We had been out earlier and she was wearing a tube top and a short denim skirt. She knew the tube top would drive me crazy as her nipples would be clearly visible. Both her roommates were out for the night. As such, we began to kiss and I slowly worked my tongue into her mouth. Soon she was reciprocating. I took that as a sign to go further so I began to massage her nipples through her top. She began to breath harder and her hands were massaging my neck and chest. I then pulled her tube top down and tweaked her nipples directly. My cock was rock hard in my gym shorts. When we broke from our kiss I immediately went to work on her nipples sucking and licking them until her nipples were about an inch long and erect. I then began massaging her thighs working my way up to her pussy. After a few minutes I brushed her pussy on top of her panties and found them incredibly wet. One thing about Sandy is that when she gets turned on she gets really wet, more so than any woman I have known. I quickly pushed her her canlı bahis jean skirt up and pulled her panties off and tossed them on the seat cushion next to me. As I stood up slightly to do that, she pulled my shorts down and grasped my hard cock pulling into her warm, wet mouth. I looked down at her pussy noting that her pubic hair was already matted from her own juices. Her outer lips were swollen and red. Her clit was popped out from its hood. I began to rub her clit with tiny circles and alternating with inserting my fingers into her already wet pussy. She spread her legs further and began rocking her hips to meet my finger thrusts. I could tell by her ragged breath she was approaching an orgasm. But her work on my cock was also having an effect so I pulled my cock from her mouth. She said lets go to the bedroom. I said no baby, lets do it right here, right now. She paused for moment and said ok.I thought a moment about birth control. She had told me about 10 days prior she was going on the pill. I did have condoms in the car but I had no intention of stopping to get them unless she asked. I gently pushed her back on the couch and pulled her legs over my shoulders to give me direct access to her smoldering hot little pussy. With one push I was balls deep. She gave out a little gasp as I began to piston in and out. Fortunately she was so slick I knew if I didnt go too fast I could keep from coming for a while. She was very close to cumming. I could feel her juices covering my balls and crotch thoroughly, and it served to just bahis siteleri fuel my fire. After 15 minutes of pounding her pussy I knew I was going to cum soon. I told her I was going to cum hoping she wouldnt ask me to pull out. On the contrary, she said Its ok, cum in me. Cum in me now. That was all I needed. I pushed forward and sunk my cock as deep as I could and began shooting my sperm deep in her cunt. At the same time Sandy arched her back and pushed her hips up to meet mine and her head went back and she closed her eyes with a low, soft moan. I realized my cumming had triggered her orgasm as well. It seemed like a long minute and 7 or 8 spurts before I finished.We lay there a few minutes carrassing each other. I thanked her for staying on the couch and for letting me cum in her. She simply kissed me in reply. While still basking in the afterglow, we heard footsteps on the stairs. Oh shit, my roomate, Sandy said. She pushed me off and as my cock slipped out I could see the cum run out and down her ass crack and begin to pool on the inside of her denim skirt. It was so hot. I knew I had cum alot, probably due to how hot she got and the pregnancy risk.I quickly pulled up my shorts and pushed her panties between the cushion and armrest. Sandy pulled her top up and straighten her skirt as her roommate unlocked the door. While we pretended to watch tv her roomate came in and approached us. We made small talk for a minute or so. I think she knew we were fooling around but if she could only see Sandys pussy with my cum drpping out, bahis şirketleri she probably would have wanted to do a threesome right then and there.After a few minutes she said she was going to meet their other roommate at a local pub. She asked if we wanted to join but Sandy quickly declined saying we had eaten earlier and we were going to just stay in. Her roomate just grinned and said ok then. Shortly she gathered her purse and keys and left. For a few minutes we watched tv and then went back to kissing and carrassing. I pushed her skirt back up. Sandy said, oh, I need to clean up. I said no babe, it really turns me on to see it. I pushed her legs wide apart so I could watch the cum slowly drip from her pussy. Sandy said you really came alot, I love it when you come in me. I asked if she really was ok with that. She said she had gone on the pill a week ago. I asked her if that was enough time? She said its ok, I wanted you to cum in me. It felt soooo good. I couldnt help but think I could be a daddy in 9 months. But what is done is done. We continued kissing and fondling each other. I was gently rubbing her clit and after a while she pulled my shorts down and began stroking my semi hard cock. After a few minutes of this we were both heating up. Sandy said, lets go to bed. I replied ok, but please dont clean up your beautiful pussy. She smirked at me and then said ok, ok. I stripped and jumped on her bed. Sandy lit a few candles and then slowly stripped and lay down next to me grasping my cock with her left hand. In the soft candle light I gazed at her body with her erect nipples and her matted pubic hair. Cum had run down her legs, some had dried, some still wet. I slipped my fingers into her pussy revealing in how wet it still was..To be continued.