Altar Preparation

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Altar PreparationCalming the bride before the altar is easy for a bridesmaid and her step brother:A quaint romantic heritage country church and a former colonial mansion as the reception and honeymoon site, well what more could a young woman want on her wedding day. I was about to get it all. My divine hunk of a guy. My Tom. All mine. All that remained was a leisurely forty minute drive to the altar accompanied by my bff, my bridesmaid, the always reliable Stephanie and my driver for the occasion, her step-brother Jacob in an immaculately restored FJ Holden. The shiny mirror state of all the chrome truly eye drooling. I could see myself so clearly in it. Sure modern cars have a sleek showy design but a classic is a classic and it made an awesome wedding car.We were purring along, we would be fashionably but not jilt stage worry for the groom late. Steph and I were on the back seat, comfortable on the fully restored green vinyl and Jacob was enjoying showing his vehicle off. This was life in the moment…so good…so why was I stressing. I suppose I wanted to be totally sure about being a radiant, stunningly visual perfect scene for my man as I walked down the aisle.Jacob looked back at the quiet pair of us in his rear vision mirror and tried to lighten me up with male car talk- but it was all over my head as he went on about modifications to the engine when suddenly there was a strange…pop…clop…hissing…then the Holden stalled. This was followed by a too much smoke escaping from under the bonnet moment.Jacob knew his car. Told us not worry. We’d be on the move in a jiffy. Still it was a bit acrid in the car so we got out as our driver did too.We walked around behind Steph’s step-brother as he gingerly lifted the obvious heated bonnet.“Oh fuck…its stuffed” was all Jacob got out.“Oh Fuck you…I’m stuffed” was all I got out with some welling tears.“I’ll ring your dad Danielle…he’ll pick us up” said Steph trying to calm me down.My bff moved to the side of the country road with her mobile and was ringing my dad.I was near inconsolable. Close to blubbering. Jacob knew his sin. He tried to comfort me but didn’t know where to put his hands on the layers of satin and lace. He gave up before he started. Though I needed some touchy comfort. It looked like I wasn’t getting it in this dress.Steph was back. Dad was coming. She moved me to the side of the road behind the car. There was plenty of shade from a huge roadside gum. “Oh honey…it will all be fine…relax” and she touched my face gently.“Oh Steph” I blurted, “I’m so tense. I should never have gone down this silly traditional separation from Tom to get ready for today; geez I need more than a honeymoon fuck right now sweetie.”Steph looked at me like she hadn’t ever before ; after a quick glance to see what Jacob was doing. He was swearing. His head was buried under the bonnet. God Stephanie Cook gave me a smouldering look. I knew I was bridal stunning perfection but this was a ‘through the dress look.’Suddenly a wedding, get me to the church on time, my Tom, Jacob, the side of a country road, an arching canlı bahis gum tree all blurred as my bff pashed me. Well I’ll tell you straight away I don’t know what came over me. We had never ever, been close to a girly touchy sequence before yet I was fully in this. God her mouth was sweet…syrupy…we shared the warm ‘kissy kiss ‘gooey feeling of intimate forbidden territory. We hit it together. Instant passion. Immediate desire. Direct groping. “Mmm…Shit…Oh yeah” I got out softly as Steph hands went down my dress, pressing into my breasts, then burying her head, nearly her frickin entire body under my satin flowing gown.Oh she got the lot under my layers of satin, she must have taken in my light pink garter belt and my lacey booty ruffle panty shorts; designed to drive Tom wild but in the immediate instance it was Steph who went: “Wow.” A bit muffled but she was impressed.“Orrgh Fuck…Mmm” I added as Steph yanked my cute knickers to the side getting to something even cuter. Well my pussy was prepped for Tommy Boy. So smooth. So scented. Fully moisturised and now leaking wetness of its own. God Steph surprised me. My pussy was the complete centre for her attention. And fuck was she committed. Her tongue was in my muff. Her fingers somehow spreading me. Her other hand massaging my inner thigh, teasing my perineum and flirting with my arse ring.She got out another muffled: “God you taste great” but I pushed her head, held under my dress forcing her closer into my pussy because the girl had a job to finish. I realised that Jacob might see us but his head was under the bonnet; swearing loudly.Oh fuck she was treating my cunt like it was a soft serve ice-cream. My bff was using big generous sweeping licks from my sensitive perineum to my quickly aroused clitty. Her spread tongue laps taking in every part of me. God Steph was a clever girl down there. Oh fuck the bitch: she slowed the pace, so leisurely delectable, I could feel each sweep. I could hold each morsel of growing coochie pleasure separately as the bitch was divine in me. The tart had my pleasure spots under her sway. I was a bride on her way to church getting the pre nuptial girlfriend climax. Thank you god for the breakdown.Fuck she was treating my pussy like a favourite dessert. Morsel by morsel, bringing all the pieces of my natural being into play, tantalisingly separate and then joining them all. The wonder of my body as Stephanie drew my arsehole into the passion with her finger, raked over my perineum with her long nail, crooked the opening of my vagina, smeared my copious love juices over my engorged clitty and her tongue; her marvellous tongue keeping to its languorous meandering pace. Shit Tom had some stuff to still learn I realised- as good as he was down there.“Oh fuck…Orrgh …God… My God”; I yelled as she focussed her tongue tip on my clit. She sucked my bead off with gentle perfection. The intensity of her pursed lips coerced my clitty out from my body. The pleasure nearly too enjoyable. Close to unbearable. The limit of too much was here. Tears welled in my eyes as I erupted through bahis siteleri my clit. An internal ejaculation of fem pleasure. Blasts of bliss spuming through my body.The Holden had stopped steaming. I had only started. Steph was kissing my sated pussy. Jacob heard then saw my face. Then took in his step sister’s dress, legs and shoes and realised where her face was buried.I saw his erection before his cock was out of his suit pants. I had hit that greedy precinct, beyond the boundary of propriety already, there only remained to savour every offered sin in the time remaining before my dad got here.“Oh Fuck you…you bitch” was all Steph said as she saw me jacking off her step brother’s cock as she clambered out from under my gown.Jacob wasn’t sure what was going to happen but suspected it was all going to be good for his cock.I owed my bff big time. So I gave her the available cock. I knew it was dirty. I knew it was the cusp of sin; but cock in the moment; in the sweet immediate moment, well bugger sin.Oh my she took it well. I’d never seen it in real life: a girl suck off another guy. It was tingly pussy excitement directly. Though equally surreal I saw the action reflected in the Holden’s shiny chrome.Geez she was a happy girl. Man was Jacob a satisfied guy. She did the full length of his rod. Treating it like a deity. Total respect for flesh defining stiffness. You could see her love for cock, her sure grasp, her sucking motion, and her rocking cheerful head. The globby, slurpy, full saliva cock drenched pucky sounds were evidence of mutual enjoyment. A true bonding step sister and step brother pair.Jacob’s boner was throbbing. God his pecker was engorged. He was at the tipping point of gushing early as she fondled his balls.I couldn’t help myself. I put a hand under my girlfriend’s bridesmaid’s gown. Her silky knickers a foretaste of an even more satiny delight awaiting my touch. Steph’s coochie was saturated. A film of wetness greeted my eager probing fingers. I smeared her juices everywhere. I was finger fucking my bff. I started tenderly, a push in, a tug out, then over and over. Her head and pussy joining the rhythm as she kept sucking off Jacob. I had the pressure pressing inside of her. I liked it on myself. I realised instantly Steph did too. My palm pushed into her clit hood. Her butt wriggled in acceptance. I fingered her arse. Her butt jiggled in delight. I got two fingers spreading her crack. It felt sensational. Then I ramped everything into her two fun holes at once; genuinely finger fucking her coochie and digging into her sensitive happy arsehole.My dress was up. I needed cock. Steph saw my sleek girly love nest fully and glistening ready; shiny alluring as buffed chrome and yeah I saw my full girly inner self reflected there too. Her handiwork of copious spit and my secretions were all still clinging around my wet pussy lipettes.Jacob saw what he never thought he would get to see a bride’s pussy on the way to the altar and his step-sister’s best friend at that. Off course he directed his cock towards me. But it was his raunchy step sister bahis şirketleri who raised my thigh for support and guided his stiffy straight into me. “Oh Fuck…God that is good…Oh My…Yeah…Yeah…Harder…Faster…Harder…Faster” I yelled.Jacob was piston pumping already. God knows how he could have gone any harder or faster. He was at manic pace to start with. It was Steph who grabbed his butt with her other hand and ramped up his pace.My bff, the slut I didn’t realise she truly was; was like my whorish self watching her step brother root the life out of me.Geez it was a good fuck. I needed it. The tension of the wedding prep dissipating in pure bodily fun. My pussy assuaged in fun. Yeah weddings should be fun.“Oh fuck you bitch…you slutty tramp…Orrgh…Yeah…Ohhh” from me, as Steph massaged around my over sensitized clit. Shit I came again so fucking easily. Yeah I was ready for my wedding now.My bridesmaid needed her reward though and Jacob had spunk that needed a home.I knew my arsehole was getting a treat at the colonial mansion tonight curtsey of my Tom. “Steph bend over you skank…now” I instructed. Urgency was everything. Shit my dad would arrive anytime.The tart bent over, holding her ankles. I flipped her dress and yanked her knickers down to her wide spread thighs. I held her arse cheeks apart. Her pink gawp was mesmerising. A puckered indented cave of flesh and Jacob needed no prompting with what to do. And he was aroused; aroused already by time in my sweet cunt and now by the forbidden sight of his step sister’s arsehole waiting for his cock. I think he was glad now too his precious car had broken down. Did he break his step-sister’s crack? Yeah the bastard he ploughed her. It was a sensational furrowing to watch. As dirty to see as to actually participate in. God it was concerted. Her arse gave but didn’t. Jacob prodded, digging in, deep into her constricted tightness. Stephanie caught between delight, pleasure and uncertainty.My bff gave little yelps of strained satisfaction as she was vigorously butt fucked. I had to support her lean or the prick would have toppled her over. It was piling driving cock into arse as it should be; fulsome; burrowing and broad filling. The limit of arsehole exploitation joining the curve of mutual enjoyment and intoxicating two bodies in absolute stunning pleasure. Of course he creamed my bff’s arse. He had no control. Her tightness was phenomenal, imposing its memory on her step-brother’s cock. What a shuddering flexing series of pulsations his cock gave off. I watched his cock flex her ring out. I watched her arse give and contract. I heard their joyous, blissful combined moans and groans.As Jacob withdrew from her arsehole, it puckered and ooze dribbling his cum. A sight that strangely made me believe in god. Surely something so intensely human and shared belonged to the whole universe.Oh fuck we three were in disarray. We straightened each other up as best we could.Dad arrived soon after. He was on edge. He couldn’t believe how calm the three of us were. He assumed we mussed our clothes sitting under the gum tree waiting.Nobody really noticed my creased gown at the church. Fuck satin, it is a shit of a material to avoid wrinkling. However: my simile along with my bridesmaid, down the aisle; became legendary.