An angry black stud and his damaged car

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An angry black stud and his damaged carI had gone to Helena’s house during the afternoon. Our both husbands were watching a soccer game at the local bar with some buddies; so my sexy girlfriend and me enjoyed a nice sweet moment of full lesbian sex during some hours…As it got dark in the evening, we said goodbye and I walked around the corner to my car.Once inside, I started the engine and moved the gear backwards.I then looked forward in the dim light of the street and I heard a crash in the back. I had not seen al all a black car parked there, so close to mine.A huge black man came out from a near house, yelling at me as he approached the damaged car. He looked very angry and I got a bit scared. He opened my door and shouted at me, ordering to get out of my car.I saw his front bumper had a tiny paint scratch; but the black guy insisted we would fill the insurance papers. He called me a stupid cow and he finally dragged me inside of his house.He claimed I should be more careful during driving.I just excused myself, saying his car was dark and I had not seen it.He then said I should pay by hitting a real man’s car. And now he would show me how I would pay him, for being such a slut…He suddenly pushed me down on the floor and he mounted me, with his huge and heavy body on top of me; locking my arm under güvenilir bahis my own body. I could barely breathe with that monster over me.I was protesting, as he then pulled out his huge black cock out.It plunged in my mouth; but I tried to keep my lips closed.The bastard slapped my face and I cried in pain, while he got his chance to thrust that huge piece of meat into my mouth, as he was holding my head by pulling my hair with one of his strong hands.He warned that if he would get satisfied with my oral skills, we then could forget about the car…As I heard him, I stopped fighting, accepting the deal.The bastard then plunged harder into my mouth, smiling and calling me a nice slutty bitch. He said my hubby would be proud about me, if he could see how her white bitch sucked on a black cock…He suddenly dragged me by the hair and sat down on a couch. He made me crawl between his legs, knowing that now I was willing to please his massive dick with my mouth, hungry to suck more of it.I guessed my skills made him feel good, because he held my head down as he tensed up his body. I then sensed his burning semen filling my throat. I was in heaven, tasting that black seed and he ordered me to swallow all.He let go my hair and I slipped down to the floor, at his feet, trying to recover my breath after my effort güvenilir bahis siteleri in sucking his dick good.I thought now I could go back to my car; but when I tried to stand up from the floor, the black man grabbed my ankles and pushed me down again.He laughed, asking where I was thinking I was going to…He said he was not done yet. The damage to his beloved black car was not so easy to fix with a simple blowjob…I got really scared as I looked into his eyes. He had an evil look, fully loaded with lust. He said I was not only a nice cocksucker; I had also some killer legs, they were worth a fuck…So, I resigned to be fucked; this nigger was not satisfied just with my mouth and tongue running all over his filthy hard black cock.I asked what he wanted and he smiled again, saying he wanted to taste my ass. No way, José, I told the bastard, not my ass…But he said that my own opinion was useless right now.He would fuck me in the ass, to pay him for that stupid bumper…I tried to wake up and run; but he was faster than me.He made me get on all fours and pulled up my skirt to my waist.The black man whistled in admiration, when he noticed that my cotton panties were soaked with my juices in anticipation.He pushed down my back, making me put out my buttocks in the air. He then grabbed my hips and tried iddaa siteleri to shove a finger into my tight asshole, through the fabric of the panties. I cried in pain, since he pushed hard his dirty finger inside.The bastard yelled at me, saying I was a very dirty hot white slut.He suddenly ragged my cotton panties to pieces, shoving now his thick finger directly into my tight anus. I cried in pain; but I could not escape anywhere, since he was pressing me against the floor with his weight.I braced myself, feeling his cockhead pushing into my tiny rear hole. He insisted and finally I gasped in pain, feeling that thick black cock passing through my anal ring.He pounded my ass with no mercy, until he came, filling my bowels with his burning semen. It was painful and disgusting.The bastard had torn off my asshole, but he was finally satisfied.He said I could go now; he would fix the “big damage” I had done to his car by himself. No hard feelings, he said as he slapped my butt at the front door.I could feel his sticky semen oozing out from my sore ass while I drove home. Worst of all, although he had ruined my ass so badly, he had not made me cum…Once at home, I blew a kiss in the air to my loving hubby, who was there watching another soccer game. I went directly to have a warm shower, to clean all traces of his sticky semen out from my body.Later, during dinner, I explained Victor the light damage I had done to another car with our bumper. Hubby just smiled, saying it was nothing.I smiled back, knowing it really was not just simple as “nothing”…