An Anonymous Meeting

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An Anonymous MeetingI was in a different state on business and I was without transportation. The company only rented three cars for seven people. However, I had passed the test we were sent there to take and I wanted to celebrate by doing something in the nearest decent sized city about 30 miles away. No one else wanted to go out that night so I borrowed one of the cars. Before heading out, I posted an ad on CL. My ad said what I wanted. I wanted to be fucked and cummed in. Simple. I posted a picture of my bent over ass showing my hole (a really tight hole) and my stiff cock pointed straight down. I headed off. If I got no responses, I would see a movie and get some food. When I arrived at the movie theater, I checked to see if I had gotten any messages. I had not. So I did some looking for myself. I am lucky that I did. I saw an ad asking for exactly what I wanted. A guy had just moved into an apartment and wanted to relax by barebacking a random guy in his new place after moving all the boxes in. But the thing that really piqued my interest was the picture. It was a cock. A fat cock. A fat cock comparing itself to a coke can. It was bigger than the can in every dimension. I had never been so lucky as to have a cock as fat as a coke can.I have two regular tops I let bareback me. One has a nice long nine or ten inches. I can feel it really hit deep. He also has huge balls. I mean literally big enough to only get one testicle in my mouth at a time. My other top isn’t anywhere near as long, but is nice and fat. At least twice as fat as the first tops. They both cum pretty well, as far as amount. Which is what I’m looking for.This guys cock was thicker, much thicker, than even my thick tops cock. And it was longer. The moment I saw that picture, my ass tightened in fear. I really wanted to experience that cock and hoped he would respond to me.I went in and watched the movie. Happy with that I checked my emails. Success! He responded and said he would love to breed me. I asked his address and went to get some food. In the half an hour it took me to eat, I had gotten an address and eagerly plugged it into my phone. Looks like his new apartment was only a couple of miles from the movie theater.I drove to his apartment. Parked in a parking spot and waited. Making sure it didn’t look like a trap. I saw nothing to make me worry so I went up to his door, apartment 34, and knocked. He answered pretty quickly. He was a little shorter and a little stockier. Maybe 6 foot tall to my 6 foot 2. 230 lbs. to my 210. But that didn’t matter. I went in.His living room had boxes in it and furniture that was placed around. Probably not in the positions they would end up being in. I told him I wasn’t into making out or kissing and he said neither was he. So we both got naked quickly. While disrobing, canlı bahis I asked where he wanted to breed me? Couch? Floor? Kitchen? He said the couch was good.Before he was done getting undressed, I knelt before him and slipped off his last piece of clothing his boxers. His cock was already rock hard. I grabbed it and stroked a little. Looking up and smiling, I slightly licked the head and tasted the free flowing pre-cum. Then I grabbed his balls. Was I in luck! his balls were huge, too. Thick, long, and g****fruits for balls. Well, large oranges anyway. I struggled to suck his balls, but I got the idea he wasn’t terribly into that. I struggled to get even half his girth and length in my mouth. But I could tell he didn’t need that. It had to be the HARDEST cock I had ever felt. He was ready. I wasn’t sure I was ready, but that didn’t matter. I wanted to be fucked and bred. And for some reason, I wanted it to really hurt this time. I must have been mesmerized by his tool. Well, there really wasn’t any way around getting hurt by this one.My cock was getting big itself (eight inches and average thickness).I stood up and sat on the couch. Scooted my ass forward. Lifted my legs up to a good angle to receive his manhood. He gave my ass one squirt from the anal lube pump he had on the side table. Using his cock, he smeared it up and down the crack of my ass just a little. He started pushing it in before I was really ready. I bit my tongue a bit and whimpered.He pumped slowly. He knew his cock was huge. I stroked my cock as well as reached for his massive balls as they slapped the small of my back. No k**ding, he was dangling that low and it felt great. Once he got fully inside me and I was being stretched out really good, he picked up the pace. Holding my legs up and away so that I was wide open, he was splitting me with his weapon. Eventually I was screaming audibly with each thrust. I had never really been like that, but this glorious cock and balls was well worth screaming for. It wasn’t a short amount of time nor was it too long when he thrust one last time and I could feel steamy hot cum being injected into me.The BEST feeling in the world.He finished pulsing in my ass and started pulling out. He must have enjoyed looking down at whatever ass (or pussy) he had just destroyed. He would pull out and my little brown eye would whimper shut slowly. Then he would push it back it before I could settle. He did this at least a dozen times. Each time making me shudder. I’m sure that each time he did this he was watching his cum slowly ooze out of me and he would then push it back in before it could go anywhere. I told him to keep it up because I was furiously stroking my own cock. He kept pumping me a little until I spewed my own cum all over my chest and belly. He liked seeing bahis siteleri that and started rubbing it in. I took as much as I could and smeared it into my own gaping hole. He pulled out as I was doing this and sat down next to me. Catching his breath he said that he doesn’t often fuck guys, maybe half a dozen in his life. I could only say that I was glad I was one of the lucky few. I could not compliment him enough on his cock. He complimented me on the tightness of my ass. He said it was the tightest thing he ever stuck it in. He had to know that he had a one in a million baby maker there. We sat there for maybe 15 minutes making small talk. I was always holding his cock through this. It did get soft, but definitely stayed big. I asked if he thought he could go again. He said he didn’t know, but before he could really say no, I had his cock in my mouth again. Sucking for the life of me. I defineity sucked out some cum that hadn’t made it out yet. Didn’t stop but swallowed it down. I stroked his cock and squeezed his balls. I really wanted to be bred again by this trophy cock. I worked like someone that got paid for it.It was about 10 solid minutes of work, but he was ready. I stayed in position and he got behind me this time. He opened my ass wide and shoved his cock in again. And I mean shoved. It was in to the hilt in one step. He had to hold my hips to keep my natural instinct of pulling away from getting his cock loose. Surely my ass wasn’t as tight this time and he had just let loose a cup of cum in me so it was going to be a long fuck this time. I could feel my cum on my belly getting on his couch. I could feel my cock and balls flop around. I could feel him balls slapping mine. I looked over my shoulder and told him to go for it. Do whatever he needed to cum in me again.I could feel our mixed cum foam up and collect around the ring of my anus. I could feel the lube he used get all used up and the friction rose. I could feel his hips slap my ass with each thrust. I was biting the cushion on the couch because this hurt like nothing else I had ever had (including k**ney stones) But it felt so good. The heat of our bodies made the room so hot that the air conditioner kicked on and off at least twice while he fucked me the second time. I started talking dirty to him. Between screams I would say things like “breed my ass again” or “my God it hurts” or just basic grunts and whimpers. Eventually, it was getting me so much that I started to tear up. I couldn’t take it. I wanted it to stop, but I couldn’t. I had told this man and his glorious penis to breed me again. And it really looked like he was going to do it.Then, finally, it happened again. He shoved way too deep. probably tore my insides for real with this one. I could feel him cum again. My ass was so sore bahis şirketleri and red that it actually felt like more cum than the first time. I actually leaned up, making sure that he didn’t slip out, and turned my head. We kissed deeply. Only the second time I had kissed a man. But it was likely the most passionate kiss I had ever had.I slid off of him. My knees quivering as I settled down. Sitting in front of him. He stood over me as he caught his breath. He smiled looking down at me past his still enormous penis. I took it and started gently beating my face with it. He smiled. My ass was throbbing with each heartbeat and I could feel all that cum slowly slide out of my now loose ass. I got some cum on my two index finger of my left hand. Grabbed his cock with my right. Aimed it at my face. Then, before he knew what was going on, Shoved my fingers inside his ass and quickly found his prostate. He screamed and before he knew it a splattered my face with two huge, thick ropes that found their way into my eyes. Using his cock I smeared that cum all over my face.He collapsed again. I rolled over so that my red, throbbing ass could get some air. I fell asleep for a short bit. When I woke up maybe half an hour later, my friend was asleep leaning up against the couch. His cock was soft, but still HUGE. I reached down and could feel all the cum in my ass had made its way out of me and my cock and balls were covered in sticky cum. My ass was throbbing more with each movement and each heartbeat. I got up and limped to the shower. Took a quick one and got dressed. Limped to the door and opened it up and left. Limping down the way, there was another man standing there. He asked if I just came out of 34. I responded I had. He asked if I was the person moving in. I said no, he was just a friend and that the other guy was the new tenant. The guy admitted that he had heard us going at it. and smiled at that revelation.I asked him if he really heard. He said yeah. Someone was getting it really good. Figuring I had nothing to lose since since I didn’t live anywhere near, I said “yep, that was me.” He said “Nice. Want some more?” I said “Hell yeah. and followed him into apartment 24.Except for being already moved in and an immaculately clean room. This encounter was much like the first one. His cock wasn’t as big. My ass wasn’t as tight. But since my ass was so sore and used, it looked like a baboon in heat. It hurt just as much and he and his roommate each pumped a load in my ass and a load in my mouth. That’s what they wanted, otherwise I would have preferred as much cum as possible in my ass. Now it was late. Like 1 am and I had to get going. I cleaned up again and made my way, limping harder now, to my car. I had hoped that another random encounter would happen and I’d get fucked by three guys in apartment 14. But I wasn’t so lucky. As it was, it was a really good night. Four anonymous loads in my ass. My own cum in my ass. Two loads in my belly. One on my face. Cant ask for much more than that.