An Invitation Ch. 01

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I usually put warnings at the start of my stories because I often write about subjects some find offensive. This story is about a husband and wife that begin a cuckolding journey. The entire journey will span multiple chapters, all will be predominately cuckold stories. Thus, if that is not for you, please move on and find stories with themes that you like.

I often struggle with what category to put a story in, so this time I have selected Erotic Couplings. It has elements that fit into Fetish, and Loving Wives, but ultimately it is about characters that are letting their desire for sex drive their decisions, even if those decisions are not those typically made.

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The “An Invitation” series will be exactly that, a series of chapters that explores one couple’s journey with cuckolding. It will span multiple years, and multiple incidents, and will be about the both the sexual and emotional journey the couple takes. This chapter introduces you to Amanda and Jochen and documents their first experience as it sets the stage for a potential new experience that is just launching for them.

Thanks goes out to a couple Literotica friends who have been my sounding board and editors. If there are still mistakes, those are entirely on me. So, thanks to RINGIL and IWMWTCM for helping me with this story.

I love getting direct messages from the Literotica community. Perhaps you have an idea of how this story should continue. There are so many delicious directions I could take the following chapters!

Cheers, and happy reading!


“It’s just a cup of coffee.” My wife Amanda tells me after letting me know that an older student of hers has asked her to meet him for a coffee so he can say thanks. He was a non-traditional student in her class and that is always a bit tough, and I am sure Amanda was worthy of the thanks as she had a way of making everyone welcome.

My wife Amanda is amazing. 5’6″, 130 pounds of perfection. Great ass, perfect tits, trim and fit everywhere else. She has a radiant personality that is genuine and a smile that melts just about everyone. We have been married for 25 years. Our daughter is off in grad school in Germany, my home country. Amanda and I met while she was an exchange student and less than 18 months later, we were married. We are young for having hit our 25 year mark, and we look even younger.

“It seems to have shades of past invitations.” I said without anger or judgement, just observation. “You seem to care about this invitation which means I can’t decide if I should say absolutely no, or absolutely yes. But as always, it is your call.”

Jochen was right, it would be my call, and he was right that it felt like the past invitations that were offered. Those invitations were a quirk of our relationship, our marriage. Both previous invitations had taken us to new territory, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that this one might also. The man making the invitation was an interesting man. A student of mine, but not a typical student. He was likely 4-5 years older than Jochen and I, and radiated both confidence and humility. He was a wonderful addition to my course, offering the traditional students a role model of a successful businessperson who was still hungry for knowledge and approached the class authentically. I liked him; it was hard not to.

But was it more than a coffee invite? I had a hard time reading that. Jochen was better at predicting and it seemed his Spidey senses were on high alert. We had navigated this situation twice before, and we were still happily married. Many people, and certainly many couples would find our arrangement to be untenable, but we were not most couples.

“It isn’t playing out at a bar; it is a mid-afternoon coffee-date.” I reminded my husband. The bar location had significance. A bar was where we discovered that we were not like every couple. A bar was where this story started.

“Yes, for now. And after it goes well? Will date number two be a bar?” As I said it, my mind wandered to that night at the bar five years ago when Amanda and I were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. It was a night we didn’t see coming, at least not how it played out. But it was a night that significantly impacted our relationship; it made it different, and it made it stronger.

“Remember, we thought Samuel was just buying us an anniversary drink” That is how our first cuckolding experience started. You could say it started much earlier than that, almost all the way back to when Amanda and I first met, istanbul escort fell in love, and got married. I was 22 and Amanda was only 20. Our daughter was born less than a year later, and we were off and running as a happy family. But that night showed us that our fast start left a hole that Samuel was the first to fill. Amanda had curiosities and desires that never got taken care of the way most of us do when we sow our wild oats in our younger years, and those came to the forefront 20 years later in that bar.

For me, it was this 20 year uneasy feeling that a creature as amazing and as perfect as Amanda could have settled for me. I fought off that insecurity mostly, but it found a home when I learned of the idea of cuckolding via an erotic story I read. I became somewhat obsessed with the idea that Amanda deserved a better, stronger, more skilled lover and once that idea took over, it carried a life of its own. I was fantasizing about my wife with another man regularly and had started to discover what I later learned is called the “cuckold angst,” which is this combination of feelings that include anxiety, hunger, terror, excitement, and arousal. I had been labeling it via a word from my native German language that translates to a “wolf’s hunger” which meant it was a hunger in me that demanded a response and was deep and unrelenting in its impact on me. I have learned since then that both terms apply. That night in the bar was my first encounter with someone else that understood that angst and hunger and provided a way to feed it.

Our Samuel experience was one I never expected, so Jochen is right, it seemed like just a nice invitation to share our celebration with a random guy at the bar. But Samuel was so much more. Somehow in a matter of hours he became my lost youth, and became a new future. I had always prided myself on being a fully put together woman. I had married young, had a child, but still got my advanced degrees and the faculty career I always dreamed of. I was a good mother, a good wife, and a good teacher. Yet part of me always wondered what a slower beginning to my adult life would have been like. I happily hitched myself to Jochen and our life, but I still had doubts. I got a lot of attention from men, and I always liked it. Jochen and I had a wonderful sex life, but I always wanted more. I have always been the one in the relationship that wanted to get more sexually adventurous. I could look back and replay an amazing set of years, but still always have a curiosity of what other paths I could have taken.

Samuel was not the first man at a bar that had hit on me. In fact, Jochen and I had sort of made it a game. He would let it happen, I would mildly play along, and then later we would have a wilder time in bed replaying the flirting and fantasizing about the things that didn’t happen. It was harmless fun, or at least it was for us as a couple. I eventually learned that to Jochen, the man who had developed a fetish I did not yet understand, it was a much more powerful thing. And to me, the woman who missed out on a wild life in my youth, it was also a powerful thing. That power was never discussed, that was until the night Samuel invited us for a drink.

We had driven a few hours away to a more urban setting and had a hotel for the night. We had reservations at a nice restaurant, or at least we thought we did. When he offered us his booth at the restaurant after overhearing us being told there had been a mix up with our reservation and there was no table available, we had no idea how powerful our individual hungers had become. But when he offered to buy us a drink, and one led to another, which led to us inviting him to stay for dinner, soon the power of our individual fantasies started to merge and come to the surface. Soon, my breathing was slightly off, I had a reddish tone to my skin which normally didn’t exist, and I had a low burning sense of arousal. It was my 20th wedding anniversary with the love of my life, and I was like a schoolgirl sitting with her crush, but in this case Samuel was my crush.

After dinner, a dinner originally planned as a romantic dinner with my wife, but had veered over to be a fun dinner with a new and exciting friend who had an obvious interest in Amanda, Samuel got up to use the restroom. As he did, Amanda jumped out of her seat next to me and moved to the other side of the booth so she could look at me directly. She was excited, it showed in her eyes. She grabbed my hands and said, “I am sorry honey, this was supposed to be our dinner together. But it has been fun to meet someone new.” I could tell she was probing to see how I was reacting and what I might want next.

The hunger, the angst, had been growing in me the whole time I watched my wife basically ignore me and focus entirely on Samuel. “It is OK, it is fun meeting a new person. Especially avcılar escort one just as enamored with you as I am!” And it was obvious he was there for her, not us. A typical husband would have been mad, and asked him to leave, but watching the spark between them was so arousing, so wonderful, that I not only let it go, I encouraged it. I was the one that asked him to stay for dinner. I claimed it was the polite thing to do since he had saved us from having our anniversary dinner at McDonalds after the reservation screw-up, but the reality was that I didn’t want the flirting to end. I knew he was enjoying the time, and it was painfully obvious that Amanda was enamored with Samuel. But mostly, the situation was amazingly appealing to me. It was my fantasy coming to life and I didn’t want it to end.

“Are we playing our game?” Amanda asked me. And it was THE question. Because if it wasn’t our game, it was the real thing, and that would be a huge leap for us. I remember being frozen in that moment with part of me screaming it is just our game and another voice screaming that it was more. In the end the second voice was the one that grew louder. It was the one that responded to my wife.

“I think this has the potential to be real. Do you want it to be real?”

I could see the spark of hope in her eyes when she gave me the choice, “Do you, Jochen?”

At that moment, in that booth, I fully confessed my true desire to her for the first time. “I do. If you want to, I not only am OK with it, I want it to happen. Call me crazy, but I want my wife to experience another man. And I can’t believe I finally said it out loud to you. So, I will say it again. Amanda, if you want to be with Samuel, you have my approval.” I felt totally amazing, and totally terrified that I said it.

I remember that moment like it played out in super slow-mo. It was the first time my husband officially confirmed that what we played with, was something he wanted for real. He wanted me to be with another man. I was shocked, and I wasn’t. I was curious, and I was mortified. I was aroused, well, and I was aroused.

“You are really OK if I ended up in Samuel’s bed tonight?” I needed to ask him again. I also needed to try on the idea myself. Was I OK ending up in another man’s bed? My husband’s response was delivered without hesitancy and made me realize he understood how I was approaching this situation, “Yes, in fact, I am encouraging you to do so. It will be a chance for you to grab an experience you missed out on because of me, and an experience that I desire too. Ultimately, Amanda, it is a win-win.”

What Jochen said was completely true, and it made me love him even more. But it was also crazy. Wives of 20 years don’t have one-nighters with men they met at the bar. But Jochen wanted it to happen, so did that make it OK? That was the battle in my head. The battle was going slightly in Samuel’s favor, when he returned to the table.

Samuel smiled and slid into the booth next to me. More accurately he slid up against me. I felt his body touch mine and my arousal grew. He paused for a moment, looked at Jochen, then looked at me, and said, “Did you two come to a decision?” I remember being shocked, because we all knew that he knew what decision he was asking us about.

Amanda looked at me with a panicked look in her eyes when Samuel dropped his bombshell. I returned her look and made a slight gesture with my head indicating that I was ready to tell him yes, and that the answer was yes. Amanda closed her eyes a moment, then opened them and nodded. I smiled, and took a deep breath.

“We have.” I offered to Samuel, and then I continued. “We have played with the idea of Amanda being with another man, but never made it happen. If you want to be the one, my wife is yours for the taking.”

Samuel looked at us and said, “I was asking if you had decided on an anniversary dessert.” Then he paused. Both Amanda and I gasped, but he quickly jumped in, “Totally kidding, I was asking exactly that. And my answer is yes, I want to be the one!”

Amanda turned and smacked him on the shoulder, it was half serious, half playful. I just sat trying to recover from my near heart attack. “You are an evil man!” Amanda declared and then burst out laughing. We both joined her. It was cathartic. We drew attention to ourselves we were laughing so hard. But if most looked over, they would have seen a couple, and their friend, but it was I in the role of friend.

Samuel turned towards Amanda, “I am sorry, I couldn’t resist. Nor can I resist doing this.” As he said this, he leaned in and kissed her. It wasn’t just a peck. She kissed him back all so briefly and then pulled back. She immediately looked over at me.

When he kissed me, it was like fireworks went off. I hadn’t been kissed by another man in 20 years and for the briefest moment I was in heaven. Then I realized şirinevler escort I was sitting across from my husband, in a crowded restaurant. I pulled back. I looked at Jochen. He was staring with some shock on his face, but instead of looking mad, he smiled and nodded at me.

I felt Samuel’s hand cup my chin and turn my head back towards him. He leaned in again and kissed me. The fireworks returned and I stayed in the kiss. In fact, I kissed back. His hand left my chin and went around the back of my head and he pulled me in. I didn’t resist in the slightest. And we kissed. I felt like 10 minutes, but it was likely about 90 seconds, still a long time. He broke off the kiss. He smiled at me.

Samuel slid out of the booth. He turned towards my husband and said, “My condo in in the building next door. I would like to take Amanda there and make love to her. Perhaps twice. There is a bar in the basement of the building called The Keller. As you would expect, given the name, they serve a great array of German beers. We will meet you there in about two hours. The bartender is the owner, tell him I sent you, you will like him.”

And then Samuel turned towards me, held out his hand, and said, “Come with me Amanda, we will have a wonderful evening.” And this is the part of the story where you would expect that either Jochen or I would have stopped this insanity. But instead, I got up, looked one more time at Jochen who just stared back, and then I took Samuel’s hand. I looked one more time at Jochen and he mouthed “I love you” and then nodded. I pulled away from Samuel and leaned over and kissed my husband on the forehead. “I love you too” I said it out loud. I then turned back to Samuel and retook his hand. He led me away.

I watched my wife walk away with the man who was going to be her lover for the evening. I couldn’t decide if I was calm as they departed, or frozen in terror. The angst, the hunger was swirling through me at a level I didn’t know existed, but also at a level I found amazing. I was harder than I think I had ever been. Two hours. I wasn’t sure I could last a full two hours. I needed to wait for the check, and I needed to wait until my trip out of the restaurant would not involve a seriously embarrassing tent in my pants.

I sat and finished my wine. Then my water. Then Amanda’s water. My breathing was now only ragged, not fully chaotic. The waiter returned, I asked for the check. He said ok. Did he know, did he see my wife leave with another man? My breathing returned to a state of chaos. He came and waited while I had a hard time fishing my credit card from my wallet. He left. I tried to calm down. I was losing that battle again when he returned. I held it together and finalized the transaction. I grabbed my jacket and carried it in front of me as I exited as I was still rock hard. I exited into the cool air of that October evening. I decided to take a walk.

We exited the restaurant and he led me down an unmarked corridor. I tensed up. “It is the short-cut to my building.” He reassured me. He squeezed my hand gently as a way to say it was OK. We came around a corner and there was a bank of elevators. He pressed the up button with his free hand. Almost immediately there was a chime. The door two down slid open. He led me into the car. “I live on the 8th floor. Why don’t you do the honors,” he said as he pointed towards the display. I smiled at him, leaned past him, and hit 8. I was committed. As the elevator started to move, he pulled me in and kissed me. I was back in heaven.

The elevator ride was perhaps 40 seconds, and yet during that time all I experienced was his passion. I should have been guilty, hesitant, regretful, but instead, I was making out like I was teenager on her first date. But perhaps that was because I was. That was the game Jochen and I had played, that the men we fantasized about were my youthful flings, the flings I never actually had. Prior to Jochen I had slept with only one other man, and he wasn’t much of a man. It was both of our first times and he lasted about 90 seconds. I certainly didn’t cum, and I was never even sure if I had officially lost my virginity. So to say I was inexperienced when Jochen and I first met was a major understatement.

I was a late developer so through my younger years I was flat chested, flat assed, and had a face full of acne. It wasn’t until I was a first year University student that I developed a woman’s body and it wasn’t until I went on birth control that my face cleared up. I started to get attention from the boys, and while I craved that attention, nothing ever happened. I left for my study abroad experience and met Jochen during the orientation week. By the end of the next week, we were lovers and I had not been with another man since.

Yet here I was in a lip lock with a man I met a few hours ago, riding an elevator to his condo with the intention of sleeping with him. This should have been blowing my mind, but instead the feel of his lips, and his body as he pulled me in, was what was blowing my mind. My nipples had hardened, and I am sure he could feel them as he pressed his chest against mine. The elevator stopped and the door opened with a soft chime. We broke the kiss.