An Ode to Lust Ch. 04

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Note: – This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of the characters to any person, living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters in this story are of or above the age of eighteen.

This story has a strong proclivity towards incest, between brothers and sisters and aunt and nephew. If this bothers you, in any sorts, please turn away immediately.

Thanks to ‘Anonymous’ for delivering me the idea of this work.

Also, thanks to Heyall for the editing.



CHAPTER- 4- Rising Valiant

Three weeks later, Andrew returned. When Rita laid the news of his return to us at the breakfast, I was petrified. These three weeks with her, felt like three days to me. I maintained a poker face before everyone, but in the inside, I felt like shit. I had noticed her looking at me and I could only imagine what I must look like to her. Later in the afternoon, she pulled me aside to an empty room and hugged me tightly, her eyes filled with tears.

She looked extremely beautiful and irresistible. I could hold myself no longer and pushed her against the wall and reaching down, pushed two fingers inside her weeping cunt. We tore off our clothes and we fucked right then and there. None of us were worried that anyone happening to pass by the door might hear us.

At night, I found myself in the same room where it had all begun, in the arms of the very woman who has been through the journey of desire, like a beacon of light, of lust, of love. Later, Rita had told me that I came no less than ten times during the night, though I cannot say for sure. But I knew that she came much, much more than that. We were fucking like rabbits. I doubt that any man in the history had passed a more intoxicating night of pleasure.

I was completely crestfallen, and it was hard for me to let her go. She held me close to her, hushing me and telling me that we will meet again, definitely.


After Andrew came, I remained in my room most of the time and only returned downstairs when mum called me for dinner. I couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy whenever I saw Andrew put an arm over her shoulder or steal kisses from her whenever they thought no one was looking. When Rita had broken the news of her pregnancy to him, he was out of bounds happy. He lifted Rita up in his arms, turning round and round in circles. I was happy for them, but deep inside I was wishing that it were me instead of him.

I started avoiding Rita as far as possible, or anybody in that matter. Andrew and Rita remained in their room mostly, doubtless to make up for all the lost time at the bed.

I was a little down that day, so I watched TV, thinking it would lift my mood. A little while later, Evelyn came downstairs and joined me. She was wearing a simple pyjamas and a yellow top. It looked good on her. Her hair was tied in a pony. It had grown significantly during her stay and now it reached her mid-waist. Somehow, it made her look far more attractive to me.

It had been seven weeks since she had been staying with us and now she has become a lot more comfortable. She plays with us outside, has dinner with us at the same table and has become besties with Kate. I have also noticed that she had been acting more friendlily towards me.

‘Hello, Robert,’ she said.

‘Hi,’ I replied. ‘How’s your story coming?’

‘It’s coming up fine. I am down to the last three chapters. Thank you for that eloquent speech you gave earlier. It really inspired me.’

‘You’re welcome,’ I replied, blushing.

A few days ago, she called her publisher to convince them to give her a little more time to finish the novel. They agreed. After I had talked to her in her room, I felt that I had learnt a great deal about her and yet, I think I don’t know her at all.

‘Thank you for being so supportive to me,’ she said.

‘Anytime,’ I replied.

We began to watch TV. There was an old show going on of which I don’t even know the name. I was barely paying attention to what was going on the screen.

‘You know blue doesn’t suit you too well,’ she suddenly said after sometime.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘You look rather off today. What happened?’

‘Nothing,’ I said, shaking my head.

‘Come on, you can tell me. I can keep a secret.’ She offered.

I turned towards her. I thought of the dream I had a few days ago. I could still feel the fresh touch of her lips upon mine. They felt soft, like petals. For a moment, I thought that I would lean in to kiss her, realizing once and for all how her lips would actually feel, but refrained at the very last moment. We were having such a good time and don’t want her to think of me as a pervert, or worse.

I tried telling her some elaborate story, which just popped up in my head, but I also knew that I couldn’t lie to her, no matter how hard I try. She is just way too important to me for that. So I told her that I was sad because Rita was going to leave and the house would once again be empty. It wasn’t the whole truth, istanbul escort but at least it was better than lying.


At four, I went upstairs to see if by any chance I could find Rita alone so I could talk to her but when I reached their door, I heard the familiar squeaking of the bed-springs coming out of their room, followed by their grunts and moans. Hearing them going at it non-stop, set me in fire too and I darted to the backyard where I found my sisters playing football.

I told them that I needed their help to find something. They nodded and followed me. Once inside I told Kate to look in the living room while Emily and I will check upstairs. As soon as we reached the third floor, I pulled her into my room and mashed my lips upon hers. She was taken aback by the sudden onslaught and pushed me back.

‘What are you doing?’ she asked, incredulity going riot. ‘Kate will see us.’

‘I don’t care,’ I said. ‘I need you Emily, now.’

I pushed her on the bed, and in an instant, I was over her—my head between her thighs, and my tongue swooping the length of her slit, her clitoris, her whole cunt. It had been a week since I had taken her maidenhood. She had completely gotten over her pain and was ready for more. In no time, I had her spending all over my mouth. I continued to lick away, relishing the nectar she was pouring out for me.

Then I rose, pulled out my hardened dick and plunged it into her well-moistened sheath with one blissful thrust up to the hilt, positively taking her breath away by the energy of the attack. I came in less than a minute, almost as rapidly as her. She came again, the moment she felt my cock spurting its frothy contents inside her waiting womb.

We lay a few minutes, awashed in lubricity. ‘You were in a rush today,’ she said.

‘You make it hard to resist for me, Emily,’ I said, thrusting my hips forward, pressing my cock against her crotch. ‘The last seven days I had to stay away from you was nothing less than a torture for me.’

‘Then let’s make up for the lost time, shall we?’

Soon I began to feel the inside walls of her vagina throb and squeeze the length of my prick and I felt myself becoming hard once again. I kissed her deeply and began to move my hips somewhat slower this time. But as time passed, our pace grew rapid and more energetic and soon I was ramming inside her frantically. This time I lasted a little more than a minute before once again I yielded to my desires.

It was at this time that we heard Kate’s footsteps approaching upstairs. By the time she opened the door to my room we were already dressed and had removed all the signs of our coital engagement.

‘Did you find it?’ she asked.

‘Nope, still looking for it,’ I said.

She looked suspiciously between the two of us. ‘Why are you guys looking so flushed?’

I looked towards Emily and indeed her cheeks were flushed bright red. ‘Uh…it’s the heat,’ I said quickly. ‘It’s getting hot here.’

‘Whatever,’ she rolled her eyes. ‘Look, whatever it is, I couldn’t find it and I don’t think anybody can. So quit looking for it, alright?’

She left and both of us sighed in relief. We looked at each other and started laughing. I realized that we had to be more careful around Kate. She has begun to suspect something and she is the last person on this earth, I would like getting caught at. Also, perhaps she is the only person who might actually catch us.


At evening, I found Rita alone at last. She had just come out of her room and was in her bathroom. I quickly sneaked inside and locked the door behind me. She was in the bath stall, the shower running freely, warm soapy water cascading down her body. When she heard the door open, she quickly covered herself, but when she saw it was me, she let arms fall to her side, revealing her hot, sexy, naked body to my eyes.

In less than three seconds, I shod off my clothes and joined her in the bath. I took the soap from her hands and started lathering her, running my other hand gently upon her skin. She shivered and leaned against me. I dropped on my knees and lifting her left thigh upon my shoulder and immediately glued my lips upon her glowing and foaming cunt. I could taste Andrew’s spunk flowing out and I couldn’t resist licking it feverishly. I lifted her to such a frenzy of lewdness that she dragged me up and mashed her lips upon mine. The warm water fell between our mouths, washing against our tongues.

‘For God’s sake fuck me—fuck me!’ she said frantically.

‘You didn’t need to ask twice,’ I growled.

I pressed her against the wall and lifted her up. My cock was ready to burst. With one shove, I planted it deep inside her cunt up to the cods. She came instantly, her hands gripping my shoulders tightly, her nails digging into my skin. I could only imagine what she must be feeling, to commit adulteration, just moments after her husband had fucked her, and above all, doing that while he was present in the home right this instant. esenyurt escort The thought alone was so exciting that she kept coming again and again while I wantonly rammed my cock inside her.

Before long, I felt my balls tense and I came deep inside her, once again baptising our child with my seed. She held me, as usual, so tight that it became impossible for me to withdraw. Her cunt was holding my cock with the power of a vice, refusing to let me go.

I finally put her down but still kept her pressed against the wall. The water was now falling over my back, flowing down to the crack of my ass and falling to the floor.

‘I can never get used to you,’ she said. ‘You come at me with such vigour and energy; sometimes it is just too much for me to take.’

I traced a finger along her wet cheek. ‘Am I even better than your husband?’

‘Oh yes, you are!’ she said, ‘on so many different levels.’

‘How many times did he fuck you today?’

‘Six times in the morning, and four before dinner. He was far too excited after all these days and came twice before I could come even once. But then I must say I was far more excited last night than I was today. I was feeling so elated that all the while Andrew was fucking me, all I was thinking about was you. I was imagining that it was you not him who was with me, both of the time. Robert, I am afraid, you have spoilt me for good. I doubt that I could ever be faithful to my husband any more. Whenever he will take me in his arms, I will think about you. Whenever he would thrust his length inside me, it would be your cock I would be imagining about.’

Her words acted like diesel to the venereal flames burning inside my body. Once again, I plunged my length into her depths—now slick with our coital fluids and began to fuck her. She didn’t resist and began to move her hips, putting her arms around her neck to gain support. I reached behind and slipped a finger in her bottom-hole. She squirmed and lifted herself on her tip-toes. I bent my head down and took one of her nipples into my mouth while I fucked her both ways using my cock and my finger. She came hard, her light scream filling the small bathroom. I hoped that nobody else had heard it.

She slumped over me, and I held her up, our foreheads touching. Our eyes met and she gave me a brilliant smile. I realized that my cock was still hard, and that I could fuck her another three or four times. But she suddenly pushed me away and I stumbled back, my back hitting against the wall behind me.

‘My turn,’ she said.

She sat on her haunches and taking my whole prick into her mouth, began to suck it voluptuously. Her one hand was grabbing the base of my dick while her other hand was thrust between my legs, fondling my bollocks. I put my hands on her head, caressing her gently. I inadvertently felt my hips moving to and fro in rhythm. Her agile tongue darted around her mouth, running along the length of my cock, caressing the tip and then moving away just when I thought I was close to come. Her hand which was fondling my balls, moved between my legs and reaching up, she slipped a finger into my bottom-hole. I jerked up immediately, feeling a jolt of electricity course through my veins. My balls shrank and I poured into her a torrential amount of sperms. She kept her lips glued around the base of my cock, forming a tight seal and gulped down each and every drop I had to offer.

Finally, after my cock had stopped spurting, she released me, keeping her mouth pressed tightly around my girth as she pulled me out, sucking in whatever reminiscent of cum she could gather. She stood up and pressed her lips against mine. I revelled in the softness of her lips, which I could never get enough of. But the pleasure quickly turned into surprise, when I felt her tongue pushing into my mouth and it was followed by a stream of my own gunk. I was repulsed at first and tried to push her away, but then I savoured the taste of my own seed and pulled her in for a tighter embrace. We played with the liquid content for a while swapping it between our mouth, pushing and rolling it with our tongue. Then finally I gulped it down. It tasted delicious, if a bit salty.

At last our session came to a conclusion. I helped her wash off and then drying herself with a towel, she gave me a kiss and left. I waited for a little longer, and rushed to my room, dropping on my bed, and folding my hands behind my head I stared gleefully towards the ceiling. I realized that it was becoming somewhat of a habit of mine.


Rita stayed with us for another week before leaving. We continued to repeat our love sessions every day. Although we had to be far more careful and she could only spare an hour with me but I took the most advantage of that time. On the day of her departure, I had pulled her in to our secret room, and had spent an hour gloriously and thoroughly fucking her. Suffice to say, everyone regretted her leaving. She had become a part of us and everyone had etiler escort started to love her very much. I was morose to watch her leave, even though she had promised that she would return soon.

We met, as promised, but not until two years later and those moments I would always cherish for life.


As I had already said, Evelyn and I had gradually grown close to each other. We would spend hours talking to each other—Most of the time she would be one speaking while I listened to her intently.

She had grown more and more comfortable around me. Sometimes she would place her arm around my waist, drawing me closer or sometimes even kissing me and pressing me against her chest. I would often find myself staring longingly at her, taking in her beautiful features, her nice round breasts, her curvaceous body, her well-formed buttocks and her lips—red and succulent. I always wonder how they would feel against mine. Would they be as soft as Emily’s or as skilful as Rita’s?

And it was not just in me. I have seen her eyes sparkle and the colour of her face change when she kisses me and I would put my hand on her cheek and caressed it. At times, she would suddenly push me away and leave the room. In these times she would become agitated and stayed in the room all day long, only coming downstairs at dinner. It didn’t took me long to understand that she was struggling within herself. She was hanging on a tip of a balance, with her passion on one side and her reason on another. I decided not to disturb her in any sort. Stuff like these must be sorted out in one’s own mind.

It would have been really hard for me to resist her charms, if it weren’t for Emily, who helped in keeping my lust in check. She and I would escape to the old room whenever we could and spend the next hour or two fucking the shit out of each other. As the time passed she had begun to show more vigour and passion at this game. Her enthusiasm excited even more, never letting me get tired for even once.

But Emily wasn’t the only person who was keeping my lust in check. A few days ago, Emily and I decided to let Kate into our little secret. At first she was furious and we had some difficulties keeping Kate’s mouth shut. But at last, she agreed. So now I had not one but two women to satiate my carnal desires on a regular basis, which was kind of necessary, too. Since, Evelyn came on pretty hard on me.

Oh, right, I am getting ahead of myself. Maybe I should explain first how it did all happen.


It started thus. Emily and I were in my room upstairs. It was afternoon and everybody was in the backyard. Mum was talking with some of her friends from the town that had come to visit. Kate was with them. I knew that they would remain occupied for at least an hour and half so I decided to take advantage of it and grabbing Emily’s hands brought her to my room. As soon as we were inside, she jumped upon me, gluing her lips to mine. We tore off our dress, and I lied down on the bed while she hovered over me on her fours, and putting her mouth upon my prick, she sat down on my face. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and began to run my tongue through her dripping gash. Her cunt was wet enough to swim in.

She came twice on my mouth before my dick finally gave its load down her gullet. She kept sucking me for a while, making sure to take each and every drop. Then I pushed her on her back and putting her legs on my shoulder, plunged my cock deep inside her fuck-hole. My cock barely made it halfway in her when she shuddered with an orgasm, and then again, as my prick hilted in her sheath. I swear to God I had never fucked a more peristaltic cunt in my life.

‘Fuck me, Robert!’ she squealed, ‘Fuck me till I bulge. I wanna cock-tickle in the back of my throat.’

‘I love your dirty mouth, Em,’ I grinned.

I began to move my hips faster. Today, I felt like my thrusts were far more erratic and animalistic in nature than usual. Whether it had to do with the fact that our mum was sitting just outside or not, I do not know. I felt my balls tingle and I knew I was close and by the look on her face, she knew it too. Suddenly her eyes turned wide and she tried to push my hips back. I slowed down a little, watching her concerned expression, when I realized that I wasn’t wearing any protection. I pulled out, just in time as the first spurt of cum sprayed out and fell upon her tits. It was followed by several others, falling upon her breasts, her belly, her neck, her bosom, and even her chin. It is the first time I have watched my own cock actually spurt like that and it was hell of a sexy thing to watch.

She began to smear the white spunk over her tits and her body. I grabbed her hand and licked my spunk from her fingers, sucking them clean. Then I leaned in and kissed her.

‘I love you Robert,’ she said, ‘I love you so, so much.’

‘I love you too my dear sister.’

Suddenly we were alerted by a knock on the door. Both our eyes turned wide in horror and we looked towards the door at the same time. For a moment, I had forgotten that we were not alone in the house. I turned towards her. ‘Hide,’ I said.

She pushed me off her and started picking up her clothes. She started to look around frantically. ‘Where is the closet?’ she asked.