Ana and four guys in the parking lot

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Ana and four guys in the parking lotThat night Ana and I were out at a local bar with some friends. We had been dancing and drinking; until around midnight everyone decided to quit.Anita had been getting lot of attention from some local young guys. She was wearing a very tight dark green dress and her long shaped legs were looking great in her high stiletto shoes…As we were getting in the car, I realized I had better go back into the batroom before the drive home. Anita came back in with me. Some young guys quickly surrounded my sexy wife and continued their talking with her. I took a long time in the bathroom to see if anything would happen with my wife and thse men…I was getting horny real fast thinking what might be happening. When I came out, Ana was chatting with four men at the bar.I ordered a beer and sat down a few yards away. After about ten minutes, Anita came over to me. She said she had been having a chat, wating for me. The men still were standing there, but couldn’t hear us over the music. She added the guys were flirting with her. And she loved it, of course.I told her I was having a beer and would not leave yet. Ana wanted to go home. But then I told her we would not leave until she would do one of these guys. Anita smiled and looked at the lump in my pants. She said a quick “maybe” with a smirk and she left me there.She talked some gaziemir escort more with the young guys and I could see they were definitely trying to persuade her to do something. Ana was laughing and nodding her head as a “no way Jose…”She turned back to me and said she was going outside for another chat. All four guys followed her. When they had gone, I positioned myself so I could look outside. I saw themtalking and standing real close to my wife. She chatted with them and finally agreed to something. Then all walked away from the front of the bar. I waited just a couple minutes and then went outside. No sign of all them…I slowly walked up the street, until I came up to an open grass area, used normally as a parking lot. It was very dark there, but I heard some voices…I looked under the cars and saw just some pairs of shoes.Then I walked closer. Looking again under the cars I saw two sets of trousers down around ankles with my wife’s black stilettos between them…I recognized her dark green dress was now in a bunch on the ground. Then I came closer and I could hear the guys talking softly and a hint of her slurpping, sucking sounds. I needed to see what she was doing…I crawled in between the cars and finally saw all of them.My lovely wife was there, fully naked, bent over sucking one of the guys. Another one was behind gaziemir escort bayan her; with his hard dick sliding in and out. The other two guys were holding their cocks in their hands, waiting a turn.The man ficking her from behind was massaging her nice round tits, tweeking her hard nipples.When the one in her mouth started to cum, Anita took it out and kept stroking it as he came in her face and hair. The one fucking her from behinf seemed to grab her hips harder and pumped with more intensity. She was stroking one of the other guys and I could hear the slapping of flesh on flesh from the one behind her. Ana stayed bent over as the second guy came in her, after pumping like a wild crazy man. When he finished, my wife stood upright and looked great. Fresh semen was in her hair, her sweet face and leaking out of her abused cunt…Anita wiped off her face and took a drink of beer; as she smiled and chatted with them. The men were playing with her nipples and her moist pussy. The other two guys were already hard. She bent over and started sucking on the third man, as the fourth one quickly moved behind her and easily sunk up to his waist inside of her. It didn’t take long for them to come. This time the last guy came inside her and stayed there as my wife completed her task of sucking the third guy.When he started escort gaziemir to cum, she pulled it out and let him cum on her face againNow she had made them all cum, I knew I had better get back to the bar. Shortly there after, my sensual wife and her brand new lovers came back.Anita’s dark green dress was a mess. Her hair was mussed and matted. She passed me with a fuzzy glaze look and went directly to the bathroom. Then I knew all those guys tthat had fucked her, still had not realized that I was her husband.I could hear their conversation. They could not believe their luck, talking about the mature wife they had fucked All of them said Ana had great boobs, a hot pussy and a very naughty look in her eyes…When Anita came out she sat at the bar closet o me. The guys looked at me; but they just smiled in silence. My sexy wife still looked hot…The four guys left; but the bartender and other men there could see the state she was in. With the light son, we all could see that she had put her dress back on inside-out. All the seams were showing. There was some straws and grass on her dress from when it had been piled on the ground. Lastly, her curly blonde hair was matted from when the semen had landed.I was able to slide two fingers into her while she was sitting at the bar. Of course, one of the guys had taken my wife’s tiny her thong as a souvenir.I got a hand full of slime and Anita smiled to me…Ana had told me all about it on the way home. She had loved the way those Young guys had fucked her. They had very huge dicks and they all had abused her soft cunt with them.She added she was a bit sore; but still wanted to fuck more and more…