Ana discuss with a black contractor

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Ana discuss with a black contractorAna And I had decided to make some improvements at home.But that afternoon I had to attend a meeting at my office and I would not be able to be at home to discuss some changes with the contractor.He was a rude black man, a little bit intimidating and the first time he had met Ana, he had gotten her flustered…Then I had I told him I was on the verge of firing him if he treated Ana like that again. I had explained my wife all changes; so she could be there to treat with that man.Just to make sure she didn’t get manipulated by him again, I set the security cameras to record through the entire house during the interview.After my meeting, I went back to my desk to review my wife’s meeting with the contractor. I was really surprised, when I caught Ana answering the door in something that she wouldn’t wear in front of anyone but me…She was wearing her five red high heels, a black miniskirt and a sheer top that barely covered her beautiful round boobs…As she received the contractor at the door, the bastard immediately started talking about her curvy body, her luscious thighs all topped of with some beautiful tits and her juicy red lips made for sucking black cock. Instead of getting mad at him, my wife gave him a playful slap on the arm. As she headed to the kitchen to start the discussion; the black guy rubbed his heavy hand on her ass. That caused her to slow down instead of pushing him away. His hand then went under her skirt and exposed her bare ass under those stockings since she had no panties on.To give him any access he needed, Ana stopped in the living room where he lowered the zipper on her skirt, with no resistance from her. He just yanked at both sides of the zipper and tore her skirt wide open and let it fall to the floor. This appeared to please her immensely…Spinning her around, he put his big lips on her admittedly canlı bahis juicy red lips to create a kiss that would make anyone blush. I heard him telling her to take his clothes off and she did exactly what he ordered…Starting with his shirt, she caressed his body; kissing and sucking on his nipples before unbuckling his pants. When she lowered his pants, his long thick cock sprang out. Then Anita looked as if she almost had an orgasm when she grasped her hand around that cock.Without being told, she lowered his pants with one hand and got down to her knees, to end up with his cock sliding into her mouth in one smooth motion.The black bastard allowed her a few moments of tonguing his cock and getting it nice and slick before he grabbed firmñy both sides of Ana’s head.He then proceeded to fuck her face with such intensity instead of giving her the option of a blowjob. Within the first several strokes he had his huge cock to the back of her throat. Ana gagged and he withdrew halfway to give her a brief relief before he commenced to invade her mouth again passionately.Some minutes later, sensing that he was about to cum, he pulled his cock out and held it just inches from her lips, telling Anita to hold his cum in her mouth before swallowing. The load he released was really a huge amount Once he was satisfied he told her to swallow as he put his cock back in her mouth; ordering my wife to suck it clean.Finally pulling his cock from her mouth, he grabbed a handful of her hair, making her to stand just before he bent her over the back of the couch. Dropping to his knees he started rimming her ass and licking her pussy.I had no doubt Ana was in the verge of an intense orgasm in a matter of seconds, being treated the way she was. She arched her back and I saw she was trying to crawl away once her clit became sensitive, but his grip would not afford bahis siteleri her one bit of freedom from his clutches. It looked as she had an intense series of orgasms, one after another.Grabbed again by her, Ana stood on her legs obviously still weakened from the multiple orgasms. He dropped her on the couch facing down, with that beautiful round plump ass in the air. Then I heard the loud clap as he smacked her juicy pale white ass.Ana gave him a total control, as she begged almost crying in tears:“Please, Sir, fuck me hard!!… I am yours, Sir, fuck me any way you want!”Knowing that he now owned my wife at this point; he decided to torment her just a little more by dragging his cockhead up and down between her sopping wet pussy lips.“Please Sir, I beg you, give me your black cock”. She continued to plead.I could imagine the black bastard was enjoying the fact that he had broken her; now she was a married white slut really owned by a huge black cock. Dragging his cock through her pussy lips once more, he slapped her ass cheeks and ordered her to beg for his black cock…Ana began to shiver as she was in such need of his hard cock now. She was at his mercy and she desperately needed to cum on his black cock.“Please, Master, fuck me!! I need your cum deep inside of me, please!”She screamed as she was trembling with the need to cum at this point.Now he heard what he had been waiting for, yhe son of a bitch said:“Being my white slave, you are bound to me… and me only”!“Yes Sir…!!” Was her only response.Finally he demanded laughing ay her, still slapping his dick on her pussy:“Whenever I require, you will be my slut and you will suck my black cock in front of your cuckold husband, with not hesitation…!!”“Yes Master, I will do it as you wish…” She yelled without any hesitation…He laughed and then lined up his engorged dick. Without any warning, slammed bahis şirketleri it to the bottom of my wife’s pussy. Anita screamed so loud, as her body got the cock she desperately needed and she begans to shudder uncontrollably. I just noticed that apparently at the same time he plunged his thumb into her asshole as he slammed his dick deep inside of her wet cunt…Her response of squirting all over the couch was confirmation that he had done things to her that she had never experienced before Her obvious response was having orgasms like she had never imagined. The squeezing her pussy was delivering to his cock pushed him over the edge as well, so he grabbed her hips and he embedded his cock completely inside of her to release his black seed.I saw a little smirk of satisfaction on Ana`s face, when she felt she was being filled. Her new Master had planted his seed directly inside her cervix.Slowly recovering from their orgasms, the black contractor pulled his still hard cock from my wife’s black owned pussy. As he had his dick hanging close to her head, he commanded her to clean it up…Rolling to her side, she grabbed onto his ass cheeks to pull his cock and her face together. Meanwhile Ana licked him clean, he told her that his nephew was getting married and he was responsible for the bachelor party on Friday. He wanted Ana to be the entertainment for the night. She would wear a sexy outfit and would not expect to come back home until Saturday morning…Her response was a quick yes, as she pulled the black cock out of her mouth only long enough to please him.Grabbing his pone, he took a picture of his white married slut, as she looked at his eyes while licking that black dick between her red lips…Rushing home, I caught my sexy wife before she could have a chance to take a shower and get rid of the evidence. She was entering the bathroom when I arrived. I could see traces of semen running between her legs.Ana tried to distract my attention from her well fucked body, telling that she had a good meeting with our black contractor… And I knew she was not telling me a lie at all…