And I Didn’t Think I’d Like It

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We’d had a blast and done well for a change. The locker room was heaving with tired, happy men and all the supporters who had blagged their way in to add their congratulations.

“Ok” said the coach, “Lets leave these heroes to get changed and showered. Meet in the bar in 30 mins.”He smiled at the team and walked out to the corridor. As he did he stopped at my bench and winked. “You did well Andy. He reached over and tousled my hair. Don’t forget the reward for scoring a hat trick. See me at the bar.”

With that he smiled and walked , or strutted out.

Coach was a fit guy in his 40s while I was the youngest player in the team at just 19. He had a firm, muscled body and he usually worked out during training sessions. I’d often caught myself admiring those hard legs and tight glutes as he did his squats and had noticed other guys on the team admired him too.

I joined the guys in the shower and amid the shouting and laughing I heard my name mentioned more than once. “The coach will have a special surprise for Andy” said Bob, as he soaped his legs and chest.

“Bet he gets invited for a post match dinner,” laughed John. “We know what that means eh. Something very rare on the menu. Probably sausage. “

Everyone laughed and the guys nearest me smiled and winked at me.”I’m sure you can look after yourself,” said Charley as he pushed past to get changed. “You just enjoy it. You’ve got a lot coming your way.” He grinned at a couple of the other guys as he left.

What did he mean? I had no idea what my “special” surprise batman escort might be but the ribald humour of the team was probably just high spirits after winning the match.

I left the shower with the others and got dry and dressed quickly. Even so I was nearly the last one out and I decided to put my gear in the car before heading to the bar. As I found my car in the darkened car park I looked around to see who else was about. John came up to me and slapped me on the shoulder.

“Well done tonight mate,” he said. “You played a blinder. What fantastic goals. You must be really made up.”

Yes” I replied. “It’s not every day you score 3 in one match. And the coach seemed pleased with me.”

“Mmm. Lucky lad. In for a special treat eh?”

“Yes but I’m not so sure I want to meet coach on my own. The guys comments have spooked me a bit. What do you think?”

John looked at me with a grin. “Don’t you really know what this is all about Andy? Lots of the other guys will be there and you won’t have to worry. After a couple of drinks you’ll be fine and if you’re worried about driving home afterwards I can always give you a lift. You just have a good time. There’s bound to be a bit of mucking about but nothing you can’t take. We all want to have a good time and I’ll be there if you need a mate. Honest, it’ll be ok.”

He put his hands on my shoulders and shook me gently. “Come on mate, You’ll be fine.”

I liked the feel of those strong hands touching me and would have been happy escort batman just to share a beer with John and get to know him better. Still, maybe later.

“Ok” I said, “Lets go.” With that John put a well muscled arm on my shoulder and led me towards the bar entrance. “Good man” he said, “And remember, I’m on your side.”

We pushed through the bar doors and were greeted by the rest of the team and support staff standing shoulder to shoulder at the bar. Coach turned as we entered and a broad grin creased his rugged features.

“Hey everyone, the man of the moment is here at last. A big cheer for Andy and his part in our victory.”

All the guys cheered and slapped me on the back. A pint was quickly produced for me and we all chatted and laughed. Coach was in good form, laughing and telling jokes, and paying me every attention. After I’d finished my fourth pint I felt very relaxed. I was certainly enjoying myself and had completely forgotten my worries.

We had started singing rude rugby-type songs and coach insisted I start the drinking forfeit game. I had to stand on the table and sing the next verse. When I forgot the words all the guys chanted “off, off, off,” until I’d removed my shirt at the same time downing the rest of my pint. Another one was quickly put in my hand as I climbed down and I saw that John had taken my place. He stripped with some enthusiasm and wiggled out of his jeans quickly. Everyone cheered. Now it was coach’s turn and he introduced a twist by calling me up on the batman escort bayan table with him. I was too merry now to care and sprang on to the table. Coach grabbed me to stop falling off and all the guys cheered and whisled.

“Come on Andy, lets give em a bit of a show ” he said as he nuzzled his face into my neck. He put his hands on my hips and ran them up and down as I wiggled my bum. The room was full of loud, laughing men. all enjoying the show.

“What the hell, why not,” I thought as I felt coach undo my belt buckle. He was behind me now running his hands over my bare chest. Then he was undoing my jeans and grinding his crotch into my bum.

“Mmm that feels good.” I moaned into coach’s ear. He began running his hands over my naked legs and my arse cheeks over my Calvin briefs. The guys were cheering us on. We’d all had more than enough to drink and were keen to egg each other on. I caught Johns eye. He smiled and gave me a thumbs up sign. I noticed he had removed his shirt and as I looked around I was surprised to see that most of the other guys had too. Someone had put some music on and everyone was bouncing around dancing. Coach and I were close together on the table. His hands were all over me and before I knew it John was up there with us. I became a human sandwich. Mmm I felt good with two pairs of hands running over my body. And when they squeezed inward trapping be firmly between them, I could feel my cock taking on a life of its own. God this was HOT.

I felt coach ‘s lips on my neck and then he was kissing and biting my ear grinding his stiff cock into my butt. Meanwhile John was kissing me on the neck. “I told you not to worry. You’re a natural at this,” he murmered as he sucked my tits.

Mmmm MMMM was all I could say. And to think I didn’t want to celebrate at first. How wrong can you be. (t b c)