Anniversary in the Lake District

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Dave and I (Anna) were camping in Ennerdale. We’d met here, on my very first trip with our university’s climbing club more than thirty years ago and we’ve been together ever since; it’s been a rare year when we haven’t returned on or about this same weekend to celebrate the anniversary and whilst rock climbing is well behind us nowadays, we’re still keen hill walkers.

The campsite had been busy over the weekend, but now, other than a few families at the opposite end of the field nearer to the river, it was just ourselves and four young guys with a beaten up old van and a couple of ragged tents up here amongst the trees. We’d spoken to the lads a few times over the last couple of days — they were here climbing — and as this was their final night too, we’d arranged to share a meal that evening; it turned into a memorable night. They were part of a university climbing club and as the beer and wine flowed, we enjoyed listening to them talk about college life and the routes that they’d been climbing over the weekend, whilst we regaled them with stories of what both had been like ‘back in the day’. It had got to about 9:30pm when one of the students, Gary, piped-up to enquire: “When are we going into town? We said we’d hit town on our last night.”

Mike — probably the eldest of the boys – immediately responded: “I know we did, but I’m already over the drink-driving limit, so you’ll be walking; it’s about twelve miles that way. Besides, we’ve got plenty of booze here, good company, what’s likely to be a great sunset on the way and a campfire to keep us warm once it’s set, why’d you want to trade all that for a shit-hole like Whitehaven?

“Yeah, but there are girls in Whitehaven.”

A third guy Tony burst out laughing, before smiling in my direction and announcing: “Sorry; yet more evidence of just how poor the Uni’s intake for their biology-degree course has been this year.”

We were all laughing at that riposte, but Gary carried on; digging his hole even deeper: “Ah sod off Tony, you know what I meant; real girls, the sort you can fuck.”

That was the moment when I joined the teasing; leaping to my feet, shoulders thrown back, legs splayed and hands on hips, I tossed my auburn hair, pasted a feigned look of disdain upon my face, looked left and right and to encompass all present, before settling my gaze firmly upon Gary and imperiously enquiring: “And what pray does that comment say about me… Too old perhaps? A women’s vagina doesn’t seal itself up when she hits forty you know; or perhaps you don’t, maybe they won’t teach you that until the second year at college?” I was confident in striking the pose, I might be forty-nine, but a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and having been very fortunate when tickets for the genetics-lottery were distributed, meant that I remained, tall, slim and athletic. My boobs weren’t the largest, but relative to my frame in general, they’d always looked bigger and standing in the half-light of the fast-setting sun, wearing only canvas shorts and an open plaid shirt of my husband’s over my black sports-bra, I looked good and I knew it; perhaps a little frayed around the edges nowadays, but still worth a second look!

Gary by now realising that he’d backed himself into an embarrassing corner, glanced around in search of salvation or at least a little help from his friends; he found none, all were too busy laughing at his plight and in desperation he blurted: “No, No! Of course I didn’t mean it like that Anna; I’ll bet you’re a great fuck, but there’s four of us, so you wouldn’t be able to screw us all.”

The laughter stopped in an instant as all the boys — Dave too — fell quiet, and glanced toward me, then at Gary, before their eyes returned to settle back on me once more; the second time around it was no ‘glance’, their eyes were locked and I could see a hunger behind them, as each in his own way, pictured the scenario which Gary had just voiced. My own reaction was to make eye contact with Dave and we held the sort of conversation which only those who’ve been together for many years can manage, no words or gestures, just with our eyes and it was over in less than two seconds, concluding with Dave’s eyebrows lifting the merest fraction and a single barely perceptible nod of the head.

Turning back towards Gary, I accorded him a seductive smile before answering quietly: “But surely that’d be part of the…fun, with a gang-bang? I wouldn’t get any choice in who, nor how and most especially how many men fucked me; I could hardly fight off all four of you…and once overpowered… well, I’d be completely at your mercy”

“Yeah, but there’s Dave here to protect you.”

All eyes save mine swung in Dave’s direction who sprawled in his camp chair quietly guffawed: “Don’t worry about me son, I’ve never been one for fighting at the best of times; one more beer now and I’d be beyond protecting anybody.”

It was now the four boys who were trying — and failing miserably – to discretely communicate via glances and gestures, though escort izmir the moment that I moved it stopped immediately, with all eyes returning to me; I slowly sashayed between the boys to reach the ice-box, extracted a beer, popped its ring-pull — it sounded almost explosive in the silence which now surrounded us — and handed it to Dave. As Dave took a slow pull from the can, I adopted an expression of contemplation, before reaching into the cool box and taking out a second beer, this one I placed unopened in the pocket in Dave’s chair arm as I kissed him on the cheek. My words were barely above a whisper, but audible to all in the silence: “You’d better have two love, I suspect that this might take a while?” The four guys remained silently spellbound as I waltzed casually back between them to once more stand beside our camp fire.

For a long moment and I do mean lonnnnnng, certainly above a minute, perhaps even two, there was neither sound nor movement from any of us, save for Dave sipping at his beer. When the growing tension was finally broken, it was to my astonishment, done so by the fourth of the young men; Adam, though he may have been called Allan? To this day I’m unsure, as he’d barely spoken all evening and not at all as recent events had unfolded; though as I quickly discovered, young Adam was ‘silent but deadly’. When Adam made his move it was decisive and self assured, without another moment’s hesitation, he rose from his seat, strode across to me and without a word promptly and efficiently stripped me of my clothes, his actions more economic rather than erotic. As Adam stepped back to admire his handiwork I thanked my stars that the sun had finally set, in the firelight, the effects of my body’s near fifty year fight with gravity and the marks from bearing three children were both less evident; Indeed, I was hoping perhaps invisible from where the other boys sat watching perhaps 8′-12′ away?

Having unwrapped his prize, Adam’s blank expression never wavered nor did his audacity wane; with eyes locked onto and seeming to devour my naked body, he swiftly and confidently unfastened his own belt and jeans, pushing those and his boxer shorts half way to his knees. It was only in the moment before finally speaking that Adam’s countenance changed, when with an assertive leer he grabbed me firmly by the hair, forcefully pressed me down onto my knees and growled: “If you’re so hot to trot Anna, why don’t you start by sucking on this?” I was speechless, what had I let myself in for? With hands pushing against Adam’s thighs as his semi-rigid cock waved before my eyes, the old adage about ‘biting off more than you can chew’ seemed increasingly relevant. Adam’s grip on my hair tightened as he pulled me forward toward his other hand holding steady to the engorged prick which seemed to swell before my eyes. I couldn’t have resisted had I tried and obediently parted my lips to accommodate his intrusion.

I did try to suck on Adam’s fat cock, but for the most part it was more a case of him simply ‘fucking my mouth’; I was so lost in the sordid act that the other boys had joined us before I was aware that they’d even moved. A hand — more gentle than Adam’s — cupped my left breast, then a second later another, though clearly not matching hand groped at the right one; twisting my nipple quite deliciously with its fingers. It was perhaps another twenty seconds before a third hand — whether independent or a pair to one of those at my breasts, I really couldn’t tell. — stroked across my left buttock, before slipping between my thighs, to penetrate my pussy just a moment later. “Oh man, she’s ab-so-lutely dripping wet!.” I recognised the voice, so that hand between my legs must be Gary’s; I suspected that it was Gary’s other hand which sharply slapped my bum in emphasis of his declaration too?

That was the moment when reality too finally slapped me: Four horny young men were groping me at once, one already had his cock inside me too, this wasn’t just another erotic story that I was reading, or some video that I was watching, nor even a private fantasy within my own head of which there’d been innumerable over the years. This was actually happening To me! To Anna! For better or for worse I was about to get gang banged! The point of no return had been reached and those young men could no longer be stopped and let’s be honest, as I’d been the one who’d quite blatantly instigated this assault, there was no point in my begging for release now; this really was a case of my having been ‘asking for it’ and ‘bringing it on myself.’ “Come on, let’s get fucking her!” That was Gary’s voice once again and the other hands fell away as Adam roughly pushed me backward to sprawl on the grass beside our campfire, the boys stood in loose circle around me, each openly displaying both a hard cock and a rapacious expression.

Gary was bouncing around like an over excited puppy, pleading that it was ‘my idea — I suggested it first — so I should get the first go at her!’. However, it was Adam standing between izmir escort bayan my open legs and he whom I expected would be the first one to take me; so, I was somewhat surprised when he suddenly smiled down at me, before stepping away and casually responding: “Yeah, why not; let’s get your cherry popped first Gazza, there’ll be plenty of time for the rest of us to take a turn before bed-time.” There was laughter all around as Gary vociferously denied his virginity, though not to the extent where it delayed his dropping promptly to his knees between my legs; I’d no idea of whose story was true, but the next few minutes certainly suggested that this was perhaps Gary’s first time? Gary remained in overexcited-puppy mode as he wriggled and thrust between my legs, his first penetration attempt being so far ‘off-target’ that it struck barely half way up my thigh! Gary soon got much closer to his goal, but that only made his inaccuracy painful rather than amusing and I was forced to shout a commanding ‘wait!”

Thankfully Gary complied, though his expression turned forlorn at my order — he now looked like a whipped puppy! I gently whispered reassurances in his ear, whilst reaching down to take his rampant prick in my hand, then having guided it gently between my outer lips, finished with ‘ push slowly forward now Gary’ and he sank easily and fully into me with a single thrust. Gary might’ve been inexperienced, but he’d certainly been right about one thing: I was indeed ‘absolutely dripping wet’. Gary’s excitement wasn’t quelled for long and within moments he was pounding into me with a frenzy and I clearly wasn’t the only one thinking ‘this isn’t going to take long’; from the shadows I heard a voice call out “Don’t come inside her Gaz, if Anna’s dripping wet already, we don’t want you making her any slicker!” Whether Gary hadn’t heard or didn’t care, he carried on pumping furiously for perhaps a further thirty seconds, until a squeal of delight told us all that the moment was upon him; in that very instant it changed to a shriek as one or perhaps more of the other lads, grabbed hold of Gary, yanking him off me and into the air.

Gary’s protracted wail of ‘Noooooooooo!’ confirmed his anguish at the interuption, though it did nothing to stop his ejaculation and stream upon stream of hot, viscous semen rained down upon me; for the most part it fell across my belly and thighs, but more than a few spots reached my breasts with a several others be-spattering my face. The other boys meanwhile were laughing and cheering at each emission, though whether at their friends expense, or simply pleased at having prevented Gary’s prodigious outpouring from flooding my chasm, I couldn’t be sure. As the moment passed and the situation calmed, I’d some sympathy for poor Gary, who by now the others had casually tossed onto the ground, but that sympathy was tempered by envy at his having at least achieved his climax; I certainly hadn’t and by now I was desperate for an orgasm of my own.

When a form appeared from the shadows and bent over me, I’d felt sure it would now be Adam, but as strong arms slipped beneath my knees and shoulders lifting me from the ground, it was Mike whom I saw and heard: “Why don’t we move this somewhere more comfortable, rather than rutting like animals in the dirt?” Mike weaved between the others and carried me toward a picnic table, a table upon which Tony quickly deployed a camping-mat as we approached; I simply lay in Mike’s arms, aroused by the ease with which he bore my weight but thinking, ‘well, he ought to be stronger, he is the eldest of them after all’. In that moment, reality gave me yet another slap in the face; this ‘older’ man who was even now arranging me on a table for his — and hopefully my own! – sexual pleasure, couldn’t possibly be more than twenty one or two years old; whilst I was a mother to three children and even my youngest daughter was older than that!

I was now laid flat upon the camping mat, legs dangling over the table’s edge, toes barely brushing the floor; but as Mike eased my legs apart and moved between them, my mind was in turmoil – ‘Come on Anna you’ve got to stop this, you’re almost fifty..’ — as Mike’s cock teased open my pussy lips -‘…offering yourself up for a gang bang’s sordid enough, but doing so with a bunch of kids who’re younger than your own is just perverse…’ and as Mike’s cock-head slipped inside, I almost got there – “…Stop him, now! Just scream NO!’ but an instant later as Mike’s full length drove deep inside of me, I was lost and all that came out was a gratified and protracted groan of “yeeesssssssssssssss”. For those few moments my intentions might have been good, but I was now on the road to hell. As Mike settled into a steady rhythm, I recall thinking ‘he’s bigger than Gary, well hung, about the size of Mike maybe?’ Mike was no virgin or even novice, he knew how to pleasure a woman and having already been aroused by Gary, this one was responding quickly to his ministrations.

Mike must’ve fucked me for better izmir escortlar than five, perhaps even ten minutes? My much needed orgasm arrived within thirty seconds of Mike’s entry and thereafter the pleasure never seemed to cease; he was good, very good, constantly changing the pace, depth, strength and even the angle of his penetrations, but never abruptly, his lovemaking was like a well conducted piece of music. I was still descending from the initial climax when Mike’s angle and depth of penetration first shifted, seeming to engage a new set of nerve-endings through which a second orgasm began building before the first was exhausted and so it continued. I lost track of time completely; at some point Mike slipped a hand between us too, the fingers picking out a complimentary rhythm upon my clitoris and playing their own part in the tune which he performed upon my body. I was beyond caring as to whether I’d enjoyed a single protracted orgasm, or if each peak should’ve counted as a separate one, but in the moment when Mike too finally went over the edge, I didn’t want it to stop. As Mike began responding to his friends’ calls for him to “pull out!”, I locked my legs behind his thighs and tried my damnedest to hold him inside me; he was strong and for the most part his copious emission escaped to dowse my bush and inner thighs, but the first flood at least had entered my sensitive channel and that alone was sufficient to trigger the final orgasm which I craved.

In the aftermath I lay gasping for breath atop the table, my head slumped to the left; then and as my eyes slowly refocused, the first face which I saw was Dave’s; we were eye to eye and not six feet apart! I now realised that when Mike had lifted me from the ground, he hadn’t just carried me to the nearest picnic table, nor I suspect one randomly chosen, he’d disported me upon the table immediately in front of my husband’s chair; Dave had commanded a ring side seat for our performance! My immediate response was one of horror at Dave having been obliged to so closely witness my shameful behaviour and indeed, to hear it; I all too clearly remembered voicing (and loudly!) just moments earlier, that Mike was giving me “the best fuck I’ve ever had!” The feeling soon passed, as the lewd expression on Dave’s face as he took a casual swig from his beer can, along with is other hand being hidden from view, deep inside his shorts confirmed that he was more than happy with the show.

I didn’t get long to savour my relief as an instant later I was unceremoniously flipped over, to lie face down upon the picnic table with legs still dangling off the end; as they were roughly kicked apart a harsh voice informed me that: ” Now those two pussies have loosened you up, it’s about time you got a proper shafting.” Still not Adam, that was Tony’s voice. I felt his cock head nosing gently past my juice-slicked labia and an instant later Tony emphatically slammed his cock deep inside me; I cried out at the harsh intrusion, his prick was fucking huge! In my excited and pre-fucked state, with Mike’s emission still dripping from me, I’d anticipated Tony sliding in all too easily; it was only when he partially withdrew and drove into me for a second time, that I understood I still hadn’t yet accepted him completely. The third time at least I felt the fear-allaying slap of his balls hitting my bum and I knew I’d now accommodated it all; Oh my God, Tony was hung like the proverbial horse! If intercourse with Mike had been like a conductor orchestrating a symphony, then Tony’s was pure Heavy Metal; he pounded into me like a jack hammer and not surprisingly he was finished within a couple of minutes, I wasn’t complaining though, as the abuse had already taken me to and through yet another cataclysmic orgasm.

I was deep in the throes of that climax, when I sensed that Tony too was about to release his seed and growled in frustration at my being unable in this position to hold him inside me for the finale, so was elated when I heard a voice from behind announce: “Just let it go and fill her up mate, none of us will be touching the sides after that monster’s reamed her out anyway”. It was Adam and I silently thanked him as Tony released stream upon stream of thick semen deep inside me, in what felt like a perfect finale to proceedings; I was so far gone that until Adam spoke once again – “Now it’s my turn.” – I’d forgotten that he’d not yet fucked me. I lay prone and exhausted as Adam replaced Tony between my draping legs, I was already sated and almost giggling in the aftermath as I thought to myself ‘Too late, I remember the size of your cock from when it was in my mouth; I doubt that I’ll even feel you after Tony.’ Adam’s next words were a question and it hit me like a bucket of cold water: “Have you had it in the arse before Anna?”

I was already making to stand up as I screamed out a “No!” in response but in my debilitated state, it was simple enough for Adam to press one hand between my shoulder blades and keep me pinned to the table; I writhed beneath his hand, but soon realised it was to no avail so instead I tried to talk my way out of it: “No Adam, you can’t, not like that, I… I’ve… I’ve never done… not there…, not even for Dave… I’ve never let him… not like that.”.