Anniversary morning fuck

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I woke up before her. She lay there next to me, her crimson hair draped down her back. I slid my hand through under the sheets and felt the warm of her side. Slowly my hand moved up her body, stoping to appreciate every curve along the way. Her hair is long and as I run my fingers to through it, it falls onto my chest. I love the way this feels. I scoot closer to her as I continue my exploration of her body. My hand reaches her ass and I squeeze and pull her cheek away from the other. She softly moans.“I know you love when I play with your ass baby.”I continue massaging kaçak iddaa her, playing with her ass and her hair. I know she’s wet for me. My pants slide down and I press my cock against her. She moans again, this time deeper as she presses back into me. I reach around and starting squeezing her tits. Those DDDs feel so good. I brush away her hair back and kiss her neck, pinching her nipple. She pushes her ass harder into me. I shift myself lower and line the tip of my cock up her her pussy. Grabbing her hip I guide her dripping hole to accept me. Back and forth I rock kaçak bahis her, watching as I slip in and out. She holds the top of hand while my stroke picks up. Her tits are bouncing and the sound of our fucking fills the room. I grab the back of her hair and pull hard as my cock slams into her hard. Her moaning is getting louder and I know she’s getting close to releasing those sweet juices all over me. I pull out and move to the end of the bed. I open her thighs wide and take in the sight of that beautiful ginger pussy. The aroma of her is intoxicating. My tongue runs illegal bahis up and down the outside of her lips and finally right up the middle. I part her lips with my tongue slowly as I lap up her juices getting deeper with each pass. I lift her thighs back and her sweet hole is begging for my tongue. I dive in. She grabs the back of my head and pushes herself onto my face. I suck on her clit like it’s oxygen. I love tasting her sweetness. She loves when I take her clit deep into my mouth and then flick it back and forth with my tongue. I do this briefly and she goes wild. I alternate between tongue fucking her and flicking her clit. She’s getting closer. I wrap my arms around her thighs and start to focus on her clit. She shakes and I feel a familiar warmth on my cheeks.