Another Photo Shoot For The Twins. (Part Two)

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Another Photo Shoot For The Twins. (Part Two)Part TwoSamantha and Hannah had the time of their lives, as they were taking turns blowing Rich. As Hannah was taking a small break, she took off his boots, socks and jeans leaving him completely naked. Samantha was going up and down on his cock really quickly, and it felt better with each passing second. It felt so good, that he fell onto the couch. That didn’t stop them from sucking on his cock. Rich was in the middle of the couch, and he had a beautiful girl on each side of him. He had to lean my head back a bit, so he could just try to take the pleasure. It was just getting very difficult to keep his load down, as the sisters were alternating turns.Rich leaned over towards Hannah’s ass, and began rubbing her soft butt cheeks. She seemed to like it, but her lips weren’t talking though. He stuck a couple fingers up into her pussy, and that made her moan a little bit. Samantha was watching Hannah suck on Rich’s cock as if there was no tomorrow and Rich fingers fucking her sister, so she got a little idea. sarıyer escort She got up, as she was still completely naked. She walked over to the table, and grabbed his new camera.”Put that down,” Rich said.”You don’t want any more photographic evidence?” Samantha asked.He didn’t answer, because it was more than obvious. She took some pictures of Hannah sucking the life out of his cock. Rich was moaning really loudly as he heard the camera going off.”Oh yes, Rich. The camera loves you too,” Samantha said.Rich smiled at that, and then Hannah got down on the floor. She could really get a grip down there, and she certainly did. Samantha made sure to get Hannah’s good side, and then about five minutes later, she put the camera down. She came over to the couch.Hannah lifted up her head, and came over to Samantha’s face. They began making out passionately for a couple minutes. “Fuck!!” Samantha screamed.Samantha eating her sister’s pussy, and Rich was in his own personal heaven. esenyurt escort She only used her mouth, so she didn’t use her fingers. She had her tongue in there deep and she was moving it around quite quickly. Rich swore he came a bit right then, but he was not about to stop there. Samantha reached up towards Hannah’s tits, and squeezed them.Rich took a small break and leaned down onto Samantha’s back. He wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly. The girls and Rich always had a lot of chemistry with each other. Rich got really close to Samantha’s ear and whispered, “Have I ever told you how hot both of you are?” Rich asked.”No, actually. You always tell us that we are beautiful, but never how hot we were though,” Samantha replied. “You are such a great guy, and no guy can resist two girls fucking each other, especially sisters” Samantha said.The twins got really close to Rich, and both of them put a hand onto his cock.”It’s so hard, Hannah,” Samantha said.”I know, it’s as hard as a rock,” Hannah avrupa yakası escort replied.They both got close to each other, and began kissing each other. He just watched them for a minute, before he decided to grab his camera.”Now this is a photo moment,” Rich said.Rich took about twenty different shots of them making out, and then he got close to them. He dropped the camera on the couch and wrapped his arms around them. Eventually, they stopped kissing each other, and Hannah jumped into his arms, and then she laid her lips on his.They both made out for about five minutes and then Rich lost his balance. He fell onto his ass, but their lips never left each other. They both held each other tightly, and then Samantha got onto the couch with them. They put a small space between them. Samantha helped herself to Hannah’s nipples. Rich knew Hannah wanted to moan, but she couldn’t detach her lips from his. While Samantha was down there, she also couldn’t resist but to rub her sister’s pussy. That was when Rich had to detach his lips from Hannah’s lips.”Shit, you two are driving me crazy,” Rich said as he moaned. Rich arrived at his limit, he had to eject his load.”Shit, hot ladies,” Rich yelled.Hannah got off him, and Samantha grabbed the camera and quickly took pictures of him shooting his load all over her sister’s face and hair.”In the photography, I believe that’s called a photo finish,” Samantha said.The End