Anya Ch. 14

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Alexis Texas

Well, today was the day me and Anya got to see our new house. Because of the island’s size; we had to go by chopper. Apparently we were the lucky ones; the poor builders who made our house were forced to sail to the island and camp out. I thought of the natives; how they perceived me ‘buying’ their island from a government who they had probably never heard of, and building a mansion on what ultimately was their land. I had gone out to see the natives 6 months previously; they seemed nonchalant. But had this huge building now changed their views of their ‘guest’? I hoped for the best.

When Anya first saw the island she was amazed. The small island was mostly covered by dense jungle; although you could just about make out where the native’s settlement was. The cool sunset was a perfect backdrop for the one and only beach on the island. The only thing stopping that side of the island becoming sea was the small cliffs above the beach. Just to the right of these cliffs was my new home. It was magnificent. The private pool was huge, although not filled; so you could make out the Creation of Adam tiled floor (No prizes for what film I was thinking about when Anya and I designed that part!). The tennis court was on a higher level then the pool; not how I had planned. I guess that the uneven surface would have prolonged the time to smooth the whole floor. But we were anxious the most for the interior of the mansion; this is what we had spent most of our time thinking over.

The chopper settled down in the small courtyard just in front of the main doors. I could not wait. I rushed out of the chopper, with Anya fast behind me. I was just arriving to the first step before the door, when my voice was shouted. I looked round; there was a middle aged man who graced a dark blue suit, with a snakish grin on his face. Next to him was a rather rugged looking builder (I assumed from his ragged clothes – So I’m a posh bastid!); also middle aged, but with a face that looked as though he had single handily won a war, but had had his medals stolen from him. We all shook hands; apparently the suit was saying that me and Anya cannot go in to the house until he has marked it as safe. Needless to say the builder was upset that his ‘master piece’ was being deemed imperfect. It was looking increasingly likely that we were going to be camping out this night.

We were shown down to where the builders were camping; not too far from the native settlement. Because of the hot weather the builders had just been sleeping in a small camp (without shelter). canlı bahis They had set up near the native’s settlement because of easy access to a stream. This meant that less space on the boats were used up by bottled water, and more for building supplies; making the job run faster.

The builder who had met as on our arrival (John) introduced as to the head of the native tribe. I was surprised to see that it was a woman. Anya and I were offered sheltered (And more private) quarters. We talked for a time with the tribal leader, and some of the other natives.

The natives were very… Modern. Outside their dwellings looked basic enough, but inside they were quite modern; hell they had a TV! Anya asked how and when they had become more modern; the tribal leader said that their tribe has been visiting the main land for more then 30yrs. The tribal leader told us that they had not been fond of keeping their old ways, and were adapting fast. She told us that they had even taken to giving their children ‘English’ names. Joanne (The head of the tribe) informed us that they grew all their food here, and were simply self sufficient. When I asked about how they acquired their TV, and how they had become to speak so good English. She said that when they first started to visit the main land more often they saw that they could charge people for giving them gifts. This made me stop, and think about what she had said. At first I thought she had just not phrased the sentence properly, or that I had misheard. But she smiled, and asked me:

“How many men have you seen in this settlement not including the builders?” Her smile widened when I looked around rather stupidly.

“Errrr None…” I answered.

“Precisely. This island has some power, or rather a curse. For some reason children who are born here are always girls.”

“Oh right… What all of them?”

“I was told my grandmother that she had never seen a boy born on this island. I have never seen one either.”

“So how do you ummmm… reproduce?” I asked awkwardly.

“I told you. People pay to give us gifts. In my grandmother’s time they simply went to the main land and… Coupled with a suitable man. The women then came back here, gave birth and when they wanted another child they went back to the mainland. To my knowledge this is how it has always been done.

“Your next question is how do we pay for our children to go to school, and how do we get our new tools? Well before there was no need to. But now we see the benefits of gaining money. We have also learned bahis siteleri that people will pay to give us children. It’s a win, win situation; there are no losers. When our children are of age, we send them to the mainland to go to school. After that they come back here. Before you ask; none of our children has ever wanted to stay on the mainland.

“You are the first male to be living on this island. But you have paid us well to live here.” She added with a smile.

I was dumbfounded. So they are all prostitutes. After that initial blast of ignorance I thought about their perception of their ways. I suppose to them it was the only to keep their island free of over sexed men; and most of all it was normal to them.

We said our goodbyes, and were shown to our temporary shelter. It was… Basic. I wondered how much they actually charged for… ‘Receiving gifts’. And what else they spent their money on.”

Anya and I undressed, then got in to our separate sleeping bags, and lay down next to each other. Anya said that we should join the sleeping bags up; so she zipped them both together; it worked quite well. I put arm around Anya’s stomach and we discussed what we had just heard.

“I reckon it’s a bit yucky how they sleep with men they hardly know. What do they do about STDs?” Anya asked. “And after spending so much time with women, won’t the children think it’s a bit weird them having sex with a guy?”

“They do go to the main land for schooling though. So I suppose they learn everything there.” I answered.

“What do all these women do for sex?!? I know I would go crazy for a cock!”

“No. You would just go and fuck one of the other women.” I laughed.

We were interrupted by the sound of quiet moaning. We looked at each other quizzically. My first thought was that the builders and the natives had a little agreement. Anya ventured out side (Still very naked) to see what it was about. As she got up I told her she was just a little perv, and I was met by a swift kick.

When she came back she had a very big grin on her face.

“Joanne didn’t tell us that she and a few of the other women were lesbians. We are gonna have some fun living here.”

“We’ll see. I reckon that if I try anything with the women, they’ll run me through.” I laughed.

But Anya’s perving had obviously made her horny. Anya crept back in to our sleeping bag, and resumed her position. Because of the confinements of the sleeping bag; she started to rub her ass against my cock. Soon my hard-on was canlı bahis siteleri between her ass cheeks, getting a thorough seeing to. I moved my hand higher and started to cup, and grope her breast. With the other I reached down to her pussy and started to rub her until she was moaning for something bigger, hotter, and by now wetter; drenched in pre-come. Anya turned her head and we shared a kiss; whilst she grabbed hold, and aimed my rock hard cock at her entrance. I entered her slowly, whilst she was feverently rubbing her clit. I pulled back, and entered her again slowly. I kept up this slow attack on her pussy until she almost begged me to speed it up.

I kept inside my own little fuck slut, and unzipped the joined sleeping bag. I grabbed Anya’s hips, and lifted her up on all fours. I did her doggy with the same pace as before; painfully slow. But this time I enjoyed her hanging boobs whilst she tried in vain to use her hips to speed up the thrusts. I loved the way her boobs were swinging away beneath her; it made my groping all the more erotic.

I picked up pace, which made her ass jiggle with each thrust. I brought my hands from her boobs to her ass. I spread her ass cheeks, and admired the view of my cock speeding in to her pussy. I rewarded Anya by sticking my pussy juice covered fingers up her sweet back hole. I used a slower pace in her ass then in her pussy; so at least one of her holes were always filled. I needed something in my mouth; preferably Anya’s tits.

I spun Anya round causing her to land on her back; never leaving her pussy. My mouth went straight between her boobs, and I started to lick her soft skin. I was just keeping my cock at the same level, whilst Anya used her hips to fuck me at an amazing speed. I moved my mouth up to her eraser like nipples, and sucked them hard in to my mouth. I started to nibble around her boobs whilst still sucking her nipples. Her nipples were begging for my tongue; so I began rubbing Anya’s beautiful nipples with my tongue. They felt amazing on my tongue; so hard, and yet so soft.

I was about to come. I plunged in to Anya’s pussy hard, and sent her hard to the floor. I could feel the come rising up my cock; along with the electric feeling of my orgasm. As soon as my come splashed against Anya’s pussy; her pupils suddenly contracted as they met mine, and I knew she was about to come as well as scream. I quickly pushed harder in to her pussy, and moved my mouth over hers in a kiss, which would also muffle a scream.

Our orgasms settled down, and I remained hard inside my girlfriend. Anya was a little higher then me, as we fell asleep; making her boobs the last thing I saw (And kissed) before I fell asleep. Once more with Anya in my arms.

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