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Arya Fae

DAY 0 — 10:00 PM

“It just looks like…chocolate,” I said, looking down at the pair of cubes on the silver wrapper.

“It probably is chocolate,” Corrie said. “The delivery medium, anyway. The active ingredient will be mixed inside.” She tossed her slacks over the chair and scooped a pair of comfy gray sweatpants from her suitcase.

“It’s just not how I thought I’d be taking experimental medication,” I explained. “I figured we’d be getting, I don’t know, glowing pink pills or something.”

Corrie shrugged and hopped onto the bed with me, making the mattress bounce. She’s a head shorter than I am, but she’s rounder and heavier. I snatched the flying cubes out of the air before we could lose them on the floor of the hotel room, brought one to my nose, and sniffed.

Yep. Chocolate.

Corrie scooted up next to me and smiled. Aside from the old sweatpants, she was wearing a black T-shirt from some band we’d gone to see together back in the day, cozy and threadbare and just a little too tight on her now. She’d filled out some, but other than that she could have been the same girl I’d met way back in undergrad.

“Remember when you asked me out?” I said. “We were at that thing—”

“And I saw you across the room,” Corrie agreed, “and right away, I said, hey! She looks like a dyke.”

I punched her in the shoulder.

“Excuse me, your line is, ‘She looks like Audrey Hepburn!'”

“That’s when I’m telling the story to other people, dear,” Corrie said in her Professor Correct voice. “And technically, both are accurate.”

I do look a little like Hepburn, if she was a shade tanner and had a much bigger nose. Corrie doesn’t look like any Hollywood celebrity I can think of, because Hollywood is full of idiots who couldn’t tell gorgeous if they were staring right into into its perfect amber eyes. She’s short and dark, with a round face and beautiful, bushy, natural hair. Her name is Corona, and she deserves it.

My name’s Elaine. It’s kind of pretty, but kind of ordinary. So I guess I have the name I deserve too.

“You know, Ains,” Corrie said—’Ains’ was her solution when I told her I hated ‘Ellie’ and ‘Lainey’—”we don’t have to take these if you’re not comfortable with it.”

“No, I want to,” I said. “Anyway, we signed all that stuff. And they’re paying for the whole trip!”

“You’re always allowed to change your mind about participating, though, at any time. Even if they’ve paid you. That’s basic experimental ethics.”

“No, I know.”

“Well, I’m just saying. It’s possible these could make us really sick. We don’t get a lot of time away together as it is. If you’d rather, we could always just cuddle and cue up Hercules Vs. The Moon Men.”

I shook my head. Sure, that sounded great. I loved just being wrapped around Corrie, feeling her warm softness, hearing her throaty laugh in my ear. But it had been so long since we really made love. I wanted to be passionate for her. And this Aphrodite stuff was supposed to send our physical appetites off the charts—or at least that’s what the people who were paying us to test it said. I figured it was mostly exaggeration, but if it could just grease my libido a little bit, that would be enough.

“This is what I want,” I said. I picked up one of the cubes. “To new adventures!”

“Well then—to new adventures!” Corrie agreed, picking up the other cube and tapping it against mine. “And to my wife, and to the five wonderful years we’ve already had together.”

“And to my wife, and to five more!” I paused. “Uh, and then more after that. A bunch more sets of five. Like, at least, uh—”


“—like maybe fourteen sets of five? I know statistically that’s unlikely but neither of us are smokers anymore—”

“Ains, honey, eat your sex chocolate.”

I popped it into my mouth. Corrie did the same. It just tasted like ordinary chocolate.

“So how long does this stuff take to kick—”

It kicked in.

DAY 1 – 7:45 AM

It’s hard to describe what it was like being on Aphrodite. “High” or “stoned” come close, but they make it sound like we were just sitting around giggling in a haze. We knew where we were and what we were doing, and our actions were under our control, they just—weren’t the actions we might otherwise have taken.

To start off with, if the question we were testing was ‘does Aphrodite make you want to have sex’, then we might as well have stopped after the first dose, because holy shit, did it ever. We did it in the bed, in the bath, even on the balcony a couple of times. We didn’t need any toys or accessories or anything. We were like magnets, like binary suns crashing into each other, mashed together by titanic gravitational forces. Every little brush of her hand against my skin made me feel like a sponge saturated with pleasure and love.

We were still holding each other in the morning when we started coming down. And ‘coming bahis şirketleri down’ is probably the wrong word. We didn’t feel sick or depressed or hungover or anything. We weren’t even tired, despite having been awake all night. It was like we were waking up from a lovely dream, but a dream we could remember.

We just lay there, holding hands and drinking in every bit of each other we could.

“I love you,” Corrie whispered.

“I know,” I said. “You told me about a million times last night.”

“Yes, but that was Freaky Love Goddess Corrie. I just want you to know that regular Corrie agrees with her.”

“Regular Elaine and Freaky Love Goddess Elaine love both Corries, too.”

Corrie grinned. “Nice to have that cleared up.”

We lay another moment in silence. Then Corrie rolled over onto her back.

“So, funny question,” she said. “Is it me, or did we get a lot of room service last night?”

“I…think we did.”

“Like. A lot.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re right. The last cart is still here.”

“Yes.” Corrie kicked it. “And that’s. You know. The last cart.”


“As in we ordered more than one entire cart full of food. And ate it. All of it.”

“I remember that happening.”

“I remember it too. I just thought maybe I imagined that particular part.”

“I don’t think we imagined it.”

“Neither do I.”

“Because I feel very, very full.”

“So do I.” Corrie belched. “Except here’s the thing. I look at the number of empty plates piled on that cart, and I don’t think we should feel very, very full. I think we should feel very, very exploded. And that’s. You know. One cart.”

“I guess Aphrodite makes you crazy hungry?” I suggested.

“I don’t think it does,” Corrie said. “I don’t remember being hungry at all. I don’t remember being horny, either. Like, it wasn’t a lack or a need I was filling with you. It was a positive thing. Sex just felt so wonderful, who wouldn’t want to have it constantly? And it was the same with the food. It was just all so amazingly, mind-blowing good, and I kept finding room, so I kept going.”

I nodded. That was pretty much how I remembered it. It was like one of those dreams where you’re in a bank that’s also your house, and an old girlfriend is there, but she has a duck body. Afterwards, you can’t explain why it made sense to you, but in the dream, it did. I’d just made the decision, perfectly logical and rational at the time, to get one of everything from room service and try them all.

“Well, I can corroborate your experience,” I said. “Do you feel okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Do you want to go for a walk or something? We’ve got a couple hours until we’re supposed to talk the next pill.”


We went down to the hotel lobby and watched fish swimming around in the ornamental pond, then strolled around the neighborhood. It was a warm, sunny day, and the area was very pedestrian-friendly. We browsed some of the boutiques along the street. I picked up a really nice set of candles. There was an adorable Japanese crepe shop, but we were both stuffed to the gills, so maybe another day, we decided. This way and that, we killed time until it was ten A.M. and time for our second dose of Aphrodite.

We lay down in bed next to each other. I held my cube up, turning it. It still just looked like ordinary chocolate—but now I knew what it could do. My heart sped up. I turned to Corrie, and found her looking back at me. She smiled eagerly.

“Try not to get too distracted by the food this time,” I said. “I might get jealous.”

“You ate just as much as me, dear,” she reminded me. “And I don’t think you have to worry. I’ve only got enough room for one last bite.”

She tipped the Aphrodite into her mouth and sank her teeth into it.

DAY 1 – 8:02 PM

Corrie stared at the room service cart, her brow furrowed. “I can’t believe we did it again.”

“We’re pigs,” I agreed. “Sexy, sexy pigs.”

“I don’t even want to think about how many calories I just ate in the space of twenty-four hours,” Corrie said. She stood up, stretched, and slumped, sticking out her stomach and frowning. “I wonder if there’s a scale in the bathroom.”

I wrapped my arms around her from behind and rested my chin on the top of her head. “Don’t.”

“Don’t what?”

“Don’t worry about your weight. And don’t weigh yourself!” I ran a hand over her belly. I could feel how full it was through the terrycloth bathrobe. “You’re bloated right now, so you’ll measure heavy and get bummed out.”

“I want to take another look at all that paperwork they had us sign,” Corrie said, ducking away from me and digging through her duffel for the folder the medical company gave us. “I don’t remember ‘eating ourselves stupid’ being mentioned as a potential side effect.”

“That’s what they have trials for, right? So they can find this stuff?”

“They’re supposed bahis firmaları to find it in rats or guinea pigs or something before it gets to us,” she complained, pulling out a sheaf of papers. “Nobody cares if a rat gets fat. Here, check this over.”

“Maybe we won’t get fat,” I said. “Maybe the extra food just…I don’t know, doesn’t count or something.”

“Oh, it counts. I can feel it. Sensitivity weight fluctuations is a survival instinct for women with my short, curvy phenotype. In the wild, it helped us gather stretch pants before the coming of winter.” She took a closer look at the page she was holding. “Hello, what’s this?”

She read for a minute. “Okay, this is, uh. Hmm.”

“What’s it say?”

“Under ‘side effects’ it says Aphrodite tends to relax tissue all over the body, which, among other things, can ‘prevent stretch marks from rapid weight gain’. Which…kind of sounds like someone in the previous testing groups had rapid weight gain, don’t you think? Even if they don’t admit that in so many words.”

“Huh. So…if we keep on using this stuff…”


“I really don’t want to stop,” I said. “I mean, I want to finish the trial, anyway. A few pounds isn’t such a big deal.” I smiled at her. “And you know I kind of like it when you’re a little chubby.”

“I know, but—” She bit her lip. “Do the math here, Ains. A few pounds isn’t a big deal. A few pounds a day is going to add up quick.”

“We can always lose it afterward”

She laughed. “Yeah, that’s easy for you and your naturally skinny Audrey-ass to say. I’m going to end up lugging around a spare tire like a monster truck while you do a couple of sit-ups and go right back to normal. I swear, if I get fat from this and you don’t, I’m putting you on a cheesecake diet and keeping your there. See how you like it.”

“So…that sounds like we’re still on?” I asked hopefully.

She frowned. “Ains, I just don’t know.”

“The sex has been amazing,” I pointed out.

“No kidding,” she admitted.


She looked torn.

I raised one hand and closed my eyes. “I solemnly swear I’ll eat every bite of cheesecake you put in front of me.”

She sighed. “I’m going to be huge, aren’t I?”

“Maybe we could write notes to our Aphrodite-selves telling them not to eat so much. They’re reasonable women.”

“They’re a couple of sex-crazed love weasels infected with food-lust,” Corrie pointed out. “But actually, I have an idea about that.”

“What’s that.”

“We’ll beat them to the punch,” she said. “Order something disgustingly huge from room service and eat the whole thing. Maybe if we’re already stuffed, we won’t want more later.”

“We are already stuffed,” I pointed out.

“Yeah, but—” Corrie put both hands on her gut. “Somehow, I don’t feel it the same way, you know? You know how when I pack a suitcase, it’s all neat and I can fit a ton of stuff inside, and then when you pack you can fit maybe half as much because it’s all jammed in and you don’t have a system?”

“I have a system!”

“Yes, and your system is a bad system, dear. And that’s my point. It’s like Aphrodite makes us really efficient packers. But if you pack the suitcases first, there’s only so much more someone else can fit in them, no matter how efficient they are.”

I couldn’t argue with that. I called room service.

“Hi, this is room—” I started.

“Yes, it’s you guys again!” the girl on the other end chirped.


“Oh, uh, sorry. We kind of had a little bet running about whether you’ll call back again. Some of the guys here thought you were done after that last cart, but I knew you wouldn’t let me down. Is it really just the two of you eating all that?”

“Um, we’re—really hungry,” I said. I could feel my ears pinking. Of course room service would be aware of how much food they were sending up. I could only imagine what they must think of us.

“No problem. What can I get for you?”

“Wait, before I order. When you delivered…did we seem okay to you?”

“Sure,” the girl said.

“We didn’t do anything weird?”

“Uh, you’re on your honeymoon, right? So no. I think it’s sweet.”


“Well, the way you were all over each other like that…”

“Uh-huh. I didn’t…we didn’t…I hope we didn’t do anything inappropriate in front of you, or to you, or anything that would make you uncomfortable. Did we?”

“No way! It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“Okay, good.” I didn’t think I remembered doing anything with the room service girl, but I had to be sure the medicine wasn’t turning me into some kind of Ms. Hyde. “Ready for that order?”

“Go ahead.”

“Give me a double bacon cheeseburger, and lots of fries.” I rested the phone on my shoulder. “Corrie, what do you want?”

“A second cheeseburger for you,” she said.

“On a full stomach? Honey. I don’t even really want the first kaçak bahis siteleri one.”

“This is only going to work if we absolutely eat ourselves sick,” Corrie said.

“Fine, fine. Make that two bacon cheeseburgers.” I shot Corrie a wicked grin. “And a triple helping of whatever you’ve got in the way of seafood pasta.” That was Corrie’s favorite. And, hey, she said she wanted to eat herself sick…

Corrie nodded. “Sounds good.”

Sounds good? How much room did she think she had, anyway? Impulsively, I added “and a cheesecake for dessert!”

“Slice of cheesecake?”

“A whole cheesecake. And make it big.”

“You got it!”

I put down the receiver. “That enough food for you?”

“I’ll manage. I just wonder how you’re going to manage half of a cheesecake.”

Oh, yeah. Shit.

DAY 1 — 9:41 PM

Corrie speared the last bite of ravioli and peered at it thoughtfully. A single droplet of sauce fell, splattering into the smears and whorls on her plate.

“Go on,” I urged. “You’re almost there.”

“I know,” she said.

“Well, then?”

“Christ, I’m so full.”

“This was your plan, remember?”

“I remember. Finish your fries, Ains.”

They lay on my plate, mocking me. Kind of like the two hamburgers, which rested in my stomach like a pair of bowling balls. I scooped up a handful, stuffed them into my mouth, chewed a couple of times, and swallowed.

Ugh. Bad idea. So bad. My stomach was not happy.

Corrie closed her eyes and let the fork fall against her lips. Slowly, slowly it tilted over her teeth and the ravioli slid into her mouth. She closed her mouth. She pulled out the empty fork.

“Now swallow.”

“I know, don’t rush me!” she snapped. She swallowed. “Oh, god. Oh, fuck.”

She slumped backwards into her chair, her bathrobe falling open. Underneath, she was wearing a black undershirt and a pair of purple spandex boyshorts. I love those shorts on her. I think they’re cute. But today they were overshadowed, literally, by her stomach, which was distended to the point where her bellybutton was starting to stretch out of shape. I’d never seen her so big in my life.

I looked down. She wasn’t the only one who was having a huge day, either.

I crammed down the rest of the fries and swallowed, painfully. I was done.

“You done?” she whispered.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Let’s crack open that cheesecake.”

Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. The fucking cheesecake. Why did I order that thing?

Corrie sliced it into eight pieces and set it down between us. For a few minutes, we just looked at it.

“Okay, we have to eat,” Corrie says. “Otherwise this is just wasting time.”

Four pieces each. If I stuff them all into my mouth whole, that’s just four bites, right? Jesus, but I felt ready to explode, and from the looks of it, Corrie was in the same situation. How were we going to get through this?

“You know what’s funny?” Corrie said, regarding her piece of cheesecake.


“This is supposed to help us not gain as much weight.”

I laughed. “God, yes. Well, here’s to that.”

We tapped our slices of cheesecake together and bit into them simultaneously. Corrie took neat little mechanical bites, taking it in methodically, a sliver at a time. I just shoved mine in my mouth. Fattening goop oozed out from between my lips and plopped onto my undershirt.

“Okay, just…just three more,” Corrie said when they were gone. “Each.”



“It…if the idea is to be completely stuffed, like…up to the neck, can’t-move stuffed…” I gulped. “I think I’m there.”

“Oh, no,” Corrie grunted. “I’m not eating this whole thing myself.”

“I don’t think you should,” I told her. “Corrie…stop. You’re going to hurt yourself.”

She looked down at the cheesecake.

“You know what, Ains?” she said. “Maybe you’re right. No way are the Aphrodite-versions-of-us eating more after this.”

“So we’re done.”

“We’re done.” She put her hands on her belly. “Ains?”


“Can you move?”


“Me neither.” She fumbled in the pocket of her robe. “Got your dose?”

“Yeah, but I don’t think I can swallow.”

“Just put it on your tongue,” she said, unwrapping her cube of Aphrodite. I did the same. We rested the cubes on our tongues and waited until they dissolved and the familiar tingly warmth began to spread through us.

I opened my eyes a crack and looked at Corrie. She looked like a beached whale, but god, something about that beached whale was looking sexier and sexier by the second. She looked back at me. She grinned.

We were in each other’s arms, our hands all over each other. I loved Corrie. I loved every square inch of her glorious bigness. I wanted her to be bigger so there could me more square inches to explore. I wanted to be bigger, so her soft hands could touch me in more places, run over more flesh.

We were still stuffed absolutely to bursting, of course, but the Aphrodite made that kind of pleasant, too. Even kind of arousing.

“God, you’re huge,” I said.