“Are you a sissy? Have you worn panties befor

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“Are you a sissy? Have you worn panties beforI have known my masterbatrix lesbian dominate almost 6 years. All started in her pool one hot night. I shocker fingered her and made her convulse when she came. After waves of ecstasy pulsed through her, she grabbed my dick, pulled my trunks down and started laughing. I dont have a small cock, but it wasnt big enough for her. She led me into her bedroom, made me strip, opened up her top drawer of her dresser. Found a pair of nylon pettipanties and threw them at me, stared me in the eye and demanded I put them on. Proclaiming little dicks must wear panties.I told her my dick wasnt small and there was no fucking way I was going to wear panties. She leaped over the bed at me, kicked me in the balls as hard as she could and leg swept me to the floor. Sprawled on top of me with a wrist lock threatening to break it if I did not do what she said. She got close to my ear and whispered “No one has ever made cum like that and there is no fucking way you are ever going to fuck me with that small dick. You are now my bitch and I swear to God I will severely hurt you if you disobey me again.” Suzanne was a big girl. Always did the suicide circuit at the gym. Competed in a couple bi-athelons. Was quite strong with an F cup to die for. Meat and potatoes, my kinda girl. Then screamed in my ear. “PUT THE FUCKING PANTIES ON BITCH!” I whimpered OK. She released her grip. Helped me to sit on the bed then held the panties out for me to step into them. That’s right she purred, one leg, then the other. Slowly pulling them up saying “Here we go.” Stopped right after the knee and was eye to eye with my cock at attention. She asked “What the fuck is this? Your getting excited by being put in panties?” I just looked down not having one clue what the fuck was happening.She asked, “Are you a sissy? Have you worn panties before?” I responded no. She asked, “Then why the fuck is your clit hard?” I looked her straight in the eye and said “Look my cock is not that small cunt!” Fury came into her eyes and she grasped my balls like a clamp, twisted and pulled screaming güvenilir bahis “LOOK BITCH, YOU ARE MINE NOW! IF I HEAR ANYMORE SHIT OUT OF YOU I WILL RIP YOUR BALLS OFF!” And squeezed them till I felt like dieing. She continued putting the panties on me. Then stood back saying, “Perfect fit. How does your clitty feel against the nylon?” I told her “good.”She told me to lay on the bed and she snuggled up next to me. She got close to my ear and whispered, “You like panties and they way they feel, don’t you?” I mumbled ‘I guess.” She slapped my cock and asked again, I responded “Yes!” She responded, “Yes what!” “I like the way the panties feel on my clitty Suzanne.” She purred “Good boy.” And proceeded to rub my clitty through the panties. It took less than a minute for me to cum. Suzanne was mad at me and slapped the shit out of my clit. Telling me, “You fucking bitch! You are to ask for permission to cum!” Afterwards she told me to get dressed and leave, as she was mad at me.In the next few weeks we went panty shopping. Especially online as she liked me to wear high waisted panties. In the Lane Bryant dressing room she dressed me and jerked me off harder than anytime in my life. As I was cumming she was catching it in her other hand. My eyes were closed and my mouth was open. She quickly took the hand with my jizz in it and slapped it across my mouth. My eyes opening and I spit the cum out. She clamped my balls twisted and pulled and told me, “What the fuck bitch! I told you not to disobey me. Now lick your cum off the mirror and floor.” I was in so much pain I immediately did what she asked. She then told me, “Since your now my panty bitch, you Must eat your cum every time.”Still in shock I just shook my head in agreement. “Good boy” was once again mentioned. I don’t know if you panty shopped online with your girl, but my God my clitty was hard as shit. She saw it, giggled and said, “Someones excited. Do you want me to jerk you off?” I said “YES please.” Then told me, “You know what happens when you cum now right?” I said, “I will have to eat my cum for you.” She güvenilir bahis siteleri snuggled up to me, started rubbing my clitty through my panties and purred “Good boy.” I came in no time and screamed her name as I eagerly eat my cum off her hand. Suzanne said, “I like you calling my name.Time flys by and I am now wearing panties 24/7. Getting phone calls at work, telling me to go into the bathroom right now. Go into a stall and let her hear me jerkoff, cum and eat it. this was like 6 times a day ritual. Then it came down to, “I don’t want to talk to you, your going to have to send me cell pics.” of my clit in my panties and me licking my cum off my hand. I obeyed as I was starting to like the taste of my cum and the excitement of being caught.One weekend called Suzanne and invited her out to breakfast. We met, sat down, placed order and that devilish sparkle came into her eye. While sitting at a small table in the center of the room, she told me to jerk my clitty off. Not willing to back down from any challenge, I started jerking off. There was a few times that I could have been caught and the stopping in the middle was killing me. Suzanne reaches into her purse and whips out a specimen bottle. Tells me to go to the bathroom and fill it up. off to the bathroom I went.Minutes later came back to the table with bottle half was filled. Our food had arrived. She smiled and says “Pour your cum all over you food and eat it.” I complied as she smirked and took cell phone pics. I longed for her words after my task “Good boy!”All this time she NEVER let me touch her. She constantly told me how small my clitty was and how she wanted a full time sissy slave. She started dating this other dike that always laughing at me when she saw me. I couldn’t say one word. She asks me to move in her house. But first laid out the rules. At night I was allowed to sleep with her but I had to wear panties, bra, thigh high stockings and a pink nylon nightie.In the morning she would lay out panties and a leisure bra to wear under regular clothes. If I was going to do a service call iddaa siteleri and leave the house I could take the bra off, but panties must be worn. After I returned I had to wear my custom made 48Z bra I had made with 32 pound a piece breast forms I made. I had spare computer bedroom that was specifically my masturbation room. Anytime I was not doing anything or not with Suzanne, I was to be in my room masturbating and cumming. She wanted me to have a daily goal of eating my cum 20 times a day.She would occasionally check up on me. “Are you masturbating?” She would ask from the door. I would respond “Yes.” “How many times have you loved me today?” meaning how many loads have I’ve eaten that day so far. I would tell her what I was up to. “Good! Just as long as you make your goal.” Then Suzanne would ask, “Are you wearing your panties?” I respond “Yes I am!” Then she asks, “What about your bra? Are you wearing the big bra?” Would have taken one second to look at me, but never did. I respond “No.” She then looked at. Came over to bed, sat down and said “Our agreement of you staying here was pretty clear. You told me you wanted and needed to wear your Z cup bra because it completed you. And how you could never imagine being witout them, yet your not wearing your bra?” Her voice started getting louder. ” YOU NEED TO BE WEARING YOUR BRA WHEN YOU ARE CUM EATING! NOW PUT YOUR FUCKING BRA ON OR GET THE FUCK OUT! I put my bra on as she demanded.If I was slow in my cum goal, Mi would come in my room, flip me over and jerk me off on my own face. This was my favorite way of cumming for her, especially when she did it. “You going to be a good boy and plaster your face for me?” “YES!” I screamed, “OH MY GOD PLEASE MAKE ME CUM ON MY FACE!” She loved every bit of that and would have perfect aim. “What are you to ask for?” I said “SUZANNE, PLEASE CAN I CUM ON MY FACE!?” “Of course you can, cum for me now! RIGHT NOW! cum!!” What seemed like gallons of cum started flying out of my clitty. Ropes and ropes of thick streams splashing my face. What an orgasm. She knew thats what I needed, but would only do it occasionally. Every man should be made to do self facials for controlling women. Here I am. A Z cup sissy pantyboy cumeater and happy. Thousands of loads I have eaten. It’s a fucked up situation, but I have accepted it as I LOVE Michele.