Asian Amber Picks Ch. 02

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Amber and I got off at the gas station but I was clearly in the dog house. This had to be the strangest situation I have ever been in. Amber stayed outside and sat on a nearby bench while I called CAA. I must have been on the phone for at least thirty minutes, trying to explain the location where my car was. Luckily the time I was inside gave Amber time to cool off and rethink the situation.

I walked outside, Amber waved for me to come over and patted the bench next to where she was sitting to get me to have a seat next to her. I did as she wished and took a seat without saying anything,waiting for her to say the first word. Suddenly Amber said, “OK I know what happened was really fucked up, but let’s just put this behind us, forget the entire thing happened and enjoy our trip. If you wanna brake up that’s fine but I’m willing to forgive you if you forgive me.”

I was shocked, I definitely thought it was over but it seemed as though she was apologizing. I replied, “Yeah, Amber, I know I put you in that situation and it’s my fault you had to do what you did and I’m glad you are looking at it the way you are.”

I had also confessed to her that I thought seeing her like that was rather erotic. She agreed she did enjoy parts of it, regardless of how dirty and bizarre it may have been.

A short while later a tow arrived and we got my car. We immediately began driving again, by 6pm made it the rest of the way to my parents cortege. At the door we realized everyone was already there. We were greeted by my parents, my grandparents, my paraplegic great grandfather who suffers from dementia and older sister Rebbecca along with her annoying husband Simon.

Everyone was very excited to meet Amber since I didn’t really bring most of my girlfriends to any family functions, this was definitely out of the norm. My mother had dinner waiting so we quickly gathered around the table and began eating, along with the typical 101 questions directed towards Amber from everyone in my family. Most of the family were asking the typical questions such as, “What do your parents do?” , ” What are you doing in school?” , etc..

Unfortunately my great grandfather who was an army Vet and being 97 years old with dementia wasn’t as politically correct and blurted out, “Are you a jap or a chink?” The entire table went silent, you could hear a pin drop, but my delirious great grandfather just stared at Amber waiting for the answer. Amber looked at me, winked and then at him and replied, “I’m a Canadian spy and being trained to go to Asia to gather information.” My great grandfather surprisingly smiled and then began to eat, which was an obvious sign of approval from him. You could also see a sign of relief on the faces of the rest of my family, they were happy the awkward silence was broken and gone.

We all finished our dinner and headed outside to have a fire and drinks. My parents and grandparents went to bed, just leaving me with Amber, my sister, her husband and great grandfather Robertson, for an old guy in a wheelchair, he still loved to drink.

The five of us continued drinking and laughing and it was good to catch up with one another. Great grandfather didn’t really say much, but that was the norm for him. He used to mostly just sit there in his wheelchair and blurt out the occasional nonsense from his younger years like, “Marciano is gonna beat Jersey Joe, I will put money on it.”

Before we all knew it, it was 3:00am and we were all showing an obvious glow. We all decided to call it a night bahis siteleri and head to bed. My sister Rebbecca spoke up saying, “OK little bro, I call seniority, so you guys can deal with the senior.” Rebbecca and Simon then got up and walked off to bed.

I pushed great grandfather’s wheel chair to his bedroom which was the only one on the lower floor, which made it easier due to his condition. As we got into the room Amber looked at me and said, “What do we do with him now?”

Grandfather looked up and slurred, “You can get me in the bed so I can get some sleep, now help me out of these clothes.”

Amber stood there while I leaned down to unbutton his shirt but I was soon met with a backhand to the face and a comment, “Get out of here you, did my family raise a fairy?”

I looked back at him with anger saying, “Do you want help or what?”

He replied, “Yes, but not from the likes of another man, what do you take me for sunny?”

Amber stepped forward and said, “It’s OK, I will do it.” She leaned down and began unbuttoning his shirt and was met by no resistance. She unbuttoned the entire thing then pulled it off of him. She looked at me again, “His pants too?”

I nodded yes. She undid his belt and unbuttoned his wool slacks, yanking them down his legs, leaving him sitting there in a wheelchair, wearing just his underwear and black socks. He sat there, old, fat bellied and covered in grey hair, I guess your typical almost a century old guy.

Great grandfather then looked to a corner of the room where his bedside table stood and pointed to the lamp sitting on it saying, “Aren’t you type supposed to wear hats like that lamp shade and work the fields bare chested?”

Amber laughed and walked over to the lamp shade, picking it off of the lamp and placing it on her head, “Like this Mr Robertson?”, she chuckled in her drunken state. My great grandfather just stood there and nodded, giving his approval.

Amber was standing there wearing her black sweater, short cut off jean shorts and flip flops, along with the lamp shade hat, she actually looked sexy and erotic. I was impressed to see Amber wasn’t offended by his comments and it actually appeared as though she was having fun with it. With that I thought, enough of the games and time to get the old guy to bed. I looked at Amber and said, “I will pick him up from behind, just grab his legs and help me get him on the bed.”

The old guy was only about 170lbs so it wasn’t that hard with the help of Amber, even though I was carrying the majority of the weight. She basically wrapped both his legs around her waist area and was holding one leg in each hand while facing him.

I then noticed the dirty old bastard was cupping her breasts with both of his hands, wow, Amber wasn’t saying a thing, just struggling to pick him up. Since Amber wasn’t saying anything I didn’t think it would hurt much if I pretended I didn’t see it. Just before we got him on the bed I noticed he had slipped his hands under her shirt and now was cupping her bare breasts, I knew this because I know she wasn’t wearing a bra.

We threw the old guy on the bed and just as we were about to walk away, he gripped Amber’s shirt with his wrinkled hands and old man strength, pulling it clean off and leaving her standing there shocked, and topless, still wearing the lamp shade hat. I did however notice here nipples were rock hard, as they get when she is extremely horny, probably from just being played with.

The old guy chuckled saying, “Now canlı bahis siteleri ya look like your’re supposed to.”

Amber turned towards him, arms folded and said, “Mr Robertson, that’s not how you treat a girl.”

My great grandfather then replied, “Well you didn’t think I was gonna stiff you did you? Now pass me my trousers so I can fix up with what I owe you.”

Amber did as he asked and he reached deep into his pockets and pulled out two quarters. He then grabbed her left arm and and handed one quarter to her saying, “Now I have never paid a jap girl more than a quarter but since you are cute and speak English I will give you the other one if you do good.”

I couldn’t believe this, what did he think it was the 1930’s and Amber was a hooker? Wow, I never realized how deep my Great Grandfathers dementia was. Amber looked back at me and laughed and asked, “OK, what do we do now?”

I told Amber to pull away and let’s just head to bed but when she did he let out a loud yell, “You two timing whore, I paid you fare and square.” She stopped pulling away and stood there with my Great Grandfather gripping tightly on her arm and using his other to rub her nipples and breasts.

Amber looked back at me again and said, “Leave this to me.” With that said she hopped up on the bed with him, lying on her side and facing him while rubbing her fingers through his thin white hair. Amber said, “Why don’t you get some rest tonight Mr. Robertson and we can do this later, I will be more than happy to refund your quarter until then.”

This pissed him off, “You want me to sleep so you can rob me don’t you, filthy whore?”

“No, no,”Amber pleaded, “I just want you to be full of energy to get your money’s worth.”

Amber put her right hand on his crotch, rubbing it until finding the top elastic entrance and sliding her hand inside. A look of shock soon came to her face and she commented, “Mr. Robertson, WOW, you sure have a big surprise down there don’t you?” Amber looked towards me and motioned with her lips without saying anything, “IT’S HUGE,” followed by an eager smile. It was the turning point, something changed.

Amber began kissing his neck and chest and asked, “Your money your time Mr. Robertson, what can I do you for?”

She then looked into his eyes and leaned forward to kiss him, as she did he looked away and replied, “Get your dirty lips away from my face whore, I don’t’ kiss your kind.”

She went back to his hair covered chest and belly. She finally met his waist band, and pulled it back with her figures. I could now see his cock was huge as she said, about 12 inches and thick and surrounded by enormous balls covered in silver pubic hair. Amber began to cup his balls in one hand and jerk his cock with the other, “Can I kiss this Mr. Robertson?”

He looked down and replied, “You better if you wanna get your other quarter.”

Amber lowered her head and the head of his cock disappeared in her mouth. Before you know it she was full out blowing him and appeared to be enjoying it. Slurps and moans could be heard as she sucked his knob like a champ. The old guy was getting everything any guy would want from a sexy girl like her. His cock was glistening from her saliva as she licked and spit on his member.

I was getting horny and by this time had my hand in my track pants massaging my hard cock. Amber stopped her sucking for a minute and looked over at me and said, “Hun, you’re gonna have to come over her and fuck me, I’m going to need you to loosen canlı bahis me or I’m never gonna get this cock inside of me.”

As fucked up as that comment was, I was very turned on and horny with what was happening. I quickly stripped down and walked over to the base of the bed. I reached up, unbuttoning Amber’s jean shorts, sliding her sexy black thong off, which was soaking wet, and threw them to the side. Her pussy was dripping, wetter than I have ever experienced, wow, what an effect he was having.

I got up on the foot of the bed and positioned myself behind Amber. My cock was a hard 7 inches, but nothing like my great grandfather’s. I placed my hands on her hips and slowly inserted my cock into her wet slippery pussy, it glided in with ease. I began to pump while Amber continued to suck. I couldn’t believe I was having a threesome with my 21 year old girlfriend and my 97 year old Great Grandfather, wow. This was amazing and extremely hot, she was loving it and hotter than ever, while still wearing the lamp shade hat.

Amber and I suddenly heard a snore and looked up to see that he was sleeping. Amber stopped sucking for a second and said, “I guess that’s why his cock was losing its hardness, can’t have that can we?”

She pulled away from my cock and leaned forward, slapping the old guy in his wrinkled face. His eyes popped open and said, “You better finish me whore, I paid you top coin.”

Amber laughed and replied in a bad Asian accent, “Yes, yes mister, me want second quarter too, me work hard, make man happy.” I couldn’t help but chuckle from Amber’s desire to play along with his dementia.

She then lifted her hips and lowered herself down on top of his cock, which quickly regained its hardness. As she lowed herself down her face cringed with the size, although she was as wet as I had ever seen her. Once inside Amber began to ride him faster and faster, trying to get as much of his ancient cock inside of her as she could. You could easily tell the pain was being replaced with pleasure as she was starting to loosen enough to enjoy the length and girth of his monster sized old cock.

His wrinkled hands went back to her perfect B cups. I could tell she was in the zone and loving it.Her body bounced up and down on top of him, riding him, causing the lamp shade hat to fall off her head. Her hands met his as she put them on top of his, which were cupping her breasts. Amber’s moans were getting louder and higher and I know she was getting close to cumming. You could hear the loud slapping as her ass was hitting his thighs while she finally got the entire monster cock inside her pussy.

As quick as that the old guy let out a buck and grunt as Amber let out a squeal, they were both cumming at the same time, it was perfect, the ultimate orgasm. It seemed to last forever, he must have dumped a massive load inside her body. Amber’s body collapsed on top of his wrinkled hairy chest.

Amber must have forgotten his early rule and again tried to kiss him. He spit in her face and replied, “You stupid whore, how many times I gotta tell you?” as he pushed her tiny limp frame off the bed and onto the floor before she had an opportunity to recover from the orgasm, “There goes your other quarter, hopefully you will learn some manners next time.”

My great grandfather rolled over and within seconds he was snoring again.

I helped Amber off the floor, she looked exhausted and streams of cum were dripping out of her pussy and down her leg.

After catching her breath and wiping the spit from her face, the first thing Amber said was, “I’m gonna get that quarter.”

We then picked up our clothes and went upstairs to try and get some sleep, it had been a long trying day, especially for Amber.