Asian Man in a Bathhouse Pt. 02

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With my white towel wrapped around my waist, and now clean, I left the shower room to explore the bath house. The first room that I entered was the video room – a large TV screen was playing scenes of men pleasuring each other. In the dimly lit room was a pair of guys – one laying comfortably on the couch while his partner was between his legs giving a noisy blow job. Flesh on flesh live action was taking place while the video on the screen was of a similar blow job scene – it was hard to say if reality was mirroring fiction, or if it was the other way around. What I can say is that our friends on the bathhouse couch were making more noises of pleasure that the video on the TV.

Our friends on the couch then shifted positions – instead of pleasuring his friend with his mouth, our young stallion placed his cock on his partner’s cock and proceeded to rub their poles together. Now, I was mesmerized – I had never seen this done before but has always had a fantasy over it. I absolutely had to sit down and watch this amazing scene. Screw the video that was being shown – what I had in front of me was the true amazing turn on!!!

In front of me was a live action frot of 2 cocks, both about 7 inches long, cock head to cock head; cock staff to cock staff rubbing against each other. As this took place, both of their eyes were laser focused on this joining of cocks – with huge smiles enjoying the feeling. Well, my eyes too were laser focused on this fantasy scene, thoroughly enjoying the view. As time went on, their familiarity of each other’s cock pleasure points was evident that they had come together. The next thing that took place completely blew my mind – facing each other and started to dock each other’s cocks! Uncircumcised cocks, touching head to head and suddenly, one artemisbet yeni giriş cock disappeared into the other’s foreskin! With one cock in another’s, they started to rub back and forth and groaning. As I sat next to them, lips dry and heart pounding, I waited for the next development. Well, that didn’t come too long, our friend lying on the couch started to take control of the pace and rubbing strongly. Suddenly, they both cried out in pleasure – somehow they timed it such that they had both cum together! Undocking from each other, cum burst out, covering their cocks with white goo – their cum completely mixed together in a common pool of pleasure. I knew that coming to a bathhouse would open my eyes to amazing things and without a doubt, my mind was blown away with what I just saw.

As I left the video room and stumbled through the maze, my mind was now raging to create pleasure. Surrounding me were sounds of moaning and fucking – men were hiding away behind screen doors in small rooms and pleasuring each other. I would walk past one screen door, and see two pairs of feet facing each other but only one face contorted with excitement – a clear hint of an amazing blow job taking place.

I decided that it was time for me to throw myself into the mix of these small alcoves of temptation. I entered one that was empty and noticed that it had a glory hole at face level. I had walked into a sucking booth and I waited patiently to see what was to transpire next. Within a few minutes, a towel covered body approached the glory hole. While it was obvious it was a cock, the soft cotton towel covered up the details of the cock. Was it white? Black? Asian? Shaven? Bushy? Large? Small? Did it have a lose foreskin? Instead of continuing to guess, I gently peeled artemisbet giriş apart the towel to reveal my first “cock-present”.

Facing me was a white cock of 6.5 inches long and uncircumcised. My friend on the opposite side of the wall proceeded to push his cock and balls through the large glory hole. The first thing I did to receive this “cock-present” was to play with it in my hands. I started off by rolling back on the foreskin of his cock to cover his cock head. With the tips of my fingers, I started to gently stroke his cock from the base to the top. I loved this feeling on my own cock and wanted to see how many other men had the same sensitivities. For this gentlemen in front of me, it was clearly pleasurable – he started to push further forward so that his balls would also get the same finger-tip treatment. With his cock directly in front of my face, I then started to pull back his foreskin to reveal his cock head. I gasped as his pink large helmet came into full vision in front of my eyes. His cock was leaning slightly to the left and when fully erect with a slight upward arch. With my nose just an inch from his cock head, I smelled fresh soap. I appreciated that he was someone that took great care to clean his gear before coming out for fun. As my first move, I decided to lap his cock head, slowly flicking my tongue from the underneath of his cock head. With each slurped of my tongue on the underside of his cock, my gentleman would jerk forward with the warm and wet touch. He was clearly enjoying himself and desperately wanted more. As I licked, he was blindly trying to insert his cock in my mouth. Instead, I held back. With such a well taken care cock, I wanted to draw out from him as much pre-cum for my tongue to taste and nose to smell before artemisbet güvenilirmi plunging over his cock.

After some cock teasing with my tongue, my gentleman started to leak pre-cum from his cock. The clear liquid seeping out added lubrication to my licking but also added an amazing sexual musky smell that was driving me crazy – I needed to full immerse myself on this cock! I wrapped my lips around the base of his cock head and I as I did so, I swirled my tongue around gorgeous helmet. Between my lips was a warm piece of love stick that I was now worshipping. I had no idea who stood behind the other side – I just knew that my mind was focused on pleasuring this piece of flesh. I cradled his shaven balls as my mouth rocked back and forth on his shaft. As I slurped and sucked, my gentleman started to pump back and forth, taking advantage of the seal around my lips to drive him to ecstasy. My left hand cradling his balls sac noticed that it start to retract – a sign that he was about to cum. Instead of slowing down, I sucked even harder and focused on his cock head. My actions were driving him wild – he started to twist and gyrate. I pulled my mouth off and within seconds, ropes of white cum started to stream out of his cock and over my chest. The sweet smell of cum came over me and it was intoxicating. I leaned my face forward to study my gentleman’s cock more and accidentally brushed my cheek gently against his cock head a string of cum painted across my face. My gentleman thinking that the brush intentional, guided his cum covered cock across my lips. I took a deep breath and with a minor hesitation, started to clean his cock head with my mouth. His cum, like the rest of his genitals was sweet and warm to taste – amazing! I even wiped up some of the cum from my chest to taste some more sweetness.

My lovely gentleman extracted himself from my warm mouth, through the glory hole and disappeared into the darkness. I, on the other hand, was spinning with excitement and was desperate to see what else was next in my evening at this bathhouse.