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I can still remember my father’s face as he handed me over to the grim faced nurses on our doorstep. “What are you doing?” I asked, turning and fighting to break free as he shoved me into their arms. “Where are they taking me?” Two autocops stood on standby at the end of the gate, waiting to see if I’d run. I took one look at the line beside the house before remembering my wristhook was still in my bedroom. My father scowled at me. “I found the letters,” he said, reaching into his pocket and tossing a handful of folded sheets of pink paper into my face. “You disgust me. How could you do this to our family?” “It’s not what you think,” I said, looking down at the letters at my feet as the nurses began to drag me away. “I love her.” He didn’t reply. He just turned and went inside and I was loaded onto the barred steamcrate for a journey into hell. The nurses left me locked inside and the pilot refused to even acknowledge my existence. I rose past the roof of the steamscraper and then we headed towards the setting sun, soon ascending into thick cloud which penetrated through the bars, making my dress drip with moisture as I shivered in my makeshift cell. When we landed the sun had long since set and I could see no more than a few feet around me. “Where are we?” I asked the pilot as he stepped off the crate and lit a cigarette. “Aint you worked it out yet love?” he said, a nasty smile spreading across his face. “You’re going to Gaslight.” The words were like a bucket of iced water being poured over my head. I began to shiver uncontrollably as two shadowy figures emerged from the gloom. Gaslight Asylum, the home for the incurables. Ever since the autorepro labs had been set up, sex had been outlawed and anyone caught indulging was liable to end up in a peeler cell for a first offence or here if they were caught twice. But I was the worst kind of offender in the whole skysystem, no second chances for me. I was a lesbian. I wondered where Emma was right now. Were they coming for her like they had done for me? Two figures came into focus and I recognised the uniform of the private peeler. They took hold of my arms and began leading me across the grass and up to a pair of enormous wrought iron gates, the centre of each was spun into two letters in flowing script. G and A. Gaslight Asylum. The gates began to open as I shivered in fear. Nobody knew what really happened here, it was more a horror story to tell people once they reached adulthood. “Don’t touch yourself or you’ll end up at Gaslight.” “Jenny kissed a boy and the next day they took her to the asylum.” “Don’t have naughty dreams or Gaslight will have you.” A few of my classmates at the academy had been committed here over the years, caught kissing in the toilet block or behind the furnace room. They never came back. I wondered if I’d ever see my skyisland again as I was led through the gates and up the marble steps to the imposing front door. On the doorstep a man stood in a tweed jacket, twirling the end of his moustache with his finger. “Octavia Thompson?” I nodded, opening my mouth to speak but he raised a hand to silence me. “Welcome to Gaslight Asylum. My name is Terence Finnegan and I am the Warden of this establishment. Here we will remove your lascivious thoughts, your unconscionable desires, your reprehensible bahis siteleri predilections. Do not fear progress and you will not fear treatment.” He took my hands in his and smiled warmly. “We will make you well again.” He turned to the peelers stood either side of me. “You may leave her with me. Thank you gentlemen.” Once we were alone all the warmth vanished from his voice. “Into cell nine with you and do not dawdle, the hounds will be roaming shortly and I’m sure they’d love to make your acquaintance.” A nurse grabbed my arm, dragging me through one door after another, each opening at the touch of a button, the mechanisms clearly well oiled. Everything about the place looked expensive, gleaming marble floors, statues in recesses, chandeliers dangling from the ceiling. We passed through a door marked “Ward B” and the décor changed immediately. I realised that the area for the inmates was quite different to that where the staff worked. The wallpaper was peeling, the floor chipped and stained and I could hear moans and screams coming from the cells. “In here,” the nurse said, shoving me through a door identical to others along either side of the corridor. By the time I spun round the door had clanged shut and I was alone in a cell. I looked around me. There was a bucket coated with unmentionable filth, a six inch wide window with a single bar across the middle up near the ceiling. No glass meant the cold night air blew towards me as if I were standing outside. The floor was covered in a thin layer of straw and there was no bed, just a frayed yellowing sheet dangling from a hook on the wall. I wrapped the sheet around me and backed into the corner furthest from the window, squatting down and fighting the urge to cry. I prayed that Emma learned they were coming for her and had been able to make a run for it. If only I hadn’t kept the letters. We’d never even made love, we’d only kissed a few times but with her working in the gunsmiths now and me in a gluebar we had no chance, seeing precious little of each other in our leisure time. We’d both chipped in to buy a mechapigeon, using it to pass messages back and forth once our time together at the academy came to an end. We mostly spoke of moving to the New World, leaving the fetid skysystem to the council and making a fresh start in a land where we’d be free to be together. It was a dream of course, the tickets on the airships were far out of our reach of our joint income especially as my father took a substantial portion of mine for himself. I put my head on my knees and stared at the far wall, cursing my father, my family and the council. I could no more choose who I loved than I could pluck the stars from the sky. Was it fair that I should be punished for something over which I had no control? I began to cry, tears running down my cheeks as I thought of Emma’s face, knowing I’d likely never see it again. I hadn’t even had a chance to say goodbye to her. That was what hurt the most. Our last meeting had been a stolen kiss in the alleyway beside the gluebar before my shift began. She’d surprised me as I’d walked to work, jumping out from the shadows and wrapping her arms round me. At first I thought a nightowl was prowling and I had my fist clenched to lash out before I even realised it was her. The door to canlı bahis siteleri the cell swung open, rousing me from my thoughts of that final kiss. A figure was shoved inside but I could see little more than a shadow in the gloom. “Who’s there?” I asked, my voice echoing round the cell. “Octavia?” the figure replied. “Is that you?” My heart soared as I recognised the voice of the love of my life. “Emma?” Before she could answer a gaslamp flared and Finnegan stuck his head through the open doorway. “This is your chance to prove you are curable,” he said, looking from Emma to me and back again, swinging the gaslamp in his hands. “Last the night without indulging in the sinful pleasures of the flesh for which you are both so reviled and perhaps you will see your skyislands again one day. Goodnight ladies.” He left, the door slamming shut behind him. As the light faded I turned to Emma, taking her hand in mine. “It’s so good to see you. I feared I had lost you forever.” To my surprise she snatched her hand away from me. “It’s your fault I’m here,” she snapped. “You corrupted me.” My heart sank at the sound of those words. Did she really mean that? Did she really blame me for us ending up here? “You’re not serious?” I asked, my voice shaky. She sighed loudly. “I don’t know. I just wish we’d never met.” “Don’t say that, please.” “Look at us, locked away in an asylum with no hope of release and despised by all who know us.” “That’s not true. There are many who disagree with the council on the laws against intimacy. They’re just too afraid to speak up in public.” There was the sound of echoing footsteps growing louder as someone approached. A panel in the door was lowered and a nurse peered in at the two of us, gaslamp held to the side of her face. She raised the panel again a moment later and then the footsteps moved on. I heard a sniffing sound and then Emma began to cry. “Hey,” I said, putting an arm round her shoulder. “It’ll be all right. We just need to get through this.” “And then what? Just go home and forget this ever happened?” “No, then we get tickets for the New World and leave this hellhole behind forever.” “Nice dream,” she said, her head leaning on my shoulder. “But will we ever get out of here?” I lifted her chin to stare at her, a flicker of moonlight reaching us through the window, just enough light to see her beautiful face. I couldn’t resist. I kissed her. She pulled away slightly but then she was kissing me back, her tongue sliding into my mouth. “We mustn’t,” she said between kisses but her hands slipped into mine as she spoke and within moments we were laid together in the straw. She reached down under her dress and then I heard a wet sound as she gasped out loud. A second later she had a brass egg in her hand. “Is that the one I gave you?” I asked. She nodded back at me. “It was up there while I was at work today, it reminded me of your tongue being inside me. Perhaps we can make use of it somehow.” “I think I know how,” I said, taking it from her and easing out the handle from the side, winding it slowly until it began to buzz in my hand. I ran my free hand up her leg, sliding her dress upwards until I felt the fabric of her panties underneath. I moved the egg to her knickers, pressing it against her clit as she let out a squeak of excitement. canlı bahis She clamped her hand over her mouth to keep quiet as I slid the egg over the fabric, watching it grow damp as the minutes passed. Eventually my teasing frustrated her so much that she grabbed my arms, dragging me upwards until I was laid on top of her, the egg forgotten in the straw between her legs. She wrapped her arms round my back, kissing me passionately as I stared at her face, still half thinking this was a dream and I would wake up alone in the cell with a throbbing pussy and an aching clit. She dragged my body further up her until my knees were either side of her head, my dress hiding her from view. I felt her hand pull my panties to one side and then her tongue was in me, delving and stretching my wet hole whilst her hand moved to my clit, stroking it gently. She lapped at my insides as I gasped above her, my hips rocking back and forth as I raced towards an orgasm. She ripped at my panties, tearing them from me in her lust filled haste, the shreds of fabric falling away as she began to caress my buttocks, her fingers moving ever closer to the hole she knew I loved to be filled. She eased her thumb into my bottom as she continued to lick my pussy, the sensation pushing me over the edge and sending an intense climax racing through me as I rocked above her face. As I came I bit my lip to keep quiet, my chest heaving, my breathing slowly returning to normal. I slid from her and kissed her, tasting my juices on her lips as I slid my hand down her dress, finding the top of her knickers and slipping inside, rubbing her clit in the way I knew she enjoyed more than anything else. Occasionally I’d dip into her pussy but I’d always return to her clit, bringing her to an orgasm whilst staring into her eyes. She kissed me as she gasped loudly, her body twitching whilst her climax washed over her. She hadn’t even recovered when an unwelcome voice reached us from the door. “Oh dear.” I turned to see Finnegan looking in through the open panel in the door. “I feared you would be incurable and alas that I should be proved right. Such a shame.” The next morning I awoke after a disturbed sleep to find Emma had gone and I was alone in my cell. I noticed something sparkle in the gleam of the morning light and rummaging amongst the straw I found the egg. With a pounding heart I stuck my fingernail in the razor thin gap around the middle. It took a moment but then with a click the two halves fell apart to reveal the insides of the egg. A mass of springs and cogs took up all the available space and with a cautious ear out for anyone approaching the cell I lay out the blanket on the straw, removing each part of the mechanism in turn. I began connecting cogs together, using the tiny pieces to create the one thing I knew I could use in my predicament. It took a little over a quarter of an hour and it would not last long but I felt proud of myself as I stood up. If it was one thing you learned working in a gluebar, it was how to create a lockpick. Enough ne’er do wells frequented the place to furnish me with the skills to take up any number of illicit careers should I so choose. I took a deep breath before gingerly inserting the lockpick into the cell door. I twisted it left and right until there was a deep clunk and then the door swung open. Hardly able to believe it had worked I tiptoed along the corridor. I was just passing cell one when I heard a, “Pssst!” The panel in the door was open and I saw a woman peering out at me.