At the Lake with Chassidy

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Reminder: This story, as well as all characters in it, are real. However, all names including my own have been changed for privacy, and likewise with the names of the towns in this story. Also, ALL characters within this story are now above 18 years old and have been for a few years.


After what was truly an eventful night at the party in Jackson’s house, perhaps it’s to be expected that things got pretty dull for a while after that, at least where me and Heather are concerned. I was a bit too busy to meet up with her or take her to any parties, but the fuck buddy relationship we’d started in late January would continue in fits and bursts.

Soccer season started at last, blissfully cutting practice session time in half on the days we had it, and replacing it on other days with highly anticipated games. Of course, shorter practice sessions did NOT translate into less physically taxing practice sessions, but it was something at least. I had indeed won my spot as a starting forward and would go on to tie with my striking partner, Dwayne, in leading both the team and the region in goal scoring. Unfortunately, we finished as regional runners-up yet for the second straight year (and to the SAME team as last year), but we made up for it with a playoff run to the Elite Eight, first time that either of our school’s soccer programs made it that far. Multiple college offers started coming in for me and Dwayne not long after that game.

Thanks to the commitment to my sport, the next time me and Heather got to get it on with each other wasn’t until spring break, in late March. However, I’ve written enough explicit content on our trysts, and I don’t feel that the Break is worthy of being it’s own story, so I’ll just summarize it as briefly as I can, as Heather wasn’t the only one I was with that week.

My best friend Brent’s older brother, Chris, and his girlfriend Taylar, had both just graduated college back in December. They agreed to take us- as in Brent, Devin and his girlfriend Lakyn, Kat, Heather, and me- to Panama City Beach down in Florida for the duration of the break, so the whole group headed down there the very moment school ended on Friday. We got one of the nice condo places; Chris and Taylar had both landed some well paying jobs. Of course the two couples stayed in their own bedrooms. Brent and Kat shared a bedroom (Kat finally got to fulfill her desire with him), while me and Heather had one to ourselves.

You can imagine just how much the sounds of sex filled the air in our condo room, what with four horny duos staying in it, especially at night. If it weren’t for the fact our spring break had coincided with those of several colleges, we would have most likely received several noise complaints. Of course, since the condo was mostly occupied by lively college students, our room was hardly alone in being the source of loud sex.

Even though Brent and Kat spent most nights together, and Heather and I did the same, we did agree to switch for Wednesday night; Heather slept with Brent, while Kat and I enjoyed each other’s bodies in my bed.

Here’s the part that’s crazy, even though Spring Break at PCB is known for things like this. Thursday afternoon on the beach, my personal body count just randomly went up from two to three. I’d went to the bathroom and had just got back down on the sand- the rest of my group were down by the water. I’d been forcing my way through the humongous crowd went I nearly stumbled into what was a flat-out orgy, nearly a dozen guys paired up with a dozen girls just going at it in the open in various positions, a crowd of people looking on.

Just as I went to walk around this rather outlandish sight (in my eyes at least), this beautiful college-age Hispanic girl, with enormous brown eyes, sun-kissed skin, long dark and curly hair, incredible legs, and a radiant smile- but no bra covering her sizable breasts- stops me with a hand to my chest. Without a word, she gets down on her knees and pulls my swim shorts down and sucks on me, quickly sparking an erection. I’m too shocked to do or say anything about it, so I just stand there for a while before I decide not to question it and enjoy. After a couple minutes of giving me a high paced blowjob (thankfully Heather has helped my endurance improve considerably this week), she gets up, turns around and bends over, pulling her brown swim panties to the side, revealing her slit. Of course I accept her offer, and receive the approving whoops of the people around us as I penetrate her. She gasped, shocked by my size I suppose. Considering she’d been sucking me off quickly, I decide to jackhammer into her just as fast.

At the end of this impromptu romp, I never told her I was coming, let alone ask for permission to do it in her tight pussy. But she didn’t seem to mind one bit that I risked breeding her, merely accepted my bursts of seed with a smile back at me over her shoulder.

We didn’t ask for each others’ names or make plans to meet again, just playfully casino siteleri smacked each other’s asses in appreciation as I walked away. I’d never seen her before, and I’ve never seen her since.

(Well, that was hardly brief at all, right?)

Anyways, after Spring Break ended, we went back home and finished up with school and soccer before summer at long last returned, bringing an end to junior year for me, Brent, and Devin, sophomore year for Heather and Kat. We’re still busy, though. During the week, the girls have to go practice tumbling for cheerleading (even our spirit squad is expected to be athletic), Brent and Devin have football practice, while I have to head over to the county to the east for travel soccer. THANKFULLY, we get to hang out together and with other friends on the weekends (when I’m not away for a soccer tournament that is), so we’re not cut off from each other.

Which brings us to today’s story. Kat’s parents own a lakeside house just to the north of Smithville, which is two counties to the west of our hometown; about a fifty minute drive (They make the kind of money that makes me wonder why they never sent her to a private academy). It’s quite a big lake, the opposite, western shore is probably three to four hundred yards away from the east side where Kat’s lake house is at. A river enters the lake from the northeast about three-quarters of a mile above the house, then exits due south about two miles down. Plenty of other houses are in the area, as it’s a popular weekend getaway, but the closest one is separated from Kat’s to the south by a couple hundred yards of woods. And no other houses are located across the road, either.

Starting this summer, Kat received permission from her parents to host little get-togethers at the lake house. Not outright parties, mind, just a group of friends who manage to keep it clean and calm, although we are allowed to raid the ample storage room where they keep the wine, provided no one gets wasted and caught by the cops- or worse. Fortunately everyone doesn’t have any of that happen to themselves.

So nothing anywhere near as big or wild as Jackson’s hell-raisers. I’m fine with that. As this summer would go on to show, typically there would be only about two dozen of us, my classmates and me- a mixed assortment of football, soccer (male and female), and baseball players, as well as Kat, Heather and some of their cheerleader friends. We’d all go swim in the lake, or take the boat out and fish for part of our dinner. Me and the guys would bring gaming systems and play with and against each other, usually war games- the girls would mostly ignore or occasionally watch, maybe even join in. Sometimes we’d just go out and play football in the front yard, while again the girls watched. And of course, every now and then one of the guys would sneak up to one of the second floor bedrooms with one of the girls, and wouldn’t reappear for about an hour or so.

In mid-June we’re having our third get-together of the summer on a Friday night. Heather and I had agreed via text messaging to spend the night there together for some more sex: the second time we’d been here we’d got on the boat and went out into the middle of the lake for a couple of hours by ourselves. Brent and Devin will be there, so will Dwayne. Officially, everyone’s supposed to be there after lunch, around one o’ clock, so naturally that means most of everyone will arrive at about three.

I’m a more punctual kind of guy, so I’m pulling up about ten past one, parking on the side of the road across from the house, behind a bright yellow early 2000’s Mustang.

As I step up to the front door, it opens and Kat walks out holding her car keys, wearing a white tank top and pink short shorts, her hair is in a ponytail. She smiles warmly when she spots me.

“Hey, you,” I say.

“Hey, Scott.” We French-kiss, she accepts my firm grasp on both of her ass cheeks, and even returns the favor. Although we only screwed for that one night almost three months prior, Kat’s made it clear that she really enjoyed our sessions. She’s been a lot more physical in her affections for me since, much like Heather.

“I gotta go into town, I’m picking up the pizza for tonight. Chassidy’s already here,” she says, turning to walk to her car. I walk through the door into the capacious room that serves as kitchen, dining room, and living room at the same time. Doors to the left (south) and right (north) lead into hallways, and half the opposite wall consists of a sliding glass door onto the deck stretching off over the lake shore. The kitchen and dining sections are separated by a long counter that contains a sink and a couple wooden knife holding structures. Sitting at the counter on one of the stools is Chassidy, who’s texting someone while watching a rerun episode of that blasted Secret Life of an American Teen (or whatever it’s called) on the big TV on the right wall in the living room area, a half-empty old fashioned Coke bottle in front of her on canlı casino the counter.

Chassidy is the owner of that bright yellow Mustang, and she’s going to be a senior this upcoming school year just like me, although she’s not a part of my main group of friends. Like Kat, she’s a blue-eyed blond, but her hair ends just as it falls onto her shoulders, while Kat lets her hair flow down past her chest. Also unlike Kat, Chassidy is a petite little thing, about 5 foot 2 or so, maybe a hundred pounds in weight. She’s wearing some sleeveless shirt, with vertical pink and green bar-like lines crisscrossed with thin horizontal blue lines, as well as short shorts that look like a pair of jeans that was cut barely three inches below the crotch area. This form-fitting outfit is showing off her tanned arms, legs, and part of her chest. She’s got a fair bit of cleavage that teases her boobs as well; they’re a little larger than Heather’s, which fit perfectly in my hands.

As unoriginal as it sounds, especially after the memories of Heather, Chassidy is another one of the cheerleader girls, which accounts for her toned body. She’d been on the spirit squad for the first two years of high school, then made it onto the more prestigious competition team last year, and had made it back onto the team for senior year.

She turns as I close the door. She smiles and we say hey.

“You look cute,” I tell her, looking her up and down. She smiles and looks away, a little bashful I guess. “Thanks.”

I sit on a stool next to her, and point to the TV.

“You’re really watching that crap?” I ask.

“It’s not crap, Scott, it’s a good show,” she says, smiling again when I scoff. Guys hate this show, but girls somehow love it.

As I’m shaking my head, I notice a bottle of wine next to the fridge, mostly full. I’m gonna get a glass of that in a bit. Before anyone thinks anything of it, no, it wasn’t to get her drunk so I could take advantage of her lack of inhibitions. I just wanted to have some wine.

Since Chassidy wasn’t at either of the first two get-togethers that Kat’s had, I ask her how summer’s been for her. She pauses, smile fading.

“It’s been okay. Me and Lance are through, though,” she says, looking a little downcast. She continues: “He cheated on me with two of the freshman girls back in May. I found out back on Tuesday.”

“Damn. I’m sorry to hear he did that to you,” I say, and pull her into a one-armed hug that she accepts with a slight air of gratefulness. She gives a small smile in appreciation, not noticing I had also used the time hugging her to be a bit of a perv and look down her shirt, nor that I had also nudged my stool a bit closer to her.

I drop my hand from her shoulder to her back and rub up and down for a few moments. She doesn’t contest: normally she’s a “you can look but not touch” type of girl. She had definitely been faithful to Lance, one of the newly graduated baseball players, but she’d almost never forbade any guy from looking at her, even her breasts. Maybe being single has her craving for physical contact.

I decide to try and lighten her up a bit with more humor. “Want me to kick his ass?” Me and Lance did get in a fight just before he started dating Chassidy, and I’d won despite his strength advantage. Can’t quite remember what the fight was over, but Chassidy had been there to see it happen.

She chuckles, probably remembering me knocking him out cold with that left hook. “No, although that would be fun to see.”

“Alright, I’ll do it anyway. And instead of kicking his ass, how about his undersized nads?”

Now she’s really laughing, leaning back and slapping her knee. She even lets out a hilarious pig-like snort, which makes her laugh harder and now I join in. As we slow down I decide to be a little risky and move my hand from her back to her silky smooth leg.

This makes her pause for a second, the “you can look but not touch” look flickers across her face, then it’s gone. And back again. And then gone again. Ha, she can’t make up her mind if she likes it or not.

I rub my thumb back and forth, then slide my hand up her leg, just below her shorts. I squeeze her thigh and then put my hand on her back again.

Her smile returns, a little sheepish this time. She’s decided not to rebuke me for feeling her leg. That’s one victory most guys never achieve on her. But now I’m unsure of the next step to taking her.

I get up and go to the wine bottle. I find a glass in the cabinet just above it, and fill it halfway. Just as I’m about to put the stopper back in, I look at Chassidy and raise it up.

“Want some?” I ask. Still looking a tad flustered, she nods.

I get another glass, but I don’t fill it up as much as I did my own. I’m not looking to get her drunk.

As I hand her the glass she stands, thanks me, and walks over to the couch over in the living room section, probably wanting a more cozy seat than the stool now. I follow her, and we tap our glasses together kaçak casino before taking a sip after sitting down. She’s positioned in the left corner of the couch, leaning against both the back rest and the arm rest, her legs close to where I am in the middle.

She turns the conversation to me now. “So how’s your summer going, Scott? Better than mine, I bet.”

“It’s been kinda fun for me, I guess,” I scratch at the back of my neck. “Just have club soccer to do, really. We’ve had a couple tournaments and some league games.” I don’t mention that I’ve become fairly skillful at making Heather have multiple orgasms, instead of relying on luck as I had in January.

She nods, taking another sip. “I heard you’ve already got offers coming in for college soccer. Is that so?”

“Yep. Biggest offer so far is Georgia State,” I reply. She seems impressed.

We make small talk for a little while about college. She’s thinking of going to the smaller university that’s about half an hour’s drive to the northwest of this lake. Coincidentally, this is the same one I’d been considering since the soccer scholarship offer I’d received in late April. Most of the people who go to our high school often wind up going there if not to the little community college half an hour to the south of our hometown. She wants to go into cosmetology. I’m still not sure what I want to do in life. I start to feel the urge to pee, but I hold it, thinking that maybe I can woo Chassidy and bone her before relieving my bladder.

I decide to go for it again. She’s still got her legs close to me, so I reach out and place my hand down on her leg again.

She silently watches as I trail my hand up and down, from her knee to her shorts. We’re looking each other straight in the eye the whole time. She’s not repudiating me, which is a good sign. An even better one manifests when she repositions herself: now she’s siting right next to me, giving me better access to her thigh. She almost imperceptibly bites her lip, and she’s trying to hide a smile by putting on her poker face. Eventually she takes my hand and replaces it on my lap.

“That’s enough, Scott,” she says in a sing-song tone.

“For now,” I say with a grin. She coughs, but I can tell she’s covering up a giggle. I put my arm around her and draw her closer, meeting with no resistance. We sit in silence watching the stupid show, finishing our wine off.

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t shit on the series too much; it almost seems to be trying to help me out. Not sure which episode is on- not that I give a damn- but at this point in time a romantic scene between the main character and some guy. Chassidy seems to ease into cozying up next to me, leaning her head against my shoulder. When the two characters on screen kiss, I take Chassidy’s face in and lean in for one of our own.

She freezes up, not responding in any way. She then places a hand against my chest and pushes me while leaning back to break off the kiss. I just lean towards her more, while firmly holding her by the back of her head, making her escape attempt fail. Now she can’t try to get away easily, at least not without risking me pinning her down in the missionary position. While keeping her close with my left arm, I put my right hand under her shirt to feel her toned body. I don’t go for her boobs, just yet.

She manages to break the kiss for a second. “Scott, re-,” she starts, before I cut her off be resuming, this time introducing my tongue to hers. She breaks it again. “I’m not r-ready for s-s-someone new, or a rebou-” is what she gets out before I interrupt her again.

I use my left hand to hold her head to mine, while running my right hand up and down her body from the ribcage to her knee.

A couple minutes of this seems to change her mind. She starts to respond, moaning softly when I suck on her lower lip and when I give her a firm smack on her ample butt. Her hands move, the one that had been pushing at my chest now on the back of my head, the one she’d been using for balance against the arm rest under my shirt, feeling my abs.

Dammit. My bladder is demanding relief, even more than my balls are. Now I’m the one who breaks the kiss. Chassidy seems disappointed, then appalled at the fact she’d been making out with me.

“I’ll be back. Gotta go to the bathroom,” I tell her. She just turns to stare out the sliding door, crossing her arms.

I go down the hall that leads south and find the bathroom on my left, with a bedroom directly opposite from it. It takes a while to get all the piss out but it was sweet relief when I was done- hadn’t realized I’d been holding so much in.

When I open the door to walk out I see movement in the bedroom in front of me. I stop in the doorway and see it’s Chassidy.

She seems a bit flustered. She tries to play off being in here as just her exploring the house, which I’m sure is partially true as she’s never been here before. I get the feeling she was also trying to hide. . .

“Great hiding spot, right across the hall from the bathroom I’m in, right?” I laugh.

I’m blocking off her only escape route, so she just plops down on the lime-green covered bed, looking defeated, annoyed, and strangely even a little expectant.