Atlanta Hotwife at bar, fucked for hubby

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Atlanta Hotwife at bar, fucked for hubbyI have always been attracted to couples and often on the prowl for them. Bars are a great place to meet a hot wife/couple looking for fun. This Saturday was no exception. As I sat at the bar drinking and waiting for the crowd to come in, around 9pm an attractive woman around mid 40’s walks by and takes my breath away! She was followed by a man that I assumed to be her husband, about the same age. Both dressed well. I watched to see where they were going to sit and was suprised when after a visit to the restroom, they came up beside me at the bar and asked if the 2 stools beside mine were taken. I said “no, please sit down” After a little small talk I found that they were local as am I, and were just out to let their hair down after some shopping. The wife, Ann, was sitting between me and Frank her husband. She had on a dress, not really short, but very sexxy as it hugged her ass perfect. And the heels were a real sexy accesory. We chatted and laughed for about an hour as the drinks kicked in and then she asked if I danced. I said, yes, but what about your hubby? Ann said jhe doesnt dance and likes fethiye escort for me to have a good time. Frank assured me it was fine. So, we hit the floor for a couple of fast tunes and then a slow one came on. She was feeling really loose now from the drinks and wrapped her arms around my neck as we danced close. I couldnt help getting a hard on as she pressed against me and she commented on it saying,”well I see I am not the only one enjoying this” I kinda laughed and said, sorry for the obvious bulge but you are a very sexxy woman. She said no appology needed and she was thrilled that I found her attractive. Then she began to tell me that her and Frank had wanted to have an MFM for a long time now but just had not acted on it. She said that she would like to tonight and would I be interested.. WOW What luck I thought! would I EVER be interested I said! She just laughed and told me that she wanted Frank to see her rubbing my cock as we dance. I was game, so she did. The song was over and we returned to the stools. She whispered in Franks ear and then scooted closer to me. As we sat there she openly had her hand on my crotch escort fethiye as I was feeling her soaked pussy under the dress. Frank said he had been waiting on this for sooo long. After we noticed we were getting lots of looks from the others, we decided to leave. Their apartment was only 5 minutes away so we decided to go there for more drinks I followed them and Frank asked if I would like Ann to ride with me. I said oh yes that would be fun. We had no more than got in the car until she had me unzipped and sucking me. As we drove the streets home, several times guys in pickups and SUV’s saw her giving me head as I drove. She loved it even more knowing she was being watched! We get to their place and park, then get inside where she sheds her dress to show me the hottest body I had seen in a long time. Frank said She is all yours, I just want to watch a while. I laid her on the couch and began eating her pussy.. She had HUGE pussy lips and I have always loved that! flicking her clit and licking as I slid in 2 fingers to massage her G spot. Before long she was squirting all over my face and I lapped it up like a dog! Frank by now fethiye escort bayan had moved his cock to her mouth and was getting a blowjob as she told him how wet she was and how slutty she feels! I slid my cock in her gaping pussy lips and ooooh it was nice! Her huge lips gripped my cock as I fucked her as hard as I could from behind as she still sucked Frank. I could not last and told her I was cumming. To my suprise, she screamed for me to cum inside her.. I dont think I could have pulled out anyway as good as it felt, and unloaded a huge load of cum in her pussy… As I pulled away, her large dangling pussy lips were dribbling cum.. it looked sooo damn hot.. better than any porn movie ever.. Then Frank slides under her and tasted the cum from her pussy.. He slid his cock in as she asked him how it felt to fuck her pussy knowing it was full of my cum…She told him it was sooo stretched and he said all he could feel was my warm cum in her.. Well that caused him to blow his load quickly too! Ann now had another load of cum in her! She leaned over so we could see and her cunt was absolutley GAPED from the 2 hot fuckings she just got! Biggest pussy lips I have ever seen in person, just oozing 2 loads of cum.. We stayed naked the rest of the night and both fucked her again. We are already planning round 2 soon! Nothing hotter than a slut wife with big pussy lips