Aunt Catherine

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Aunt CatherineCatherine was singing as she drove across town, happy to be away from her house. She had just went through a nasty divorce and staying a her sister’s beach house was just what she needed. The house was like a resort sitting right on the ocean and had everything you could imagine. Her sister and he husband were going on a month long vacation and she had volunteered to stay at the house and keep watch over there just 18 year old son. Joey was her favorite nephew, he was easy going with quite the personality. Plus he was a very handsome teen with a ripped body. She couldn’t help but enjoy the way he looked at her. She was twice his age but it didn’t hurt to window shop.Stopped at the light Catherine glanced over at the guy in the 4 wheel drive sitting next to her. He was looking down at her with a big smile. She was wearing a little yellow summer dress with a plunging neckline, showing so much cleavage. Her big nipples poked out against the thin material of the dress. She had the hemline of her dress pulled up to the top of her tanned thighs showing off her long toned legs. A shiver swept her body as the young guy stared at her. The light changed and he drove along side of her. At the next light Catherine shifted in her seat and pulled her little dress up around her waist. she smiled up at him showing her pussy to the complete stranger. He kept beside her until traffic separated them. Her pussy was wet and her nipples hard and erect, she loved showing her hot body. Her x husband had turned her into a exhibitionist and at first she did it just for him. It didn’t take long until she was really into showing her body to men and women.As Catherine pulled into the driveway she seen Joey in the garage cleaning the windows on his car. She tugged her dress down to about mid thigh before he opened the door for her. He was very polite but she knew his intentions, he wanted to get a glimpse of her panties when she got out of the car. She slid one long leg out then the other giving the teen a glimpse of her pussy.Joey’s mouth fell open seeing her bushy cunt hair. He couldn’t believe gaziantep escort she was not wearing panties or a bra. He stepped back as she stood up and touched the sides of her firm tits as he reached around to hug her. Loving her tits pressed against his bare chest.Shiver after shiver swept Catherine’s body with Joey’s young muscular body pressed tight against her. She could even feel his cock pressed against her pussy. He had taken advantage of hugging her by feeling the sides of her tits. What would upset many women letting a young family take a free feel, excited Catherine.The hug lasted a few minutes then Joey let go thinking he was pushing the limits. They kissed each other on the cheek and told each other how nice it was to see each other again. Catherine glanced down seeing the outline of his massive cock beneath the thin clinging shorts. ‘Surely it couldn’t be as big as it looked’ she thought.”I’ll help you with your bags Aunt Catherine.” Joey said as she opened the back hatch. As she leaned over the front of her dress fell open and he could see her big, dark brown nipple. His young cock started to twitch around now. His hot mom dressed provocative but he had to work hard to see her naked.”Thanks Joey but you don’t have to call me aunt Catherine.” she replied handing him two suitcases. Knowing he had just looked down her top had he nipples so hard. She loved letting him look at her but that was as far as it ever would go. She was 37 and would never get involved with a 18 year old, especially her nephew. “Can I just call you Cat?” Joey asked watching her tight little ass wiggle beneath the short thin dress.”That works for me Joey!” she laughed at his nickname for her. ‘May I just call you horse?’ she thought.Joey went up the stairs four steps behind her watching the snow white cheeks of her ass peeking out beneath the short dress. His young cock was rock hard and throbbing now. His Mom was hot and sexy and he fantasized about fucking her all the time, but Cat just took over the top spot. Having any girl he wanted sexually should have giresun escort been enough for any eighteen year old. But not Joey, he wanted to fuck his mom and his aunt. With the plans him and his friend had come up with Cat would be sucking and fucking all of them. He would just have to wait and do everything as they had planned it.Catherine wanted to use the pool before lunch and Joey was all for it. He left her to unpack and went into his room. Turning on the big screen and changing the mode he watched Catherine putting her clothes away. Thanks to his friend who could do anything electronics. He had hooked in to the top of the line security system and installed well hidden cameras in every room of the house. He had recordings of his mom and dad, other family members and all their friends. His mom had been his favorite but now Cat would be. He slipped off his shorts releasing his massive rock hard cock. He had been blessed with a nine inch uncut cock that was extremely thick. It was as big around as a soda can. He loved showing his big cock and did it whenever he had the chance. His beautiful mom had accidently seen his huge cock on many occasions.Finished with putting her things away all but her newest bikini Cat slipped her sandals off the slipped her dress off. Standing in front of the wall mirror she looked at her naked reflection. She loved looking at her naked body and was always aroused when she did it. She went to the gym 3 days a week and worked on taking care of herself. Her beauty was breathtaking and her body a physical delight. Her friends always told her she looked like a girl in her twenties. Cat was tall and slender with long well shaped legs. Her firm, jutting tits stood straight out from her chest. Her perky tits were a size 34 C cup with dark brown nipples the size of quarters sticking out more than a half inch from the creamy flesh. Her belly was flat and toned with hips and a firm ass that could everyone’s eye. Her thick dark brown cunt hair was neatly trimmed to a small triangle. Even though her silky cunt hair was long, escort bayan her fleshy pink lips hung down past the hair. When excited her thick clit was like a miniature cock. Catherine had no idea she was being watched by Joey and his friends while being recorded.Joey’s rock hard cock twitched around as he looked at his aunt’s naked body. He gripped his monster cock slowly stroking it, he wanted so much to fuck her sexy mouth and pound her pussy right now. However, he would wait and do it as they planned. Knowing Catherine would do whatever they wanted then. He watched her slipping her little bikini on then stuffed his huge cock in his tight swimsuit. Wondering in his dirty mind if his mom and her had ever been sexual with each other in their younger days.Catherine was in the kitchen getting ice and water from the door on the fridge as Joey came in the room. She couldn’t help but notice his hard cock straining against his swim trunks. “Wow!!!! You look so hot in that little bikini cat!” he moaned looking at the snow white cheeks of her ass that were half exposed.”Thank you Joey. You don’t think it’s too small to you? I wondered about wearing this one her.” Catherine blushed as he obviously looked her over. Flattered that the young teen would say that about her, his aunt who was more than twice her age.”Compared to my mom and her friends you are well covered. Mom and them always wear tiny thongs and go topless all the time.” ” Are you bullshitting me Joey?” she laughed.”No, I am not Cat. Next time you see my mom’s tits you will see they are quite tanned.” Joey smiled, at her filling his water jug. He had seen his hot mom and her sexy friends topless when they were recorded.”Well I don’t see Kate naked every time we are together. You are so bad Joey! By the way I am not going topless!” she replied throwing some cold water on him.”I’ll get even Cat!” He laughed watching her firm ass jiggle as she headed to the pool.They were in the pool for almost a hour before they stretched out on the lounge chairs. Catherine realized her new bikini was almost transparent when wet. It excited her the way Joey stared at her. Glad she was wearing sunglasses allowing her to look at the outline of his long, thick, heavy veined cock. His wet trunks clinging tightly against his massive penis. Feeling guilty about having dirty thoughts of her young well hung nephew.To be continued