Aunties Weekend #01

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This story is entirely fictional. The names of those present has been changed for protection.

Every year my aunty Delilah would take my brother, my sister and I to her place individually for our birthdays into the city. Every year it was something new, except for me. My brother always looked for the social scene: bars, clubs, malls etc. My sister always looked for scientific/educational things to do: the zoo, the science center, provincial museum etc. They also went to get their nails done and other girl things.

But for me, it was different. I was into flying so we would always go to the airport and I would get to fly a small airplane around the city with one of the school’s teachers. Every year was the same thing. I enjoyed it, but what I really wanted I knew I couldn’t have. I matured much faster than most of the other boys and found interest in girls sooner too. I found that older women were more attractive than my classmates through much of high school. I would always imagine going to aunties house and finally asking her if we could have sex. But this dream was far fetched because I was under age. It was always a really good fantasy of mine. But one year this would change.

It was a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday when I went to the city on the train to spend the weekend with my aunt. She couldn’t afford the flying this year so she had other things planned.

Since I turned 18 I always had a condom in my wallet just in case. I made sure it was there as I was so confident it would happen this year that I even bought an extra in case I lost the first.

I boarded the train for the city and arrived about two hours later. There she was. She was beautiful this year. She died her hair brown to see what it looked like as it was usually blonde. She weighed about 165 lbs. maybe and had the perfect hourglass shape. Her breasts were smaller than usual but her ass was a little bit bigger than average. I didn’t mind at all. She was wearing a tank top with a denim skirt that cut off just above her knees.

“Hey,” she said when I got off of the escalator and hugged her.

“Hey aunty Delilah,” I said back to her.

“How was the train?” She asked releasing me and leading me to the subway.

“It was good, took longer than I thought,” I said letting her get in front of me so I could watch her ass sway back and forth. I also got a good look at her silky smooth legs.

“What do you want to do today?” She asked as we boarded the subway.

“Well I’m very hungry so we should take care of that first,” I said then started to think, “Can we go to JR records? I have a feeling they have some new Aerosmith stuff there.”

She nodded, “Sure. I heard of this great bar on the waterfront. Do you want to go there later tonight? Or do you just want to get a few movies and order pizza?”

“Aunty, you know me. I hate the social scene. Pizza and a movie sounds good,” I replied. I was sitting but noticed there was nowhere else for her to sit. I stood up and said, “Aunty you can have my seat.” After a bit of the back and forth of, “No,” and ,”I insist,” she eventually sat down.

She stood up when we arrived at our stop and we got off. We walked down the street to her apartment building and went inside. Once we reached her apartment we went in and I dropped my bag on a chair. I said, “hi,” to the cats then we were on our way again.

The music store was on the same street so we walked a few blocks then I opened the door for her. She walked in and I followed immediately going to the Rock/Pop section of the store to check for some Aerosmith, Beatles, John Lennon and Grand Funk Railroad albums. Then I went to the basement to check for any Aerosmith LP’s that the store might have so I could hang it on my wall back at home.

“You ready to go,” she said looking bored.

“Yeah I got what I wanted,” I said going to the front line

“What did you grab?” She asked as we got closer to the till

“Fly Away From Here the single by Aerosmith, Yellow Submarine by the Beatles and the single for We’re An American Band by the Grand Funk Railroad,” I said flipping through the cds showing my aunt.

“Cool, but don’t you have all of Aerosmith’s albums by now?” She asked not believing that I picked up the cd.

“Like I said, it’s a single.” I said mockingly. She gave me a friendly shove at the comment then we Ankara bayan escort reached the counter.

After paying the clerk I held the door open for her then left. She then said, “You know you don’t have to act like a gentleman on my account.”

“You haven’t had a boyfriend in so long even though you are so beautiful. It does matter,” I said trying not to blush at the blunt comment.

She looked at me and smiled, “Thank you. You are so sweet you know that? I can’t believe you haven’t had girlfriend in so long either.”

I smiled back at her, “I’m waiting for the right gal.” I then winked at her. She smiled as if heeding my comment, “Don’t worry. I’m sure she is closer than you think.”

She gave me a hug from the side and kissed my cheek. I could feel my dick stirring in my pants at that. I tried to figure out if she was coming onto me or just being friendly.

We reached the subway to take it to the main mall which was several stories tall in the center of the city. We went in and she asked me, “Can I get your opinion on an outfit I want to buy?”

I couldn’t resist, “Sure.” She led me to the victories secret outlet in the store then picked out some black underwear and a bra. She put them on then told me to come in and tell me what I thought of them.

When I got in I got an almost instant erection. The bra fit perfectly and was very sex. The panties were sexy too, but not enough. “Maybe a different pair of panties. And for goodness sake, get a different colour than black. She frowned then sent me out.

She came out fully dressed and brought me around the store and asked, “What kind of panties should I get?”

I almost collapsed at the question. I walked around until I found the thongs. I picked up a white one that I though looked nice. I gave it to her saying, “You should… you know… show what you got.”

She laughed at the awkward comment then grabbed a white bra and walked into the change room. Once again she called me in, “Jim, do you want to judge this one?”

Again I got an instant erection. The white made her features appear much bigger than they actually were. “Well what do you think,” She turned around and showed me her ass. She then bent over to pick something up.

“That is so sexy,” I managed to finally mumble out.

She giggled then told me to come close and take a better look. I knew she was teasing me now. I got close and she told me to check how the thong was fitting around her thighs and ass. I looked down and lost my mind. She was even more sexy in this practically naked state.

I put my hands on her thighs and moved them along her body along with the panties main elastic. I then followed the panties down her ass and under to her asshole and pussy. She moaned when I was over her pussy and coming up towards the front of the panties.

“Looks good to me aunty,” I said in a soft voice.

“Just say Delilah. I don’t want anyone to hear then get weirded out,” She said adjusting the panties, “How does the bra look?”

“Damn sexy Delilah,” I said mulling over her chest.

She giggled, “I like it when you talk like that,” she said.

“Like what?” I asked confused.

“Like this,” she said imitating my voice, “Now get out of here and I’ll buy this underwear. Just for you Jim.”

I bowed then left. I sat on the bench outside trying not to think about what I just saw and heard. I didn’t want to get an erection in a mall. I’ll whack-off in the bed that she makes me tonight I thought.

She came out and we continued walking. She leaned up and kissed me on the cheek, “Thank you for being honest. I’m not good at choosing good clothing.”

“You’ve done fine up until now,” I said to her.

She kissed me again, “You are so sweet.” She took my hand and we walked to the video store to grab some movies to watch.

I picked an older movie, Canadian Bacon, which I was told was funny but never got to watch it. She picked out another movie then we continued walking.

We passed a sex store. She then stopped and we turned around. We went in, the first time I had gone inside on of these stores since turning 18. She went to check out dildohs which again gave me an erection. I checked out the magazines. She came over to me and asked me about a dildo.

“Jesus Delilah, I don’t know anything about that shit. Buy what you want to,” I yelled Escort bayan Ankara softly. It was awkward enough in there without her asking me if that was a good dildo.

She shrugged and walked away. I grabbed a magazine and walked up to the front of the store to buy it. Aunty came up behind me and looked at the magazine I selected. It was a magazine with mostly pictures of lesbians making out naked, “Mmm, I think it’s so hot when two girls kiss”. I blushed at that thinking of my aunt kissing another girl.

I bought the magazine when the clerk said, “You’ve got quite a catch there kid. Don’t her get away.” I smirked at him and waited for my aunt at the door.

She came over and again I held the door open letting her go out first, “Sorry about asking you about the dildo. I bought it, see?”

“I can see that aunty,” I said not looking at her. We walked back to her place. It was already five pm so she ordered the pizza. For half an hour I played with the cats while she did work stuff.

The pizza finally came and we put Top Gun in and watched. We ate pizza until we were full. Throughout the movie we got closer and closer to each other until we were finally beside each other.

I stood up and took her plate to the sink. I returned and sat down next to her. After about half an hour she rested her head on my shoulder. I swung my arm over her putting it on her side out of reflex. She moved in closer to me. She was all snuggled in when the movie began getting exciting.

After another half an hour I noticed that she wasn’t moving. I looked down at her and she was sleeping. Interesting, I thought, someone as energetic and fun as my aunty had fallen asleep during a good movie. I didn’t think too much of it and just let her lay there.

When the movie was finished I looked down to wake her up so we could change the movies. She was staring back at me. She then sat up without taking her eyes off of mine. She then leaned closer and our lips locked together. We closed our eyes as saliva and flavor exploded in our mouths. I stuck my tong into her mouth and pulled her closer to myself. I could feel my dick getting harder and bigger.

Holy shit I’m making out with her. I think I should ask her was all I could think during this ecstasy that we were sharing.

She pulled back then looked into my eyes and said in a sexy voice , “I’ve wanted that for a long time now.”

“Aunty… I want to fuck you,” I said due to a lack of better words.

“Me too Jimmy. Do you have protection? Just imagine what your parents would say if they found out,” She asked.

I leaned over the couch and reached for my wallet. I pulled out a condom and showed it to her. “Good. But you’ll need more,” she said leaning in for another kiss.

She put her hand on my thigh and started caressing it. I felt around her back for her bra clip and thumbed it to release the hold.

She moved her hand up to my groin then began stroking it on top of the clothing. She backed away from me pulling off her shirt then removing her bra. I reached out and caressed her breasts as she continued rubbing my cock.

She eventually opened the fly of my pants and pulled my dick out. “It’s so big Jimmy,” she said as she started stroking it.

Holy shit this feels soo good I thought as I stuck my hand under her skirt and began rubbing her panties overtop of her pussy.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I pulled away then removed my clothing. She did the same. I sat back down on the couch. She continued stroking me as I stuck two fingers into her pussy.

“Oohh Jimmy,” she moaned collapsing on the couch next to me.

I knew she enjoyed it so I stuck a third in and she let out a louder moan. She was stroking me slower now as she couldn’t handle herself.

“I want to make your head spin,” She said getting off of the couch. She knelt in front of me then opened her mouth.

Her lips slowly lowered down my pipe until they hit the base. Then she went back up, then back down again. Over and over.

“Shit aunty,” I said putting my hand on her head, “That feels so goddamn good.”

She kept going until I felt something coming up in my cock, “Aunty I’m going to come.

I removed my hand but Delilah didn’t remove her mouth from around my shaft and I let out a huge explosion of cum into her mouth. She gulped then giggled, “You taste really good.”

I Bayan escort Ankara liked it when she talked dirty to me, “Aunty that felt really good.” She stood up then laid on the couch next to me.

“Show me how it felt,” She said spreading her legs showing me her pussy.

I needed time to recharge so I knelt on the couch then moved my head to her pussy. She was really wet so she said, “I need a really good cleaning. Can you do that for me?”

I nodded then put my head onto her pussy and shoved my tong in. She let out a moan as I swirled around inside her pussy taking in all the juices. She taste really good, like peaches and something else, couldn’t put my finger on it.

She came quickly after words and sat up. We kissed again then she said, “I’m throbbing for you Jimmy, go in. Fuck me… please.”

Her dirty talk turned me on so much. I put a condom on then she laid back down on the couch. She spread her legs and I lined myself up. I teased first, just putting me dickhead into her vagina. She moaned and said, “Please… please put it in, don’t tease me.

I pulled away then lined up again. I pushed slowly into her pussy. It was so warm and tight inside. I almost came right then and there, but I didn’t. My dick wanted more and didn’t want to ruin it.

I pushed all the way in and we both let out a moan, hers was louder then mine however.

“Yes, Jimmy, fuck me. Fuck your Aunty Delilah,” She said putting her arms behind her head showing off her breasts in plain view.

I pumped in and out. The feeling was amazing. I put a hand on one of her breasts and thrust harder and harder each time.

“Yes, fuck… oohh… god yes… fffff fuck,” She moaned over and over as I continued fucking her.

I took her silky smooth legs and put them on my shoulders and leaned over her body. It made it so damn tight in he pussy. We looked right into each others eyes and came at the same time.

I fell back and pulled out. She sat up panting and took the condom off. “You are amazing Jimmy,” she said before sucking me clean.

After she thought I was all cleaned up she looked at me, “That was very bad.”

“I thought it was great aunty,” I said kissing her.

“No, no. It WAS great,” she said, “And that’s the problem. I’m an aunt, and I just fucked the life out of my nephew. What will God say?”

I rolled my eyes, “He’ll understand.”

We kissed again then she got up. I pulled her back onto my lap. She turned around and smiled back at me, “Ready already?”

I nodded then grabbed the extra condom from my wallet. “You’re a very bad boy,” she said lying on the couch next to me.

I shook my head, “Aunty get on all fours on the floor.”

Aunty giggled and did as I asked. I put the condom on then stood behind her. I knelt down and put my hands on her love handles. I aimed my cock and inserted it into her pussy.

There was the same explosion of feeling and emotion as I began thrusting in and out of her. I leaned over her as she began moaning. I reached around and grabbed her breasts lightly squeezing them.

“Oh yeah… fuck me… harder… harder Jimmy harder… there you go… oooh fuck yes,” she moaned as we fucked.

She laid her face on the ground and held her revealing her asshole. I stopped fucking her for a moment, “Aunty… may I give you-“

She thought for a moment then said, “fuck my ass baby.”

I pulled out of her pussy then pushed on her asshole. She said, “Wait. I have some lotion that’ll make it slip better. Hang on baby.”

I moaned and she kissed me, “Just hang on.” I sat the strocking my dick waiting for her to come back.

When she did she had a thing of sex lotion in her hand. She put some on my shaft then stroked it to spread the lotion out evenly.

She then got back into the same position as before and I lined up probing her ass. I then slowly began inserting my dick inch by inch.

“Owe, that hurts, fuck owe,” She aid holding me to make sure I didn’t go to fast.

When it was finally in all the way I began pulling back. I said, “I must be very lucky aunty. I get to fuck your awesome ass.”

She laughed sensually and began moaning, “Yeah that feels good… oooo… keep going Jimmy.”

I started going faster and faster until I was going a good pace. It felt so good and it was so damn tight. After a few minutes I exploded into her. There was more there than the first time. I rolled off of her and laid next to her. She laid on me and stroked my cock.

“I hope this won’t be the last time we do this Jimmy,” she said.

I just blushed, what a dream come true.