Autumn’s Window

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To describe Autumn as beautiful was like describing the sun as “kind of hot”. She had a face that inspired dreams, a body that took over fantasies, and an undeniable sexual energy about her that could break the will of even the most dedicated man. Her flaming red hair made her stand out like a true goddess, yet her quiet demeanor allowed her to practice the fine art of seduction at any time or place.

She craved sex at least as much as two typical male teenagers, but she didn’t throw herself at just anyone. Different pleasures called for different practices, and not always would a big, strong man with a giant cock make do. Sometimes all Autumn needed or wanted was her own hand and something to see or remember to stimulate her mind with.

That was what she was doing this evening. She was alone in her bedroom. Her parents were in the house, and though they wouldn’t have cared if they heard her TV come on, it was late and Autumn didn’t want to risk them hearing her play porn. So she opened the vault of her memory, recalling a time not too long ago, before they had moved into this house, when she had discovered how powerful seduction really was…

It was a beautiful summer day. School had ended yesterday. She wouldn’t start her new job until the middle of the month. So today she was free, and it felt great. It was the kind of day she thought she’d never get to have again; no responsibilities, no chores, no appointments, and no one else at home to bother her. She had woken at eight o’clock in the morning to a cool, gentle breeze and warm sunlight. A great to day to spend inside with all the windows open. But a perfect day to spend outside.

She’d already finished breakfast, showered, and decided under no circumstances would she turn on the TV today. No, today was going to be quiet, and she was going to enjoy every second of it.

By then it was ten, and though the wind made it a little too chilly to sunbathe, the sun was getting high enough to offer the warmth that made it possible. Autumn guessed by the time she got herself ready, the temperature would be just right. She was wearing a simple pair of shorts and a t-shirt as she opened her dresser drawer to look for her skimpiest bathing suit. When she found it, the yellow and orange one, she moved toward her window to draw the blinds so she could change.

As she got to the window, a full but gentle gust of wind blew in through the screen. It was already the perfect temperature, and she couldn’t help but pause and let it wrap around her body, closing her eyes as her red hair danced, smiling at the sensation of the air lapping at her skin. Autumn bent down, leaning on her hands on the window sill, enjoying the moment as much as any massage she’d ever had.

But it was better then even that. The wind was soft but constant, and soon the breeze even slipped down the neck of her shirt, caressing her free breasts and her pink nipples on its way down her tummy and around her ribs. A lesser wind wouldn’t have been enough, and a stronger wind would’ve been annoying by now, but this breeze was just right.

Despite how good it felt, Autumn was surprised when nipples began to harden, and even more surprised when they started to tingle with the delight she’d only experienced during masturbation. She had been in a happy, relaxed mood today. Sex was the last thing on her mind. But she’d begun experimenting with sex recently–nothing major, only some “heavy petting” as they called it. Maybe getting horny was becoming easier now.

The air on her chest licked and tingled and stroked, and Autumn leaned into it, into the window, thrusting her body out to catch more. With her eyes closed, it was easy to concentrate casino oyna on the pleasure. She lived in a quiet neighborhood, and so there were no car engines or other city noise to disturb her, only the rustling of the leaves of the trees and the occasional chirp of a bird. Also, there were privacy fences blocking out the yards of both neighbors living beside her, so only the house behind had any kind of view of this window. At this time of day, nobody would be home there, so even with the window open, Autumn was blessed with privacy.

As she lingered, Autumn told herself that she had had enough, but she knew it wasn’t true. The breeze died down, but even the slow draft that followed was now enough to keep her nipples hard. And as the wind picked up again, Autumn could only think about how good it would feel against her pussy.

Right now, the elastic of the waistband of her shorts cut off any chance for the air to reach her there, so she hooked a thumb around the material and pulled it open. She arched her back and leaned into the window a little more to put herself at a better angle to catch the air. It wasn’t hard to find the perfect position; when the wind streamed over her tight little twat, Autumn’s legs buckled from the sudden burst of pleasure.

Autumn loved her vagina. It was so cute and small, the lips so perfectly tucked and curved. Her pubic hair was red like her hair, but it grew sparsely here, so it was never hidden. She had masturbated many times, but never with one of those big dildos. She had seen enough porn to know what big dicks and toys could do to a woman’s pussy, and she didn’t want hers to get loose like that. It was a genuinely frustrating fear for Autumn; even though technically a virgin, she knew she had an ultra-strong sex drive, but to feed it might mean sacrificing the perfect shape of her little cunt.

That concern was in the very back of her head, though, as she felt the warm air tickle her red pubic hairs, spill between her thighs, and wrap up and behind her, teasing the bottom of her butt cheeks and even her anus tucked so tightly between them. Opening the shorts had taken her to a new level, but they were still constricting. To get the full effect of what she wanted to be experiencing, they would have to come off, or at least down.

Autumn opened her eyes to make extra sure there was no one around to see. Only her backyard was there, with the neighbor’s back yard behind that, and then the back of the neighbor’s house, with all the windows drawn. Clothes were tossing gently on a clothesline in the neighbor’s yard. In hers, a lawn sprinkler was shooting a spray across the emerald-green grass. She was alone. Perfect.

She slid the shorts down to her knees, letting her naked pussy get the full force of the gentle gust. Now the air rolled off her hips and thighs, licked her crotch and streamed under and behind, caressing her ass. It was Heaven. Autumn leaned even further into the window and rose herself up on her tip-toes to get the most and the best of the breeze. Her eyes were closed again as she concentrated on the soothing, tingling sensation that melted all over her body.

Wanting more, she pulled her shirt up slowly, first exposing her taut tummy, but not willing to stop there. She pulled her shirt higher, higher, until there was nothing left to do but pull it up over the tops her large, perfect breasts with their aching pink nipples. She let the shirt go, but her breasts were large and firm enough to hold it up themselves, and for a while longer, Autumn just enjoyed the air coursing over her sexually primed, nearly nude body.

Nearly nude, she thought. Yes. Though her most sensitive parts were displayed, she wasn’t canlı casino fully displayed. She tried spreading her legs to let more air through them, but the shorts art her knees prevented her from doing so. And though the t-shirt she wore was small and of light material, it felt like a burdening weight resting on top of her breasts.

First, she removed her shorts and spread her legs as far as she could while standing. The air caught her in places it never had before, and it resulted in a pleasure that was beyond amazing. Her clit was peeking out now, and her lips grew moist as they curled outward themselves. The air on these special places brought on a new, deep, electrical-like pleasure to not just those areas but all over Autumn’s body.

She tossed away her t-shirt without even knowing she’d taken it off. She thrust her naked chest even closer to the window, reveling in the feel of the wind blowing up the narrow canyon of cleavage between her great breasts. She was so close to the window that much of her was practically in it, but with her eyes closed she didn’t know how far she’d gone until her forehead softly met the top frame of the window.

She might have pulled back, but at the same time the tips of her straining nipples made the slightest contact with the cold, coarse, metal window screen. The contact had been slow and slight but it triggered dual explosions of lust in each of Autumn’s breasts that flooded back into her tummy, surged up and down her spine, and still tingled even at the tips of her fingers and toes.

To tease herself, Autumn dragged her ultra-sensitive nipples just barely across the screen, moving no more than an inch, but with that inch she experienced more hot, pounding pleasure than she could take. She gasped, reached out and grabbed the sides of the window for support, and pressed her breasts hard into the steel mesh, burying her erect nipples in her own firm flesh. The mix of the soothing warm breeze and the hard, cold metal had her closer to orgasm than she even thought possible without actually touching herself. And she was breathing hard–panting, really–as though one such orgasm was just a few moves away.

She didn’t want this pleasure to end, but she knew her body would grow use to the sensations soon, and it would take more to keep herself at this heightened level of passion. If she didn’t bring herself off now, it would be harder and less remarkable later. Faced with the ever impossible decision between the continuations of erotic tease or bursting into climax, Autumn brought her hand toward her pussy to help herself strike up an orgasm. But before she could touch herself, another gust of wind, this one stronger, rose up and pressed through the window.

But this time it was different. This time it was carrying with it millions of tiny droplets of water from the lawn sprinkler in the corner of the yard. The water came to her only barely thicker than a true mist, so she could almost feel the individual droplets. The water was cold, like the steel mesh screen still pressing against her breasts, but her bedroom had grown warmer from the rising sun.

The exertion of holding herself, so tightly wound, in her position in the room, added with her fiery lust, had actually made her body very warm. The parts of her not getting direct exposure to the wind were producing a thin film of sweat. But now, with the tickling spray of water, the heat of her body was being cooled and re energized. Her nerves were on high alert, sensing everything and overwhelmed by what came to them. Though the water on the wind was so little in total quantity, spread out, it quickly blanketed the front side of Autumn with a wet, slick sheen. And still kaçak casino the wind blew, drying her and warming her even as it painted her with more chilly water, getting her wet again.

Soon the water won out. Autumn was wet enough on her face, neck, breasts, tummy, thighs, and pussy that she was feeling the cold drips of the collective spray begin to roll down her warm skin. Every part of her felt hyper-sensitive, and the tension between her thighs told her the time was almost upon her. She felt a drip of water roll from just under her chin to down her neck and between her breasts, picking up speed and growing in size as it slipped down her tummy, heading right for the perfect spot. Autumn waited, timing herself, then pulled her breasts back from the metal screen until only the tips of her nipples were touching it again, and did so just as the big drip of water hit her thin, tiny red bush, burst, and trickled onto her clitoris. She raked her nipples gently across the mesh screen once more, then began a shuddering, mind-blowing collapse into orgasm.

She gripped the wood of the window frame with all her might, wanting to keep herself up and in the window as her rubbery legs buckled below her. Her breasts sizzled with bolts of pleasure again, but this time her pussy was exploding too, and shock waves dashed, bounced, and curled through her thighs, tummy, spine, and every joint in her body. Autumn collapsed against the window screen once more, pressing her breasts and nipples so hard into it that the screen itself bowed outward, straining against her force. At the same time, she rose herself up and pushed her crotch toward the wooden, lacquered windowsill, touching her throbbing clit to the smooth edge and setting off more blasts of orgasm as she ground herself against it.

For the first time, the wind blew strong enough to whistle, and Autumn matched it with her own howls. She gasped as she fought to keep herself standing and stimulated throughout the climax, which was both frustrating and endlessly rewarding.

Strangely, Autumn’s legs were the first parts of her to get their strength back. She rest of her went limp, falling against the window, her head bowed, her arms swinging at her side, her back no longer arched with tension but slack, hunched over the sill. Her body felt as though it had been tied into the tightest knots, but was now finally pulled loose. She gasped hard, almost violently, as she tried to get her breath back…

And now, almost a year later and in a different bedroom in a different house, the present Autumn was gasping to catch her breath, too. She had just struck in herself an orgasm that, by no means as electrifying as that one on that beautiful summer day, was still entirely satisfying. She was naked, spread-eagled on the top of her bed, one hand on her clit and one at her face, where she teased her lips and tongue with a finger. Her tight tummy heaved in and out wildly as she struggled to calm down. And even though her windows were closed to the freezing winter air outside, the heat in Autumn’s room was off, meaning the beads of sweat all over her had been generated solely by her body; her passion.

That day at the window was a constant source of arousal for Autumn. It was the day she learned the true power of her sexual drive. It was the day she learned that great pleasure was not dependent on a big dick, or even a dick at all. She could have the greatest time of her life however she wanted just so long as she kept her mind in good practice. And now, just several months later and her virginity long gone, though Autumn always knew she was still learning, she also felt she was as much of an expert when it came to giving and receiving pleasure as anyone close to her age.

And she still had that cute, tight, tiny pussy.

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