Awesome, Sexy Surprise…

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Awesome, Sexy Surprise For Shy Boy!cccccc9

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My name is Brian Moon and I am now a thirty six years old, unmarried businessman, who’s favorite pastime is looking at, being with, and fucking very beautiful women with enormous tit’s.

In fact All of my girlfriends were lovely, young women with huge breasts and I couldn’t imagine anything else for myself. I have seen more pussy than an animal shelter.

I think it all started when I was eighteen years old at the time and had gone up to New York to stay at my cousin Judy Moon’s place a few weeks for the summer.

Judy Moon was twenty five years old to my eighteen. Judy was my unmarried first cousin. Our fathers are brothers.

“Enjoying your summer vacation Brian?” Judy asked me smiling on my first day over at her house.

“Yes.” I replied shyly.

“How is everything going at college Brian?” Judy asked.

“Pretty good.” I replied.

“Pretty good?” she asked incredulously.

“It should be going very good.” she continued.

“Aren’t you meeting any new girls there and such?”

“Well, I haven’t met any that tickled my fancy just yet.” I replied.

“Oh, yeah Brian. I forgot that you are as shy as one boy can get.” She answered not unkindly but very concerned.

“Come on Judy I will be ok. Let’s talk about some other things ok?” I asked.

“OK Brian. You are the boss.” Judy replied as we quickly changed the subject and talked about other matters.

One day soon very unknowingly to me Judy had organized a huge party when I was there. I looked out of my bedroom window and saw many of her attractive friends talking and eating on the lawn while some swam in the swimming pool.

When the party was getting underway Judy came to my room and asked me if I wanted to come downstairs and party too, I thanked her but chose instead to hide away in a bedroom with the TV, From all the great noise that was coming downstairs the party seemed like a great success.

About midnight, the door to my bedroom burst open and in came two amazing women. One was a tall, curvaceous, leggy, brunette with some of the biggest pair of tit’s that I have ever seen in my whole life encased in a purple spandex mini-dress and “fuck me” sandal high heeled shoes on her feet.

While the other was a tall, leggy, curvaceous, blonde, who amazingly enough had an even bigger pair of tit’s than her friend.

The voluptous blonde was wearing a red spandex mini-dress and “Fuck me” sandal high heeled shoes on her feet.

I will never forget the awesome sight of those two babes, as stacked as can be, standing at my doorway staring and giggling at me.

I was in bed wearing my pajamas as I instantly pitched an enormous, circus tent in my pants over the two women.

“Who is this hiding away?” the voluptous blonde asked giggling excitedly.

“I don’t know but it looks like Judy Moon has been hiding something from us.” The voluptous brunette chimed in.

“Why aren’t you downstairs and partying kid?” asked the gorgeous, awesomely built, blonde leaning over me. Her top was not covering much of her chest and I couldn’t help but stare down her deep cleavage.

I then blurted out some crap about never really moving in these circles before, coming from a small town upstate and all.

“I bet you are a shy boy and a virgin.” said the blonde laughing, her massive mammaries heaving up and down.

I had to admit I was, much to my shame as I listened to both voluptous ladies laugh good naturedly.

Even though I was uncomfortable over my virginity my sizeable cock was harder than a rock and I knew somehow that my virginity status would change after tonight.

“Well, big boy. We will have to change all that won’t we Nancy?” the brunette said to the blonde.

“Yeah, Jackie we can have our own little party up here!” The blonde named Nancy replied.

Just when she said this though there was a rattling at the doornob. The girls who were my cousin’s Judy’s age quickly rushed me into a nearby huge closet and closed the door.

The moment we closed the door to the closet In walked my beautiful cousin Judy with a very hunky guy. I recognized her voice as she laughed and joked with her boyfriend.

Apparently Judy thought I had wondered off to one of the other rooms or something, so she did not worry about where I happened to be.

Meanwhile my new-found breasty girlfriends were both pressed against me in the closet.

“Unzip me with your teeth kid because you look like you have a very hungry mouth that is ready to eat something sweet!” the brunette commanded breathlessly in my face.

Both gorgeous, women were wearing spandex mini-dresses with a long zipper in front and no bra or panties on underneath.

Their skirts were so short it casino siteleri barely covered their pussies. One long zip on each of their dresses would leave these women totally naked.

I then quickly took my teeth to the brunette’s zipper first and zippered it all the way down. As soon as I did her mini-dress fell quickly to the ground at her feet.

“Wow! that feels a lot more comfortable.” The nude, very stacked brunette cooed to me as her enormous breast spilled out, wobbling and bobbling in front of me, tantalizing me to fucking death.

“Thank you for releasing me from my confining clothes!” she continued on to say as she then took off her sandal high heeled shoes and pumped up her breasts with her hands.

“Don’t mention it.” I said shyly.

“Hey! How about me?” the blonde giggled running up to me, her enormous, tetons bouncing excitedly up and down.

“I will get too you honey but you will just have to wait your turn.” I answered her as I hungrily took her zipper down with my teeth leaving her naked too.

The sexy blonde then took off her high heels and tossed them sexily to the side.

“Wow! your right Jackie being totally naked does feel a lot more comfortable.” The blonde giggled.

“Bam!” the blonde cried as she quickly struck a very sexy pose.

“Wham!” she then cried excitedly giving me an even sexier pose as she then shimmied her whopping gazongas excitedly in my face.

“Well, what do you think of our bodies?” the blonde girl asked giggling excitedly.

“Spectacular girls…just spectacular!” I replied eyes bugging out of my fucking head.

Both girls, especially the blonde, had amazingly, huge, round breasts with big tent pole sized nipples that were very erect with excitement.

Their big, tent pole sized nipples were not the only thing erect as I felt my cock soar in my pajama pants.

“Hey! Nancy, How about getting this boy naked too?” The brunette replied.

“Good idea Jackie!” the blonde replied as she and the brunette quickly took off my pajama top and yanked down my pajama pants, as their gigantic headlights bounced wildly up and down.

As soon as I was as naked as my two very voluptous ladies my cock sprung excitedly forwards. I had such a raging boner my cock slapped against my stomach and stuck there like glue.

These two ladies were all long hair, enormous, tit’s, slim shapely waist, great ass, quivering pussy and endless sexy long legs and I absolutely loved it!

The two ladies looked at my cock size very hungrily . They were both genuinely surprised on how enormous it was!

“Wow! I would of never imagined a kid like you having a much larger cock than any of my boyfriends.”

“But my god you do!” the big titted blonde gushed in excitement.

“Oh, baby, baby!” the blonde purred as she put her finger lightily on my bare chest as she slowly worked it all the way down to my magnificent cock.

The blonde and the brunette then began kissing me all over my body.

The voluptous, blonde then got on her knees in front of me kissing my mammoth cock all over as she then put my cock in between her sweet lips as she began to suck me off big time.

My cock blew up like a balloon inside the blonde ladies mouth, so much so that it was amazing she didn’t gag over the size of it.

The blonde was such a fantastic cock sucker I quickly felt my balls tighten as I flooded her mouth with a huge, sea of come.

I then commanded the blonde to stand up straight while I got on my knees and returned the favor by licking her sweet pussy lips.

“OOH! Baby! That’s it! That’s it!” the blonde cooed as my talented tongue licked her pussy outside and inside.

“OHH! God baby! You are really hitting my spot!” the blonde cried through very quivering lips as she erupted in multiple orgasms.

“I told you girl that he has a very hungry mouth didn’t I?” the brunette laughed to the blonde as she watched her cum in many earth Shattering orgasms.

“And how Jackie And he looks like he just found my sweet spot!” the blonde girl replied breathlessly as she then rammed my whole head into her pussy with both of her hands, as she tossed her head back and closed her eyes, so she could really get a thorough licking.

“Ohhhh!” the blonde moaned in pleasure as she roared over and over and over again in mighty orgasm.

After she came the blonde sucked me off to another mighty erection as once again My cock ballooned so much in her mouth and was so long and so thick it was amazing that she did not gag on it.

“I warmed him up for you Jackie. It is now your turn.” the blonde cried in joy as the voluptous, brunette jumped right into my arms with me holding her up off of her feet as I fucked her royally.

“OOOHH! Baby! Fuck me with that horse sized dong of yours. I can never get enough!” the brunette cried as she bounced vigorously, up and down on my mighty joystick.

Wow! this boy’s cock was harder than she could canlı casino of ever imagined, not to mention extremely huge! The boy’s cock was so hard that when he first entered her she experienced a sharp combination of pleasure and pain.

The lovely brunette gasped throwing her arms and legs tighter around him, moaning with overwhelming passion.

Seeing the gorgeous, brunette going up and down on my cock like this caused me to explode so mightily my knees buckled but I managed to still hold her up in my arms as I was fucking her.

“OOOOOHHH! Baby!” the brunette then cried in ecstasy as she exploded in multiple orgasms that rocked her whole body greatly.

I then put the brunette gently down on the ground again after we fucked and amazingly enough my cock was still as hard as can be.

The blonde then quickly got doggy style as she shimmied her fantastic ass sexily at me.

“Yoo hoo! over her big boy!” she cried out in lust as I quickly mounted her.

“Ride em cowboy!” the blonde said aloud as I kept on thrusting away inside of her.

I was banging this voluptous, blonde like a bucking bronco holding on for dear life as I heard her erotic moans of pleasure.

The blonde’s erotic moans were so sexy and her pussy was so tight I knew I was not going to last too much longer as I exploded gobs and gobs of thick, gooey, spunk right inside of her.

The blonde could not hold out much longer either as she moaned and exploded in one mighty orgasm after another.

The brunette then whispered to both of us to hold it down as she opened up the closet door a few inches as we all took a look at what my cousin Judy and her boyfriend were doing.

The sight that then met my eyes I will never forget. There on the bed was my cousin Judy, her skirt up showing off her panties. The guy was almost naked except for his shorts and my cousin was rapidly pulling these off of his legs.

They soon became a mass of squirming nude bodies on the bed, the hunky guy crawling all over my cousin’s nude, stacked body, with her making the most erotic of noises.

“They sure are having a lot of fun out there aren’t they?” I asked my two, new sex mates as I watched my cousin Judy erupt in orgasm over and over and over again.

“Yes, they are but so are we! the brunette lovely said as she slowly closed the closet door and quickly got doggy style.

“Bang my ass baby. I just love it in my fucking ass! she cooed as I quickly did what was said of me as I started banging her.

“Harder! Baby! Harder! the brunette cried as I started to pump faster and faster.

“Wow kid! You sure know how to fuck a woman don’t you?” she cried happily as she then exploded wildly over and over and over again in earth shattering orgasm.

“I guess I do!” I answered back laughing as I enjoyed watching the brunette coming wildly through my great love making.

I then felt that certain tingle a guy gets when he is just about ready to come as I exploded mightily inside of her.

My exploding inside of her triggered off another great orgasm for Jackie.

“OOOHH! Baby! You are one great lover!” Jackie said as she closed her eyes and braced herself as a mind-blowing orgasm hit her like a tidal wave as she came once again in uncontrollable orgasm.

The brunette then turned around and faced me as she quickly began to suck my cock off to still another fabulous erection.

“Hey! My friend Jackie here isn’t the only one who likes it up the fucking ass!” The blonde cried as she hungrily eyed my enormous, muscle of steel as she quickly got doggy style too as I happily banged away inside of her.

It was unbelievable how super-tight these gorgous, voluptous ladies were in the pussy and ass as I quickly exploded mightily inside of her.

“Harder! Baby! Harder. I want you to make me cum even more then my friend.” the blonde purred as she closed her eyes and braced herself as her body then stiffened as I gave her her wish as titanic orgasm after titanic orgasm roared through her body like electricity over and over and over again.

“OOOHH! baby you are really giving me what I want. Keep it coming!” the blonde gushed as she kept on exploding in ecstasy.

After this fuck session the lovely brunette opened the closet door again to spy on my cousin. I tell you I quickly got another hard on watching my cousin Judy climb on top of her boyfriends massive cock and really sink her whole body down on it as they vigorously started to fuck once more.

“Yes! Baby! Yessss! Fuck your little Judy, Tom. that’s it! Thats’ it. Yes! Baby! Yes!” my cousin cried in great lust as she exploded mightily into orgasm.

My cock was as hard as granite again and got even harder when the blonde grabbed me from behind and started to jack me off with her talented hands.

The blond ladies mammoth bosom pressing against my back and her talented fingers wrapped around my massive cock when she started to jack me off was more than any kaçak casino man could take and I knew I was going to soon come mightily in earth shattering orgasm.

Before I could come though the blonde quickly turned my whole body around facing her and the brunette.

“Hey! big boy. Come on both of our huge tit’s baby.” they cried in joy as I quickly grabbed my cock and began to pump away.

My cock was harder than a rock and I could feel the great amount of come building up inside of me and quickly rising to the top as I knew I was quickly going to jerk myself off to a most tremendous orgasm right on their bountiful melons.

I then did a long moan of pleasure as I hit tremendous orgasm, spewing huge gobs of thick, gooey, spunk all over their mammoth jugs.

“OHHH! wow baby! That was so fantastic.” both of them cried in unison as I gave each of their whopping boobies plenty of sperm as they then quickly washed it all over their breasts with their hands like it was some sort of body cream.

Then to the ladies surprise my cock jumped up like a spring again as I grabbed both of their well-endowed bodies by their thin waists and pulled them towards me for another great fuck session with each other.

“OH! my god Nancy we have a randy one here!” The voluptous brunette said in great surprise and joy as I pulled the two young ladies towards me and soon had them both coming in mind-blowing orgasm.

Sometime that night we heard my cousin Judy and her boyfriend leave the room, as soon as they left we got out of the closet and had a little party of our own in my bedroom, as I turned up the music very loud and danced very naked with my two, foxy, young playmates.

While I was dancing sexily with the two women I was also kissing them and got great much more than handful feels of their tremendously, large bosoms and fabulous butts.

Seeing the two ladies dance so sexily in front of me gyrating their sweet, shapely ass’s in every possible direction as their mammoth bosoms heaved up and down, caused another great erection in me as I quickly jumped in bed with the two girls and fucked them all over it.

My cousin Judy Moon later that night after her party was over opened my door to say goodnight to me, not knowing that the two sexy, super-busty nude, women were still at her house and in bed with me as they quickly hid under the covers.

Soon after my cousin left and went to sleep in her bed the voluptous blonde named Nancy came up with the idea that we take a swim in my cousin Judy’s pool.

“No I don’t think so honey I don’t have any bathing suits for you two to wear and besides with your awesome physical attributes you need specially made ones anyway I think.” I replied smiling.

“So true that we need special made bathing suits to fit our awesome physiques but who said anything about wearing bathing suits?” the blonde replied.

“Yeah! Let’s just skinny dip honey.” the brunette chimed in as we all sprung from the bed and rushed downstairs naked as we then opened the side screen door and plunged into the very inviting pool water.

Before we were all done with swimming I made sure I got my camcorder out of my backpack upstairs and took shots of both ladies posing sexily for me by the pool.

Boy! could these ladies pose sexy. Each sexy pose they did was sexier than the last and sent my cock zooming up higher and higher stretching further than it ever stretched.

Gee Wiz! my cock was so enormous and so erect it hurt.

I wanted a video of two hot, naked ladies that I could really whack off to when I got back home and this homemade video was it!

I then put my camcorder on a stand and decided to pose with them. I mean it wasn’t everyday a guy gets to pose with two such stacked, curvaceous, beauties.

When I picked up the sexy blonde Nancy and cradled her in my arms like a baby while the other girl Jackie posed sexily next to us was more than one young boy with a massive cock could take, as I really busted a nut and ejaculated mightily all over poolside.

Wow! These girls were something else! After we finished swimming and posing for the camcorder I took a shower with both ladies as we washed each others bodies. Then it was back to bed once more as I fucked each of their brains out.

In the early morning I found that both ladies were gone but they left a note for me saying how much they enjoyed my company.

These two gorgeous, ladies I was with showed me many sexual things that night and caused me to finally loose my cherry and I was forever grateful to them.

Finally the last day came and I had to say goodbye to my cousin Judy as I thanked her for a great time. Wow! If only she knew what really happenned with those two gorgeous, nude ladies and I.

She would never believe it! Especially with me being so shy and all.

I did not tell my cousin Judy about that particular night until many years later and when I did she laughed uproariously as she told me sh’ed known about it all along.

Just her way of helping her little cousin out sexually by having her two, gorgeous, stacked gal pals, Jackie and Nancy, who happenned to be sisters, have sex with me in the closet!