back dating

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back datingFirst posted on my old profile 6 months ago .The last few weeks had kinda got on top of cass , splitting up with her boyfriend , attending a friends wedding in a size 16 skirt , working flat out and comfort eating were her only two pleasures it was after a day of paperwork at work she called into her local pub on the way home . she loved it there , it is a proper pub , in the middle of the countryside , no tv blaring in the background , open fireplace , most nights were the usual locals who all knew each other , farmers from around the area and at the weekends the odd bus load of tourists .over the years cass had helped out gary the owner behind the bar when it was busy and this night as it was quiet gary closed up early . cass sat in her favourite position on a pillow in front of the open fire , nothing beats an open fire . gary returned from locking up and handed cass a glass of her usual before pulling up the battered old chair he loved and sat behind cass as they chatted about everything and anything .the bar was dark apart from one lit lamp and the flickering of the fire as they discussed their own marriage break up’s . from her years in the area they both knew each others respective partners and they both laugh as they playfully insulted each others ex’s . commenting that she would never get married again gary laughed and said well if cass isnt married by the time she is 40 he is more than happy to marry her .she laughed at his comment and suggested that she thought she would be to old for him bayburt rus escort , making a joke about his ex , a late 20s thai bride with gary being 60.he knew she was only teasing him and laughed back at her before he stopped laughing , ‘ id love to kiss you ‘ , instantly the atmosphere changed . she was taken back by the change of the chat , sure they had playfully flirted with each other over the years but that was all .’kiss me then ‘ , she said without even thinking about it , wither it was her mood , the romantic setting or what ever she just didnt think about it and she turned to face him fully sat there in the comfy chair .gary reached out his hand and whispered for her to come to him and as she took his hand she got up of the pillow and stood in front of him ,it was only then she felt how hard her heart was beating as still holding her hand he guided her down onto his lap and sitting side ways to him for the first time they both paused .it was now or never and they both moved in slowly together until their lips met , two minutes earlier this was the furthest thing on her mind but now it felt lovely , she soon forgot all her problems , his mouth was warm and soft , his breath of the beer he was drinking . the kissing was slow , as sensual as it could be for the first kiss .one of her hands dropped down onto his chest as she felt his heart beating as fast as hers , it was just as well cass liked chubby guys and gary is certainly chubby and letting her finger tips slip inside bayburt rus escort bayan his shirt she felt her hand cup an impressive man breast which brought a little groan from gary as she slowly gropped it .it wasnt long before things began to increase and the kisses deeper and more energetic as by now cass was doing her groaning as gary repaid the favour of gropping her breasts through her blouse .cass moved her self round on the chair and placing her knees either side of his thighs they were soon kissing frantically as their hands were free to explore their chest as cass worked on his shirt button her blouse was soon opened and feeling her bra being tugged up she felt her breasts fall free and soon garys hands gropping firmly at now it was no holding back as reaching down she moved her body back far enough to reach his trousers and between the pair of them his trousers and pants were soon removed half way to his knnes and she didn’t wait for an invitation as she soon felt his large semi hard cock flopping his her hands .it was easily 8 inches as unable to see it in the dark her hands covered every inch of it as she pictured it in her head.the lovers were both panting out loud , his hands were soon on her trousers and sitting up on her knees her trousers tights and pants were slipped down all together to her knees , with their position neither of them could remove their trousers any more but they didn’t care , only when she felt his fingers probe around her wetness rus escort bayburt and slip into her she pulled back from their kiss and groaned as he slipped one finger in and out of her .edging back up his lap he had to withdraw his finger from her and with a bit of adjustment as she held his cock shaft in her hand she rubbed the tip of it against her pubic bone .with her trousers still around her knees they were never going to have sex in that position but neither seemed to care as again Garys hands went to her breasts she could smell her scent of his hand as she frantically wanked his cock squashed between them as best she could .gary was soon panting at her to move back and she knew instantly from his hip thrusts what he wanted and pulling her body back she looked down between them ,it was to dark to see anything properly but as he groaned out loud a forceful first squirt of his squnk landed on his big belly and she soon felt the rest coming in smaller squirts over his pubes and her hand .they paused for a second getting their breaths back before exchanging a playful giggle together before cass got up from the chair and as she pulled her pants back up she felt a spark in her stomach from her aroused pussy as she followed her pants with her tights and trousers .getting some tissues from her handbag she began to tidy with his warm mess as he sat there in the chair , finally she got a better look at his already soft penis and its impressive size even when soft as she gently wiped up the last of his cum.finally one of them spoke as cass joked he owed her a drink and when she returned from the bar she found him adjusting his trousers he approached her they exchanged a soft post sex type of kiss , ‘i dont want it to be a one of ‘ he whispered and as he said it she felt the same , maybe their was something between them , guess only time will tell .