Back End Lover

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I have to admit that I have been thinking about other males lately. Woman don’t seem to be interested in me. I wondered if I would have better luck pursuing a man. I wasn’t even trying to get picked up. One Thursday after work I stopped for a beer. It had been a hard week and I needed to relax if I could. I found an empty table and I began to nurse my drink.

I noticed this guy entering the bar. He looked a little older than me. He sat down at the bar and ordered himself a drink. He turned to face me and he raised his glass. After a few minutes he got up and walked over to me.

“Do you mind if I join you?” He asked.

I motioned for him to sit down at the table. he said his name was Josh. I told him that I was Paul. Josh got right down to business. He asked me if I was gay. I think my face became red. I answered that I wasn’t gay but I had thought about men before. Josh smiled. Josh told me that he had been interested in women but all that had changed.

He said he was also at a bar once when some guy made a pass at him. He went back to this man’s apartment and he had man sex for the first time. He asked if I would like to come back to his place. I hesitated for a minute. This was my first chance. I didn’t want to pass it up. I followed Josh in my car. We got there and I entered Josh’s condominium.

Josh poured us each another drink. Josh then asked me to follow him back to his bedroom. I watched as canlı bahis Josh stripped out of his clothes. I wasn’t disappointed. Josh had a thin body but his cock was long and thick. He got onto his bed and then I undressed. My cock wasn’t like Josh’s. I have stubby dick but with a large mushroom head. I found myself on top of Josh’s body.

Our cocks were soon rubbing together. I was now hard as could be. I listened as Josh was making these moaning sounds. He had parted his thighs for me. My dick was now rubbing up and down his crack. The head of my cock soon found his opening. Josh said he wanted me. I should enter his bottom.

I entered a man’s ass for the first time. It was slow going in the beginning. Josh’s hole was so tight. I had to work my cock in slowly at first. Josh pulled his legs back towards his chest. I pushed in completely after that. I guess I just lost my composure that first time. I began to pound Josh’s tight bottom as hard as I could. Josh was crying out as I took him raw.

I had thought about us fucking without protection. I didn’t have a condom with me. I didn’t want to pass up this opportunity either. I drove hard inside Josh’s ass. You could hear the sound of my balls hitting Josh’s ass cheeks. Hearing that got me very excited. Josh even told me to pound his hole.

“I need your cock Paul, fuck me harder!” He practically shouted out.

It was a hot summer day. The sweat was pouring bahis siteleri from our bodies. I must have lost it along the way. I told Josh that he was mine now. No one else could fuck his ass but me. Josh said he didn’t want any cock but mine. The bad part was that I didn’t hold out longer. Maybe it was because it was my first time with a man. I only managed to go maybe twenty minutes. I felt my nuts pinching. I grunted a few times and then let go.

I had a full load that day. It seemed like I shot endless ropes of my seed into Josh’s greedy ass. Josh squeezed my dick hard with his ass muscles. That seemed to make me cum even more. As I got softer I slowed down and my cock finally slipped out of Josh’s hole. All my white cream came pouring out of his ass. We were both panting as we tried to get calmed down.

Josh did something unexpected. He moved his face towards my dick. He opened his mouth and surrounded my cock with his lips. I watched his head bobbing up and down as he cleaned me with his mouth. I even managed to spit out more cum for Josh to swallow. So this was what having sex with another man was like. We ended up discussing what we had just done.

Josh said he hadn’t had sex with another man in some time. I said this had been the first time for me. Josh said I had satisfied him perfectly. I didn’t stay that night. Tomorrow was another work day for both of us. We exchanged phone numbers. Josh said bahis şirketleri to contact him when I was free. I left and drove home. I stripped out of my clothes and got onto my bed.

My cock felt raw after I had fucked my first man. I promptly fell asleep. The morning came too soon. I showered and dressed then drove to work. That morning I got a text message on my phone. It was Josh. He said that I had fucked him thoroughly. He could still feel some of my cum still swimming in his bottom.

Talk like that was making my cock become hard there at my desk. Josh was hoping we could get together soon. He wanted me again. He got his wish that weekend. I was in Josh’s bed and I got my first taste of another man’s cock. Josh fucked my virgin hole. I first sucked on his rod and then I mounted Josh and he took me hard with his fat cock.

I admit it hurt like hell that first time. Josh did stretch my hole. I took his cum offering. Joah did fuck me a second time. It was a little easier with his cum swimming in my bottom. Josh made me beg for his cock. He wanted to hear me as he slammed his hardness deep into me. Josh did finish me off with his long dick. He told me he was going to breed my hole and he did just that. I was well lubricated by the time we had finished our lovemaking.

At one time I never thought I would be with another man. Josh and I are regular lovers these days. We are looking for a larger place for us to move into. Most night you will find us in bed. Josh likes me to take him hard with my fat cock. There is something about spraying your lover’s hole that is almost hypnotic. Hopefully we will be together for a long time.