Back Stage At The Theatre

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Back Stage At The TheatreOne of our dancers, Kate, barged her way into the dressing room. I caught a glimpse of beads of light sweat rolling off her face and the blue leotard hugging her figure, encircled by a tutu adorned with sequins and feathers. “Where’s my costume?” Kate asked loudly, “I need to get changed for the next scene!”I was sitting in front of a mirror. My make up artist told me to smack my lips together. Then she’d finished. My reflection showed big bright blue patches drawn over my eyes and fake black eyelashes pointing outwards making me look like an overdone doll. I looked ugly and beautiful at the same time. “Its hanging up on the other side of the dresser” The make-up artist said.Kate went around to the other side and I heard her fishing around through some plastic bags that were hung up over a rail. “I guess I better go and do some warm ups” I announced. I was feeling a little nervous and excited about performing soon. “Wait!” Kate called out, “I can’t get my dress on!” Kate was one of the principle dancers in the ballet production we were doing. “I’m on in 20 minutes, can you help me?” She asked. I stuck my head around the dresser. “Okay.” I replied. We closed a curtain hanging across the dresser. “Help me get this off.” She directed. I couldn’t see why she didn’t do it herself, but I pulled down the tutu, leaving her standing in her blue leotards. I could see her chest moving up and down with heavy tekirdağ escort breaths. I then pulled the top of her leotard off around her shoulders and down to her waist. She was wearing a bra so I stuck my arms around her back and undid it.”That’s better.” she said, “Its so suffocating in this bra.” I felt a slight tingle between my legs when I saw her breasts. She didn’t seem in a rush to conceal them either. They were elastic and perky; not too saggy but not pokey either. She saw me looking at her chest and leaned close so that she was whispering in my ears. “My nipples are getting hard.” She said. I saw her nipples contracting, and wanted to touch them but didn’t think it was appropriate. But then she grabbed hold of my hand and placed them on herself. “That’s better.” She said. “But I’m not undressed yet.” I pulled her leotard all he way down, exposing the tops of her stockings. Underneath were no underwear or pubic hair, and I could see her smooth skin underneath those stockings. Then she reached out an pulled her stockings down. I couldn’t help looking at her perfectly plumped and parted pussy lips, and I wanted to touch them. I rubbed my thighs together.”Your horny” she whispered to me, “I can tell you are.” I think it must have been a mixture of stage fright and excitement, but I had never wanted anyone so badly as Kate.I replied in a low voice “yes, I am. Aren’t you?””Oh yes.” She tokat escort said. She leaned forwards towards me and I felt her lips over my mouth. But then I pushed her back. “No, ” I said, “you’ll ruin my make-up.” Kate didn’t listen and put her lips back over mine, and this time I let her push her tongue inside my mouth and feel the ridges and teeth. Like electricity that I couldn’t control, my arms swooped down to her pussy and I let my fingers separate her lips. She groaned, and moved her hands towards me. She couldn’t get to me because of my leotard already on, so she felt me through the crutch of my leotard. I felt my clit swelling and compressing against her fingers. She rubbed it harder and faster as I surged my fingers up across her inner labia and then penetrated into her vagina. She squatted and pulled her hips up towards me so that I went in deeper, and then she stopped kissing me and I saw her bend her neck backwards as her eyes rolled back and she moaned quietly and shallow so no one would hear us. I could feel my juices seeping out from my vagina and feared that they’d go through my stockings and wet my leotard. But Kate pushed me backward onto a chair and I stretched my legs apart. My years of dancing had made me flexible. I wanted them as far apart as possible. As she stroked my cunt, I felt the energy sweeping through me to the ends of my fingers and felt that I would fall to the floor trabzon escort in ecstasy. “I’ve always wanted you.” Kate whispered. “And me you,” I replied. She put her fingers through my hair. Through the thin curtain I could see the silhouettes of other dancers walking past through the change room. I half hoped they couldn’t see us; but then the thought of being watched at this act made me more excited. Someone could open that curtain any minute and see us. After resting against her naked body, I walked to the mirror to see what my make-up was like. It was smudged everywhere. “Oh, no.” I said, “My make-up!” I wasn’t sure what do because my make up artist would be busy now and I didn’t have much time to put it on before I would be dancing. “Its okay.” Kate said, and opened up her personal make-up case. “I think we can get away with this.” She lightly dabbed my lips with some red lipstick which reminded me of her own lips between her legs in smoothness. I didn’t look perfect; but it was passable and no one would notice unless they came up very close to me.Kate began pulling on her dress for the next scene herself, as I looked at her body with pleasure and the way her long thin arms so gracefully moved and her large red lips puckered in concentration. She was beautiful. And her blue eyes were like drops from a deep blue ocean. She looked so innocent too, it was hard to believe what had just happened. I walked out from our little area, opening the curtain. Kate gave me one last naughty stroke across the area between my legs and said she’d meet up with me during our next break. I walked out of the dressing rooms and into the area behind the cutrains whilst I waited for my entry onto the stage.