Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 33

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The past several weeks were much too hot to go to the baths, even with the summer discount. The weather finally relented for a couple of days, with the rain I rode through to get to the bathhouse being quite welcome. Fourth in line at opening, prospects looked promising this Monday afternoon, not a typical day for me to visit.

I have gone to the baths on all days of the week over the years, but some seem a bit more to my taste than others. However, each visit is individual in details, even when existing within a broader frame, one involving the irresistible joys of having sex with other men.

Going upstairs first after finishing my beer, the area was pretty much empty. Checking the generally closed door of the corner booth where I took my first pictures of male group sex, I discovered it was unlocked. Putting the thin pad on the platform, then sitting with my back against the wall, getting out the condoms and poppers.

This was a new bottle, bought at a leather store in another city. For the first time, I was having a discussion about poppers with a couple of other men, who obviously knew the subject from personal experience having sex with other men. The bottle I had brought today was the one described as being slow in onset but really powerful once the effects started. He had smiled knowingly while saying that, making a decision to buy that bottle, and another larger one of a more consistent brand, easy.

What was true when first using rush while jacking off and looking at porn, and even more so when getting head from my first girlfriend has remained with me for decades, as the effect is utterly sexually overwhelming. And wonderfully unstoppable when cumming so hard, like those decades in the past, after first discovering rush. There was no doubt that this new formulation had been a good choice. As was the decision to try them out alone first, to get a better notion of what would occur. Cumming quickly during a bathhouse visit is generally to be avoided, as often there are so many possibilities available.

Today’s visit was not so big on possibilities at first – the man that entered the cabin had different ideas and soon left, the porn areas were empty with generally uninteresting porn playing, and the dark room remained empty.

Downstairs, the steamroom was very hot. That was not surprising, but it was still on the upper end of my tolerance, sweat starting to drip almost immediately after entering. A threesome soon developed, and then soon dissolved, pretty much summing up the visit till now. When it is was 4pm, it was easy to decide that if things remained the same for the next hour, to just go.

Leaving after just an hour would be like cumming quickly. A male only sauna is a place to spend at least a couple of hours to see what might happen. Though occasionally, the answer turns out to be nothing much. Which has been my experience a couple of less fulfilling times, leading to the idea of a 2 hour limit, as wasting 3 hours or more just leads to even more frustration.

By now, the bathhouse was starting to get more filled, however as often the case, the growing number of visitors seemed to be broadly more hindrance than temptation. I honestly do not know why that is true, and of course individual encounters are always possible regardless.

Returning to the open porn area, a couple was in the center of the middle and bottom row. The man getting sucked motioned me over as I stood gazing. Deciding to go to his right, I sat on the top row. Where I started playing with my cock, getting hard even as both of them kept indicating how I should be sitting closer.

Looking down to see them having sex was fantastic, in a place where watching is expected. Of course, by getting harder near them, their attention was drawn to the sight of swelling cock. Soon enough, we started touching, quickly involving all three of us, enjoying mutual stroking over available skin. Our entwining slowed, having provided another boost to my horniness, now beginning to concentrate on playing with the nipples of the man getting head.

Of course he responded, moaning when I opened my left leg fully, deliberately exposing the rigid length of my cock. As we continued teasing, my position shifted till at some wonderful and natural point, I was on his level. Followed soon by feeling his hand along my shaft as the cock sucker stroked the inside of my thigh. Things continued in a gloriously deepening haze of group sex, providing the sorts of enthralling pleasures that can only be enjoyed with multiple partners. Like my left hand at the base of a slippery cock, guiding it into another man’s mouth, sucking a stranger’s erect nipple in rhythm to the blow job.

The porn was quite hot, especially the mutual rimming that was playing while now getting sucked by the kneeling man. Porn can be a real turn on, and having sex when watching it is always exquisite. So is the awareness of how anyone could see us having sex – as several different people did. One man, who I really did not pay attention to at first, walked over to my right, çanakkale escort leaning against the wall. As he began to touch me, I registered he was probably in his mid 30s, fit, wearing black rimmed glasses, with short mixed black / gray hair. I moaned and reached for his jutting shaft after he started to play with my still wet cock head.

Yet we never really became a foursome, in part due to my remaining more interested in an existing threesome than whatever was being offered by the new man standing at the wall, still wearing a towel as I tried to find a way to fondle his cock. Soon losing concentration as a hand helped guide my cock into paradise again, helpless to resist getting head from a stranger. Or more honestly, wanting to be sucked again, feeling a man’s mouth around my erect rod.

Time became impossible to keep track of as sex filled our minds, each knowing how to play with other men. Finally, I was able to find a position to reach the cock sucker’s stiff thickness, adding to his obvious enjoyment at being in a threesome. Responding to shared cues, the two of us sharing a cock sucking slut, whose own cock remained a delight to play with whenever available. He teabagged and sucked me several times between those jack off sessions.

At some delicious point, he began fondling my foot with my nipple in his soft mouth. Soon his tongue began to go down my chest, through my bush, along the inside of my thigh, sensations that were irresistible as I began to grasp my horny cock, feeling his lips take my toe into his mouth, being bathed with a soft tongue.

I let him give me an extended foot job, recognizing that he was a fetishist – knowing that other foot lovers had told me how much they enjoyed my feet. My own pleasure was obvious, slumping and moaning “oh fuck yes,” something that probably added to the mutual delight, surrendering to unstoppable desire. Not even knowing or caring whose desire was greater, as our satisfaction kept growing.

The sitting man replaced my hand with his mouth as my sole was licked, feeling how my toes went into a warm wet mouth. being sucked into paradise by a stranger, submerging into pure gay group sex with a foot sucking slut, his mouth going different places as he rubbed my slippery foot. I would jack off the sitting man as he licked my nipples, or lick his nipple when his foot was being sucked.

After a heavenly interval, he shifted position to go down on the other man, allowing me to play with his cock again, nicely erect and silky smooth. It was obvious that we were all thrilled to play like this, three men being so horny in such a setting. Clearly not for the first time, this being a reliable space to have group sex with strangers. All of my best foot jobs at this sauna have been in the public areas – the whirlpool section including the shower space and loungers, and the porn area.

To be honest, having sex like this is thoroughly addictive, especially when one’s being becomes so completely turned on, inhibitions gone in the sheer delight of getting off with other men, mind surrendering to the body’s desires. Especially among men with skills, such as a deep devotion to foot worship, going down on me in wonderful stretches, being shared, becoming a total slut in the hands and mouths of other sluts.

The foot sucking was extraordinary, with him holding a leg straight out for an extended period, then having both legs held together, to the point I could barely keep my legs up as he continued to do fantastic things to toes and soles, giving in to his desires – and my own. Anyone who has enjoyed getting lost in a foot fetishist’s soft wet mouth once is not likely to turn down any future opportunities.

Opportunities that are not uncommon in a place that accepts various kinks, like a good swingers club may, allowing a broader range of experiences than one might first imagine when thinking about a male only sauna. Experience has taught me that there are men who want to do nothing but indulge their interests, and allow them do it without any personal effort apart from letting it go on.

This sinking into unending bliss, becoming lost in the sensations being provided by two strangers, is what the baths provide at their best. My cock and nipples were being played with when he went from a foot to my balls, lapping me so good. I spread my legs, helped by him holding one slippery foot in his hand, playing with the wet toes. Being teabagged is always exquisite, but this was truly fantastic, moaning at how good he was licking me.

The second or third time he did this, the other man went down on my rigid length. I was not even really able to think about using the new poppers, except for knowing that cumming would be impossible to prevent. Mainly due to having barely achieved a state where orgasm was secondary to what was being done to me, even as orgasm beckoned seductively as the blow job continued. Different pleasures occurred at different periods, often repeating several times, allowing myself be used like a slut.

After çanakkale escort bayan floating in bliss for so long, I slowly decided to leave, having reached some difficult to define limit within the intense satisfaction provided by the kneeling stranger worshipping my feet. In part, wanting to try my luck with different strangers. The baths provide never ending variety, if not always at the time. A good visit still has times where sex is not happening, of course. And wandering in a state of anticipation, or better, lying in wait to create opportunities, provides its own thrill, knowing that everyone here knows you want to have sex with other men.

A fact that applies to everyone else here, undeniably. Leaving the porn area, I was quite unsteady, and still extremely horny.

Going directly to the dark room, I discovered a couple of men were already inside. Settling carefully onto the platform, having taken time to adjust my eyes, sitting at its edge.

Soon leading a just met stranger approaching, beginning to touch me ever more intimately. It took little time for his hands to find the right places to caress and fondle, as was the case for me in turn, after taking off his towel. Stroking each other, enjoying his nice smooth shaft, different entwined desires merging. The poppers were available, becoming more than tempting to see what effect they would have when having sex, not just jacking off to hot porn.

Another man was laying parallel to the wall, with his feet at the edge of the platform. Playing equally with his half hard cock at first, but rapidly becoming focused on my new partner. Imagining further fun, deciding to indulge myself in the sort of sex that so many men love when visiting a male only sauna.

I licked the standing man’s hard shaft several times while getting the brown bottle ready, teasing myself. He was clearly eager to be sucked, yet very polite, letting me set the pace. Which was very slow after doing the first hit of an already extraordinary visit, aware that these poppers had a different profile – one clearly explained by a man in a leather store, who understood the attractions of getting off with poppers. These took a while to start, with a slow build up, but when the effects started to take hold, they went very deep.

Something that became even more overwhelmingly clear as my mouth went around his cock, the rush starting to turn me into a pure sexual animal, fully aware that I could not possibly resist eagerly going down on a stranger. A reality shared by his gorgeous sucked cock, become able to deep throat its length, taking my lips down to the base of his thick shaft. I had rarely enjoyed such perfect slutty sucking, a pleasure that undoubtedly created an echo between us.

However, though my sluttiness continued to grow overwhelming as I deep throated him, he stopped me, clearly on the edge of cumming, yet not wanting to. Something I thoroughly understood, even with a mind lost in the power of rush when having abandoned sex. He pulled away a bit unwillingly as I stroked his wet shaft, but he finally mustered the will to resist further temptation.

Leaving me in a state of pure lust, knowing that another cock was near. My mouth soon started to slide down another stranger’s shaft, still submerged in the incredible power of these poppers. Fully aware that I could suck two cocks before even taking that first hit, yet still amazed at becoming so completely greedy for sexy cock. Discovering again just why it is so easy to find cock suckers, letting my mouth be filled with sexy hard cock.

Letting the effects rule when going down on another man, giving in to the need to keep a man’s hot cock in my mouth. Panting “Oh fuck .. I want cock” as my lips slid over his cock head, starting what became an involved blow job, even if I could not quite deep throat him.

After the effects had essentially subsided, it became clear shortly enough that things would not develop further. No commitments exist at the baths, another part of their appeal.

Spending some time wandering around the new cabin area, deciding not to see what would happen with a man hanging out around the entrance of a cabin. He did appear interested, but the cues were not clear enough – directness is something that attracts me to having sex at the baths.

Leading me to return to the porn area. Both porn cabins were occupied, so I entered the porn theater. There were three couples inside, all having sex. Two pairs on the top row, one where they were jacking each other’s hard shafts, the other involving some really slutty cock sucking.

Looking down a row, it was a surprise to see the same pair as before, especially the foot sucker. Siting in the same place as I’d left, aware of just how good it had been before. And quite certain that the same fun would continue, with even more variety. Poppers easily at hand, anticipating the decadent pleasure that would undoubtedly be occurring.

I watched the other men having sex from the start, seeing two pairs escort çanakkale in the row above me, with a sprawled sitting man getting sucked by a sprawled laying man, so close and hot. It was even hotter as my foot entered a familiar skilled mouth, looking at cock sucking. Seeing how that changed to sucking and finger fucking. The sitting man was looking at my stroked cock, until his eyes closed, lost in paradise, cock in a wet mouth, ass being fingered.

The problem with such hot action is that when someone else begins playing with your cock, there comes a point where stopping is the only way to not cum. Even during such a pause, it was impossible to stop watching two strangers have hot sex right in front of me. After gaining a touch more control, allowing the sitting man to play with my cock as he kissed my nipples, it was a delight to see rimming, one of the most seductive attractions a bathhouse offers.

The more distant pair left while the closer men were 69ing each other’s hot holes. By now, I was clearly getting off while observing hot male sex close up, often while getting my toes or cock sucked, or having my foot or balls licked.

There have been several occasions involving foot sucking at the baths before, all memorable. I now know that for a certain type of man, sadly rarely encountered, my feet are eminently desirable. Something good to know, being unable to cannot resist a determined foot slut’s desires myself. Especially when having the sort of bathhouse sex I had only fantasized about, looking at rimming while part of a threesome.

Time simply disappeared, returning to the heavenly state enjoyed before, now able to retain a bit more control. The upper pair left, providing a further boost to manage riding the beckoning sensations of two men taking advantage of my horniness, making me moan how good it felt as the foot sucking continued. At some point, you simply become a slave to the person using you, wanting to submit to whatever such a master wants, as he kisses your feet endlessly.

When the sitting man went down on me again, I picked up the magic bottle, ready to give in to its powerful sexual effects. Taking a deep long breath, feeling in charge as two men sucked me, at the middle and end of my body. Inexorably sliding into a purely decadent sexual state, amazed at how this was happening, my cock huge and heavy, my toes feeling equally turned on. The effects of these poppers, emphasizing the seductive sensations now starting to overwhelm me, became slowly more powerful until I finally breathed out. The effects were incredible, reducing me to a pure sexual core, completely exposed while having bathhouse sex.

And not caring, just like I hadn’t cared when talking about poppers with three other men at the front counter of that leather shop. We all clearly knew what sex with poppers was like when it involved other men, sharing information. After having asked for the most powerful poppers they sold, they all agreed on what brand that was. A choice that truly was extraordinary. Also reminding me of the intensity of my very first experiences of poppers, but with a much longer effect, one that made me understand why poppers were even more popular at the baths among men than between male and female couples.

“Oh fuck yes .. lick .. cock sucker .. god yes .. suck me .. foot slut .. oh fuck .. so good .. hot sex” were there the sorts of words pouring from me, riding the edge of orgasm as two mouths pleasured me, toes and cock feeling immense in wet mouths that seemed to extend around them forever, lost in paradise.

What followed remained the same in outline, even if I was simply too turned on to remember anything in detail about what was occurring. I definitely did another hit while getting teabagged for the third or fourth time, talking about how good it felt to have my balls licked by a man while stroking myself, and playing with another hard cock to my left. By now, whatever was on the screen had become completely irrelevant.

At some point, the man to my left stood up and walked away, a minor detail barely noticed. He was replaced at some point by another cock sucker, who seemed to enjoy what was going on, becoming involved much like the first man had. The new man encouraged the foot lover as he jacked himself off, before standing up and touching his hard cock against my wet toes.

Slowly recognizing was what happening beneath me, starting to provide my own encouragement as he began to jack himself off against my wet foot. He was more than welcome to use me however he wanted by now, as he could see between my legs. His expression just grew more turned as he used my cooperating foot to cum, hot jets spurting as he orgasmed. He then did something that surprised me, licking the cum off before smiling a last time, and leaving.

Normally, before ending a visit without cumming, I make a last circuit, which in this case ended in the dark room. Leading to another unusual encounter on the platform. We started out in customary fashion, but soon started playing with each other’s balls. As time went on, the subtle pleasures seemed magical, both coming under the spell the other was casting. Time seemed non-existent in clearly mutual pleasure. Much like rimming, the sensation had little to do with what state my cock was in. When he left, I decided it was time to do the same, thoroughly worn out in the best way.