Bathroom Beauty’s

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Big Dicks

   My family had invited me home for the weekend, and I had brought my girlfriend Amy with me. Of course, they didn’t know that she was my girlfriend, but that made it all the more fun.   Amy had I had met together in college. We were both eighteen, freshman, and eager to try…new things.   Amy had caught my eye instantly. She had long, shiny, chestnut colored hair, big brown eyes, tanned skin, tall and slim, C cup breasts, and a perfect, hearth shaped ass. To top it all off she also had amazing, luscious lips. They completely enthralled me.   I myself have long, wavy, blonde hair, green eyes, tanned skin, firm B cups, but am pretty short, around 5’2. I envied Amy for her height.   We were now sitting with my family out for dinner. Amy and I were telling them about school and how we became “friends.” I could feel my phone vibrating in my pocket. I took it out, “I want you right now babe,” it read, from Amy. I glanced sideways at her, a coy smile spread across her face. “You know it gets me wet when you look at me like that kaçak iddaa you little whore,” I wrote back.   A few seconds later I heard her phone vibrate. I watched as she read my text, once again her devilish smile played across her face. She began writing back.”Take of your panties right now,” it read.   “You know I can’t, my whole families here,” I wrote back.   “If you don’t I’m going to take them off myself.” I looked over at her worried. She was smiling again, with one eyebrow raised.   My heart began to beat as I slowly slid my panties off and passed them to her under the table.   “So Amanda, your father and I were thinking that we should all go somewhere warm this year for Christmas, how does that sound,” Amanda’s mom asked.   “Sounds…” as she began to answer Amy slipped her hand down her thigh and began rubbing her clit.”Great,” she finished. Amy was now twirling it between her thumb and forfinger. Amanda could feel her pussy getting wetter and her nipples begin to harden, she leaned forward to hide them.  “Yes, kaçak bahis we thought it would be a nice change. Winter is so dismal,” said her mother.”What do you think about Florida?”   “Yes!” she said, almost moaning, Amy had abruptly pinched her clit just as she answered. “Excuse me, but I have to go to the bathroom,” said Amanda.   “Me too,” said Amy,sliding out after her.   “You bitch!” said Amanda as soon as they got to the bathroom. SLAP! Amy slapped her across the face.  “Don’t talk to me like that!You’re my bitch remember?” She slapped her again. “Anytime I want it, I get it. Do I have to punish you?”   “N-no,” stammered Amanda, getting into it.   “Good. I don’t want my little baby getting upset. Beside’s, you were a good girl earlier. You took off your panties just like I asked.” She tilted Amanda’s head back and kissed her deeply, swirling her tongue around her mouth. Amanda found herself getting wetter.”Take off your clothes, slut.” Amy commanded.   “B-but what if someone comes in?”   “Are you disobeying me?” Amy illegal bahis asked, angry.   “N-no Amy please. I just don’t want to get caught.”   “I gave you a chance, but you’re not listening. Your such a dumb little whore!” Amy grabbed her by the hair and threw her body against the wall.”You know you deserve this, right!?” she said, slamming her body against the wall once again.   “Yes baby, I know I deserve this!”   “You’re a whore aren’t you?!” She dragged her over to the sinks and made her lie on her arms. She pulled Amanda’s tits out of her shirt and pulled her skirt off.”Your a whore!” she yelled as she spanked her round ass.   “Uhhhhhhh!Yes baby, I’m a whore.”   SMACK!   “Who’s whore are you?”   SMACK!   “Mmmm your’s baby. I’m your whore!”   SMACK!SMACK!Amy kept spanking her.   “Get on your fucking knees you stupid little cunt!” Amanda could feel herself getting wetter. She dropped down instantly and Amy put one leg on the counter, shoving her smooth pussy in her face.”Eat my fucking cunt,” she commanded. Amanda eagerly dove in, loving the familier taste. She curved her tongue up from the bottom of her slit, flicking it over her juicy little nub.”Look at me while you do it!” Amanda looked up at her with her gorgeous green eyes.