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beachThere is a 50 acre plot of land 12 miles north of Thomas Oklahoma that was left to me by my granddad. One day I get a call from BP energy asking if they can put some windmills on it, they offer to pay me $50,000 a year plus a percentage of everything they produce. I don’t think anything about it, till one day I receive a check in the mail. The check is for $43,000. Weird just a few days ago I was looking at a business for sell on e-bay, a souvenir shop in Bali Bali with a house on the beach. I call the number and talk to the lady who answers she tells me she doesn’t know anything about it, her uncle had left it to them when he passed away. We talk for a while and because she hasn’t had any bids she agrees to sell it to me sight unseen for $20,000. The key6s and deed are sent by fed ex. i call you on the phone.”Hey, I’m doing it wanna go with me?””Doing what?””Going to Bali Bali I’ve already got a house and a shop waiting for me. Come with me don’t tell anybody we’ll just jump on a plane and go. You know you want to”I spend the next few hours convincing you I’m serious and that yes I do indeed want you to go, yes you nobody else. A few days later we fly first class out of Dallas, and after several plane changes we are standing in front of a surf and souvenir shop on the beach in Bali Bali. The man that apparently works for me tells me how we sell art made by several of the tribes in the area on consignment. The shop also sells plenty of trinkets and does all sorts of sinop rus escort business on surfing equipment and supplies. He then offers to take us to our house. He drives through several miles of jungle to a large house that looks like something out of Gilligan’s island but on steroids. Bubo my shop keeper tells us that we own the beach for a half mile in each direction, and that we should settle ourselves in he’s used to running the shop by himself. We let ourselves in and are shocked to find that this house even though at looks low tech on the outside has everything. We find the kitchen and bar fully stocked. We also find a range rover and a few sweet ass bikes in the garage. After fixing a nice dinner the drinks start flowing. I don’t remember much about that night but we wake up late the next afternoon cuddled close together naked and very satisfied. The next day we find our way around; spend some time in the shop. I’m thrilled to find out that the shop does great business, and Bubo works on commission. Bubo sends us to a nice local resteraunt where we hook up with a local bar owner and we spend most of the night club hopping. The next morning I awake to the sounds of the surf crashing against the shore. You are nowhere to be found. I get up to relieve myself and see you out in the ocean. Cool I think to myself, “hey what do you want for breakfast?” I holler out to you. “Come swimming with me, the water is great!” you answer. I sinop rus escort bayan walk across the perfect white beach to the startlingly blue water and swim the short distance to where you are. The water feels warm and wonderful. “Why are you wearing those?” you say pointing to my shorts. I realize that you’re not wearing anything so I quickly slide out of my shorts and throw them toward the shore, so as not to be rude. “That’s much better “you smile as you reach for me. I take you into my arms and we kiss deeply our tongues dancing in and out of each other’s mouths our bodies pressed tightly together. The feel of your smooth wet skin pressing against me makes my dick jump to attention. The warm ocean seems to make us weightless. When you feel my long thick cock pressing against you, you wrap your arms around my shoulders and slide onto my eager throbbing prick. “Fuck me hard” you whisper in my ear. I grunt as I shove my fat dick deep inside you taking an ass cheek in each hand. I thrust into you as you wrap your legs around me and start to buck wildly against me. We fuck as hard as we can, the whole time kissing each other on the neck and face. You stiffen up and gasp “fuck me”. I start to thrust my rock hard cock deep into you as fast as I can. I shout “oh baby!” as I start to convulse. You shudder against me the slick walls of your pussy gripping my dick like a vice. I come violently deep inside you. We cling to each other rus sinop escort for a few minutes as the last waves of orgasm wash through us. We float limp in the water letting the waves wash us toward shore. When we reach the shore we pick ourselves up and make our way to the house. On the back porch is a shower where we rinse our selves off. We stand under the warm water rinsing off the salt. You start to grind your full sweet ass against me and my cock starts to ache for you and slowly comes back to life. You push me over to a bench and lay me back. You kneel before me and push your mouth over my long fat dick moaning. “Oh yes!” I gasp as you go down as far as you can pumping the base of the shaft with your hand. You pump my cock with your hand and mouth fast every once in a while you slip off and your mouth makes a loud popping noise. I grip the sides of the bench. I breath heavily “Oh yes! OH YESSSSSS!” I cum hard and unexpected my body shudder as I ride the orgasm out. I half lay half sit there for a few minutes recovering. “Come on” I say as I lead you into the bedroom. A lay you down on the bed and start licking and kissing my way up the inside of your leg till I reach your sweet wet pussy. I spread the folds of skin till I find your clit and lick it with long sweeps of my tongue. It starts to grow fat and I suck it into my mouth swirling my tongue around it. “Right there! Right there don’t stop!” you shout. So I suck harder and tease your clit with the tip of my tongue as fast as I can. Your body starts to shake and you scream “OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!”. I stand up as you roll over on your side still shaking. “So what do want for breakfast?” I ask. You look at me like I’m crazy still breathing hard, “pancakes” you manage. I go wash up throw on some shorts and make pancakes.