Becoming Paula

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The irony of it all was that I was not present when the decision that changed my life was made.It was Saturday on a warm spring day and I was in my bedroom dressed in a tee shirt and shorts while, down stairs, my mum, older sister Sue and her friend Phoebe were sitting in the kitchen. They were discussing the town’s forthcoming fancy dress parade. Mum had suggested that they enter as Cinderella and her Ugly sisters, with me being Cinderella.Mum had pointed out that it was the sister’s characters that were ugly and with me as Cinderella the judges would certainly gives us a prize for originality if nothing else.”Do you think Paul will go for it?” Sue had asked.”I wouldn’t be surprised,” mum had replied.So, after they had planned what to do, Sue and Phoebe had come up stairs and called me into Sue’s bedroom. There they put the proposed bahis şirketleri idea to me and I of course had refused it, although I had to admit to myself that I was intrigued. They tried cajoling me, during which Sue said that mum had commented that she thought that I would like to play the part and would enjoy wearing knickers. I was surprised at this comment and protested no. At this point they clearly decided to put their plan in action and at a pre arranged signal they suddenly pounced and before I knew what was happening I was on my back on Sue’s bed with Phoebe astride my chest with my arms and hands pinned down by her. At the same time Sue started to pull down my shorts. I struggled and in the process slid down the bed until my face was under Phoebe’s dress and against her satin panty clad crotch. Slipping down the bed had bahis firmaları made it easier for Sue to remove my shorts and then my briefs.With my face between Phoebe’s thighs and pressed against her panties my struggles had stopped, instead I began to nuzzle her crotch. I felt Phoebe shiver and at the same time I became aware of Sue pulling some silk knickers up my legs. Both these sensations caused my penis to grow. Up to this moment I think my sister still thought of me as her little brother but the feeling of the silk knickers caressing my cock had made me hard and at that moment Sue realised that I was a bigger brother than she remembered.”Oh, Phoebe, look at this,” she said.As Phoebe turned to look her grip was relaxed and my arm was freed so I slid my hand to the top of her thigh and slipped it into her panties. At the same kaçak bahis siteleri time as I felt her pussy I felt a hand clasp my erection through the silky material of the knickers. My thumb found Phoebe’s clit and teased it even as I was being played with. It didn’t last long. I felt Phoebe’s legs tense then her panties were soaked by her climax and moments later I came in the knickers that had been pulled up my legs. Almost immediately after this happened Phoebe climbed off me and said she needed to get home. Now I could see my sister Sue. She had her eyes closed and one busy hand down the front of her shorts.I picked up my shorts and popped back to my room still wearing the sheer knickers. Once there I caught a glimpse of myself in a long mirror and turned for a better look.With my tee shirt rucked up, my cock tucked between my legs and my long hair I looked almost female. The image turned me on so much that I was stiff again in no time. The feel of the silky knickers against my visibly upright cock helped as well. The result was that I had to have a wank.