Being a single mum can be so much fun

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Being a single mum can be so much funI have been a single mum since my husband left me and our son 10 years ago, my son is now 16 and we just moved to a new town for my job, im 32 and work as a personal trainer working in top end hotels and sports clubs so I keep myself in very good shape.My son had made friends with the neighbours they are very nice couple and their son is the same age as mine so they got on right away, playing the same games and movies and he asked if he could stay for tea I was having a quite night in so it sounded good to me.They took their pizza to my sons room so they could carry on playing the computer game and I ate my tea and watched the T.V. it started to get late and I was just coming out of the bathroom and I pasted my sons room and heard low moaning, I stepped closer no making a noise and listened at the door and it was clear they were watching porn.I have to say I do it myself and enjoy a good wank but something about knowing my son and his friend were watching porn got me so wet I could feel my pussy staring to tingle wondering what they were doing, before I knew it my hand had slipped inside my pants and I was fingering myself deeply it was then the door flew open and my son and friend saw me and I froze.They kaçak iddaa were both looking at me and the new what I was doing “mum” my son said, “sorry” I said not knowing what to say “want to watch with us miss webster” my sons friend said and I gave a naughty smile back wondering were this was going, my son looked at his friend a bit shocked then at me and gave a little blush but then smiled “sure mum come join us”.We all went back to my sons room and I could see the porn was paused so we sat on the bed and they pressed play, it was a big breasted red head getting fucked by two guys, my hole body tingled as I sat between my son and his friend watching porn I was so turned on and excited and I knew they were both feeling the same.My sons friend made the first move and started rubbing my leg making me softly moan out, seeing this my son got brave and squeeze my breast through my top, I couldn’t believe what was happening I was getting felt up by my 16 son and his friend and I was loving it, the porn was getting us all worked up and I started rubbing their pants feeling how hard the both were and I wanted them both.I moved off the bed and smiled down at them and started to strip, they both watched as I slowly slipped off my clothes and stood before illegal bahis them naked, I loved seeing the look on their faces especially my sons looking at his mum naked and being so turned on, “your turn I think” I said with a cheeky smile and they both jumped up and almost ripped their clothes off.We were all standing there naked their tight teenage bodies and rock hard cocks made me let out a soft moan which was their que to move towards me and then their hands were all over my body squeezing and caressing me, my son slipped his fingers into my pussy I was so wet and he moved them in and out slow and deep, while his friend was busy sucking and gently biting my nipples which were nice and hard.I started to tease their cocks loving just how hard they both felt and how naughty this all was I how I didn’t care, my son moved his fingering out of my pussy and stood behind me and pushed me forward so I was bent over between my son and his friend, my son pushed his cock into my hot wet pussy and as I moaned out his friend buried his cock into my mouth.They started to fuck me from both ends making me cry out with pleasure as they made me orgasim, this just made them go harder and faster and I felt my sons friends grab the back of my head and push his bahis siteleri cock deep down my throat and explode filling my mouth full of his hot spunk making me drink it all down.Seeing this pushed my son over the edge and he rammed his cock as deep as he could into my pussy and shot his load inside me, I was breathing heavy but they were both still rock hard which just made even more horny “my turn” my sons friend said and they spun me around my sons cock going into my cock and his friends started pounding away at my pussy.Wave after wave of pleasure swept over my body as they made me orgasim again and they just kept fucking me treating me like the women in the porn feel and I was loving it, again they both started to cum and I took it drinking my sons cum down and feeling his friends dripping out of my pussy, I slipped to the floor and saw the looking at me and smiling a they whispered to each other then my son smiled at me “we want you to wank for us mum” just hearing my son say that got me so turned on, “ok” I said back and start to finger fuck myself hard deep and fast, while my son and his friend started to wank while they watched, I didn’t last more the a minute and screamed out as I came and then my son started to blow his load over my face and his friend did the same, their hot spunk coving my face and dripping down over my tits, we were all breathless and smiling knowing we were going to be having lots of fun together over the coming week.