Being the Unicorn

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Ok, so, where to start?

I chatted with Jessica online. Told her straight up I was just there to chat, but we really hit it off. We had a lot of the same fantasies and sexual desires. Exchanged pictures and liked what we saw. Still, I was amazed I agreed to meet her for lunch. I’m just breaking my own rules left and right lately!

Jessica is about 5’8″, curly brown hair, looks kind of like a tall Stevie Nicks. She is very bubbly and happy. We chatted for over an hour, but not all that much about sex or threesomes, just movies and travel and the like and then she asked if I’d like to meet her husband. I was hesitant at first but then said ok, when? She said she could call him and he’d swing by, he was just a few blocks away. I was very nervous but thought what the hell. We were in an open public place in the middle of the day and I felt safe, so I said sure, but there is no guarantee I’ll play with them. She called him and told him to stop by.

She told me his name was Glenn and he’d be right over. We resumed chatting when Glenn showed up about 10 minutes later. Glenn is about 5’7″ (shorter than I usually go for, honestly) long black hair, very muscular, long sideburns, rock and roll biker type. We said hello and started talking. They were very careful not to rush into sexual banter and it was just getting to know you stuff for quite a while. Eventually, the topic came to sex and Glenn asked if I had any interest in helping him please his wife. To my surprise, I said yes. I would wrestle as to whether or not I’d tell my husband later.

Jessica said she was going to leave, that the fantasy she wanted was for Glenn to set something up and surprise her, so she was going to let Glenn and I work out the details. Glenn had a pretty good plan, so I just took notes and we planned a get together on Jessica’s upcoming Birthday.

Glenn and I met up about 3:30 that Saturday afternoon and he gave me a key to the hotel room he’d gotten for the evening’s festivities and asked me to be there waiting for him and Jess by about 9 pm. He was taking her out to dinner and then he was going to lead her to the room, making her put on a blindfold at the door! I asked him what I should be wearing and he said nothing! LOL

So I got there about 8, put my little bag of clothes in the closet and got undressed. It was soooo fucking hot, just waiting for my couple to show! I felt like a concubine, waiting for the master she must serve…

I saw the toys Glenn had brought for Jess…mmm, quite the nice selection! 3 different vibes, the faithful strap on harness and dildo, lubes (flavored and regular) and I noticed he’d already put some restraints on the bed, the kind that you put under the mattress, and he had 4 restraints ready for Jess. I was getting wetter and wetter imagining the night ahead!

He’d left me a note telling me bahis şirketleri to go ahead and get one of those pay per view porn movies, to get me started! I didn’t need any more stimuli, I was already wet and hot and dying to get going!

About 9 ish, I heard voices at the door. Glenn had asked me to be silent when they came in and not say anything, but just to follow his lead with the blindfolded Jessica.

He led her in, and she was asking what he had in store, and he just kept telling her to be patient and quiet, that she would love her surprise. I was naked and standing in the corner by the window when he led her in, he glanced at me and I waved and nodded. He smiled at my state of readiness and led Jess to corner of the bed and started undressing her…he motioned for me to come near and I walked over. He put his hand up when I got within a few feet, so I waited there.

Jess was beautiful, really done up for her B-day dinner, and it was incredibly hot watching Glenn slowly peel her clothes off her. He told her to lie back on the bed, and she laid across it sideways, the head of the bed to her left. Glenn motioned for me to stay where I was and he walked up to her head. He knelt down and asked if she wanted to feel all the pleasure she could ever want, and she said half laughing, “hell yes!” Glenn told she would, but she had to surrender, trust him and give her control up. I could see her nipples harden just hearing the words come out of Glenn’s mouth! She hesitated just a moment and said, ok. Glenn asked if she was sure, that she could say “enough” at any time and he’d let her up, but he didn’t want to stop once he got going if she wasn’t sure now. She said in the sexiest damn voice…”I trust you baby” and a HUGE smile came across Glenn’s face. He grabbed one of the restraints and motioned to me to do the same.

He nodded at me and he put one on her wrist and I gently grabbed her ankle and started putting on there. She jerked her head up and asked Glenn who else was in the room. Glenn just said someone we can trust, don’t worry. Jess was tense as I put her ankle into the cup, but I patted her calf and gently rubbed her leg as I tightened the restraints and I could feel her relax a bit.

We got her bound and Glenn came over to me and whispered in my ear “Start at her feet, work up to her pussy and lick and eat her really nice and slow. Take your time, tease her. Can you spend a lot of time eating her?” Fuck! My knees got weak! I whispered back “of course!”

Glenn went back up to head and started talking to her, telling her how sexy she looked, and then describing what I looked like as I rubbed her legs, then started kissing inside her knees, up her thighs, slowing licking and kissing my way to her freshly shaved pussy. Glenn gave her a “play by play” as I worked her over. It was soo sexy hearing Glenn describe bahis firmaları what I was doing!

I licked the area where the thigh meets the crotch, just to inside of her pussy and she moaned and twisted some, like she was trying to get her pussy closer to my tongue! I loved how hot she was getting and powerless she was to speed me up!

I lightly flicked my tongue across her labia and she sighed and I could her whisper something. Glenn asked her do you want a beautiful woman to eat your pussy baby? Jess moaned a loud yes and Glenn nodded his head, giving me the ok to dive in!

I placed my tongue at her lips, lightly pushing, just barely breaking the plane of her labia, just enough to taste her wetness, and then I slowly but directly pushed my tongue inside her until my nose was to her pubic bone. I worked my tongue in her and felt her warm moist pussy open to me completely. Damn…I became transfixed, nothing else existed besides her and I wanted to do nothing but bring her pleasure. Her moans and breathing filled my ears, along with Glenn’s descriptions. I know I brought her to one orgasm as her pussy opened up and she drenched my face. I don’t know how long I tongued her pussy and sucked on her lips and clit, but by the time Glenn patted me on the shoulder I had quite the hitch in my neck! LOL

Glenn patted me and I looked up he had a Dolphin style vibe and was handing it over to me. He had his pants off and was stroking his large cock and when I took the vibe from him he mouthed “Thank you” to me. I just smiled a juicy smile at him and got back down to go back to work on his wife!

I gave Jess one more nice deep tongue and then positioned the vibe to her pussy. I slipped it in nice and slow, turning on the rotating pearls and Jess moaned in approval. Once I got her going pretty good with vibe I turned on the dolphin feature and the clit attachment went to work on her. She went over the top at that. I looked up and Glenn was squeezing his cock and had Jess’ tit in his mouth.

I slowed the vibe and slowly pulled it out as Jess was coming down with her post orgasm shudders…I stayed at the end of the bed as she and Glenn kissed. A few minutes later, Glenn had gotten a bottle of water with a straw and gave Jess a drink. I had cracked open a bottle of water myself and was washing down the sweetness off my lips! Glenn got back near Jess and told her she could have whatever she wanted next, except to get the blindfold off. She said she wanted to taste pussy while she got fucked! I wondered if the customers Jess talks to in her sweet but very professional voice at her office had any idea she could go into wanton woman mode!

Glenn undid the clips at the bed, leaving the cuffs on her wrists but with a tether hanging from them. He handed me the leads from her wrists and took the cuff off her ankles. He motioned kaçak bahis siteleri for me to get against the headboard, so I sat on the bed with my back to the headboard, holding the leads the entire time. Glenn positioned Jess, getting behind her and putting her face down in front of me. I edged my pussy out towards her and held her leads in one hand and guided her face to my pussy with the other. Glenn smiled and nodded in approval…he slowly inched his big dick in her from behind and I felt her breath catch as he filled her up. She licked and sucked on my clit as Glenn fucked really slow…she said “harder..” a couple times and Glenn just gave her ass a smack and said “patience!” I moved my pussy out even more and had my legs in the air, and Jess took the hint and licked me from ass to clit and back again.

Finally, Glenn started fucking her harder and she couldn’t really eat me anymore from the thrusts…I spun to the side and started kissing her as Glenn picked up speed and really began to fuck her hard! She was loving it! I sucked on her tongue until she was getting fucked so hard I couldn’t really hold on anymore! LOL

Glenn pulled out and came all over her ass, a very impressive load! LOL. He came up behind and cupped her breasts as she lay on her side and he kissed her neck. I started to move and Jess reached out and grabbed my arm and pulled me close too, I came in close and she said “Thank you Margie, that was soo hot..”

I laughed because she was still blindfolded and asked her how she knew it was me…she laughed and said “who else!”

We lay there, cuddling, mine and Jess’ tits pressing against each other and we all fell asleep after awhile, I had glanced at the clock and knew it was after midnight.

I awoke to Jess sucking on my nipples awhile later…I smiled and Glenn was sitting in a chair next to bed watching and stroking his cock. Jess and I started making out, fondling and sucking on each other’s tits for a while then she got up and put her on the strap on. I said “Tonight is supposed to be about you!”

She said, “oh, I most definitely want to do this!”

She lifted my legs and put my feet back by my ears and slipped that nice thick dildo in me. mmmm. god that was hot…she fucked me really nice, she can really work those hips! She looked in my eyes and thumbed my clit as she gave me nice long strokes with her fake cock…her pretty tits bouncing with each thrust. I came twice as she worked me over, and by the time she was done, Glenn had gotten up and was back behind Jess. No sooner did she pull out of me, than Glenn was fucking her doggy style again. I slipped under and held the dildo and rubbed her clit while Glenn shot another load in her!

We got some water and toweled off in our post coitus bliss. We all fell asleep in the big king bed and awoke to housekeeping knocking at the door about 11 the next morning. I had to drive home unshowered, still sticky from all the fun fucking.

My husband got back from his business trip that afternoon and fucked me nice and hard as I told him all about it…